Chu Wang Fei
Chapter 119 Part 2 The Grand Wedding (Part III) : Chu and Meng’s Grand Wedding
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Chu Wang Fei
Author :Ning er
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Chapter 119 Part 2 The Grand Wedding (Part III) : Chu and Meng’s Grand Wedding

“Chu Fei Yang, how dare you!” Right at that moment, Yuan De taifei suddenly shouted loudly.

Observing the situation for quite a while, and also having heard of the conversation between Chu Fei Yang and her own son had had. Yuan De taifei had finally came to a conclusion that, perhaps everything that her own son did, were all because of Yun Qian Meng.

This was indeed an extraordinary shame and humiliation. During those days it was them who had requested Emperor Yu Qian to null the bestowal of marriage. At present wherein Yun Qian Meng already had an engagement with another man, Chen Wang had forced her to marry him again, even forcing Chu Fei Yang to visit just to get back his fiancee.

Such kind of humiliation, Yuan De taifei was not able to bear it. Now that the Minister of the Left actually dared to dispatch troops to surround the Chen wangfu, if this incident was to spread out, not to mention Chen Wang's reputation would be ruined, he would also cause the people to lose trust in him. Consequently, in the future all the major events would be unfavorable to him.

“Taifei, unless wangye hand over Meng'er, or you will just have to see whether I, Chu Fei Yang, will dare to do it or not!” With his long sword unsheathed, Chu Fei Yang, one man holding out against ten thousand enemies, faced all the people. His face as tranquil as the water, his eyes containing fury, the long sword in his hand emitted dense chilliness under the illumination of the sunlight, frightening all the servant girls of Chen wangfu as one by one dodged out of the way, even Yuan De taifei's face went pale. She had never expected Chu Fei Yang would offend his superior in this way.

“Ning Feng!” And during this time, Chen Wang instructed his own guard, seeing a long sword being tossed in midair, Ning Feng had already dispatched the Imperial Guards of Chen wangfu, standing opposite to the men of Qu Zhang Qing in the gates of Chen wangfu.

“The Imperial Decree has arrived!” At this time, a sharp voice echoed in the gates. After a moment, Emperor Yu Qian's personal eunuch Yu gonggong entered Chen wangfu taking quick strides.

When he saw Chu Fei Yang and Jiang Mu Chen facing each other with swords at hands, he was suddenly startled. Then he shifted his gaze towards Yuan De taifei, seeing her gloomy and extremely furious expression, he immediately stepped forward, facing the few persons he saluted, “Greetings taifei, wangye, Chu Xiang!”

“How do you have the time to come to Chen wangfu today, Yu gonggong? Don't tell me you've also heard about Chen Wang marrying Ce Fei, and came here to congratulate?” Chu Fei Yang's face turned from cloudy to clear, the transformation in his face was faster than flipping a book, even Yuan De taifei who had always been keen in observation was also secretly surprised by Chu Fei Yang's instant transformation. Felt that Chu Fei Yang was truly unpredictable, causing people unable to grasp what was really going on in his mind.

But when he finished speaking, Jiang Mu Chen stared at Chu Fei Yang in an angry look, seemed like blaming him for being talkative.

But, those matters that happened within the capital, how many of them was able to escape from Emperor Yu Qian eyes?

Particularly when Jiang Mu Chen was currently the prince, how would the Emperor not know about the marriage of a prince?

As a result, after Yu gonggong heard Chu Fei Yang's question, the expression in his face did not seem to be surprised much, but he just faced Chen Wang and Yuan De taifei as he cupped his hands and saluted, “Congratulations, taifei and wangye!”

After speaking, he looked at Chu Fei Yang again, smiled and conveyed, “His Majesty is aware that xiangye has just returned from Luo City, then he ordered n to transmit his oral command. Wangye please lead the first three top scorers of the current imperial examinations, Yun Yi Heng, Han Che, Kong Fan and proceed to the Imperial Court to meet His Majesty!”

Having heard what was said, Chu Fei Yang raised his brows, his eyes lighted up with interest as they stole a glance at Jiang Mu Chen, he smiled and said, “Yu gonggong, this Imperial Decree must be aimed at wangye. Based on my knowledge, Han Che and Kong Fan are guests at this moment in Chen wangfu. As for that Yun Yi Heng, he is currently inside the prison of the Ministry of Justice! Why would His Majesty want you to transmit the oral command to me?”

Yu gonggong glanced at the malicious-looking Chen Wang, his heart slightly tensed up, then facing Chu Fei Yang he answered, “His Majesty's sacred order, is simply not something that a lowly servant like me can comprehend. Since scholars Han and Kong are both present in wangfu, please allow them to come forward, wangye, and follow behind nubi as we enter the Palace to meet His Majesty.”

“His Majesty really knew the perfect timing! I still have something to discuss with Chu Xiang, but His Majesty had already sent gonggong here.” Yet Jiang Mu Chen just coldly glanced at Yu gonggong's smiling face, after which he spoke in an extremely ironic tone.

“Wangye, allow scholars Han and Kong to quickly step forward, please do not make His Majesty wait too long!” Ignoring the irony tone in Jiang Mu Chen's words, Yu gonggong lowered his head as he relayed, yet his manner of speaking was somehow unyielding.

“Ning Feng, fetch the two of them over here!” Right now, Jiang Mu Chen did not care about this present matter. Yun Qian Meng's face continuously appeared in his mind, he could not could not figure out why a perfectly fine living person would strangely disappear from his sight, causing him to be angry in his heart. But the most annoying thing was that it became a big joke for Chu Fei Yang.

Based on his intuition, Jiang Mu Chen still believed that Chu Fei Yang must have secretly done something relating this case, switching Yun Qian Meng with Yun Ruo Xue halfway through the process.

Seeing Chen Wang had issued a command, Ning Feng put away the long sword in his hand, then quickly headed towards the north garden. After a short amount of time, he presented Han Che and Kong Fan to Yu gonggong..

“Since that is the case, then nubi shall leave now. Xiangye, let's head back, don't let His Majesty wait too long.” His highly perfected both eyes indifferently glanced at Han Che and Kong Fan before his eyes. Yu gonggong secretly nodded his head, afterwhich he spoke to Chu Fei Yang.

“Gonggong, please lead them to the horse carriage first, I just need a few words with wangye then I'll follow.” Yet Chu Fei Yang's both was still staring closely at Jiang Mu Chen, then he indifferently instructed Yu gonggong to proceed in advance.

