Chu Wang Fei
Chapter 117 Part 1 The Grand Wedding (Part I) : Xiangfu under Investigation
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Chu Wang Fei
Author :Ning er
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Chapter 117 Part 1 The Grand Wedding (Part I) : Xiangfu under Investigation

On the ninth day of the eleventh month, the same day that Yun Qian Meng received Chu Fei Yang's letter which was dated written on the thirty-first day of the tenth month, the civil service exam had finally come to an end. The examination had reached a total duration of nine days and seven nights, which had almost drained all the energy of every exam candidates. By the time all of the exam candidates had stepped out of the Ministry of Rites, all of them wore such fatigued faces, uncertain whether it was because the test questions were too hard, or was it due to its short interval from the last autumn exam, hence causing all the people to be unable to adjust mentally. In short, all the exam candidates who had stepped out from the Ministry of Rites were all in their pale faces; indeed they were truly exhausted.

“Didn't expect our ever high-spirited Top Scorer Han to have such a pale face this day! Were you not always in high spirits? Why, don't tell me that the current civil service exam questions are , for a moment it had made you lose your head, caused by the anxiety in your mind?” By the time Han Che stepped out of the main entrance of the Ministry of Rites, Yun Yi Jie stepped forward leading his manservant, using a harsh tone of voice mocking him.

If someone said that enduring nine days and seven nights was not strenous, then that would be a big lie!

Han Che was only human, though he was of young age, or if his body was even better, it would still be impossible for him to maintain his usual condition after almost ten consecutive days answering the exam questions. At this time aside from the tired expression on his face there was no other expressions, seeing Yun Yi Jie blocking off his path, Han Che's usually cold and cheerless eyes seemed to be a bit fed up. He found Yun Yi Jie to be really like a fly-like human, being extremely troublesome.

Han Che had been sitting face to face with Yun Yi Jie during the civil service exam, he naturally knew what Yun Yi Jie had done during the civil service exam.

This honorable gentleman would go to sleep when the time the sky gets dark, then he would only wake up around noon, afterwhich he would leisurely enjoy the pastries and fine food that he had brought, and then from time to time he would perform some dirty tricks to disturb Han Che's train of thoughts. If it had not been for the two guards who were assigned at the doorway of each small room, Han Che might have thought that Yun Yi Jie was simply stopping by to take some rest inside the Ministry of Rites.

Thus, when all the people walked out of the exam room in their ugly faces, Yun Yi Jie was actually in high spirits, complete with a rosy face, completely different from all the others, both mentally and physically.

Having no other options but to mention it, Han Che still utterly admired Yun Yi Jie, the later still had the guts to behave arrogantly while idling his time away.

Han Che was currently not in the mood to argue with Yun Yi Jie. He simply lifted up both eyes to indifferently spare a glance towards Yun Yi Jie, afterwhich lifting his feet as he strode over the doorstep of the main entrance of the Ministry of Rites, walking towards the direction of Chen wangfu.

But, Yun Yi Jie was quite in the good mood, seeing Han Che in a seldomly seen difficult situation, he would not ever be willing to let go of such a rare opportunity. Quickly, he let the servant boy block Han Che's path, then he himself slowly stepped forward, sneering as he looked at Han Che's clothes which had never been changed for the past few days, jeering at him as he laughed, “Top Scorer Han's arrogance is getting increasingly big now! But, with this much arrogance, it must match one's status. Looking at Top Scorer Han who had worn the same set of clothes for more than one month, it is seriously unpresentable, no wonder your family name is Han, it is actually a good fit.”

While speaking, Yun Yi Jie could not contain his laugh. Even the boy servant who blocked Han Che's way saw the opposing party's clothes were simply could not be compared with his own, then he followed suit and also laughed impudently along with Yun Yi Jie.

They were far from realizing that, the large fire had destroyed all the clothings and books of Han Che, the set of clothes he was wearing right now, was actually his only belonging, where would he get any clothings for change?

Seeing Yun Yi Jie being such unforgiving, Han Che knew very well that if he did not retort back it would be too excusing of this act Yun Yi Jie had been doing all day. A shallow smile gradually floated up in the corner of his mouth, Han Che nonchalantly looked at the pair of master and servant standing in front of him laughing excessively, afterwhich he spoke, “Yun gongzi, aside from making invidious comparisons on the clothing and adornments with other persons, are even you capable of doing other things?”

