Demon is Diary
Chapter 78 – Engagement
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 78 – Engagement

Chapter 78 – Engagement

Icicle Technique, Silt Technique, Spider Silk Technique!

These three techniques were from his last trip to Nine Infant Mountain’s Spirit Spell Pavilion. They were also the three most common high level techniques learned by Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples.

To Liu Ming, he thought that the reason why so many people all chose these three techniques was because these three techniques had extremely obvious advantages over other techniques. Their casting times were shorter than other high level techniques and their practical use was more applicable. Moreover, they all had the special effect of trapping or restricting the enemy, so when facing a strong enemy they would still be able to use these techniques to help out.

Although the number of Barbarian Ghost Sect Disciples that cultivated these three techniques were numerous, those who were able to reach the Initial Spell Mastering were limited to a few. As for the Complete Spell Mastering and the Perfection of the techniques, there was no point in even talking about this.

Since cultivating these high level techniques was much harder than easy techniques like the Wind Blade or Fireball, the time consumed was almost three to four times greater.

Though the number of disciples who learned these techniques was plentiful, almost no one would spend time cultivating them.

The reason Liu Ming bothered to practice such high level techniques stemmed from the passage of time within the space. In essence, he would not waste any time in reality trying to marginally increase the damage of the technique.

However, even if this was the case, thinking about the difficulty of these three techniques, he could only pick one to be his secret weapon and focus on that single technique.

Among them, the Icicle Technique possessed certain destructive attributes. Furthermore, it’s cold air could freeze the enemy. However, it was a pity that its manner of attack was overly simple and made it extremely easy for an opponent to dodge.

The Silt Technique could abruptly create an extensive area of quicksand under the opponent’s feet and could trap or slow the opponent, but once the opponent left the area, the technique would be useless.

The Spider Silk Technique attack method was diverse. Moreover, when one was facing a few special opponents, it could be the determining factor of the fight. Unfortunately, this technique was most afraid of flames as even a small Fireball Technique could easily destroy the technique.

Liu Ming pondered for half a day before deciding to cultivate the Icicle Technique.

Although this technique only contained one method of attack and had trouble hitting the opponent, Liu Ming just had to use his brain more when facing an opponent. The power of this technique when cultivated to a high level was still something that he had great anticipation for.

Liu Ming rested for another half a day. After his mental strength recovered a bit, he immediately stood up and started to cultivated Icicle Technique.


A year and a half later, Liu Ming was practicing his breathing in the space when a droning sound suddenly started ringing in his ears. After opening his eyes, he realized that he had abruptly returned to his cultivation room in reality.

“An entire two years! As expected, the more Fa Li this thing devours, the longer I can stay in that area.”

This time, his face didn’t reveal an expression of surprise, instead he was extremely calm as he muttered to himself.

Practically at the same time, Liu Ming’s body trembled and a rush of pure Fa Li immediately surged into his Spirit Sea.

However, he had already prepared for this and instantly closed his eyes as he began harmonizing his breathing.

An unknown length of time later, when Liu Ming’s facial expression changed, his Spirit Sea finally stopped operating. Close to half the originally devoured Fa Li had astonishingly returned, but his cultivation level hadn’t dropped back to a Middle Spirit Apostle.

Liu Ming was slightly astounded by this, but after pondering a while, faintly understood what had happened.

Clearly, his current Fa Li amount was slightly less than most late stage disciples but was much more than middle stage Spirit Apostles. Therefore, he was able to ensure his cultivation level did not drop down in level.

However, if this was the case, why was it that the first time he had returned, his cultivation level had dropped from a Middle Spirit Apostle to a Beginner Spirit Apostle?

Could it be because the amount of Fa Li required to increase a stage from the beginning to middle stage of a Spirit Apostle was significantly less than advancing into later realms?

After thinking awhile, Liu Ming still didn’t quite understand but regardless, not dropping a cultivation level was a good thing, so he couldn’t be bothered to further contemplate the issue.

After all, the appearance of the mysterious bubble was an extremely perplexing affair. There were some areas in which he was not able to figure out, but this was normal.

Nonetheless, after he once again checked the situation of his body’s Fa Li, he couldn’t help but become overjoyed.

The current purity of his body’s Fa Li was even more pure than last time by a good margin.

The amount of Fa Li the bubble devoured was progressively growing, but the degree in which it would purify Fa Li was simultaneously increasing.

In this way, his current circumstance was extremely unique.

With regard to the amount of Fa Li, Liu Ming was evidently inferior to other Late Spirit Apostles but when it came to Fa Li purity, others with equal cultivation wouldn’t be able to compare with him no matter how hard they tried.

With this in mind, if he were to engage in an intense battle with an enemy of the same cultivation level, he definitely would have the advantage in the short term but if the battle hadn’t been decided in a certain amount of time, he would have no more Fa Li left while his opponent would. However, if he were to adopt guerrilla warfare tactics and fight a battle that lasted an entire day or even a few days, the ultimate winner would most likely be him.

This was because the purity of Fa Li not only indicated a large amplification in technique power, but also meant that one’s Fa Li recovery speed was far superior to most others in the same cultivation level.

Liu Ming carefully thought of this for a while before huskily laughing.

This special circumstance was more of a benefit than a harm to him.

He proceeded to turn his head and look at the White Bone Scorpion lying on the side; his eyebrows creased.