Glancing at the two persons in front of him still in their heated stance, Yu gonggong nodded his head. He then proceed and led Han Che and Kong Fan out of the gates of Chen wangfu.

When he walked past the two men, Han Che lifted his eyes and glanced at Chu Fei Yang, feeling this man bearing a powerful grandeur, his expression tranquil and calm yet deep and unmeasurable, causing people's heart to tremble, yet only such kind of man, would be able to achieve a top score in both literary and martial skills!

“Wangye should jog his memory. Where did you really hide my Meng'er! Zhang Qing, you must stay behind and assist Chen Wang, if you have any information regarding Meng'er, immediately keep her safe! Remember, do not rely on other people for this.” After speaking, Chu Fei Yang immediately turned around, then walked towards the main gate of Chen wangfu, leaving behind Qu Zhang Qing who showed a solemn and respectful expression, guarding outside the gates of Chen wangfu in deathly stillness.

“You, close the gates!” Seeing Chu Fei Yang had not the slightest bit of respect towards all the people inside Chen wangfu, Yuan De taifei's anger had reached the peak. Upon seeing Chu Fei Yang set his foot outside the doorsteps of Chen wangfu, she immediately commanded loudly.

Ning Feng seeing Yuan De taifei being angered, and Chen Wang was also on the verge of exploding with anger, immediately commanded his men to close the main gate. Afterwards, he himself guarded inside the gate, in order to prevent Qu Zhang Qing from taking other further actions.

“You are becoming more and more interesting. For the sake of one Yun Qian Meng, you've lost all the reputation of Chen wangfu! Don't you know how many pairs of eyes bore witness of this incident today? You have actually done such thing behind my back, going so far as to make Chu Fei Yang drop in to demand for his fiancee! Jiang Mu Chen, as your mother you've really disappointed me, don't you forget, that you are the Late Emperor's prince, your every word and action represents the Royal Family! As a prince, you can have any woman that you like, but you have actually went against the world because of just one Yun Qian Meng. First off, you released Yun Qian Meng out from the prison of the Ministry of Justice, also giving her a completely different identity! Oh my good son, don't you realize the hardships that we've went through all these years? By doing this, do you want Emperor Yu Qian to hold the information that can be used against us? Chen'er, how good is that Yun Qian Meng? For making you lose yourself like this, have you ever considered your future? Do you want to see your mother die in the hands of the Empress Dowager and her people, that's when you will wake up to see the reality?” Yuan De taifei was extremely angered this time, but there was also sadness in her heart. Seeing her own son became the greatest joke this time, being unable to bear the pain, she could not hold back her tears anymore, as they fell down continuously. In the state which Yuan De taifei crying bitterly like this shedding tears, the she now was entirely different from the ice-cold arrogant Empress Consort in former days.

In one corner, seeing Yuan De taifei suffering from pain, Jiang Mama immediately went ahead and supported her. Looking Chen Wang in his usual expression, she gave her earnest and well-meaning advice; “Wangye, taifei is your very own mother, how can she have any intention to cause harm to you? Now that you've made such kind of mistake, taifei didn't reproach you, she was just concerned about your situation, how can you not being emotionally moved even for just a little bit?”

But Chen Wang simply glanced at Yuan De taifei who was crying all alone. His eyes slightly sneered, such kind of cheap trick he had accustomed on seeing inside the Palace, he was already used to it ever since he was a child. How could he not know whether Yuan De taifei's tears were real or not?

He turned around preparing to walk towards the direction of the main gate, yet the edge of his clothes was being pulled back by someone. Knitting his brows as he lowered his head to take a look, yet he saw Yun Ruo Xue in her pale white face persistently pulling the edge of his clothes, looking at him with a face full of tears.

“Get lost!” This time seeing Yun Ruo Xue who was pretending to be Yun Qian Meng, Jiang Mu Chen's heart felt disgusted. Such kind of woman, was completely without any sense of shame, who would go so far as to make fun of him in front of everybody. He had already showed her kindness was as big as the sky for not killing her immediately. Now to his surprise she dared to block his path.

Yet Yun Ruo Xue just bit her lower lip tightly, enduring the pain in her body as she knelt down before Chen Wang, crying as she said, “Wangye, I am your Ce Fei, how could you abandon me on our wedding day!”

What she had just said was quite outrageous. From the moment Chen Wang's both hands pushed Yun Ruo Xue, he had already denied her status. But this time, Yun Ruo Xue had touched the sore spot, which had truly provoked Chen Wang's anger.

Nevertheless, the awaited sudden outburst of anger was not exhibited on Chen Wang's face, instead with a calm face he looked down upon Yun Ruo Xue who was kneeling down beside his feet, then coldly said, “Wife? Are you qualified enough? Ning Feng, drag her out, put her inside the Ministry of Justice's prison cell again. Once I found Meng'er, benxiang shall figure something out with you and Su Yuan!”

Having said so, he kicked Yun Ruo Xue's chest with a single foot.

Yun Ruo Xue, being a pretty and delicate honorable xiaojie, how could she able to endure the powerful kick of Chen Wang, hence her entire body immediately fell back, puffing out a mouthful of fresh blood before she got into an unconscious state. Looking at the situation, Ning Feng instructed two imperial guards to drag Yun Ruo Xue out of Chen wangfu.

Witnessing her own son going against her words, the tears in Yuan De taifei's eyes roze in an instant. Slightly narrowing her both eyes as she stared at Chen Wang's back figure, yet silently enunciating Yun Qian Meng's name in her mind.

At this particular moment, it was full of cheerful talks inside Chu wangfu.

“Xiaojie, this bridal dress is the finest. Once you wear it, I guarantee that you will be the most beautiful person!” Mu Chun's hands were holding a crimson bridal dress with golden threads on the edges, beaming as she recommended the dress to Yun Qian Meng.

“That's not good! I think this one will be the best. It is decorated with auspicious dragon and phoenix, which will be the most suitable one for xiaojie and xiangye's wedding day! Xiaojie, you must come and try this one! While we still have some time right now. f it didn't fit well, we servants still have time to make the alterations!” Ying Xia lifted up another bridal dress as she approached in front of Yun Qian Meng, all at once she seized Mu Chun's place which was blocking Yun Qian Meng's line of sight, permitting her to take a close look at the dress in her hands.