Did Yun Yi Jie think that other people have no idea about his identity and status?

If it had not been for his uncle who was the Minister of the Right, his situation right now might not necessarily be better than Han Che's.

Yet Yun Yi Jie used to bully others by means of his position, relying on a big tree like Yun Xuan Zhi, looking down upon those low-income class scholars. Little did he imagine that, once apart from Yun Xuan Zhi, he would simply be nothing as compared to those low-income class scholars.

Han Che's words made Yun Yi Jie feel as if his tail was being stamped on. Suddenly, his face became ugly, then by exerting his full strength in one hand he dragged Han Che's arm, his eyes stared at Han Che with fierce coldness, his expression contained a dangerous breath, “Do you despise me, Top Scorer Han? Even if I don't have a genuine talent like yours, but merely my family background alone, it can push you down forever! You can only blame yourself for not choosing the right womb, for not letting yourself to be born in the family of riches and honor, even if you are full of wisdom it will be of no use, based on the family background you lose a great length from me, not to mention my older brother's talent was greatly above you, why do you act so arrogant?”

Han Che exerted his full strength to shake off Yun Yi Jie's hand. Afterwhich he coldly smile and said, “Since Yun gongzi looked down upon me like this, there is no need for you to talk to me, isn't it better to pretend not to see me?”

“Han Che, if you were to forever disappear, this will be the most suitable intention of mine.” Yun Yi Jie just laughed evilly as he left this message, afterwhich he walked off together with his manservant……

Han Che was thoroughly woken up by this statement from Yun Yi Jie, his eyes fixedly staring coldly at Yun Yi Jie's figure while he was mounted up onto the horseback, his eyes appeared pensive, seemed to got the meaning of what he had just said.

“Brother Han, why are you standing here daydreaming?” This time, someone patted Han Che's shoulder exerting a bit effort, as he turned around, he saw Kong Fan's pale white face wearing a smiling expression as he stood beside him.

“Never mind, just suddenly saw the sunlight which I haven't seen for a very long time, I'm somehow unable to adapt to it.” With regards to Kong Fan, Han Che did not feel too enthusiastic towards him, just maintained his usual manners, both allowing people not to feel too embarrassed due to lack of manners, also not allowing people to feel that he was too easy to get along; just merely maintained his usual etiquette on the surface.

However, Kong Fan apparently seemed to have an extremely favorable impression towards Han Che, thus he always came up with every possible method to engage Han Che in conversation. This time seeing Han Che having his usual indifferent expression, he did not blame Han Che on his mind, yet he suddenly regained the smiling expression on his face, with a bit of aim fighting for justice he spoke, “I think you might be somehow confused due to Yun Yi Jie's constant harassment keeping you from having your own decent meals.”

After hearing these words, Han Che did not respond, just quietly looked at Kong Fan, thinking that there might be something that was indirectly implied from what was said, almost personally seeing that Yun Yi Jie was making false charges against himself, which led to his food box being investigated by the imperial guards obstructing him from eating the pastries.

Kong Fan merely smiled straightforwardly facing Han Che's calm eyes that possessed keen insight, afterwhich he explained, “During that time the entire exam room was too quiet, perhaps all the exam candidates have heard the conversation between you and Yun Yi Jie. That Yun Yi Jie didn't really think carefully, our food and pastries were all prepared under the instruction of Chen Wangye, how could there be a situation wherein the instruments used for cheating were to be found in them? It was really ridiculous!”

Hearing his explanation, Han Che's eyes which had been bearing an inquisitive expression gradually faded away, shallow smile slowly emerged in his eyes, afterwhich he declared, “Thanks for your concern brother Kong! I'm fine!”

After speaking, Han Che lifted up his legs and started to walk away, but just walked one step when he was being pulled back by Kong Fan. Without warning, Kong Fan's voice echoed beside his ears, “Brother Han, where are you going now? The Chen wangfu is on the other side!”

In response, Han Che flashed a slight smile, then slowly replied, “Once the civil service exam ends, I would naturally seek for another dwelling place, I wouldn't dare to continuously bother Wangye anymore.”

