Demon is Diary
Chapter 196 – Destruction Magic Column
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 196 – Destruction Magic Column

Chapter 196 - Destruction Magic Column

At this time, Bai Qinghai who was standing in a corner of the stage suddenly raised his hand and shot two fireballs at the old man.

“Hong hong.” The two fireballs that seemed to house quite a bit of power exploded but was only able to make the light barrier on Elder Mian shake before the barrier returned to its original state.

Not only this, Bai Qinghia extended his arm and pulled out the sword that was strapped behind him. With a shake, a Sword Qi that was quite a few feet long shot out.


The silver light barrier caved in before bouncing the Sword Qi away. At the same time, the barrier seemed unharmed.

Seeing this scene, the cultivators underneath gave out an exclamation.

Afterwards, Bai Qinghai put away the sword and expressionlessly returned to his original spot. Then, Elder Mian patted his waist and the armor transformed into a pair of yellow bamboo wings. With a slight flap, he raised into the sky and started to fly around the hall with impressive agility and speed.

At the same time, the hall resounded with the elder’s voice.

“This is the flying reinforcement ability of the Mechanical Armor. Not only is it much quicker than the normal Soaring Sky Technique and even can hold its weight with the Godly Transport Glyph. In addition, its flexibility in battle isn’t something that normal reinforcement spells can compare with. Next, I’ll demonstrate the attacking ability of this armor for fellows.”

After saying these few sentences, the images of Elder Mian disappeared from the ceiling and appeared back on stage with a smile. This made the cultivators in the hall all become stunned.

At this time, Elder Mian raised both of his arms and aimed at a rock pillar near the stage. With a silver flash on his wrist, there were two elbow thick silver tubes that extended out. With that came a flurry of mechanical sounds as each of the tubes shot out a blast of silver light.

In the next moment, a sound of air splitting rang. Lights started flashing on the pillar and when they disappeared, the pillar had countless small holes on it.

When the audience focused their gaze, they saw that within each hole was a needle that was the size of a cow’s hair. This made most people show extremely surprised expressions.

With such a close distance, without using Fa Li and to only use mechanical power to make the silver needles have such power was incredible.

“This kind of attack is the weakest of the mechanical armor’s array of attacks. There are two more types of attacks and thinking of the buyer, I won’t demonstrate it. However, I believe that this is enough to prove the worth of the armor. Even if this isn’t comparable to the legendary Totem armor, because of it’s low Fa Li usage, it is more suitable for Spirit Apostles like us.” Elder Mia had pressed another button at sometime and within a couple of mechanical sounds, the armor returned into a light yellow wood box within a silver light.

“Elder Mian, this mechanical armor is indeed interesting. However, how many Spirit Stones does it cost to use once?” Someone within the audience asked.

“The question that this fellow asked is great, I originally planned to talk about this. This Mechanical Armor is indeed useful but normal Spirit Stones can’t be used to activate it. It must be a Wind Attribute Spirit Stone and the Spirit Stone must be at least of the Middle Tier.” Elder Mian answered without hesitation.

This answer naturally made the audience members take on different expressions.

“Alright, the abilities of this battle armor has been demonstrated. Now, we will officially begin the auction. The minimum price is fifty thousand Spirit Stones and each increase in bid must be at least two thousand Spirit Stones!” Elder Mian grabbed the chance and announced the start of the bidding.

However ,this mechanical armor still made quite a few people want it but fifty thousand Spirit Stones was still enough to make many cut off thoughts of bidding for it.

Although Liu Ming was quite interested in the Mechanical Armor, for defensive ability, he already had the Scarlet Dragon hide armor and for attacking power, how could this armor compare to the Cyan Moon Sword.

“Fifty thousand Spirit Stones!”

After a moment of silence, finally, a familiar voice sounded. This was the Nan cultivator that recognized the mechanical armor earlier.

Liu Ming’s heart moved before looking in that direction.

What he saw was that in another corner of the hall there was someone wearing a large hat that was pushed down which covered his entire appearance.

However, with the other people around him sitting far away, it was obvious that this wasn’t a normal cultivator.

“Fifty two thousand Spirit Stones!” Another women’s voice sounded while her voice was extremely translucent which made it unable for anyone to find her location.

“Fifty four thousand!” The Nan cultivator’s voice deepen, sounding as if he was unhappy.

“Fifty six thousand!” The women’s voice was still unhurried.

“Fellow Hu, do you really think that I can’t hear that it’s you. You don’t even know mechanical arts so this Mechanical Battle Armor is not of much use to you.” The Nan cultivator could not help but question out loud.

“Brother Nan, I’m really sorry! Originally, with your expertise in mechanical arts, this Mechanical Battle Armor should be yours. However, my master has personally named this thing to be bought.” The woman gave a small laugh.