“Xiaojie, don't listen to Ying Xia, this one in my hand is the best!” Being forced aside by Ying Xia, Mu Chun immediately pouted her lips and grumbled, before she was about to dash ahead, she saw Chu xiangfu's Shangguan Mama walk inside. Caught sight of the situation inside which was bustling with noise and excitement, Shangguan Mama also laughed and said, “Ladies, please don't argue anymore, just let da xiaojie choose by herself, we don't have that much remaining time, or else we will not be able to catch up with the lucky hour!”

Yun Qian Meng laughed as she looked at the approaching Shangguan Mama, then immediately inquired, “Have you received any news from xiangye?”

Seeing Yun Qian Meng asking about news regarding Chu Fei Yang upon seeing Shangguan Mama, the few servant girls and Xia Mama all laughed heartily. Even though Yun Qian Meng's expression still remained calm, between her brows there was a little trace of anxiety. Ever since she and the four servant girls had been rescued from the prison cell, she had not expected that Xi Lin would lead them inside Chu wangfu. But Xi Lin had not showed up again since then, only Shangguan Mama was the one attending to their daily needs, making Yun Qian Meng's heart to be deeply worried about Chu Fei Yang's current situation.

Based on his calculations, starting from the first date of the experiment on the twenty-fourth day until now, it was already almost twenty days time. If something had happened, perhaps someone would have already come to report, but if nothing had happened, why hadn't Chu Fei Yang showed up yet?

Although everyone had already prepared everything for her to ride the marriage sedan, how come Chu Fei Yang still had not appeared all day? Yun Qian Meng's heart was a bit worried, without personally seeing him in good condition, she could not simply put her tensed up heart at rest.

Shangguan Mama, seeing Yun Qian Meng's calm eyes flashed with a rare trace of worry, the smile on her face became even brighter. She laughed and said, “Xiangye is inside the Palace at this moment, he shall return back to the wangfu after a while. Xiaojie you must quickly dress up, please do not delay any more time.”

After speaking, Shangguan Mama stepped aside, then Ji Shu Yu and Qu Fei Qing came inside while supporting Gu laotaijun who was smiling from ear to ear.

“Grandma, Aunt, Cousin!” Yun Qian Meng didn't expect to see them so she was wild with joy for a moment, she then immediately stood up meeting the three persons, and personally supported Gu laotaijun to sit down.

“Meng'er, seeing you doing fine, I'm very happy!” Qu Fei Qing looking at who seemed to have Yun Qian Meng lost a lot of weight, she readily pulled her hands as tears began to fall down from her face.

Seeing such emotional Qu Fei Qing, Yun Qian Meng merely smiled, after which she optimistically said, “Naturally nothing serious happened to me. Please do not worry, cousin!”

Gu laotaijun and Ji Shu Yu was carefully observing Yun Qian Meng's appearance. Though she looked a bit thinner, yet her overall complexion was still good, the two of them looked at each other and smiled. Ji Shu Yu waved her hands towards the servant girls outside, then all the servant girls carried trays in their hands as they walked inside in a line, and Ji Shu Yu pulled Yun Qian Meng's hand, smiled and voiced out, “Getting married is a major event! Although this happened all of a sudden, but fortunately we have already made sufficient preparations during this short period of time, just enough to put to good use.”

Upon speaking, Ji Shu Yu led Yun Qian Meng as they approached in front of those servant girls, one by one they lifted open the red silk fabric covering those trays, permitting Yun Qian Meng to clearly see the things inside them.

“The bridal dress that Chu Xiang has prepared for you will naturally be the best! But, you are a daughter of Fu Guo Gongfu, evidently you must wear the bridal dress from your parent's home. Your cousin's workmanship is quite good, according to your size, she had embroidered the bridal dress for you. As for your gold and silver jewelries, your aunt had already prepared them in advance! Even if you are not able to get married coming in Yun xiangfu or Fu Guo Gongfu, but you are still our child after all. Grandma and your uncle and aunt will attend to your wedding ceremony. Child, everything happens for a reason, you must have suffered greatly!” This time, Gu laotaijun had already stood up, approaching Yun Qian Meng, speaking as her eyes were filled with unshed tears, those slightly wrinkled hands were tightly holding Yun Qian Meng's, yet her heart was full of pity for her.

While saying these words, all the people inside the room all lowered down their heads and shedded tears. Even Shangguan Mama's eyes were filled with tears, yet the corner of her mouth still lifted up in a smile.

Yun Qian Meng smiled as she embraced Gu laotaijun, with a rare coquettishness she said, “Grandma and Aunt had already prepared everything for Meng'er, how will Meng'er still feel sad? Besides, if we are to follow the normal sequence, Meng'er will be tired from morning until evening, that's a pity! Now it is just right, we have simplified the sequence of the wedding ceremony, Meng'er is secretly pleased.”

With a series of smart words, it seemed as if Yun Qian Meng not only was not angry, but instead she was secretly delighted about the way she could break away from the very much complicated procedures of the wedding ceremony, unexpectedly amusing all the people inside the room. Laotaijun favorably stretched out her hand and tapped Yun Qian Meng's smooth white forehead, smiled and said, “You are terribly clever! Quickly put on the bridal dress that Fei'er had prepared for you and let grandma see it. After a while Chen laotaijun will personally come over to comb your hair, why don't you quickly go ahead and prepare yourself!”

Having heard what was said, Yun Qian Meng's eyes appeared to be pleasantly surprised. Before she could start her sequence of questions, yet she was already being dragged to the inner room by Qu Fei Qing, Ying Xia and the others to fit on the bridal dress.

While during this time Chen Wang led his people as they rushed inside the prison cell of the Ministry of Justice. When he saw the daughter of the richest merchant shrank back in a corner of the prison cell, his face suddenly went ugly.

At first he thought that Yun Qian Meng might be shut off inside the prison cell once again. But seeing the person before him, Chen Wang had a premonition that he was being deceived, certainly something went awry in all his plans.

“Wangye, why did you come?” Su Yuan was the person on duty today, as a result he was not able to attend Chen Wang's wedding ceremony, that was why up until now, Su Yuan still had no idea about the things that had occurred inside Chen wangfu a while ago.

At the moment though, Jiang Mu Chen was in dark mood. Seeing Su Yuan, he was reminded of Yun Ruo Xue who wanted to own the status as Chen Wang's Ce Fei. Immediately the anger flourished in his heart. Both of his gloomy eyes rigidly stared at Su Yuan, after which he coldly laughed and stated, “Superior Su, you are quite good! Seeing your own daughter having no chance to marry into Chen wangfu, you have let your own niece to take the place. That was quite a good calculation, I had fallen into one of your tricks!”