“Brother Han, please don't say such words anymore. Take a look over there, that imperial guard of Chen Wang, Ning Feng, is already walking towards us now!” Subsequently, Kong Fan's eyes slightly turned towards the other direction, seeing Ning Feng standing in a corner with the long sword strapped on his waist, waiting for all the low-income class scholars to come out.

Looking at the situation at hand, a chilly-cold thought streak across the bottom of Han Che's heart. With his face remained calm and collected, his eyes stole a glance at Kong Fan who seemed to wear a vicious expression, cold gaze flashed through his eyes.

Ning Feng had already seen both of them, seeing the two of them reciprocating gaze, he instructed a few words in a lowered voice to a subordinate beside him. The guard then obeyed his order by approaching the two persons……

And during this time, the sound of enthusiastic discussion could be heard from the other road. Han Che and Kong Fan turned their eyes around to take a look, catching a group of young men dressed as warriors escorting a young man with a tall build and handsome facial features as they walked towards the direction of the Ministry of Rites.

That young man was wearing a smile on his face, as passionate as the blazing sun during summertime. He contained personality traits which were entirely different from Han Che's. The skintight dark red warrior suit that was worn on his body, was actually close-fitting, causing people unable to divert their attention, hoping to get close to such magnificent young man.

“Didn't expect that we could actually meet the current first-placed military candidate!” Kong Fan's eyes were closely staring at that young man, as he mumbled to himself, yet it was easily being overheard by Han Che.

Had not expected that the young man was actually the current first-placed military candidate, Han Shao Mian. he truly stood out among the crowd.

And during this time, Han Shao Mian's eyes displayed a distinctive keen sense that only those involved in military possessed, suddenly swept towards the direction of Han Che. When he saw a young man who seemed to be pure and honest, Han Shao Mian's eyes seemed to exclaim in admiration, afterwhich he led the group of people as they approached Han Che.

At this moment, a few young men standing beside Han Shao Mian seemed to have already recognized Han Che and Kong Fan. In their desire to win favor by fawning on Han Shao Mian, they quickly reported to him the names of these two persons.

“Han Shao Mian!” But, during the first time he met Han Che, Han Shao Mian still announced his own name out of courtesy, his smiling eyes seemed frank and sincere, giving favorable impression towards people, even Han Che, who normally refused to get close to other people, gained a good impression from him.

“Han Che!” Looking at Han Shao Mian who was cupping his hands facing him, Han Che exposed a rare warm smiling expression on his face, then frankly announced his respective name.

“Being able to meet the current first-placed candidate of the literary exam, is truly an honor for me!” Han Shao Mian came from a distinguished family, yet he did not exude any least bit of egotistical air of arrogance that a nobleman usually had. His amiable and approachable personality made a group of exam candidates want to get close to him.

“It is truly an honor for me!” Smiling at Han Shao Mian, Han Che spoke with a shallow smile.

“Top Scorer Han, Second Scorer Kong, please hop onto the horse carriage!” This time, the imperial guard who had already approached them started to speak.

All the people shifted their gazes, discovering that this person was Chen Wang's subordinate, and standing in a distance was Chen Wang's personal imperial guard, Ning Feng. Behind Ning Feng, the horse carriage of Chen wangfu stopped by, this time Ning Feng was looking at their direction, evidently waiting for Han Che and Kong Fan.

This allowed Han Shao Mian to look at Han Che in a deep gaze. Although this was the first time they met, yet Han Shao Mian believed that Han Che certainly was not someone who would curry favor with those in power, or someone who would use all means in order to climb up high.

Even though Han Che gave other people a cold impression, but the smiling expression in his eyes appeared to be neat, unlike Kong Fan on the other hand who seemed to be like a profiteer. Kong Fan, though his both eyes were bearing a smiling expression, yet they were a bit crafty and shrewd. This had also been the reason why Han Shao Mian only greeted Han Che among all the people.

Han Che was able to figure out the puzzled look in Han Shao Mian's eyes, yet he simply gave out a calm smile. Then, ,facing Han Shao Mian, he nodded his head before he went to follow after the imperial guard as he hopped onto Chen wangfu's horse carriage.

After sending off the horse carriage of Chen wangfu, a peculair feeling lingered on Han Shao Mian's thoughts, thinking that he should certainly meet Han Che again in the future.