He didn’t know whether it was because the surrounding air didn’t contain Miasma for it to absorb, or if he hadn’t established communication right when he returned, but there was no indication of its Fa Li being devoured or purified.

It seemed that only its consciousness accompanied him in the mysterious space and had ordinarily returned to its body.

Liu Ming’s mind moved and he began to communicate with the White Bone Scorpion.

In the next instant, the White Bone Scorpion’s hooked tail faintly moved. A “chichi” sound rang out and over ten black streaks coincidentally flashed by in the air. A few tens of feet ahead, over ten finger-sized holes suddenly appeared.

It hooked tail movement was so fast that even Liu Ming was unable to completely see it clearly.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was naturally overjoyed.

Although nothing abnormal had happened to this ghost’s Fa Li, the effects of training in the mysterious space had completely returned with it.

Since this was the case, he could completely leave the issue alone, filling him with relief.

In the ensuing few days, Liu Ming continued to harmonize his breathing and cultivate. He prepared to once again stabilize his Fa Li before thinking over other things.

However, on the morning of the fourth day, an unexpected visitor showed up at his dwelling.

“Bai Cong Tian, come out right now!” A crisp voice full of animation suddenly transmitted into the room from outside. It caused Liu Ming, who was in the middle of cultivating, to stare blankly. He then stopped training his method, stood up and walked outside.

He saw that in his small courtyard, a jade-like embroidered robed young girl was standing there.

“Junior Mu!”

Liu Ming’s gaze flashed as he spoke. Although he hadn’t seen the girl in front of him for nearly two years, Liu Ming was able to recognize the opposing party in one glance.

Compared to two years ago, this Mu Ming Zhu astonishingly no longer had any traces of a silly little girl. Instead, she had changed into a coquettish young woman who could make a male’s heart start beating quickly.

“You are Bai Cong Tian?!”

Mu Ming Zhu saw that the youth in front of her was as large as most adults and was slightly startled.

It was evident that Liu Ming’s figure after undergoing Marrow Washing greatly surprised this girl.

“That’s right, I am Bai Cong Tian. If I remember correctly, Junior Ming Zhu should be an outer disciple of Blood Control Faction. Why have you suddenly appeared in our Nine Infant Mountain?” Liu Ming’s tone of voice didn’t change as he asked a question.

“Hmph, you still have the balls to ask me. I want to ask you whether it was you who told your father to propose a marriage with my Mu Family? Unexpectedly, both families have agreed on marrying me to you.” After Mu Ming Zhu heard Liu Ming speak, a shocked expression instantly manifested on her face before she angrily replied.

“Propose marriage? Honestly, I heard about it in a letter my family gave me but the specific situation was not clearly expressed.” Liu Ming didn’t even blink as he replied.

“You don’t know? Who are you trying to deceive? My father who loves me so dearly, already knows… how could he agree to this. It must have been some slanderous words from an outsider; if it wasn’t you, then who was it?! Quickly annul this marriage or I definitely will not let you off!” Hearing his response, Mu Ming Zhu displayed further anger.

“Hehe, ever since I entered the sect, I have been cultivating within the sect, so I naturally haven’t even returned to the Bai Clan. How could I have spoken anything slanderous to your father? I definitely wouldn’t have any intentions for marriage. As for annulling the marriage, as long as you can do it, I won’t have any objections.” Liu Ming laughed.

“If I were able to annul the marriage, why would I bother finding you!? My father is extremely stubborn and it is not easy for me to oppose his will. So much so that despite begging the person who loves me the most, Aunt Teng, multiple times, it had no effect. Right now, only the Bai Clan can take the initiative to annul the marriage in order for my father to once again reconsider the marriage.” Mu Ming Zhu listened to Liu Ming’s words and was stupefied at first. However, an expression of expectation arose on her face as she spoke.

“Having the Bai Clan take initiative to annul the marriage is impossible.” LIu Ming replied without hesitation.

“Why? Since you simply don’t have any intention of marrying me, shouldn’t cancelling this marriage be the proper and right thing to do!” After Mu Ming Zhu heard him speak, she replied with anger.

“Whether I marry you is not important to me, but whether the Bai Clan wants a daughter in law from the Mu Clan is an extremely important matter. You are also a smart person, so there is no way you don’t understand my reasoning. Although I am a Spirit Apostle, offending both Clan Masters is idiotic so I’m not going to do such a thing. If you have the skills to, you can annul the marriage yourself. If you are unable to do so, then you can only marry into the Bai Clan. Okay, I have already explained my reasoning so you can leave now. I still have to return and cultivate.” Liu Ming bluntly said. He proceeded to turn around, and simply ignored the embroidered robed young girl as he walked into his dwelling.

Seeing this situation, Mu Ming Zhu was beyond angry. She continued to yell at Liu Ming, but it naturally had no effect.

Liu Ming merely made a few motions and entered the room before closing the door firmly.

“Bai, don’t you dare regret this!” The embroidered robed young girl was so angry she started laughing. After stomping her foot, she left the area.

Simultaneously, Liu Ming who had returned to his cultivation room, was using a finger to massage one of his temples; he let out a sigh.

It seemed that something extremely troublesome was about to occur.

Although the letter from the Bai Clan’s master had mentioned the idea of marrying into the Mu Clan, he absolutely did not expect them to unexpectedly not even solicit her opinion. Instead they forcibly drew up a marriage with the Mu Clan while they left him in the dark.


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