Hearing Chen Wang's angry words, Su Yuan's heart trembled, but he really was clueless about the matter. Su Yuan then lifted his head a little and looked at Chen Wang, puzzled, he asked “Wangye ,the sun and moon can bear witness to this lowly official's loyalty for wangye please do not doubt this lowly official's sincerity!”

But Su Yuan's words only caused Chen Wang to sneer at him, after which he coldly spoke, “What you have done, you are already quite aware of it, do I need to enumerate them all for you? Are you going to deny that Su Qian Yue coveted the position of Chen Wang Ce Fei? Benwang is protecting you in all aspects and this is how you pledge your loyalty? Look at the good things that you've done, to benwang's surprise you have actually let Yun Ruo Xue marry into Chen wangfu without my consent, you had taken advantage of my trust in you!”

The cold interrogation, caused the beads of cold sweat to roll down from Su Yuan's forehead. He was just merely following orders by detaining the daughter of the richest merchant inside the prison cell, but he had never taken the initiative to let Yun Ruo Xue marry into Chen wangfu.

Su Yuan was very aware that Chen Wang wanted Yun Qian Meng to be his Ce Fei. How could he take his actions during this time? Wouldn't that be just digging his own grave?

Thinking about this, Su Yuan's knees went soft as he knelt down before Chen Wang with a sound of plop, eyes filled with tears, with a pitiful voice he exclaimed, “Wangye, you must carefully think about it, I really hoped that my little girl will be able to accompany wangye by your side, but since she had already lost the opportunity, I would absolutely never forcefully squeeze Ruo Xue inside Chen wangfu. Not to mention the crime that Ruo Xue had committed, how could a delicate woman like her be able to enter Chen wangfu? I am still investigating about the fire last time during these few days, how could I still find time to think about these insignificant things? Besides, that Yun Qian Meng had already been rescued earlier by wangye, after that day, I have never seen her again anymore, moreover I haven't been to Chen wangfu yet, how could I do such thing! Please consider it carefully, wangye, I am absolutely unable to take such kind of criticism!”

But this time Jiang Mu Chen was in his most livid state, why would he listen to Su Yuan's explanation? With one foot he kicked out Su Yuan who was about to grab onto his both legs, Jiang Mu Chen took a cold glimpse at that daughter of the richest merchant, yet his mind gradually became clearer.

“Oh, didn't expect to be able to see wangye here!” This time, Yu gonggong's voice echoed from the entrance of the prison cell, making all the people lifted their eyes to see. Was not this Yu gonggong served Emperor Yu Qian?

Chen Wang mockingly glanced at Yu gonggong who was stepping down from the stairs as he approached him, in a cold voice he said, “Yu gonggong seemed to be quite unoccupied today, you are actually roaming around the entire capital! Why, now that you are also quite interested in this prison cell of the Ministry of Justice, plan to live here for a few days?”

Yu gonggong was already aware of Chen Wang's bad mood today based on his expression, particularly when the second-rank high official of the royal court like Su Yuan had actually knelt down before Chen Wang. The scene only made Yu gonggong felt even more puzzled in his heart, but his face brimming with smile, in a humble manner he responded to Chen Wang's question: “Wangye, you are joking. How can there be a leisure time for servants like us! Nubi was merely following His Majesty's command, as I came here to read the Imperial Decree aloud!”

“Humph, apparently, Chu Fei Yang had put in a lot of efforts for Yun xiangfu. He must be really tired, just recently returned from Luo City, then without stopping to rest he was busy clearing up the criminal charges against his soon-to-be father-in-law, but didn't have any idea whether he had already caught the disease, but he must not come up with something to harm the people inside the Imperial Palace.” Seeing Yu gonggong had a calm face, without any vicious behavior, Chen Wang knew that he was holding the Imperial Decree in his hand, as for the people in Yun xiangfu, perhaps it was a good news.

Seeing Chen Wang saying the grapes were sour when he was not able to eat them, Yu gonggong emphatically not wanted to take a lot of trouble to communicate with him. He simply put on a smile, after which he led the young eunuchs behind him as they continued on walking towards the inner part of the prison cell.

Those members of Yun xiangfu who had been imprisoned for more than ten days, seeing the arrival of gonggong, one by one they stood up, each and every one was leaning against the railings, with eyes full of hope as they looked at the Imperial Decree that gonggong was holding in his hands.

“Why don't you all kneel down?” Seeing the women inside the prison cells with wan and sallow faces, and their clothes being filthy, Yu gonggong immediately uttered these words to remind them.

Having heard these words, all the people immediately knelt down regardless of the dirty floor. One by one, they lowered their heads, feeling resigned as they waited for the announcement of the Imperial Decree.

“As a mandate of Heavens, His Majesty hereby declares the imperial order: During the period of time wherein Yun Xuan Zhi being the Minister of the Right, he was cautious and conscientious, scrupulously abiding by his duty. Upon investigation of the current corrupt practices in the imperial examinations, Yun Xuan Zhi conducted his duty as examiner unscrupulously, from this day on, his position as the Minister of the Right will be reinstated! But because of his suspicious actions during the current imperial examination, his salary will be forfeited for one year! Yun Yi Heng's position as Provincial Top Scorer will be stripped off, he will be forever forbidden to join all the imperial examinations. From this day on, all the members of the Yun xiangfu will be released, as ordered by the Emperor himself!”

“What?” The moment when Yu gonggong finished announcing the Imperial Decree, laotaitai suddenly yelled out loud before fell to ground refusing to get up, Li Shi got frightened as she hurriedly stepped forward wanting to support laotaitai up, yet she saw laotaitai's four limbs twitched, the neck and back violently straightened and facial nerves got paralyzed. Her heart felt that it was not good, she immediately directed the servant girl beside her to lift laotaitai up, sending her out just in time when the female jailers opened the door, afterwhich Li Shi approached the prison cell where Yun Yi Yi was detained, seeing her own daughter now lying on the bed wearing an insensitive face, she was reminded again of her own talented eldest son who was already prohibited to join the imperial examinations for the rest of his life. The tears in Li Shi's eyes slipped down trailing her face, she immediately turned around and rushed in front of Yu gonggong, kneeling down before him she cried and exclaimed, “gonggong, my son is a talented person, why would His Majesty forbid him to join the imperial examinations!”

