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Conquest in a world of primitive fantasy
Author :Laqi
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20 Food preservation

It was mid-December for when we just picked the crops. The large amount of food produced in this harvest surprised me, so I stopped to think about the next harvests which would still produce more food, and the truth would be a shame if a part of the harvest broke down over time.

When I saw the tops of the mountains with a layer of snow on top and the memory of winter soon began, an idea came to mind to conserve food and not only those collected from the crops but also the meat that we obtain with hunting.

This meat could normally only be consumed that same day or at most the next, before decomposing. When we want to preserve the meat we only have the salting method, where we introduce the meat in containers filled with salt for its conservation, although the majority of the tribe does not care, I am bothered by the salty taste that the meat has. preserved in this way despite washing it before cooking.

At those times I did not have a big need to look for a method of preserving food, but now with the large amount of food produced if I have it.

-Haiden I have to talk to you a moment-

-What is it about-

-I was thinking of sending a new expedition, and I would like you to head it-

- ... do we have to go back for construction materials? -

-Not this time you do not have to go to the same place-

-then where-

At Haiden's question, simply point your finger toward the top of the mountains. Haiden turned his gaze in that direction.

- ... up the mountains ... -

-so is-

- ... -

-You're not going to ask me the reason-

-I really want to do it, but surely you have your own reasons so just tell me we need the mountains and I will take some people with me-

The truth is I do not know whether to be happy or sad to see that people start doing the jobs that I ask them without asking. On the one hand, it's a good thing since I now have enough explanations but despite that I would like them to communicate better with me, this may be due to my lack of experience of being a leader since I'm not used to people doing what I say without any question.

-I need you to gather some people you go to the top of the mountains until you find snow and ice compact enough, you will transport them inside the refractory clay pots in this way the temperature of the interior will not be affected by the external environment-

- ... I still have my doubts about your request, but hey, you will probably explain them to me later-

I could only give him a slightly stiff smile at his comment.

After talking with Haiden, talk for a moment with Eri, the accounting manager. During all this time I could see that he has a great talent in mathematics, I could have my sister Ellen as well, but if you compare her with Eri, the truth is much better. Eri despite being a mother is still young apparently tube her daughters when she was still young, if it was someone else who did not know she would swear that she is the same age as Ellen.


-Yes Boss-

- ... please stop calling me boss that I do not get used to being called to-

-fu fu fu sorry Aren but the truth I like to see you uncomfortable-

Eri is always like that with me, besides Ellen, Eri was the one who took care of us after the death of our parents. It may be due to only having daughters, but I was always very attentive to me when I was younger but now his attitude has changed a little, to the minimum that can bother me a little apparently likes to see me nervous or ashamed.

- ... -

- ... something happens to you Aren-

By the time I realize my silence, I see Eri very close to me, when I pay attention I can see that she has leaned towards me, letting me see a bit of her cleavage.

-ahh I'm not sorry I was thinking about something ... -

-fu fu fu- Eri only smiled at my reaction, ahhh the truth I would like to know what women think, I was never good at understanding them.

-Return to the topic that you wanted to speak Aren-

-I wanted you to organize some free people for me-

-for you need them-

-I want to build something- in my doubt to directly tell you my motives, I preferred that you see the final result to explain to the people of the tribe.

-… in agreement-

After meeting with the people sent by Eri we went to an area closer to the river. There I directed the people to dig a hole 6 meters in diameter, and a depth of 2 meters. This part was easy to do, after lunch at noon we continued with the work. This time I told them to cover all the walls and floor of the hole with refractory clay. This was not difficult either and we finished at the end of the day. We'll have to wait for it to dry. For the next morning the group of Haiden went to the top of the mountains. Tell them to go only where the snow and ice are compact, and not go higher. Despite seeing in the minimap that there were no demonic creatures on top of the mountain, I did not want them to run the risk of freezing because despite not being winter yet high in the mountains, the cold may be much greater.

We waited two days and the clay dried completely. Then we started to build a dome about 3 meters high from the ground level in this way the height inside is 5 meters. I thought it would be complicated, but I could see that the people of the tribe were learning more and more. Thanks to their experience with the other constructions built to date they had acquired skills when it came to building.

After a week of work, the dome-shaped structure was built entirely of bricks and refractory clay. With the construction of this structure I began to see that we would have to go for more construction materials very soon. Luckily the people in charge of cutting down trees for the manufacture of coal have advanced a lot towards the sea, in this way we will soon be able to build a way for the transportation of materials faster.

Just by the time we finished, the Haiden group also came back. To my surprise he told me that they did not have to climb so much because on the fourth day of the climb to the mountain they had arrived at a point that was much colder and I did not trust that I could survive if they climbed more. Hearing this directly from him was quite surprising since he is very resistant to anything. This new information confirmed one of my concerns, I did not know if the mountains were easy to cross from the other side. But if by what Haiden said the cold there is great. And even though the mountain tops are usually covered by snow, the only trails that traverse the mountains are at high altitude.

Now I am calmer to know that in the future in the case of having an enemy that wants to attack us, they will not be able to do it from the mountains.

Once concluded this concern we proceeded to place both the snow and the ice collected by the Haiden group within the new structure.

-Then we will use this structure-

-to conserve food- at the question of Mors who also came to watch him answer. I could see the doubts in the faces of Haiden and Mors. I had this feeling, but apparently people do not know that cold keeps food very well.

After explaining this to others, order that in the future the meat obtained by the hunt would be stored in one of the two rooms of the structure where the ice was, and that in the other room where the snow is stored the crops collected except wheat, lentils and potatoes which will be stored in silos. These silos began to be built in the same way as this structure, but this time we did not use refractory materials.

-and as we will call this chief structure-

-ahhh ... Eri, I always tell you-


The truth I can not with Eri.

- ... well to your question this structure is called ... -

The others paid attention to my words with great interest.

- ... refrigerator-
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    《Conquest in a world of primitive fantasy》