Demon is Diary
Chapter 183 – Mister Sun
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 183 – Mister Sun

Chapter 183 – Mister Sun

These guards felt their bodies become numb as they stood stiffly in the same spot without being able to move.

At this time, the shadow appeared before the guards with a slight muffle. His entire body had faint black gas circling him. With one movement, he took a scarlet keychain from the waist of one of the guards.

Then, the shadow seemed to sway in the wind before the door behind the guards opened and the shadow disappeared within.

Beyond the steel door, there was actually a narrow and long staircase that led down. In addition, the air was abnormally stuffy as if a breeze had not graced this place in a very long time.

The shadow saw everything but did not act at all. With a flash, he started to follow the stairs down. Then, turning a corner, he disappeared.

Moments later, a couple of screams came from the depth of the stairs. Then, no other sound came out.

At the same time, the shadow was still wrapped in black gas as he walked before row after row of cells that were over a hundred feet underground. Beyond the thick and dark looking metal bars of the cells, one could see that most of the cells were empty with only a couple of the cells having someone within the cells.

When the people within the cells saw such a strange person walk in and incapacitate the surrounding guards immediately, they immediately became alarmed.

However, those that were within these cells were no ordinary citizens and most of them kept their calm with no screams or shouts.

The shadow that had intruded into the prison was obviously Liu Ming who had used quite a few spells.

Although this prison could be considered as well guarded, it was like a wall of paper when compared with Liu Ming, a late Spirit Apostle.

However, Liu Ming did not want to alarm other cultivators and used a Concealment Glyph which meant that he was merely a shadow in the eyes of mortals. With that, he could walk in without any worries.

After passing through over a dozen cells, Liu Ming finally stopped at a certain conner and looked at a male that had prison uniform on. With a smile he asked:

“Are you Censor Chen!”

“Who are you and how do you know me?” The prison uniform on this person was quite clean and the person had a scholarly face. Hearing what Liu Ming said, he was immediately alarmed and asked back with suspicion.

“Hehe, weren’t you the one who sent a message to Martial Uncle Lei? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here right now.” Liu Ming gave a smile as his mouth slightly moved. Although no sound came out, Liu Ming’s voice sounded next to the man’s ears.

“What! So my grandfather’s token that he left was actually real and you were sent by Immortal Lei! Is my wife and son okay?” Censor Chen could no longer keep his calm from earlier as he said with hope and excitement.

“Relax, your wife and son are all fine. They have left Xuanjing ahead of you. When I bring you out in a second, you will be reunited with your family.” Liu Ming replied without hurry.

“What, leave Xuanjing? Is sir immortal unable to help me save my position even with your power? Once I escape, won’t I be an escapee.” After hearing everything, Censor Chen became a little hesitant.

Hearing such an answer, Liu Ming’s brows ceased as he emotionlessly sent his voice across:

“I have another mission for coming to Xuanjing and thus, it is not a good time for me to talk to anyone within the government. If you really value your position then you can first hide out this first wave and then have Martial Uncle Lei ask the government for your position back. Maybe you might even be able to go higher. However, if you don’t want to go now, I won’t force anything on you but your life will be in your hands and of no consequence to me.”

“Sir Immortal, please don’t blame me. I was slightly confused for a second there. I have offended many people and it would be impossible for me work as I had before. I will go with Sir Immortal to meet my wife. This position is not necessary.” When Censor Chen heard this, he was in a big fright and quickly changed his idea.

“Very well, that is a smart decision. Censor Chen, take a few steps back first.” Liu Ming nodded with satisfaction before ordering the censor. Suddenly, he took a step forward and with “pu, pu” sounds, he actually had grabbed the dark steel bars.

Seeing this, Censor Chen quickly made space.

In the next moment, Liu Ming’s hands turned red as surging scarlet flames came out.

The steel bars that seemed extremely sturdy actually were melted into liquid in just a moment’s time, making a hole with the bars that a person could pass through.

“Thank you Sir Immortal!”

Censor Chen was overjoyed and quickly climbed out of his cell.

“Follow me and I will lead you out of this place.” Liu Ming spoke a sentence and was about to lead the way to the entrance.

At this time, in an cell not too far away, the prisoner within suddenly jumped to his cell’s bars and hurriedly yelled out:

“Brother Chen, I am Old Sun. Don’t hurry in leaving, can you have Sir Immortal also bring me out. If I can get out, I will be willing to pay a huge reward.” This prisoner had messy hair and from voice alone, he seemed to be not so young.