Seeing this woman kneeling down and crying bitterly before him, Yu gonggong's eyes looked a bit disgusted, afterwhich he spoke coldly“Madame, why don't you go back and ask er gongzi of what he had done? Affecting other people's development in the exam room, seizing the position of Hui Yuan for the sake of his own brother, Yu Yi Heng's Hui Yuan position was truly disgraceful! Besides, His Majesty had already assessed the first three top scorers for the current metropolitan examinations, Yun Yi Heng's talent falls under Han Hui Yuan's, His Majesty was evidently angered! Madame, do you still have the nerve to ask about the reason, humph!”

After speaking, Yu gonggong did not care to take another glimpse at Li Shi. He walked out without consulting anyone, but when he brushed past Chen Wang, he slightly halted his steps, smiled and conveyed, “Wangye, when nubi was serving at the main hall of the Palace, apparently I've heard that Chu Xiang had asked for His Majesty to bestow an Imperial Decree, seeking to fulfill his marriage with Yun xiaojie tonight. Now that the sky had gradually turned dark, whatever happened wangye must proceed to congratulate them! Don't be late, or else there wouldn't even have a single cup of wine left!”

Having said that much, Yu gonggong left the prison having accomplished his duty.

After Jiang Mu Chen had heard of this news, his both eyes immediately widened. Right when he wanted to inquire further, Yu gonggong had already took his seat inside the horse carriage, starting off his journey towards the Imperial Palace.

But, Yu gonggong was Emperor Yu Qian's servant, Jiang Mu Chen still needed mull over this information, so he didn't immediately leave the prison. Instead he went further inside the prison. When he found the prison cell where Yun Qian Meng had been detained, he proceed to look around, yet he simply failed to find the figures of Mu Chun and the others, his gaze condensed into ice. In an instant he turned around taking quick steps as he stepped out of the prison, leading Ning Feng and the other as they rushed their horses quickly towards the direction of Chu xiangfu…...

This time, both inside and outside of the gates of Chu xiangfu were blazing with lights, the crimson sticker of ‘happiness' hung around the lanterns everywhere, with the air full of festivity.

“Open the gates!” After rushing wildly for a short period of time, Chen Wang tightened up the reins of the horses as he stopped beside the gates of Chu xiangfu, Inside Chu xiangfu, a faint sound of instruments playing echoed from within, causing his eyes to be full of anger, his cold eyes swept through the young manservants guarding outside the gates as he roared.

Seeing a fierce person suddenly appeared in the gates of the residence, that young manservant actually turned around and ran inside, momentarily closing the corner gates of Chu xiangfu.

Chen Wang seeing that servant boy being outrageous, who would go so far as to leave him outside the door, immediately got down from his horse and lead Ning Feng and the others towards Chu xiangfu.

But at this time, the tightly closed corner gate suddenly opened, presenting the steward of Chu xiangfu. When he saw Chen Wang's face, he immediately bowed down with his hands held in front and smiled, “Wangye, how do you find the time to visit Chu xiangfu today? However, our xiangye is still in the Palace right now, I'm afraid that he will not be able to entertain wangye at present!”

“How dare you, you have actually blocked wangye's path, don't you want to live anymore?” Seeing that steward going so far as to block Chen Wang's path, Ning Feng immediately advanced forward and reprimanded!

But that steward seemed to have learned Chu Fei Yang's technique. Being subjected under Ning Feng's strict reprimand, he did not show the least bit of fear or anger, just a shallow smile as he said, “Wangye please do not blame me, as a servant I am just following xiangye's instructions.”

“Get lost, or else benwang will kill you!” Holding the long sword in his hand firmly, Jiang Mu Chen stared at the blazing crimson lights before his eyes, the cheerful voices became extremely clear in his ears, his heart was so anxious like burning flames, the sword in his hand suddenly obstructed in front of that steward's chest, pushing him aside with exerted force.

Although that steward's figure wasn't tall, yet he wasn't easily being pushed aside by Chen Wang, but instead he was still standing in his current position all along, smiled and said “Don't be anxious, wangye! Xiangye had instructed me, he said that if wangye came over to visit xiangfu, we should open wide the gates of xiangfu to welcome wangye!”

While speaking, that steward lifted up both of his hands, clapping them three times in midair, seeing that originally being tightly closed main gate of xiangfu had actually being opened immediately.

After that, that steward smiled and said, “Wangye, please proceed!”

Jiang Mu Chen glanced at the steward, then he turned around and looked at Chu xiangfu which was currently reflecting a huge span of reddish lights, immediately he lifted his leg and set his foot further inside……

But, there was not a single person present inside Chu xiangfu, those cheerful sounds were just an opera group singing and playing their instruments. As Jiang Mu Chen proceeded further inside, his facial expression turned uglier, as it happened, the steward standing beside him even enraged him by saying, “Wangye, xiangye said, if you are still worried, you may flip through the entire Chu xiangfu, he will not have any objection regarding that!”

After speaking, that steward immediately turned around and left, leaving Jiang Mu Chen behind wearing a gloomy face as he stood in middle of the backyard all by himself.

“Damn it!” All the face of the people related to Chu Fei Yang quickly flashed through his mind, Jiang Mu Chen immediately cursed in a lowered voice, he had no desire to stay in this Chu xiangfu any longer being lured to this territory of the enemy. With great rush he led Ning Feng out of Chu xiangfu, quickly mounted on the horseback, running quickly towards another house in the courtyard.

“Everyone, close the gates!” Seeing Chen Wang had already left, that steward immediately instructed in a clear voice.

At this moment it was full of joy inside Chu wangfu. Musical instruments played, then all the people watched as Chu Fei Yang held Yun Qian Meng's hand as they slowly walked to the ceremonial hall.

At this time, Chu Wang, Gu laotaijun, Qu Ling Ao and the others were already anxiously waiting for them as they were seated inside the banquet hall. Even Rong Yun He was smiling as watched the two persons leisurely enter the ceremonial hall.

“They are truly a perfect couple, aren't they!” Today Chu Wang was extremely pleased. Seeing his own grandson wearing a crimson wedding robe leading the woman he loved as they approached, his face beamed making people no longer be able to see his eyes.

Gu laotaijun was also in a great mood, immediately following Chu Wang's words she spoke, “Wangye you are right! Fei Yang is a talented person, our Meng'er is also a great beauty, they are naturally a perfect couple!”

