Chu Wang Fei
Chapter 117 Part 3 The Grand Wedding (Part I) : Xiangfu is Investigated
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Chu Wang Fei
Author :Ning er
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Chapter 117 Part 3 The Grand Wedding (Part I) : Xiangfu is Investigated

“Superior Wu, I can guarantee you with in the name of Fu Guo Gongfu, to let my granddaughter to temporarily stay inside Fu Guo Gongfu, will you allow it?” Gu laotaijun was a quick witted person, the current situation had happened so unexpectedly, she evidently wanted to resolve it in the shortest time possible.

Superior Wu took a glimpse at Yun Qian Meng first, seeing her remained exceptionally calm among the other xiaojies and servant girls, who were weeping softly. She was not even had a trace of the slightest bit of melancholy, did not also contain any resentment of being entrapped by the others. Thus her calm composure made him respect her greatly as an official who had had his career for more than twenty years already.

But, although he admired Yun Qian Meng's attitude when handling things, yet he certainly would not dare to violate the law and order because of that: “Laotaijun, this is part of the imperial decree given by His Majesty, please forgive me for being not able to agree.”

“Superior Wu, Meng'er is merely an honorable xiaojie who seldom went out of her lady chamber, how could she know anything in the royal court. Besides, there are too many suspicious aspects if we were to examine carefully about the case where Yun xiang had engaged in corrupt practices, perhaps there is someone who intended to make use of this incident to frame him up, it would be better for Superior Wu to act professionally. Just allow Meng'er to temporarily stay with us in Fu Guo Gongfu. If there is a court hearing, I will personally send Meng'er over.” This time, Qu Ling Ao also interrupted.

But Superior Wu always remained loyal and devoted to Emperor Yu Qian. The reason why Emperor Yu Qian had assigned him to carry out this matter, the first reason was, because of his loyalty, and the second reason was, that Superior Wu was always cautious with regards to handling things, keeping his word, he treated everyone equally, as a result, even when it comes to Fu Guo Gongfu's plea for leniency at this moment, he would still resolutely declined, “Please do not make things difficult for me, laotaijun and houye!”

After hearing these words, laotaijun and her son looked at each other, evidently knowing that they would not be able to convince Superior Wu. She simply glanced at Yun Qian Meng's slightly pale white face, with heavy regret, she spoke, “Since that is the case, we wouldn't force Superior Wu anymore, but we would like to take the opportunity to speak with Meng'er, is it possible?”

Regarding this point, Superior Wu just slightly nodded his head, afterwhich made a hand gesture allowing the imperial guard to bring Yun Qian Meng forth.

“Grandma, uncle!” Seeing the two persons who had come by to make a plea for leniency, all sorts of feelings welled up in Yun Qian Meng's heart, particularly towards Qu Ling Ao. Though he had been recovering for a few months, but his injury had affected his heart during that time, for a short period of time he would not be able to regain his usual complexion, his face was still slightly pale white, although the skin in his cheeks had gradually filled in, but his body figure still remained completely frail.

“Meng'er, my good child, you must have suffered!” laotaijun pulled Yun Qian Meng's hand, choking with emotions as she spoke.

But only Yun Qian Meng knew that, laotaijun had squeezed in an oiled paper bag in her palm, her right hand slightly shrank back inside the sleeve, placing the oiled paper bag inside the pocket, Yun Qian Meng nonchalantly smiled and declared, “Thanks uncle and grandma for coming to see me!”

Seeing her remained strong and collected, they felt more pitiful towards her. Qu Ling Ao took a glimpse at Superior Wu, afterwhich in a lowered voice he said, “Just endure it for a few more days, we will certainly think of a way to rescue you from the prison.”

Ever since when Qu Ling Ao had waken up, laotaijun and the others told him everything that Yun Qian Meng had done, and as for his niece, aside from making Qu Ling Ao felt pity for everything that had happened in the past, he felt even more grateful. Naturally, he would not allow anyone to entrap or cause harm to Yun Qian Meng in spite of everything!