“Tsk tsk, this Top Scorer Han is truly blessed with good fortune. Not only did he narrowly escape from the huge fire, Chen Wang also cared for him like that! If he really had a genuine talent, perhaps in the future he might become an advisor of Chen Wang!” A young man who had joined the military exam was watching the horse carriage with the symbol of Chen wangfu as it departed, his eyes seemed to be filled with envy.

However, Han Shao Mian begged to differ with this statement. Thinking about the smile and emotion shown in Han Che's eyes as he departed, Han Shao Mian could not help but feel a bit worried about this young man whom he had just met for the first time.

The civil service exam had ended, now was the time to grade the exam papers. starting from the tenth day of the eleventh month, Yun Xuan Zhi would still hurry home everyday just to change clothes, after which he would proceed again to the Ministry of Rites to grade the exam papers.

Although the number of people attending the civil service exam was greatly lower than the autumn exam, but the task of grading the exam papers required even more earnest and cautious attitude. Every literary writings of the exam candidates, the examiners would carefully go through them for a few times, afterwhich they would communicate with other examiners and only then grade the papers.

As compared to the military exam inside the competition arena which only required martial skills, wherein the winner would be considered as the top scorer, this literary competition was even more complicated, as it would go through autumn exam, civil service exam and eventually the examination inside the palace court, to be personally examined by the emperor before the candidate could be truly considered as the real top scorer.


No wonder these scholars had greatly admired Chu Fei Yang, a person who had attained top scorer for both literary and military categories. The accomplishment was truly not just a simple thing!

During these few days, Bai Shun Tang and Qiu Bi Qu were calmer. Perhaps, the elderly lady had already known that Yun Xuan Zhi was the one in control of the future of her two grandchildren, naturally she would not dare to provoke her own anger during normal days, or else when the time came that Yun Xuan Zhi knew about it, it might affect both Yun Yi Heng and Yun Yi Jie.

Facing such peaceful period which was hard to come by, Yun Qian Meng cherished every moment of it. Then, on the twentieth day of the eleventh month she received Chu Fei Yang's letter, Yun Qian Meng's face suddenly got tensed up, her face became completely serious, somehow carefully read Chu Fei Yang's letter all over again.

Until she finished reading the second time, Yun Qian Meng's brows gradually knitted closely together, her heart was full of worries that she could not express.

Although Yun Qian Meng knew that the vaccination method of treatment for prevention of smallpox was the more effective method, yet she had not expected Chu Fei Yang would believe her to such extent, not only did he immediately assign people to create the cowpox for the vaccination method the moment he received her letter, but when he attained the cowpox he was willing to be the first person to personally test it.

Although Xiao Nie daifu was beside him, but Yun Qian Meng still could not contain her worries about his health and safety.

While she was worrying about Chu Fei Yang's safety, she saw Mu Chun and the few others hurriedly came inside. Upon seeing Yun Qian Meng sitting on the desk reading the letter, the few of them immediately lightened up their footsteps, uniformly bowed down before Yun Qian Meng while they obediently stood beside the study desk.

“What's going on? Why are your faces look so bad?” Seeing them came in, Yun Qian Meng folded Chu Fei Yang's letter and placed it inside her sleeves, afterwhich she looked at Mu Chun and the others who tightly had their brows wrinkled together, their faces seemed to be a bit upset, hence she curiously asked.

“My lady……” Mu Chun opened her mouth, yet she was at a loss for words, she was somehow angry, because she was incapable to describe the matter that she had recently obtained.

Looking at how Mu Chun behaved, Yun Qian Meng shifted her gaze towards Yuan Dong, seeing her in a melancholic face, but as compared to the angry face of Mu Chun, Yuan Dong's mood was clearly calmer.

Being aware that she was being stared at by Yun Qian Meng, Yuan Dong secretly knitted up her brows, afterwhich she spoke in spite of her fear, “My lady, the Ministry of Rites has sent out a public announcement just now, saying that young master Yun is the top scorer of the current civil service exam, he is already a Provincial Top Scorer!”

Upon hearing this, Yun Qian Meng looked at the few servant girls beside her who were in their bitter and gloomy faces, suddenly she shook her head and laughed, after a long moment she slowly questioned, “Are you all worrying about this matter?”