The ceremony hadn't even finished yet but the way she called him already changed!

But Yun Qian Meng was feeling gloomy underneath her red veil. It was fortunate that Chu Wang did not see her current expression, unexpectedly praising that they were ‘a perfect couple, a match made in heaven'.

If he were to see her face being covered with a huge amount of powder and cosmetics on by her cousin, perhaps he would not have spoken so highly of her anymore!

Indulging herself in fancy thoughts, a huge hand pulled off the red silk fabric in her hand, afterwards holding her hand, immediately leading her to all the people who were sitting in the main hall.

Only until this moment was Yun Qian Meng was able to truly feel Chu Fei Yang's presence. The two of them had not seen each other for a long time. The matron of honor just tucked in thatred silk then earnestly instructed her to walk out. There was no time at all to chat but the warm and powerful hands of Chu Fei Yang were telling her very clearly that he had already returned safe and sound. Yun Qian Meng could now take a breath of relief. A smile spread across her delicate face underneath the veil. Her small hands immediately gripped Chu Fei Yang's tightly.

Chu Fei Yang felt the change in Yun Qian Meng's emotions and also squeezed back with just enough strength not to hurt her. He led her along beside him protectively, staring at her through the red veil with a look of infatuation, as if he had a lot of things he wanted to say to her.

“Alright, alright, let us now start the ceremony, you can continue to look at her once you get back! Seriously, as if you were afraid that people will not know that you are getting married today, just grow up!” Seeing Chu Fei Yang's absent-minded look, Chu Wang took the opportunity and started to jeer at his own grandson.

The people sitting inside the ceremonial hall laughed out loud one by one having heard of Chu Wang's words.

Chu Fei Yang did not seem to be embarrassed. Since all the people could see through him, naturally he would not hide. On the contrary he just stared straightly at the gorgeous Yun Qian Meng, the thoughts and feelings in his heart were even more obvious.

“Xiangye, let's start the ceremony! Or else the lucky hour will be over soon!” But, Shangguan Mama spoke to remind them of the lucky hour.

Only up to this moment, did Chu Fei Yang then reluctantly pull away his gaze temporarily, facing Shangguan Mama he nodded his head. Afterwards they heard the voice of the leader of the ceremony shouting loudly.

“First bow to the Heaven and Earth!”

“Second bow to the honorable elders!”

“Husband and wife bow to each other!”

Yun Qian Meng was not moved by the first two ceremonial words, but when ‘husband and wife bow to each other' was said, the smile in the corner of her mouth became even sweeter.

Afterwhich she saw Chu Fei Yang lean closer to her once again, gently grasping her hand, under the noisy cheering sounds of all the people, he led her along as they walked towards the direction of their bridal chamber...

Meanwhile, Chen Wang had finally arrived at the front gates of Chu wangfu. Seeing the Chu wangfu having not the least bit of difference than its usual days, Jiang Mu Chen felt like there's a huge chance that this was Yun Qian Meng's hiding place.

With his hands tightly grabbing the long sword, Jiang Mu Chen quickly hopped down from the horseback, directly walking towards the gates of Chu wangfu.

“Who's there!” But when Jiang Mu Chen reached the stairs, a group of imperial guards dressed in black showed up from all sides, seeing them full of solemn and respectful murderous spirit, the firm expression in their eyes immediately let Ning Feng, who was following behind Jiang Mu Chen, understand that, perhaps this was the most elite troops under the Chu Wang's command.

These men only followed Chu Wang's command alone, even if it was Emperor Yu Qian's words, they will never follow them.

Even if wangye was to meet force with force with them this time, perhaps the one who would suffered from loss would be wangye. After all, these men had indeed experienced life or death in the real battlefield and they had survived, their fighting experiences were more ferocious than those military leaders within the Imperial Court.

During this time, what they had brought were just a group of normal imperial guards, perhaps they simply were no match for them.

With this analysis, Ning Feng was about to convince Chen Wang, yet he discovered that he had directly walked forward in his emotionless face, completely not being concerned about the real military man in front of him.

“Wangye, you have come to visit my official residence at this late hour, what is your intention?” During this time, the main gate of Chu wangfu was opened wide, Chu Nan Shan who was wearing a dark purple prince robe as he walked outside with a profound expression. Surprisingly, Qu Zhang Qing, who was just with Chen Wang earlier, was right behind him.

Seeing this group of people playing tricks with him, treating him like a monkey, Jiang Mu Chen's heart was full of anger. Also seeing at this moment, this old fool Chu Nan Shan had actually being pretentious towards him, he coldly laughed and said, “Intention? Naturally, benwang came to Chu wangfu to take back benwang's Ce Fei!”

As if seeing sleep walker, Chu Wang's face suddenly appeared to be startled, after which he lifted up his hand and scooped his ears, then in a loud voice he asked Qu Zhang Qing who was beside him, “Kid, what did he say he was here for?”

Qu Zhang Qing held back his laughter at Chu Wang's playfulness, with a stern and proper voice he said, “Reporting wangye, Chen Wang said he came here to look for his Ce Fei.”

“Oh, so that's the concern!” As if he had just understood what Chen Wang said, Chu Wang knitted up his brows and pondered for a moment, afterwhich he slowly said, “Oh Chen Wang, if you want to find your Ce Fei, go find her in some other places! Inside the residence of an old man like me, there's nothing to look for. If other people were to hear about it, they might mistakenly thought that I'm not a decent old man. You young people, only knew how to bully old folks, considering my age, you didn't pay much attention to me, the public morals are degenerating with each passing day!”

As if suffering from an enormous grievance, Chu Wang suddenly sighed feeling deeply hurt in his heart.

Jiang Mu Chen's brows suddenly forwned, Chu Nan Shan's appearance already told him that, Yun Qian Meng must be inside Chu wangfu, perhaps she was already performing the wedding ceremony with Chu Fei Yang.

Thinking about this possibility, Jiang Mu Chen felt his heart being pushed down by a huge stone, so heavy that he was unable to breathe. He regretted that he could not strike Chu Wang in front and burst inside.

But, Jiang Mu Chen also knew that, even if he was able to fight against Chu Nan Shan, Qu Zhang Qing was also present, perhaps he would be heavily outnumbered.

But, in the bottom of his heart, he was still not reconciled, taking a step forward, before he could speak, he heard the sound of wheels of horse carriage hitting the limestone road.