“Hmph, your master doesn’t know anything about the mechanical arts. Once this Mechanical Battle Armor is in my hands, I can replicate it within twenty to thirty years. I am determined to have this. Fellow Mian, I currently don’t have too many Spirit Stones but could I use other items to convert to Spirit Stones?” The Nan cultivator heard this and was extremely enraged.

“If you don’t have enough Spirit Stones, other items can be converted to Spirit Stones. According to usual auction rules, this will occur as usual. However, we will be taking a ten percent fee. What kind of items does Fellow Nan have?” Elder Mian replied without showing much emotion.

“I have two newly crafted Destruction Magic Column and one Mechanical Flying Ship that only needs Spirit Stones to drive. Fellow can auction them off right now.” The Nan cultivator replied.

“What, Brother Nan has refined a Mechanical Flying Ship again? That is something that deserves congratulating!” Elder Mian heard this and was quite surprised.

It was as if the Nan cultivator’s Mechanical Flying Ship was an treasure that was quite impressive.

When the others within the hall heard this, they also gave a slight commotion.

“The Mechanical Flying Ship’s crafting success rate is extremely low. I can successfully craft one every three to four years. I originally planned on keeping it for other uses. However, for this Mechanical Battle Armor, I can’t keep everything else.” The Nan cultivator seemed quite helpless.

Elder Mian nodded and showed his understanding.

At this time, one of the servants used a plate to take the three things and quickly sent it to the stage.

“Fellow Nan’s mechanic skills doesn’t need my introduction. I’m sure that many of you might have heard. However, I will still demonstrate the effects of the Destruction Magic Column and Mechanical Flying Ship.” Elder Main said this as he picked up a scarlet steel column that looked quite normal. He pointed it towards a granite pillar near the stage and used his thumb to lightly touch a protruding spot on the steel column.

A mechanical sound clicked.

The front of the steel column flashed as a ball of light shot out. However, once it was shot a couple dozen feet away, it automatically exploded and a huge crystal thread web covered the stone pillar in a flash.

Immediately, threads of white gas appeared on the rock pillar and it created a layer of white frost on the pillar.

When Liu Ming saw this, his was quite shocked.

Although the name of Destructing Magic Column seemed quite exaggerated, if it was suddenly used under a close distance, it was indeed a strong weapon for a secret attack.

At this time, Elder Mian put down the steel column and announced with a smile:

“Every time the Destruction Magic Column is used, you must change the Spirit Stone within it. For Spirit Stones of different attributes, the Destruction Magic Web will have different types of effects. However, after use of seven or eight times, even if you change the Spirit Stones, the mechanical parts would still be broken. These two items were newly crafted and according to the market price, each of the items will start at a price of five thousand Spirit Stones with an increase no less than five hundred Spirit Stones each time.”

However, what was surprising was that once the elder’s words leaved his mouth, the entire hall stayed quiet. For such a useful weapon, there was actually not a single bid.

The Nan cultivator sat where he was and anyone could see that his face was extremely ugly.

“Hehe, Brother Nan. Although the Destruction Magic Column is quite good, there have been multiple occurrences of the column exploding on itself. Who would carelessly buy this!” The Hu woman let out a light laugh.

“Hmph, what exploding column! The event was obviously because the Destruction Magic Column had been over used beyond the limit and those fellows still tried to be greedy and kept on using it.” The Nan cultivator heard this and was extremely angered.

“Even if I believe in these words, others need to also believe so. In addition, with me, Hu Chunniang, here, however buys your mechanical things would be against the person behind me.” The Hu woman gave a cold sneer and replied.

However, at this time, a faint male voice sounded in the hall:

“Five thousand Spirit Stones!”

The person who gave his bid was Liu Ming sitting in a corner of the hall.

When these words left his mouth, not only did Hu Chunniang’s laugh stop, the cultivators sitting next to Liu Ming also looked at Liu Ming in shock.

“What is this fellow’s name? Are you trying to go against me?”Hu Chunniang’s voice immediately darkened.

“How could I go against you. I only have an interest in the Destruction Magic Column.” Liu Ming replied without the slightest feeling.

“Really? I hope that you won’t regret what you’re doing right now.” Hu Chunniang’s words were full of threats.

“Elder Mian, this is your Hundred Spirit House’s auction. For this kind of behavior of threatening others, is your house allowing it?” The Nan cultivator saw this and immediately raised his head in fury. He was actually a middle aged man that was quite skinny.

“Fellow Hu, please note this. When you threaten others again, I can not help but cancel your right to this auction.” Elder Mian naturally recognized Liu Ming’s voice and although he felt that this was strange, once he heard cultivator Nan’s words, his face darkened and he replied back.

“Alright, then I’ll let Fellow Nan get these couple thousand Spirit Stones. So what.” Hu Chunniang was silent for a moment before she gave a sneer and replied. Then, she became silent.


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