“Aren't you angry about it, my lady? Just now the old madame had rushed over to the guest hall from her Bai Shun Tang, she had already allowed Rui Mama to hugely reward the messenger, the expression in her eyes was greatly transformed!” What caused Mu Chun to be angered had not been because of Yun Yi Heng attaining the Provincial Top Scorer position, but the snobbery attitude of the old madam. Supported by the young master Yun's current achievement, she became more arrogant than before, even Fourth xiaojiealso led along a few servant girls of Qi Luo Yuan to start bullying people around, showing their wicked attitude towards others.

Staring at Mu Chun's uneasy expression, Yun Qian Meng realized that a while ago in the guest hall, the old madam and Yun Yi Yi must have shown their worse attitude towards the few of her own servant girls, then she indifferently said, “How can I get angry? It is still the civil service exam, soon it will be the palace hall exam, after being personally examined by the emperor, that's the time that he will become the real Imperial Top Scorer.”

But, the officials of the current civil service exam had just been announced in the last minute, with Yun Xuan Zhi being the major examiner, after that he also became the evaluator, thus Yun Yi Heng now achieved the top score for civil service exam.

Could it be that no one knew about the relationship between Yun Yi Heng brothers and Yun Xuan Zhi? With the imperial decree being issued, even if Yun Xuan Zhi wanted to avoid suspicion by declining the offer, he would still face the consequence of being beheaded by going against the imperial decree.

But if someone would intend to expose this matter, perhaps serious damages would be inflicted upon Yun xiangfu.

After thinking meticulously about all the things at stake, Yun Qian Meng's heart went cold. There was a possibility that someone had arranged such situation on purpose, but in regards of the main target, Yun Qian Meng was not able to understand thoroughly.

Perhaps it was too early for the old madam to feel delighted. As far as being concerned, the development of the matters in the future might be under control of the handler, it could be that both Yun Yi Heng and Yun Yi Jie would just become the sacrificial lambs.

But, all these things occurred only after Chu Fei Yang and Chu Wang had departed the capital. In addition to Emperor Yu Qian being seriously ill and unable to attend to the morning court assembly, the important things discussed in the royal court all went through the mutual agreement among the few chancellors then was being relayed to Emperor Yu Qian through the Empress Dowager, whether there were something fishy among them, it would be hard for anyone to comprehend.

But all the people had the same perception. There were too many foolish persons in this world. When the matter concerning Yun Yi Heng becoming a Provincial Top Scorer had circulated out, the course of events inside the xiangfu had also changed its course. Some of the newly entered yiniangs immediately instructed all the servant girls to prepare the gifts, with their faces full of smiles as they proceeded to the Bai Shun Tang to congratulate them, and in the short period of time many horse carriages were gathered outside the xiangfu, all of them were housekeepers and Mama's from different official residences who came to congratulate the them.

But, these people were being blocked off by housekeeper Zhao outside of xiangfu. After a few times tasting defeat by Yun Qian Meng, housekeeper Zhao had learned from experience, evidently he would never dare to have conflicts with Yun Qian Meng anymore.

After all, even if Yun Yi Heng became Provincial Top Scorer, but it was still far away from obtaining any official position, moreover it would also be extremely dangerous during the course of the journey. Within these few years of staying beside Yun Xuan Zhi, housekeeper Zhao could clearly see that, as compared to currying favor with the old madam and the newly announced Provincial Top Scorer, it would be better to listen to Yun Qian Meng's words.

If a young woman without the strength to truss a chicken, could have the ability to defeat Su Qing, the person who had a great authority inside xiangfu, during her most difficult situation, this made housekeeper Zhao believe that da xiaojie was absolutely not a simple person. Furthermore, Yun Qian Meng was also currently supported by Chu wangfu and Chu xiangfu, this was not something that Yun Yi Heng could compare with.

Thus, considering the pros and cons, this was as clear as a mirror's reflection inside housekeeper Zhao's mind. He would rather offend the old madam and Yun Yi Heng, than to be enemies with Yun Qian Meng, so as not to implicate himself in regards of the dispute in the rear courtyard.

Now seeing such kind of attitude of the housekeeper, the young child who was guarding by the door naturally would not dare to have the thought of currying favor with the old madam, but instead he just handled things according to the housekeeper's meaningful glance.