Not for long, Yu gonggong had actually appeared again before Chen Wang's eyes.

Unexpectedly seeing Chu Wang, Yu gonggong immediately went ahead and saluted “Greetings, wangye, how is your health wangye? Having just come from Luo City, wangye must be tired!”

Chu Nan Shan looked at Yu gonggong who appeared just in time, he immediately restrained back his playful heart. Slightly narrowing his both eyes and lightly nodding his head as he spoke, “In the dead of the night, why do you come here, Yu gonggong?”

Seeing Chu Wang behaving this way, it gave rise to the fear in Yu gonggong's heart. Most likely, only the person who had gone through battlefields for a long time, would be able to develop a body full of solemn air, such kind of prestige being accumulated through time, even Chen Wang who was similarly being a wangye and also came from the Imperial Family, simply could not be compared with him, who had captured everyone's heart.

Hearing Chu Wang's interrogation, Yu gonggong immediately answered, “Reporting wangye, the reasons why I came here, firstly, to congratulate Chu Xiang on his grand wedding on behalf of His Majesty and the Empress Dowager, due to the time being late at night, it was unsuitable for His Majesty and the Empress Dowager to go out of the Palace, that's why they had sent nubi to come over here to congratulate them! Secondly, I'm following my orders to invite Chen wangye to enter the Palace, His Majesty is already waiting for you in the main hall.”

Jiang Mu Chen looked at Yu gonggong, instantly he coldly laughed and said, “This late at night, His Majesty wanted me to enter the Palace for what matter?”

Yu gonggong glanced at Chen Wang who was still in an angry state, also seeing Chu Wang looking as if the matter was of no concern to himself, he could only summon up his courage and explain, “Wangye, His Majesty summoned you, evidently His Majesty has his own purpose. If you asked me about it, I really don't have any idea!”

Finished speaking, Yu gonggong immediately smiled and looked at Chu Wang, bidding his farewell, “The time is already late, I shall take my leave in advance. I will not disturb wangye's rest.”

Chu Wang nodded his head, after which facing Chen Wang who still had no plan to take his leave he said, “Chen Wang, sometimes if you missed the opportunity, then you shouldn't look back trying to redeem it anymore. With foresight one wouldn't regret past deeds. Benwang advises that you must quickly hurry back to your carriage and proceed to the Imperial Palace.”

Hearing Chu Nan Shan's words, the murderous intent in Chen Wang's eyes became even stronger, then he retorted coldly, “Do you think that, I will let them go?”

Chu Wang just ignorantly smiled, looking at that dark and gloomy limestone road, he slowly spoke, “Then we should see if you have the ability to do it!”

Chen Wang did not want to talk rubbish with Chu Nan Shan anymore, with a baleful look all over his body he turned around and hopped onto the horseback, afterwhich he tightened up the reins and coldly declared, “Tell Chu Fei Yang, I will not simply let him off!”

After speaking, Jiang Mu Chen's feet forcefully nudged the horse belly, that horse quickly rushed out.

Yet Chu Wang just pulled a face facing his back figure, after which feeling aggrieved he said, “He didn't even give me silvers, for what reason should benwang relay his message! I won't do it, let's see what you can do? You people are also not allowed to talk nonsense!”

Not only did he refuse to tell, he had actually threatened the imperial guard beside him to keep his mouth shut!

All the people followed Chu Fei Yang as they crowded in their room which was elegantly decorated, Shangguan Mama took out a beam of steelyard and handed it over to Chu Fei Yang, hinting him to unveil the head covering of his bride.

Chu Fei Yang took over the steelyard, picking a corner of the veil, gently and slowly lifted open the veil which was covering Yun Qian Meng's real face.

An extremely delicately beautiful face adorned with makeup suddenly appeared before Chu Fei Yang's eyes. Yun Qian Meng's both eyes could finally see the light. Immediately following the direction wherein the veil had been lifted up she looked over, and she saw Chu Fei Yang was actually gazing at her in full attention.

That pair of dark and bright eyes were full of emotions, too much that they almost overflowed from between his brows, gradually gave rise to his face full of shallow smile. Yet, Yun Qian Meng who he was gazing at all along, could not help but slightly blush, having a slight shyness as she shifted her both eyes, and discovered that there were full of people standing by the doorway of their bedroom, even Gu laotaijun, Chen laotaijun were also staring at her and Chu Fei Yang with their faces full of smiles. Suddenly Yun Qian Meng's face blushed even more, she could not help but shifther gaze away, focusing her attention towards the wine cup in the round table in front of her.

“Xiangye, sit down now, it's time to share the nuptial cup of wine!” Shangguan Mama was able to see the unnatural behavior of Yun Qian Meng, suddenly she laughed and permitted Chu Fei Yang to sit down beside Yun Qian Meng, so as to avoid staring at the bride for too long. Then she turned around and fetched two cups of wine, then handed them over to the two of them.

This time the sound of laughter echoed from the doorway, probably the people couldn't help but laughed for witnessing this situation. However by the fear that Chu Fei Yang would drive them away, one by one they covered their mouths and laughed stealthily.

“By drinking the nuptial cups, from now on you will be the married couple living in perfect harmony!” Along with Shangguan Mama's words of blessings, Yun Qian Meng and Chu Fei Yang faced each other as they drank the cross-cupped wine in their hands.

Although it was just a cup of excellent Chinese wine, but it made the redness in Yun Qian Meng's cheeks looked even more gorgeous as if it was plated with a layer of rouge, touching Chu Fei Yang's heart, with all parts of the ceremony being completed, they quickly stood up, including Shangguan Mama, they drove away all the people standing in the doorway.

“Hey, who stepped on my foot?” During the confusion, Mu Chun's soft shout could be heard.

“Ouch, who bumped my head?” Ying Xia's shout out for pain followed suit.

“Grandma, be careful!” Qu Fei Qing considerably obedient voice slowly echoed.

“Xi Lin, send all the people back to their rooms to rest!” This time, Chu Fei Yang's ruthless voice echoed.

‘Bang!' After which was the sound of door closing.

Within the room of the newlyweds, it suddenly sank into a total silence, only the soft flickering sound of burning red happiness candle could be heard.

Chu Fei Yang unhurriedly approached beside the bed, slowly sat down beside Yun Qian Meng. With one hand gently lifting up her slightly lowered head, his both eyes looked at her containing gentle feelings.

“Boo-ha!” After a long while, unable to restrain himself he started to laugh in his sleeve.