Laotaijun also seemed to have so many things to say, but due to the limited time, she could only tell Yun Qian Meng the main point, “The Ministry of Justice is Su Yuan's place, once you went inside it be sure not to have any conflict with him, or else the one who will suffer might be you! Moreover, if someone was to interrogate you anything, just say you know nothing about it, so as to avoid trouble from the loose tongue.”

Yun Qian Meng earnestly listened to laotaijun's instructions, afterwhich she prudently nodded her head, showing that she had already understood everything by heart, she was then urged by the imperial guard to leave Gu laotaijun.

“Let's go to the Imperial Palace!” Watching Yun Qian Meng's honorable figure sat inside of the prison vehicle, flame of anger had already ignited in Gu laotaijun's eyes, then she immediately spoke in a deep voice to Qu Ling Ao standing beside her.

Qu Ling Ao saw Yun Qian Meng being crammed in together with more than ten servant girls inside a prison vehicle without any cover to block off the wind, his eyes suddenly contracted. Hastily, he supported Gu laotaijun up onto the horse carriage behind him, then hurriedly rushed towards the direction of the Imperial Palace.

An entire day of fright in addition to half a night of weeping, all the people were mentally tired. Although the wind was penetrating full force inside the prison vehicle in all directions, the frost and dew of the late autumn made all the people curled up their bodies, but because they were too tired, majority of the people had started to doze off to sleep inside the prison vehicle.

Yun Qian Meng sat in a corner of the prison vehicle. Her both eyes were clearly looking at all the places that the prison vehicle had passed through, seeing all the dejected expressions of the servants of xiangfu sitting in every vehicle, her heart froze cold, feeling that the person behind all these was too vicious and merciless. In order to get rid of his enemy, he had treated human being life like wild grass!

If Yun Xuan Zhi's criminal charges were to be established, perhaps all the people in xiangfu would be held responsible. It could clearly be seen that politics were truly horrible, a war without the smoke from the guns, yet it could destroy many people's lives and future!

“We're here now, wake up, all of you!” The prison vehicles had finally arrived at the Ministry of Justice after a long while, and the bailiffs who were already waiting in the doorway of the Ministry of Justice in fierceful looks stepped forward, using the scabbard to forcefully knocking on the wooden pillars of the prison vehicles, scaring all the people as they were being woken up in profusion. Their eyes were fearfully staring at the huge prison cells of the Ministry of Justice before their eyes that were faintly suffused with the cold air of the forest.

“Thanks Superior Wu for personally escorting all these prisoners here.” With spirit trembling with excitement, Su Yuan proceeded forward. Seeing Superior Wu, he courteously said with his face full of smiles.

“That being the case, my duty is already accomplished. I shall take my leave now!” Facing Su Yuan, Superior Wu did not have any favorable impression with him ever since the beginning, finished speaking he immediately turned around and left.

But the moment he passed by Yun Qian Meng, he slightly slowed down his steps. Took glimpse of Yun Qian Meng with an icily arrogant aura, it had reminded Superior Wu of Su Yuan and Yun xiangfu's Yuan Yuan, feeling everything in the world was truly surprising.

Su Yuan had already spotted Yun Qian Meng amongst the crowd. Those smiling eyes yet insidious like poisonous vipers were tightly focusing at Yun Qian Meng, afterwhich he slowly approached beside Yun Qian Meng and ridiculed, “Didn't expect we would meet again under such circumstances!”

Seeing Su Yuan who seemed to be even more delighted now, Yun Qian Meng's gaze remained tranquil and calm, neither servile nor overbearing as she looked down on Su Yuan. Afterwhich she followed behind all the people as they entered the prison of the Ministry of Justice without saying any word.

But the moment they stepped inside of the prison cell, a bloody and stinky smell suddenly assaulted their nostrils. They now all stood in the middle of the prison, yet they could clearly feel the damp and moldy air inside the prison, as it was truly loathsome.