But, Bai Shun Tang found out that housekeeper Zhao would rather carry out Yun Qian Meng's command, yet unwilling to express goodwill to them, was so infuriated that her face turned ashen, but ever since the day when Yun Qian Meng had forcefully asked her to leave Bai Shun Tang, the old madam's heart had truly hated and feared this granddaughter, fearing that Yun Qian Meng might rig up a scam before Yun Yi Heng could become the Imperial Top Scorer. Even though was angered upon hearing the news that housekeeper had blocked off all the people who came to congratulate them, yet she did not dare to rudely intrude inside the Qi Luo Yuan to confront Yun Qian Meng.

Albeit the old madam was well-behaved, on the contrary, Yun Yi Yi's mood became terrible. She thought she would be well-regarded by all the people, making all the high-ranking officials and noblemen realize that her very own older brother was in fact a genuine talent, without the need to adhere to his uncle's royal court powers as an upstart, yet unexpectedly before she could start with her beautiful dream, she was already punctured by Yun Qian Meng. How could this not make Yun Yi Yi get angry and start stomping her feet and throwing things?

Bai Shun Tang was just a few steps away from Qiu Bi Ju. Naturally the noisy sounds produced from Qiu Bi Ju was easily heard by the old madam.

Casting a meaningful glance at Rui Mama beside her, the old madam let her proceed inside the Qiu Bi Ju to take a look. In the mean time, slowly took the Buddha beads that was laid out on the desk, facing the few yiniangs who were sitting below, she waved and said, “Regarding your good intention I shall receive them on behalf of Yun Yi Heng. However, our da xiaojie had instructed, during the time of plague it would be better to have a fewer interactions, so as to avoid getting infected by the disease. the old madam was already old, she could only listen to the da xiaojie, you must remain more docile, don't always come to Bai Shun Tang, so as to avoid being exposed, during that time even if I wanted to help you, the will is there, but not the strength.”

Hearing these words from the old madam, a few young inexperienced yiniangs looked at each other feeling confused, feeling intimidated by the da xiaojie that the old madam had mentioned.

All except that Hua yiniang who only had herself to rely on for giving Yun Xuan Zhi children, also for having a face to face confrontation with Su Qing before, and in addition Yun Qian Meng had also given her a gift before, then realizing herself being creditable, she smiled and responded to the old madam's words “How could old madame say this! Even if she was that terrible, she is still your own granddaughter, have you heard of granddaughter disobeying her own grandmother? Besides, is there anything not precious among the things arranged in Bai Shun Tang's desk and wall? It could be clearly seen that the old madam was truly unique and unmatched in xiangye's heart. How could you abstain from seeing the da xiaojie, old madame? No matter how difficult the xiaojie can be dealt with, in the beginning of spring she ought to get married soon, then the one who would be in charge of the family, will still be you, old madame, right? And the shaoye also achieved the title of being Provincial Top Scorer. In the future aside from managing the matters inside xiangfu, perhaps even in the official residence of Imperial Top Scorer, there will be bound to have things for you to worry about. Such insights, we ought to have them.”

As for Hua yiniang's attitude towards Yun Qian Meng, she actually had a bit of resentment, during those days when she had a miscarriage, Yun Qian Meng just responded sternly towards her, how couldHua yiniang not harbor grudge in her heart?

Unfortunately, some persons were like this; evidently she was the one who had excessively showing off leading to the misfortune, yet she insisted on looking for somebody to take the blame, putting all the blame on top of other people's head, in this way she would feel happier.

Moreover, Liu Han Yu was the one handling the entire xiangfu right now, although Liu Han Yu did not treat her badly during usual days, but seeing those servants being respectful towards Liu Han Yu, some other thoughts sprouted inside Hua yiniang's mind. At first she had planned to show off herself in front of Yun Xuan Zhi, permitting him to give the power of managing the entire household to herself, but Yun Xuan Zhi was agitatedly angered, not only did he not follow her wish, moreover he rained curses her way, currently leaving her all alone in Fu Liu Yuan, indeed making Hua yiniang hated Liu Han Yu to the core, incidentally making her increasingly hate Yun Qian Meng who was the one who had supported Liu Han Yu up to her current position.