Yun Qian Meng suddenly glared at him with resentment she slapped off Chu Fei Yang's hand with one hand, then she grasped the silk handkerchief in her hands, wiping off the heavy makeup on her face.

She knew it very well, that with her current appearance, it might have caused Chu Fei Yang to laugh at her. But since during that time her cousin was too excited, she had not put up much resistance, as a result she was being jeered at by someone.

“Let me do it!” But during this time, Chu Fei Yang took over the handkerchief in her hand, gently lifting up her face, with earnest eyes, he exerted effort trying to gently wipe off the makeup on her face.

Along with this, she was being stared at by Chu Fei Yang for such a long period of time. Yun Qian Meng's face became even more reddish, this time being not concealed by the powder and cosmetics, perhaps the blush became even more obvious.

“It's done!” Chu Fei Yang spoke in a lowered voice, looking at the blushing face, Chu Fei Yang's eyes contained a faint smiling expression, after which he lowered down his head and planted a gentle kiss on Yun Qian Meng's bright and clean, snow white forehead, afterwhich he drew her into his embrace.

After a long while, Yun Qian Meng was able to hear Chu Fei Yang let out a gentle sound of satisfaction.

But, after which the sound of his voice somewhat carrying the blame echoed once again.

“I originally planned to marry you inside Chu xiangfu, but with the current situation, I could only borrow my grandfather's wangfu!” Chu Fei Yang's eyes were full of gentle affections as he softly explained.

“Kekeke……” But during this time, a loud coughing echoed from outside the door, afterwhich Chu Wang's frivolous voice resounded, “Young fellow, you've finally realized the advantage of having a grandfather? I wanted to let you live inside the wangfu, yet no matter what, you refused to listen to your grandpa, now you had to rely on this old man!”

Hearing these words, Chu Fei Yang suddenly knitted up his brows, while Yun Qian Meng just pursed up her lips and gently smiled. It was only the mischievous old man like Chu Wang, would eavesdrop in the corner of the wall during his grandson's wedding night.

“Since you are aware that you are old enough, then why haven't you gone to sleep at this hour? You need to know how to maintain your health at this old age, don't always do things that are not beneficial to your health! This time during the middle of the night, if grandpa was to hear something, wouldn't it make your heart pent up with frustration?” Chu Fei Yang's words were quite frank, for a moment it made Yun Qian Meng shrink back her head, with her face flushed as she moved away her eyes, refusing to meet Chu Fei Yang's eyes.

“Kekeke……” The burst of coughing sound continued to resound from outside the door, the usually unrestrained Chu Wang was schocked by Chu Fei Yang's words. After a while, he stammered, “I…… I…… am unable to sleep due to my old age…… simply cannot……”

“Xi Lin!” Chu Fei Yang suddenly called out sternly.

“Xiangye, nubi is present!” Xi Lin's voice echoed from outside the door, causing Yun Qian Meng's face to blush even more, her heart could not help but feel upset that, during the night of the wedding, how many more people were eavesdropping outside. Who said that people from ancient times will be old-fashioned and conservative? As for her opinion, each and every one of them was quite open-minded, going so far as to eavesdrop outside someone's bedroom.

“Tonight there's no need for you to be on night duty, you go ahead and accompany wangye back to take some rest now!” Chu Fei Yang suddenly spoke, and actually permitting Xi Lin to go ahead and sleep together with Chu Wang.

Yun Qian Meng could no longer resist, eventually she broke into a laugh, the shyness in her heart gradually dissipated along with Chu Fei Yang's words.

“Brat, I'm your grandpa, how could you allow this blockhead Xi Lin to accompany me, you……” Chu Wang's noisy chatter suddenly echoed from outside the door, but, Xi Lin always followed Chu Fei Yang's command, thus Chu Wang's voice became softer and softer, apparently he must have been dragged away by Xi Lin.

The candle light swayed, reflecting on Yun Qian Meng's flawlessly white face making her look even more attractive. Chu Fei Yang's dark eyes being illuminated by the candlelight carried only the image of Yun Qian Meng, a set of crimson bridal dress had transformed her into his bride. The scene before his eyes made his usually unrestrained heart seemed to have found a harbor for docking among the feeting waves and the surging turbulences, from now on, there would be a person who would be walking with him for the rest his life, such kind of feeling was too wonderful to be expressed in words, causing Chu Fei Yang to involuntarily smile. His gaze looked increasingly gentle, slightly stretching out his long arm, instantly holding Yun Qian Meng's slender waist gently, softly exerting the effort, embracing the woman who had easily made him lose his mind in his arms, refusing to let go.

Yun Qian Meng quietly inclined her ears as she leaned on Chu Fei Yang's arms, her both hands hugging his waist tightly, until she was absolutely certain about Chu Fei Yang's warm body temperature and strong heartbeat, she had finally laid down all the worries in her heart.

“I was really worried that something might have happened to you!” When she had received a letter indicating that Chu Fei Yang wanted to personally take the experiment, on the surface Yun Qian Meng seemed to be calm, but deep within her heart she had been very anxious, for fear that there might be a tiny bit of mistake.

“Fortunately, we have God's blessings, we were not separated! But, Meng'er, you silly girl could be very stingy! You've only let Xi Lin deliver just one letter, making me even more worried about your safety in the capital. During the usual days when I've missed you, I could only rely on that embroidered handkerchief everyday, you are indeed a heartless woman. Did you think that I really don't care, really don't want everything I have with you?” Yet quite unexpectedly, her concerned statement had attracted a lot of complaints from Chu Fei Yang.

Yun Qian Meng smiled gently. In fact she was touched deep within her heart, apparently she had made him feel so worried.

Hearing the steady heart beat beside her ears had started to become disorderly, Yun Qian Meng slowly lifted her head, a captivated look in her eyes, her face blushing as she lifted her both arms tiptoed her feet as she wrapped herself around Chu Fei Yang's neck, with a bit of naughtiness combined with her shyness as she said, “Then chennu shall offer herself to you, are you satisfied now, xiangye?”

Before her voice dropped, she felt her own waist being wrapped up tightly, her entire body was tightly pressed against Chu Fei Yang's body. Chu Fei Yang suddenly carried her up half bending his both knees, both his eyes were smiling, his tone of voice was extremely serious as he said, “You are forbidden to regret.”

Having said that far, he carried Yun Qian Meng while striding big steps as he walked towards the huge bed which was full of red festive designs……


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