Not to mention all those xiaojies who were used to being pampered and spoiled during their usual days, even those servant girls who were standing by their sides, all stooped down and started to retch. Simply wishing they could spit out everything they had eaten since last night, the smell inside the prison cell was truly disgusting.

And this time, a burst of chilly wind swept past, bringing about numerous low mumbling sounds from a distance as they slowly getting closer. The sounds seemed like to be begging for forgiveness, like weeping sounds, like hurling abuse, and also like cursing, causing those servant girls who were used to their steady lives inside Yun xiangfu to hug each other as they screamed.

For a moment it was full of sharp screaming and wailing sounds inside the prison, vibrating through people's eardrums.

“What are you all hollering about?! For coming inside this place, don't tell me that you still have the right to be choosy, why don't you all move forward, there are still too many people at the back waiting to come inside!” A coarse woman voice immediately came through, snarling as it instantly suppressed down the screeching sounds of the servant girls.

All the people lifted their eyes and looked, seeing a few tall female jailer carrying long whips in their hands as they came over. Looking at the servant girls still screaming, they ferociously draw out a lash with their whips, and with such violent threats, the servant girls were all frightened and did not dare to scream again, although their eyes were filled with tears, but their mouths were tightly covered by their both hands, for the fear of being whipped by the whip that was moistened with salt.

But, the more they proceed deep within, the sight inside the prison cell was becoming more and more frightening, thus their footsteps became even slower.

“Are you all dead or lame? What took you so long to walk such a short distance? Would you like to have a taste of my whip?” Seeing these fragile and delicate servant girls walking too slow, those female jailer immediately scolded them, some of them even lifted their rough hands and pushed the back of the servant girls, seeing a servant girl walking unsteadily, she was suddenly being pushed to the ground by the female jailer, unavoidably took a mouthful of moist mud into her mouth…...

“Ah……” That servant girl immediately took out her handkerchief to wipe her mouth, yet she discovered that the mud was mixed with fresh blood and feces. For a moment she could not take in such tremendous differences, with fear-strickened face she put her hands behind her head then crouched down on the ground as she shouted out very loudly.

Those servant girls who saw the thrown out handkerchief, immediately realized what was going on. Instantly, all the people faces were terrified with despair as they directly retreated back, did not dare to step any further inside any more.

“What a bunch of sluts, who refused a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! Don't go, I will not allow you to go……” Those few female jailer saw a new situation here in this area, they immediately raised their whips, regardless of the consequences they started to recklessly brandish their whips facing the crowd.

In an instant, the entire female prison immediately bring about the sounds of anguished wailing and begging voices. Yun Qian Meng originally planned not to meddle with other people's business, after all she was already inside this big prison, she should understand her current situation.

But the female jailer's whip had brandished towards the spot where she was standing. Sensing what was coming, Mu Chun and the others immediately obstructed in front of Yun Qian Meng, seeing the whip was about to land on Mi Mama's back, Yun Qian Meng pressed down Yuan Dong's hand, then she herself lifted her arms and grabbed that female jailer's wrist, after which she put pressure on her hands, the female jailer felt the pain then she released the lash in her hand.

“What are you, going so far as to treat me this way!” That female jailer had looked after a lot of prisoners throughout the year, she never came across any honorable xiaojie of influential families. This time, seeing Yun Qian Meng being noble with her face containing moral integrity as she stared at her, although she was a bit scared, but since this person had already entered the big prison of the Ministry of Justice, how many of such persons would be able to step out alive? Thinking about this, that female jailer suddenly gathered all her guts, those inverted triangular eyes fiercely stared at Yun Qian Meng.

“Pak!” But it was too early for her to be delighted, right after she finished speaking, a person appeared beside and gave her a big slap on her face.

“Who's that son of a bitch who dared to hit me? Don't you want to live anymore?” That female jailer was given an unknown slap on the face, her entire body had been thrown down to the floor.

And being able to hit the female jailer who had a tall and sturdy build like a man until she lied down on the floor, it was safe to assume that this person had an extremely astonishing strength!

