3 God of Destruction
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Author :GhostyZ
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3 God of Destruction

Drakos barely stood up from the puddle of his own blood, 'I will rid this cruel and fucked up world full of injustice and corruption.' He clenched his fist and coughed out more blood. He formulated a plan the instant he had gained his God System. It was beyond disgraceful and disgusting that his own best friend stabbed him in the back so fucking hard. At the very moment, Drakos's hatred and rage were unmatchable. Imagine being blamed for something as sinful and horrible as raping a girl. He was wrongly accused in front of everyone in his school on top of that!

'That bitch Rias! And Silver that backstabbing piece of fucking shit! I will fucking make you pay! I won't just kill you. I will take everything from all of you!' Drakos jumps on top of his motorcycle and blasted off towards his house without even caring how fast he was driving. All he cared about was getting his revenge.

At Drakos' house...

Drakos jammed his house key inside the front door of his house and then quickly slammed the wooden door open.

"Oh my god! What happened to you!?" Asura cries out as runs over to her older beaten up brother.

"Nothing! Don't worry about me!" Drakos rushes upstairs with no time to spare. He needed all the time he could get by himself to plot the end of everything.

Drakos slaps away all the useless clutter on his desk and then says "Overgear System activate" He said in a low cold and collected manner. Drakos wasn't your average teenager, he had to train his body, study, and grow stronger all by himself every single grueling day without a system. He was bullied, pushed aside, and treated as an outcast his whole life. And now that all his burning hatred and rage was set free in this very day he was given a God System. It was as if his own rage had exploded his body, mind, and soul then reborn him into a new body filled with godly vengeance. He was going to destroy everything in his path. He was going to become a God of Destruction.

The God System heard Drakos' voice and immediately activated, but this time it fully 'activated'.

A colossal sized thunderbolt blasted through Drakos room and landed on top of his head. "Gaaaaaaah!" He screamed out as his body convulsed around and fell down to his knees. A surge of overwhelming unlimited power had entered his body and soul! It was like Zeus had struck him with a mighty thunderbolt. However, the thunder was a different color. When Drakos left up hands he saw his body covered in shadow-black thunder sparks. A sea of darkness had entered his room.

[Overgeared System activated] Says a dark demonic voice that made Drakos red eyes widen.

Drakos now saw a floating golden hologram over his palms, he blinks his eye and the hologram then appears in front of his peripheral vision. 'Now that's better. Let's see the choices again.' He darkly smirks.

Drakos sees the choices and as fast as he possibly could he chooses all of the most powerful perks and gear. After all the system was called Overgeared System. He wonders if could hold unlimited powers and summons. But right now his decision was already made.

 >Overgeared System < 

[Name: Drakos Knight] Nickname: [The Destroyer]

Level: 100

[This [*] means chosen.]

Race: [Chose 1 or fuse 2 races]: God, Devil*, Saiyan*, Chimera Ant, Homunculus(Father form), Deviants(Thanos)

[Devil + Saiyan fused= Devil Saiyan] [You have all stages of Saiyan evolution up to Super Saiyan Blue fused together with all the powers of the demons of the underworld.)

Class: [Chose 1 or fuse two classes]: Necromancer*, Mage, God Swordsmen, Cultivator*, Tech Master(Construct robots at a fast rate), Ninja(Naruto), Soul Reaper(Bleach).

Necromancer + Cultivator= Dark Cultivator

[You can choose to make your own class]

Powers: [Choose 7]: Note you will fully gain all powers from characters and copy all of their powers.


Sunshine( Escanor)*, Saitama Powers( One Punch Man)*, Super Saiyan God Powers,Attack Titan( Any titan), Ainz Ooal Gown Powers(Overlord), Naruto Powers, Ichigo Hollow Powers, Luffy(One Piece), Dragon Slayer Magic*, Gates of Babylon, Unlimited Blade Works*, Full Counter(Meliodas)

[Superheroes and Villians]

Thor Powers*, Superman Powers*, Magneto Powers, Surfer Powers, Hulk, Spiderman, Doctor Strange.

[You can also choose what powers you want to make yourself] Drakos: (I have one in mind, but first I want to test out the full abilities of my god system before I created my own powers)


(Eyes): Shinigami eyes(Comes with death note)*, Geass(Code Geass)*, Sharingan, Rinnegan*, Ultimate Eye(FMA), Jagan Eye( Yuu Yuu Hakusho)*- You can choose two and fuse them.

Drakos: (I can override the system and use the Jagan Eye as my third-eye)

Gear: Infinity Gauntlet*, Boosted Gear, Zanpakuto, Excalibur(Fate)*, Divine Ax Rhita(Escanor)

Epic: Chose one all-powerful ability you want to have. (Black Hole Atom Destroyer)= Ability to create pocket size black holes which can absorb an entire planet and open dimensional portals.

Summon: Summon five anime characters to follow you into battle- (It can be all girls or male)

Erza Scarlet(Fairy Tail), Tsunade(Naruto), Lucy(Elfen Lied), Esdeath(Akame Ga Kill), Yorochui(Bleach).

(Drakos): 'I can summon more characters once I gain more system points.'

Skills: This will be filled once you chose your powers.


[You have 100,000,000 points to boost attributes]

STR: 50,000,000

DEF: 10,000,000

AGI: 20,000,000

STM: 0 (Drakos): 'I already have enough stamina from all the training I have been doing, plus I can boost it even more once I can time travel powers'

INTEL: 20,000,000

CRT: 10,000,000(Bonus points of 10,000,000 used)

KAM: 0 ) (Drakos): 'Tch I don't care about my reputation anymore'

[STR- Strength,DEF- Defensive, AGI- Agility, STM- Stamina, INTEL- Intillegence, CRT- Critical, KAM- Karma]

'Let's take over this world.' Drakos had a crazy smile on his face. This was only the beginning of his vengeful wrath.

[System Error: 2 more characters are being summoned(7 in total)] The ground below Drakos starts shaking wildly as if there was an earthquake.

'What the fuck?" Drakos jumps back off from his gamer chair as he saw thousands of glowing glyphs under his feet.
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