Admittedly, Hua yiniang's words of compliment, would naturally be what the old madam loved to hear the most.

Particularly when Hua yiniang had pointed out that the old madam would be the one in charge of the entire household in the future, and that of Yun Qian Meng being merely just a daughter to be married off. The spilt water, even if she was going to enter Chu xiangfu in the future, she would no longer be associated with Yun xiangfu, her chosen fate would no longer get involved with Yun xiangfu.

Merely thinking of this, it made the old madam exposed a smile in her eyes, feeling Hua yiniang looked more and more pleasing to her eyes, also thinking that this Hua yiniang was truly considerate and thoughtful, then she fixed her gaze at Hua yiniang alone, smiled and said, “I shall take Hua yiniang's lucky words. Now that these housekeeping matters, I wouldn't have the heart to think about them anymore. As long as the two brothers, Yi Heng and Yi Jie, would stand out among their peers, even if I die now, I shall close my eyes in death and die contentedly. Or else living in this world, I will be just an old lady being ignored by other people, indeed I'm being useless. I simply couldn't compare with our da xiaojie, not only attaining the father's love, even in the future she would be greatly cherished by her future husband, look at things that were being delivered by Chu Xiang and Chu Wang to our Yun xiangfu, those were genuinely precious things, no wonder the da xiaojie had treasured them and kept them away!”

Seemingly envious words, yet they were full of deeper meaning, which had caused Hua yiniang and all the others to feel that Yun Qian Meng was truly a stingy person. She had just recently received those precious things, then impatiently keeping them away, for the fear that other people might snatch them away from her.

Consequently, speaking this way it made the few other people to be even more envious of Yun Qian Meng.

Their ages were not that old, just merely a few years older than Yun Qian Meng', but Yun Qian Meng was indeed the da xiaojie of xiangfu. While they could only blame their low birth, thus having no other choices but to be sold by their parents to xiangfu as slaves and servants. Even though now they attained their positions as yiniang, but in front of these honorable masters they were still slaves after all, as a result they would always admire Yun Qian Meng.

But with these words from the old madam today, the admiration in their hearts gradually turned into jealousy, regretting themselves for not being born from aristocratic families, wishing they would be able to seek the best man in Western Chu as their husbands. Henceforth they would be able to enjoy high position and great wealth.

Thinking of themselves being able to get married with Yun Xuan Zhi who was still courteous and smart, but as compared to Chu Fei Yang who had gradually ascended up like the rising sun, a few of them were becoming utterly upset in their hearts. Those smiling expression in their eyes glinted with an expression of one unwilling to be reconciled to their fate.

The old madam caught sight of the drastic changes on the faces of the few people, her heart was secretly delighted. These few people were just yiniang of Yun Xuan Zhi, even if they did not have the ability to cause any harmful effects in front of Yun Qian Meng, but being able to see Yun Qian Meng's problematic face, the old madam still felt pleased.

While during this time, Rui Mama took quick steps as she stepped inside from the outer room, after which she approached beside the old madam, bending her waist as she whispered a few statements beside her ears, seeing the old madam looked a bit helpless, she immediately smiled and spoke, “I am too old, I'm feeling a bit drowsy, you have already accompanied me for almost half of the day, perhaps it's too boring. I wouldn't make you all stay, you may now go home early to take some rest.”

The activities inside Qiu Bi Ju was quite huge, how could Hua yiniang and the others not heard those nosy sounds coming out of it. This time seeing the old madam speaking like this, it sounded like an excuse, then one by one they smiled and stood up simultanuously, took their bows facing the old madam, after which they in turn retreated out of Bai Shun Tang.

“This girl doesn't have the patience! If she had even just half of Yun Qian Meng's courage, then Yun Qian Meng wouldn't be the one who will marry into Chu xiangfu now!” Seeing all the people retreated out from her own room, the old madam's face suddenly went gloomy, her hand with hanging Buddha beads violently beaten the desktop, she immediately stood up, leading Rui Mama as they walked towards the direction of Qiu Bi Ju.

At this time there were no spaces left for someone to set their feet on. Yun Yi Yi had already smashed off all the breakable things inside, and she still could not feel any slightest bit of satisfaction, those dusty embroidered shoes violently kicked the hollow carved mahogany stool.

