Demon is Diary
Chapter 174 – Elder Mian
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 174 – Elder Mian

Chapter 174 – Elder Mian

“Is something amiss with Mister Qian that you have seen?” When Lady Mi heard this, she was quite surprised.

“It’s not that. It’s just that this person took action at such a time, and it’s a busy time for the Hundred Spirit House right now. I can’t help but be more careful.” The colorfully robed man shook his head.

“So it’s like that. If that’s the case, there shouldn’t be any problems with Mister Qian. After all, if he had been sent by opponents of the Hundred Spirit House, no one within the temple would have been able to stop him as a Spirit Apostle. As soon as he captured me and my son, you would be in a very disadvantaged position. I think that this person is most likely a Loose Practitioner, and we can pull him in as a guest to have the strength of Hundred Spirit House increase. Although there are many Spirit Apostles within the Hundred Spirit House, they are mostly in branches in other states. The strength we have in Xuanjing on the other hand isn’t too strong.” Lady Mi gave a smile as she replied.

“Yes, that is a possible reason, however, we should take some time to inspect him. Let’s go, we should go check on the situation of Hu Er. Elder Mian should be done with his diagnosis.” The colorfully robed man still retained a bit of caution in his words as he changed the topic to their son.

“Elder Mian is the person with the best medical skill in Hundred Spirit House. If he can cure our son, it would be for the best.” When Lady Mi heard this, she gave a nod.

With this, the two people stood up and walked out by a side door, heading beyond the room.

Moments later, the two people appeared within an extremely quiet room that faintly emitted a smell of medicine.

The boy called Qian Hu was currently asleep on a bed. Beside him was an old man with a black robe and a benign face. The old man was currently pulling on his beard in thought.

The maid who was called Aunt Hong was also in the room with an expression of reverence.

“Elder Mian, how is the poison within Hu Er’s body. It’s not too bad right?” As soon as the colorfully robed man saw the old man, he immediately asked a question with some respect.

“Owner Qian, I am very ashamed! The poison in your son’s body is quite strange and I’m afraid that I am helpless against it.” The black-robed old man stood up as he shook his head.

“What? How is that possible? Elder Mian’s medical skills are among the top ten within Xuanjing.” Hearing this, the colorfully robed man exclaimed in surprise.

“If we were talking about medical skills, I can be quite confident in saying that I do indeed possess quite some skill. However, detoxification and medical skills are two separate matters. There are countless rare and strange poisons in the world. One of such poisons appearing which I can’t cure is nothing special. However, I did inspect your son and his poison seemed to have been released slightly by someone. If that person can do the same thing a couple more times, your son should have no worries.” The black-robed old man thought for a moment before replying.

“If that’s the case then there is no problem. The person that removed the poison is going to be living in the Qian House for quite some time. However, for my son’s care after he recovers, I’ll have to bother Elder Mian on that.” After hearing the second part of Elder Mian’s response, Lady Mi gave a sigh as she replied.

“Oh, you can relax about that. Since I am here, I naturally cannot do nothing. I’ll write up a prescription for recovery. That’s right, I heard that the person who did the detoxification is a Spirit Apostle. Is it possible for me to meet him. I am very interested in such detoxification techniques and would like to see if we can exchange medical experiences.” Elder Mian gave a small smile as he spoke up again.

“That is naturally not a problem. Aunt Hong, could you lead Elder Mian to meet Mister Qian.” The colorfully robed person’s heart relaxed as he gave an order.


Aunt Hong naturally agreed.

“There’s no rush! I’ll first make the prescription and then go meet Mister Qian.” When Elder Mian heard this, he responded unhurriedly. Afterward, he sat down beside the table and took out a writing brush from the brush pot.

Aunt Hong quickly walked forward and helped pull out a piece of paper as she started to grind the ink.


Liu Ming made a couple of rounds around the wide room. Suddenly, he took out a couple of colorful Formation Flags and carefully placed them into each of the corners of the room. Afterward, he made a single-handed hand sign.

All of the Formation Flags gave a buzz and disappeared into balls of mist.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face showed a smile.

These Formation Flags were bought from the market and required quite a bit of Liu Ming’s Spirit Stones. In addition, they only had the effect of isolating and warning those within the formation. However, they were useful when one was constantly moving around.

With this formation set up, Liu Ming did not need to fear someone else listening in on his conversations or someone setting up an attack from afar.

Although this wasn’t the first time that Qian Ruping had seen Liu Ming cast spells, she could not help but open her eyes wide, while watching the marvelous scene as her mouth slightly opened.

“Brother Ming, what was that? Was that also a spell that you talked about?” The young girl could help it no longer and asked questions.

“This isn’t a spell, it’s a formation.” Hearing this, Liu Ming smiled and explained.

He had already inspected Qian Ruping’s body and found that she had a Spiritual Pulse. Although he was unable to determine what quality her Spiritual Pulse was, he taught her the most basic condensing Yuan Qi methods and wasn’t afraid to cast spells before her.