That female jailer could not contain her anger, not to mention being lectured by this immature and inexperienced girl, this time being slapped on the face by an unknown person, even knocking off the two teeth in her mouth. Suddenly the fury rush forth in her heart, before she even got up she was already started to curse aloud.

“You've mentioned that I am a what?” At this time, a very cold voice that seemed like the evening snowfall on a thousand mountains echoed from the top of her head.

The other female jailers saw the person who came, they were scared as they quickly knelt down, trembling with fear as they greeted, “Greetings, Chen Wang!”

This female jailer's mind went blank, her both hands that had sank into the mud tightly clenched into fists, her whole body violently trembled.

“Superior Su, is this your subordinate? Such person with no regard for law or discipline, before these prisoners were kept in custody, she was already showing off! Even guitaifei didn't have such kind of characteristic!” Chen Wang did not spare her any more glance, both cold eyes just deeply staring at Yun Qian Meng, after which he coldly asked Su Yuan who was standing behind him.

Su Yuan had not expected that Chen Wang would suddenly show up at this moment. Ever since he had received the imperial decree, he already instructed these female jailers, permitting them to continuously beat up these female prisoners of xiangfu, but after they started to execute the orders, Chen Wang had unexpectedly came to visit the prison of the Ministry of Justice very late at night, even seeing the situation wherein Yun Qian Meng almost got beaten by the female jailer.

This time being interrogate by him in this way, Su Yuan felt a layer of cold sweat emitted out from the palm of his hand. Without further ado, facing the subordinate behind him as he instructed, “Why are you still standing here, quickly bring her out!”

Ning Feng who was standing in a corner immediately stopped Su Yuan's actions, then standing beside Chen Wang waiting Jiang Mu Chen to give further instructions.

“Ning Feng, bring her out!” His cold eyes indifferently glanced at Su Yuan, Chen Wang spoke in a lowered voice, and yet he also made Su Yuan realized that, perhaps this female jailer would not be able to see tomorrow's sunlight anymore.

“You, are you alright?” There were too many people blocking the prison cell, Chen Wang could only ask Yun Qian Meng in a lowered voice, but those eyes that were full of austerity exposed a bit of warmth as he looked at Yun Qian Meng.

Yun Qian Meng looked at Chen Wang who had suddenly showed up, thinking about all the things that Xi Lin had told her, her heart could not help but laughed grimly, is this the so-called ‘A slap in the face in exchange for a sweet date fruit'?

If without Chen Wang's instruction or tacit approval, Su Yuan would definitely not abruptly issue a memorial to scheme against Yun Xuan Zhi. After all, with his current strength if he was to contend against Yun Xuan Zhi, perhaps it would take some strenuous efforts.

But with Chen Wang's support, this matter would be very likely to proceed without a hitch.

But what kind of roles should the Empress Dowager and Emperor Yu Qian put up? Being aware of the current situation that Yun Yi Heng brothers had joined the imperial examinations, and had actually issued such imperial decree, what kind of intention did Emperor Yu Qian and the Empress Dowager have?

“Thanks for your concern, wangye, everything is fine!” Regardless of the actual facts, the first person that she needed to respond to was Chen Wang, who was standing in front of her.

Yun Qian Meng straightened up her lower back. Her expression was exceptionally calm, her eyes were coldly looking straight to the front, she slightly bowed down before Chen Wang, after which she lifted up her feet walking towards the deepest area of the prison.

The servant girls beside her seeing their own da xiaojie in such manner, who was actually unafraid of the dreadful sight inside the prison as she took the lead to walk deeper inside the prison, then they supported each other up, slowly walked further into the deeper part of the prison.

Jiang Mu Chen watched Yu Qian Meng as she treated him coldly. Suddenly the feeling of anger rushed forth in his heart, his eyes were mixed with unbearable violent commotion as he directly stared at Su Yuan standing beside him, afterwhich he spit out two words: “Very well!”


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