“You silly girl, until when will you stop throwing tantrum? What kind of matter seemed unsatisfactory to you? For going so far as to use these things inside the room to quench your anger?” Seeing the floor full of shattered pieces of porcelains, the old madam was faintly hurting inside her heart, it was already too late for her to give these things to her youngest son, everything were already destroyed by this useless granddaughter, how could it not make her feel such pain?

Facing the old madam's interrogation, Yun Yi Yi did not even show any expression of fear in her face, without consulting anyone she sat down with an angry look in her face, pointing at the direction of Qi Luo Yuan she angrily exclaimed, “Grandma, why would we live our lives with Yun Qian Meng bothering us? Her surname is Yun, am I not also Yun? Now that even a small yiniang bullying us around! Grandma, how can you tolerate such manner? They had joined hands together and blocked off our guests who came to congratulate us outside of the door, were they deliberately not allowing us to get in touch with the influential officials, weren't they afraid that I might fight over their limelight?”

Seeing Yun Yi Yi's infuriated look, the old madam who had calmed down at this moment, pulling along Yun Yi Yi's small hands as she slowly comforted, “You are too honest, lass. With such temper like yours, they might take us as a laughing stock now. Even if they wanted to bully us, they only had a few days left to do that! Wait until your brother becomes this year's top scholar, at most we could move out of xiangfu, and follow behind your older brother as we enter the Imperial Top Scorer fu. When that time comes whoever you wanted to meet, it will be up to you, right? There's no need to annoy this little hoof Yun Qian Meng for the time being, especially now that her status is completely different, even your uncle has to tolerate her behavior like that, there's no need for you to provoke her, what if it contradicting your older brother, would it not mean that you will forever be under her control? Why don't you endure for the time being, then slowly take your revenge on Yun Qian Meng in the future! Besides, those who came today were just low-rank officials, there's no need to take them into great consideration, and flattened down our own status!”

Hearing the last statement from the old madam, the anger in Yun Yi Yi's heart had slowly dissipated away, unlike her conflicting mind a while ago.

Looking at the situation, Rui Mama immediately filled up the teacup with a slightly cold tea and gave it to Yun Yi Yi, enabling her to reduce and eliminate her fury.

After Hua yiniang and the others left Bai Shun Tang, they did not directly return to their respective courtyards, instead under the encouragement of Hua yiniang, a few of them even arrived at Qi Luo Yuan asking an audience with Yun Qian Meng.

But, during the moment when Hua yiniang and her people had stepped inside of Bai Shun Tang, Liu Han Yu then had assigned people to come to Qi Luo Yuan and report to Yun Qian Meng. As a result, before Hua yiniang and her people could not even take a step inside the gates of Qi Luo Yuan, they were already being blocked off by Mi Mama and her people.

Although a group of people still harbored anger in their hearts, yet they would not dare to behave rudely in front of Mi Mama, they could only leave Qi Luo Yuan in a crestfallen manner.

“Xiaojie, that Hua yiniang is becoming more and more presumptuous!” Mu Chun and others were accompanying Yun Qian Meng as they stood in the attic, witnessing every details of the incident with their own eyes.

No matter how hard Hua yiniang tried to behave respectfully in front of Mi Mama, but the expression she had when she was leading a few yiniangs as they stammered inside Qi Luo Yuan, was already being clearly seen by the few people in the attic.

“She was actually harboring evil thoughts! But, the person inside Bai Shun Tang was actually the one fanning the flames! Or else based on Hua yiniang's courage, she wouldn't dare to take the risk of trying to break inside Qi Luo Yuan!” The moment when Hua yiniang stepped inside of Bai Shun Tang, she became the main target of the old madam, as long as she could make her feel ugly and uncomfortable, even for the powerless person, the old madam wouldn't simply let her off.

And besides, Hua yiniang was Yun Xuan Zhi's concubine, so the old madam would naturally want to see Yun Xuan Zhi's rear courtyard to set into flames.

But, whether it was the old madam's little trick or Hua yiniang's little thoughts, it was all the same in Yun Qian Meng's eyes.

What made her feel worried right now was actually two additional things; the first one was, whether or not Chu Fei Yang had successfully discovered the treatment for the smallpox; and the other one was, the currently strange and unpredictable imperial examinations.


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