“This…” When Censor Chen heard this, he could not help but pause.

“Who is he, are you close with him?” Liu Ming looked at the prisoner after hearing what was said before calmly asking Censor Chen.

“I am not too close with him but once I was forced in here, we had quite a few exchanges due to the circumstances down here. Mister Sun is an official within the imperial family’s general management and can be considered to be a member of the imperial family. One year ago, he somehow offended the emperor and has been locked up here since.” Censor Chen quickly reacted and told Liu Ming all that he knew.

“If it’s someone that you are not too close with, then I won’t bother. Just saving you will not make the Gold Spirit Guests for the government come after me who is at the same level as them. However, if I bring one extra person, the result is more debatable.” Liu Ming replied without hesitation.

“Yes, I will listen to Sir Immortal.” Censor Chen naturally had no emotions in any particular decision.

Thus, the two of them turned around and were about to leave the prison.

“Sir Immortal, please wait! I know a huge secret and this secret not only involves the current government, it is vital enough to decide the fate of Da Xuan Country. Even Immortals like you won’t be able to ignore it.” When Mister Sun saw that they were about to leave him, he yelled out in agony.

“What, what do you mean by those words? You must know that if you dare to lie to me, I have ways to make you wish that you had died.” When Liu Ming heard this, his heart skipped a beat and with a blur of his body, he appeared before the cell of the Mister Sun. Staring into the eyes of Mister Sun, Liu Ming slowly spoke.

“Sir Immortal, since I dare to say such words, I naturally have proof.” Although Mister Sun became scared while under the cold stare of Liu Ming, he still clenched his teeth and replied.

“Good, remember what you have said and I will trust you for this once.” Liu Ming stared at Mister Sun for another moment before nodding and speaking with an icy tone.

Immediately afterwards, a green light flashed in his hands and a short sword appeared. With only a few swings, it cut the bars before him into several pieces.

Seeing this, Mister Sun quickly gave his thanks and crawled out.

“Other people have heard what you said earlier. Since it is like that, we cannot leave so easily. I will manage those people.” After finishing such actions, Liu Ming looked towards the other four to five people within the prison as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“Sir Immortal, are you trying to….” Thinking that he understood the hidden meaning of Liu Ming’s words, Censor Chen and Mister Sun who had just been saved, both changed expressions.

The other prisoners within the prison were still in shock from Mister Sun’s words and when they heard what Liu Ming said, their faces turned pale.

“Relax, although I am not a mortal, I would not do something like killing everyone within the government prison. I would only be looking for trouble with that. I plan to use a small spell to make them forget what they saw.” Liu Ming laughed as he replied.

“I understand, thank you Immortal for your kind heart.” Censor Chen let out a breath as he quickly bowed to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming waved his hand and made large strides towards one of the cells within someone within it. With just a twist of his body, he entered the cell as if he had no bones.

The old man sitting within the cell immediately stood up in shock and took two steps back.

“You have heard what I said outside. Will you assist me in my spell or would you rather I help you get rid of your worries with just a sword strike?” Liu Ming spoke to the old man without respect.

“Although I am quite old, I still have many things that I would like to attend to. Since I have heard something that I shouldn’t have, could Sir Immortal cast your spell.” The old man finally calmed down and gave a bitter smile as he replied.

LIu Ming nodded and with a shake of his sleeve, a light yellow candle shot out. With a blur, it stuck itself in the ground. Immediately afterwards, a small spark showed on the end and the candle lighted itself.

Within moments, a sandalwood scent permeated around the entire prison.

“Peng, peng!”

Whether it was Censor Chen standing outside of the cell or the old man or the others within various cells, they all fell down knocked out.

Seeing this, Liu Ming smiled. He let the black gas that surrounded him dissipate as he sat down and with a beckon, he actually called the old man’s body near him and had the old man sit directly across from him. With a silver flash in Liu Ming’s hands, a couple of needles stuck themselves into the old man.

The old man’s body stiffened as he actually stood up by himself while unconscious. At the same time, the old man’s eyes opened, showing a pair of eyes without vigor.

At this time, Liu Ming started chanting and a crystal light started to flash within his eyes. At the same time, he held a silver needle in each hand as he started stabbing them to various points on the old man’s head.


After the time it took to eat a meal, Liu Ming was once again covered in a black gas as he walked up the stairs. A few feet behind him, two huge hands made of black gas were holding the unconscious Censor Chen and Mister Sun mid air.


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