4 Silver“s Lair
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Author :GhostyZ
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4 Silver“s Lair

Far away from Drakos house Silver was plotting down his next moves to take over S.A and to restore peace amongst the city of Hirogon. Earth was now crowded with sinister gangs, villains, and Gods of high power. Humans were given two choices once they received their God System, become a Hero or live life as a normal human being. Of course many chose the hero choice. Who wouldn't want to be a hero? However becoming a hero came with a price. You are given the grand task of protecting the planet and its inhabitants. This title known as 'hero' now becomes a tedious job in which is bestowed upon the clueless humans who chose this choice. Some say being a hero is easy, but keeping chaos and utter destruction out of this universe is virtually impossible. That's why some humans chose the average life of being a human, however, they now have powers which can better their lives and make them live longer. But the God System also gave powers to the more greedy and evil humans, ones that only desire power. There are two things that every human wants. Total Domination and power. They all want to be at the top and look down on others weaker than them. They want to become gods themselves. That's why there were so many villains and heroes who roamed this world.

Silver was one of the Grand Ten Heroes of Hirogon he was indeed one of the most respected and gifted superheroes in S.A. Not many could match his smarts, cunningness, raw strength, and countless powers. One of his strongest powers was literally a galaxy destroyer. It was so powerful that he had to erase the power from his memory and lock it within a black hole. He could easily retrieve this ultimate galaxy destroyer power just be releasing his geass powers and remembering the whole technique of the power and how to retrieve it from its hidden location.

It was in Silver's blood to be the most powerful being in the world. He had to keep the hierarchy of S.A in order and in balance. There were too many powerful beings in this school that came from different worlds from unlimited multiverse portals. These portals appear in random times and summon anime characters, heroes from every dimension, and just about every lifeform that has ever existed. Of course, anyone can multiverse travel in this world, however, it is prohibited. If you do use one of the multiverse portals or create a multiverse portal yourself than you would be executed faster than you can blink.

Whoever or whatever made the God System made a set list of rules when it bestowed the god systems to all lifeforms. The main rules were simple. No abuse of multiverse travel and no creation of galaxies. Everything else was fair game.

Silver was sitting down on his godly gold and silver floating throne chair and twirling around the Spear of Longinus, behind him was an Evangelion Unit-1 mech, its epic dark purple and light green humanoid- titan robotic body menacingly towered over Silver. He was inside his grand throne room that was filled with heavenly clouds and flying angel maidens. Everything around him was lavished in gold and in the finest diamonds that made every mortal and god jealous.

"So how did your plan go?" Said Lelouch Lamperouge as he took an apple off from Silver's floating throne room wooden banquette table and sat down in a nearby chair, he crossed one of his legs in a confident godly manner, he takes a quick bite from the apple.

"It went exactly as I wanted it to. Isn't that right?" Silver walk over to Rias and tightly gripped her toned slender waist. He then kisses her in the neck and squeezes her huge plump jiggly ass. She was wearing a see-through white tunic which showcased her hot busty and curvaceous body. A bunch other sexily-dressed busty girls walk over to him and start rubbing his chest and perfect abs. Girls like Bao Hancock, Xenovia Quarta, and Rider(Fate series) all swooned over his godly body and flawless young face.

"Tch. You always think of yourself as so high and mighty. You do know that some plans backfire right?" Lelouch throws away the ripe apple and tucked up his jacket.

"My plan was full proof. There is nothing that Drakos can do to fight back. I have known him for years, he is nothing but a piss ant. I only hanged out with him so that I could better my image as ruler of Super Academy. I took in the weakest student and made him look like he was actually normal. But in reality, he is nothing but filthy worthless garbage haha! He is so insignificant!" Silver pridefully roared out as he raises a golden chalice filled with wine up into the air.

Lelouch just slyly grins, 'Human beings are so foolish. Give them a little bit of power and they think they are gods.'

'To be honest I am bored of being in this Silver-haired bastards council. I have better things to do. I hope that someone puts an end to this cocksucker's ego-filled brainless regime.' Lelouch steps over the apple he had tossed away and smashes it with his shoes. In one eye his geass was fully activated, on the other it was normal. His dark red glowing arched-wing geass symbol was perfectly seen in one eye, however, on the other, it was completely gone.

'What the hell is the meaning of this!?' Lelouch thought to himself.

Neither did anyone know that a storm of epic proportions was brewing... A new God had entered this game of power.
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