Demon is Diary
Chapter 66 – The Ghost King’s Mystery
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 66 – The Ghost King’s Mystery

Chapter 66 – The Ghost King’s Mystery

“Since this is the case, then I will not be courteous.” After hearing her talk like that, Liu Ming hesitated before genuinely speaking impolitely.

When Jia Lan heard this, her face exposed the trace of a smile. She spoke a few more sentences to Liu Ming before saying goodbye.

A moment later, Jia Lan rode her cloud and flew toward the distant horizon.

Liu Ming watched her until her silhouette completely disappeared before he lowered his head and looked at the Cultivating Soul Pouch in his hands. A trace of seriousness appeared on his face.

Unexpectedly, this girl was able to present him with such a precious gift. Even if it was to repay the favor of saving her, it was extremely magnanimous and incredible.

After all, even if Cultivating Soul Pouches could not compare to genuine totems, only capable Spirit Masters had such pouches within the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Normally, it was extremely rare for a Spirit Apostle to have one.

Moreover, since Jia Lan was able to nonchalantly take out two of them, it seemed like her status was not as simple as it seems. Even if having an Aphrodite Body was extremely rare, Barbarian Ghost Sect conferring one Cultivating Soul Pouch to her was already exceptional. Two of them would be impossible.

However, in this way, she not only repaid his favor but also made him owe her a large favor. Liu Ming was unsure if this was intentional or an accident.

Although Liu Ming was suspicious, he once again examined the item in his hands before exposing a trace of a smile.

This Cultivating Soul Pouch was a treasure close to the level of a totem. Naturally, it had unfathomable effects.

One of them was that it could ignore a ghost’s size and weight and shrink the ghost so that it could be stored within the bag and be carried lightly on one’s body.

Another effect was that, as long as one could activate the bag’s unique engraved inscription, the pouch would be able to absorb hefty amounts of Miasma and stockpile it. This way, the ghost inside would not lack Miasma, and its strength would not decrease due to lack of Miasma inside the bag.

Comparing the two effects, the latter was naturally more rare.

After all, the first effect was also available in a Ghost Barbarian Sect’s Practitioner Weapon called the “Ghost Bag”. It too could absorb ghosts and allow them to be carried around freely.

Most of the disciples who tamed ghosts would purchase this Practitioner Weapon to store and carry their ghosts.

Nonetheless, the Ghost Bag was unable to absorb Miasma and many of them had a maximum usage time. Furthermore, the bags price would greatly increase depending on the size of the ghost the bags were able to store.

After Liu Ming caught his ghost and returned, he had planned to spend his Spirit Stones to buy such a Ghost Bag. Now, he did not have to do this.

While thinking about this, he used his hand to feel the Cultivating Soul Pouch. Suddenly, he let go of it and performed a technique, directing the technique at the pouch.

A white Glyph symbol flew out and in a flash, entered the bag without a trace.

In the next moment, a silver spirit inscription appeared on the outside of the leather bag. Furthermore, it weirdly formed a mini spell formation. Meanwhile, an attraction force violently flew out from the bag.

The nearby Miasma vibrated and all of it violently rushed into the leather bag.

Simultaneously, a loud droning sound engulfed the surrounding area. Threads of black smoke appeared and progressively amassed. It was as if all the Miasma within the circumference of several miles was now rushing toward this area.

Liu Ming slightly smiled and retreated a few steps. He used the Cultivating Soul Pouch to absorb the surrounding area’s Miasma.

At this time, the White Bone Scorpion finished devouring the Bone Corpse’s hand bone and brought the rest of the carcass, with its claws, to Liu Ming like a dog. The bones piled up into a large stack.

Liu Ming subsequently formed a fireball and the torrential flames engulfed the pile of bones. A moment later, most of the bones were turned to ashes, only leaving slightly over twenty sparkling bones behind.

When Liu Ming saw this, he was overjoyed. With this many Ghost Bones, this Bone Corpse was worthy of being called a Warrior Level ghost. This also meant that all the bones needed for the White Bone Scorpion’s rehabilitation were finally collected.

Liu Ming collected the bones and sat down cross-legged on the ground, recuperating his Fa Li with his eyes closed.

Half a day later, when a “boom” came from within the leather bag, the external silver spell marking disappeared in a flash. The contiguous black Miasma subsequently dispersed.

Liu Ming observed this and then immediately grabbed the bag, floating in the air, with his hand.

Using his hand to estimate, it didn’t seem like the weight of the leather bag changed but its pigment seemed to have become quite a bit darker.

Liu Ming didn’t hesitate and first used his mind to communicate with the White Bone Scorpion. Next, he held the leather bag in his hand and thrust it at the White Bone Scorpion.


A black cloud rolled out from the bag and instantly enshrouded the White Bone Scorpion.

Thereupon, the White Bone Scorpion body span around like a maelstrom and quickly became tiny before finally being sucked into the leather bag by the black cloud.

Liu Ming once again communicated with the ghost and found that nothing was erroneous. With this, he felt reassured and put the leather bag on his waist; generated a one hand sign, rose into the air and flew toward Barbarian Ghost Sect’s base.

At the same time, Jia Lan was in the process of riding her cloud when the sound of someone beckoning her filled her ear. At once, she happily changed directions and flew toward a certain forest before landing.

