Darius Supreme
590 Chapter 590
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Darius Supreme
Author :Kotario
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590 Chapter 590

Darius entered the academy without any wards, simply gazing at all those who came with a light smile while analyzing them. He showed a surprised expression when he saw talents on the level of Ash and Anthony, while he shook his head when he saw sub-par talents. 

Right from the entrance, there was a large pathway that could support two carriages easily, and it was paved with yellow-white bricks that radiated a strange energy. By now, everyone was aware that this was the legendary Mind Stone, an item that was used to build mediation rooms in most 'top' Mage academies, for it would calm the mind of the person within and allow them to maintain a focused state.   

Of course, the other Mage academics could no longer refer to themselves as being anywhere near the top after Safemoon's academy came into function. This past year had made many understand what they had lost during that auction, and many had wept bitterly. Those who had sent representatives on their behalf had almost but beaten them to death for missing this chance for their heirs. 

Darius himself rubbed his chin and nodded. This was a Transmuted quality Mind Stone he had prepared for this purpose, in order to set Safemoon Academy apart from all others right from the onset. With this, how could any Mage academy even dare to talk about their quality when they guarded Mind Stone like gremlins, while Safemoon treated it like trash? 

Other academies would have students pay using internal currency or state currency for using such rooms for a few hours at most, never for free. They would then fight over slots and treasure their hard-bought hours. 

Whereas a Safemoon student could be taking a dump in the grass nearby, but would achieve the same or even better effect! How was this even fair?! 

Darius then arrived at the main courtyard, where there was a fountain here that was spewing a strange pale liquid, which was the beloved Pure Water. The fountain itself was made of Power Stone, which was the physical equivalent to Mind Stone. 

Just imagine sitting by the fountain and taking a sip? Wouldn't a person transform into a hulk and begin smashing everything in sight? 

Darius noted other mind-boggling resources, but decided not to pay them heed. They had their effect on the people already, and he was the one to produce them anyway. 

Rather, he gazed at the Academy's large double doors that were slowly and majestically opened. From them came an entourage of older students who wore the uniform of Safemoon academy with grace and arrogance. 

They numbered five, three girls and two boys, the one in the lead wearing black robes that denoted him to be a part of the Master Class, two girls wearing red robes which denoted them as part of the Elite Class, and the last two wearing grey robes which denoted them as the Common class. 

They looked down on the various parents, while floating in the air, the hems of their robes flapping in the wind. They were nonchalant about the worried and awed looks of both parents and wards. 

"Welcome to our Safemoon Academy! My name is Jolickson Patrick, the Head Prefect of this institute and the one in charge of your children and wards for the entirety of their admissions and orientation." The handsome lad in the black robes introduced himself. 

He then gazed at the people lined before him with a sneer, but repeated the opening lines of the Safemoon Academy for admissions. "Here in Safemoon, especially in this academy, our Principal Elijah is God!" 

Darius by the side raised an eyebrow. 

"In Safemoon, we do not care in the slightest where you come from, who you are, or who you think you will be. In Safemoon, you will be subject to the rules and will also suffer the same punishment as everyone else if you flout them. Here in Safemoon Academy, we do not care about your displeasure, you have two choices, accept our terms or get out, as there are millions who will beg us to take your place." 

Many heads nodded in agreement. This was already the third admissions, so the details had already been spread out. Most knew how caustic the intro liens were, and they partly agreed with it. 

"We collect the same amount of fees from you whether you are a beggar from the streets or the legitimate son of a God. However much you can digest and benefit depends on one thing, your own hard work! Unlike other institutes, we care less about how much money you have at home in your piggy-bank and more about your actual talent. After all, Safemoon makes more a second than what any of you would earn in a year, your wealth is but peanuts in our eyes." 

Many heads nodded in agreement. The monetary income had been leaked a few months ago by a student here, scaring many people into a coma. They spent almost 50,000 Supreme Coins a year and earned around 80,000 of that amount a year. 

Seeing that his message had gotten across, Jolickson nodded with neutrality. "Now, open your minds to the Martin AI. It will scan your brain to gauge your mental powers and possible elemental affinities using a special algorithm we created."   

Every ward complied as they raised their HoloBraces before them. After the scan was completed, they waited with trepidation for the results. 

(Author's Note: This little bit below is a reminder for y'all) 

For admissions, Talent was calculated using Current Int vs Average Int for their respective age group. Potential was calculated as Latent Int vs Calculated Int.   

Current Int was the amount they had quantified at that specific point in time. Average Int was a fixed number that was calculated using the Int of all known species similar to themselves on their respective home continents. 

Latent Int was the maximum Intellect you would have achieved in your life had you never come to the academy, or to put it better, the limit of Intellect you could acquire before you hit your ceiling.   

Calculated Int was basically the highest Int you could acquire if you studied and worked averagely throughout your entire stay in the academy, fully simulated by Miranda in seconds based on each person's makeup.   

In numerical form, Talent = Current Int - Average Int. Potential = Calculated Int - Latent Int.   

Talent and Potential were separated into the normal ten grades of F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, EX.   

For Talent, F = 0, E = 1-3, D = 4-6, C = 7-9, B = 10-12, A = 13-15, S = 16-18, SS = 19-21, SSS = 22-25 and EX = 26+.   

For Potential, F = 0-10, E = 11-20, D = 21-30, C = 31-40, B = 41-50, A = 51-60, S = 61-70, SS = 71-80, SSS = 81-90 and EX = 91+.   

There were 95 wards here, much less than during the first admissions, which had over 200. After all, many had gotten used to the calculation that they were able to tell that averagely talented wards would not cut it. 

So in order to save one the embarrassment, they would only bring those who were undeniably exceptional. Still, even with that, the academy only took 50 wards per batch. 

"The cut-off grade for Talent and Potential for the third admission of our Safemoon Academy is at C grade in both respects," Jolickson stated coldly. "If you do not reach that standard, please leave." 

Many wards sighed with pain, as over 56 people tugged at their parents' arms in order to leave. Their parents' faces changed, but they could only smile bitterly and walk out, thinking about what to do next. 

This left 39 wards who had C and above. Before them, the aura of Jolickson and co became significantly warmer towards the wards, as they would likely be their future classmates. 

"Now, we will separate you based on your talent and potential into three groups. The Common Class, the Elite Class, and the Master Class." Jolickson revealed calmly. 

He then pointed to the left area of the courtyard that was unoccupied. "Those at Grades C and B in both fields, please move there."   

Jolickson then pointed to the center. "Those at Grades A and S to the center."   

Then he gazed at the right with a serious expression as he pointed there. "Those at SS and above, to the right." 

Many wards took deep breaths as they moved towards their designated areas. Both Darius and the five Safemoon Academy students were surprised to count that the number of students who went to the left were 20, those who went to the center were 14 and a whopping 5 went to the right! 

This meant that 5 of these wards had both Talent and Potential above SS grade. No matter how arrogant Safemoon was, such talents were like darling babies that were destined to be pampered and nurtured like young masters and young ladies. 

Darius couldn't help but smile and wondered how the orientation would be handled this time around.

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    《Darius Supreme》