Now that Qian Ruping had heard the word of formation, she immediately became interested and started questioning Liu Ming.

However, her questions were incredibly naive. They left Liu Ming with bitter smiles and he didn’t know how to answer.

At this time, an old voice sounded outside of the door, “Fellow Qian, are you in the room? I am Mian Songshan and would like to talk with you in the room.”

“Fellow Mian, please come in.”

When Liu Ming heard this, his eyes flashed, and after a slight hesitation, he agreed. Quickly walking forward, he opened the door.

He saw Elder Mian and Aunt Hong outside of his door.

“Mister Qian, Elder Mian is a senior Guest of the Hundred Spirit House. When he heard that mister was also a Spirit Apostle, he came to visit mister.” Seeing Liu Ming’s confusion, Aunt Hong quickly explained the situation.

“So it’s like that. Since I’ve recently come to Xuanjing, I also want to meet more people on the same path as me.” Liu Ming smiled when he heard this and moved aside.

“I did not think that Fellow Qian was so young. It has really been out of my expectation. Then, I won’t be too courteous.” When Elder Mian saw how young Liu Ming was, he showed a surprised expression. However, he quickly hid it as he replied.

Immediately afterward, the black-robed old man moved and walked into the room.

Aunt Hong gave a word of apology as she took her leave.

“This should be your nephew. She really does have a sickness on her. I know quite a bit of medical knowledge and if fellow does not mind, I can help take a look at her pulse.” Once Elder Mian entered the room, he naturally saw Qian Ruping who was staring at him with curiosity in her face. With a twist of his mind, he quickly made a suggestion.

“Oh, if Fellow Mian is willing to lend a hand then it is Ruping’s luck. Ruping, sit tight and let Brother Mian take your pulse. “ Although Liu Ming did not know what Elder Mian’s intention by doing so was, he still agreed after a slight pause.

When the young girl heard this, she obediently sat down on a nearby chair.

Elder Mian beckoned with one hand and a chair was sucked to his side. Immediately sitting down beside the young girl, one of Elder Mian’s hand was stroking his beard as his other hand started feeling the young girl’s pulse.

Time went by slowly and the black-robed old man slowly became serious.

After an unknown amount of time, Elder Mian let out a deep breath as he said serious, “So it’s actually the Burning Blood Sickness, a rare syndrome that is only in legends. It’s really due to fellows controlling of the sickness to this stage that there is a chance for a cure. Is it that the Ice Silver Grass that fellow is trying to find to be ingested a part of the cure?”

“Brother Mian is truly extraordinary, to actually be able to guess my treatment method so soon.” When Liu Ming heard this, his expression changed.

“Fellow, please don’t blame me but earlier when I saw how young Fellow Qian was, I was doubting fellow’s medical and detoxification skills. I naturally have no such reservations now. Besides cultivation, I am also quite engrossed in the art of medicine and my reason for coming over this time is to hopefully be able to exchange experience with fellow.” The black-robed old man stood up and cupped his hands toward Liu Ming.

“Hehe, Brother Mian is overestimating me. My medical skills are indeed not too deep and I’ve only learned a couple of cures to strange and rare illnesses from masters at the art. If fellow doesn’t mind my lack of knowledge, I have no reason to disagree.” When Liu Ming heard this, he gave a laugh as he replied.

The black-robed old man was overjoyed with his response and began discussing problems in the art of medicine.

The young girl, under instruction from Liu Ming, returned to an inside room to rest.

Liu Ming and the old man had just started talking for a short time when Liu Ming realized that the Elder Mian before him was truly talented with his medicinal skills. He made some concepts that Liu Ming had barely grasped easy to understand with his eloquent way of speaking.

This made Liu Ming quite excited as he started a wholehearted discussion of his medicinal knowledge.

The Elder Mian was also encouraged by Liu Ming’s unique take on medicine and cures to rare illnesses.

The two talked for almost an entire day!

When the sky started turning dark, Elder Mian reluctantly took his leave.

As soon as the night passed, the black-robed old man had once again appeared before Liu Ming with smiles.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was at a loss for words and could only prop himself up to start discussing with Elder Mian.

This situation continued for three days.

On the third day, Liu Ming and Elder Mian had just finished discussing a medicine problem while Liu Ming suddenly asked the old man, “Brother Mian, I have only recently arrived at Xuanjing and may live here for a while. Could I ask if Xuanjing is peaceful right now and if there are any things that I need to be aware of?”

When Elder Mian heard this, his face slightly changed as his hand instinctively stroked his beard. After pondering for a moment, he slowly said, “Me and Brother Qian can be considered to be good friends even after such a short period of time. I can’t say too much about anything else, but I do have a piece of advice; when brother finishes his matter in Xuanjing, he should quickly leave!”


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