After a bit of work, this girl appeared in a cave in a enormous tree. She then walked up to a pale faced beautiful woman. Astonishingly, it was Martial Aunt Bing.

When the beautiful woman saw Jia Lan, she let out a large sigh and ashamedly said, “Lan Er, you’re fine; thank goodness. I was caught up with that ghost for a long time and really didn’t have any other option. Luckily, you are fine and were not caught by that Bone Corpse.”

“Teacher, Lan Er really was caught by that Bone Corpse. If not for someone else rescuing me, I am afraid that I genuinely would not have returned.” The pretty young girl said as she bitterly laughed.

“What? Something like that happened? Who was it that rescued you? I must express my formal thanks to this person.” When the beautiful woman heard Jia Lan’s words, she jumped in fright.

“Teacher does not have to worry. I have already given heavy thanks to this person. Oh, that’s right; did master succeed in obtaining that item from the ghost’s body?” Jia Lan was extremely ambiguous as she spoke and quickly changed the topic.

“I didn’t. That ghost was already on par with me with its General Level strength. It also has a few Warrior Level ghost assistants. Although you used your Aphrodite Body to break its most proficient illusion techniques, it still managed to get away. However, it has sustained heavy injuries so the next time we come, that will be its time of death.” After listening to Jia Lan, the beautiful woman’s tone of voice abruptly turned cold.

“Teacher, since this ghost’s intelligence is so high, next time, won’t it just flee its nest?” The pretty young girl asked as her eyebrows creased.

“Don’t worry; this ghost must rely on absorbing the nourishment of Fiend Miasma to slowly increase its strength. However, areas with Fiend Miasma are incredibly hard to find. Unless it is absolutely essential, there is no way that it will leave. Hehe, who would have known that our Ancestor, Liu Yin Master’s Barbarian Ghost King, which he used to decimate other sects, would decay to such a state. If not for me searching through ancient records for dozens of years and you finally putting the last piece of the puzzle together, I am afraid that I would be exactly like others, ignorant of the Ancestor’s words for the rest of my life.” The beautiful woman said as she laughed.
TL: Liu Yin = Founder of the Barbarian Ghost Sect

“Founder’s intellect really did surpass most people. I only made a lucky guess.” Jia Lan listened to her teacher and laughed as she replied.


Seven days later, Liu Ming was carrying an animal skin bundle as he appeared in the Barbarian Ghost Sect base’s plaza. He proceeded to stride toward the stone room which housed the teleportation formation.

What made him be somewhat taken aback was that when he entered the stone room, there was astonishingly a boy and a girl waiting. It was unexpectedly Lei Zhen and that young girl companion who traveled with him.

On Lei Zhen’s shoulder was a new monkey-like ghost with wings on its back. It was the sculpture which Liu Ming had previously seen and was the Soldier Level Night-crawler ghost. However, this ghost’s size was a lot smaller only a foot tall. Additionally, its tail was not black, but had a fiery red color, giving one an extremely odd feeling.

It seemed that Lei Zhen also did not return empty handed. Contrarily, the young girl’s side was completely bereft, so it was unknown if she really returned empty handed without a Spirit Ghost or if she had already put it in a Ghost Bag.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but look at the grey leather bag on the girl’s waist.

At this time, the girl clearly recognized Liu Ming and smiled at him.

When the adjacent Lei Zhen saw Liu Ming, his face initially showed slight surprised. However, after glancing at the animal skin bundle in Liu Ming’s hands, he curled his lips and did not have the slightest intent of greeting him.

Likewise, Liu Ming naturally didn’t have the intent of starting a conversation. Yet he was slightly suspicious as to why those two still hadn’t teleported back and were instead waiting here.

Just then, the sound of footsteps came from outside the stone door. Elder Gui nonchalantly walked in, glanced at three people and immediately quacked, “Good; there are finally three people. Thus, we are able to barely make a teleportation without wasting too many Spatial Spirit Stones.

After he finished speaking, Elder Gui immediately walked to the edge of the teleportation formation and autonomously began to install the black crystals.

Having heard Elder Gui, Liu Ming finally came to a sudden realization about why Lei Zhen was still here.

A moment later, Elder Gui installed the final Spatial Spirit Stones and indicated that they could enter the formation.

When Liu Ming and the two others saw this, they naturally walked into the formation.

Elder Gui performed a single hand technique and thrust his hand toward the space above the teleportation formation. The inscription of the technique then launched into the formation.

In the next second, the formation produced a droning sound as Liu Ming and the two others disappeared without a trace.

Elder Gui then nonchalantly walked toward the stone door.

A moment later, from outside the door came the sound of subitaneous footsteps. Concurrently, an animated male voice arrived, “Elder Gui, immediately activate the teleportation formation and send me back to the sect!”

“Wait a bit; there aren’t enough people!” Elder Gui’s lackadaisical voice responded.


After a slight dizziness, the white light around him calmed and Liu Ming’s group had appeared in the metallic room that they were in before going to the Ghost Hell Region.

As soon as the formation stopped buzzing, a light flashed in the wall opposite to the formation and an impatient voice came out, “Leave quickly, other people have to go to the Ghost Hell Reigon.”

Lei Zhen and the young girl quickly walked out as soon as they heard this voice.

Liu Ming furrowed his brow and after a slight hesitation, followed behind the other two.


An hour later, Liu Ming finally returned to his dwelling. However, as soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw a plain letter stuck in between his room’s doors.


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