Demon is Diary
Chapter 222 - Battle of the Sea Jia (Part 2)
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 222 - Battle of the Sea Jia (Part 2)

Chapter 222 - Battle of the Sea Jia (Part 2)

“Ha! If our sect is going to proceed in this way, we naturally have our reasons for doing so. There is no need for Fellow Zhou to question this!” As Master Lei thought to himself, Lin Caiyu, standing to his side, spoke sweetly.

“I see. It is my fault for overstepping our boundaries; I still think this is quite a waste of talent.” Zhou Tianhe nodded his head and responded in an unwavering tone.

Hearing this, Master Lei’s brows raised. Just as he was thinking of what to say, an ear-splitting sound came from the battle below, causing gusts of wind to billow all around.

Startled, everyone forgot about the conversation and immediately looked downward.

They saw Liu Ming sparring with the Sea Jia, transformed from Queen Dong. The former was gripping a light green light sword several meters long and clashing it with the enormous trident the latter held in her hand.

This propelled one of them backward seven or eight steps, and the other, shaken, was similarly pushed backwards about two meters through the air. The two were clearly matched in strength.

Liu Ming, regaining his composure, once again waved the enormous light sword he was holding without the slightest change of expression.

Queen Dong propelled herself upwards in a wave of seawater, face full of surprise.

One must understand that while she was not notably strong, her post-transformation body was especially durable, far more so than one could otherwise imagine.

Otherwise, during the close combat match she had had with Feng Long, she wouldn’t have been able to defeat her opponent so easily with the trident in her hands.

However, at this moment Liu Ming made his body hazy and transformed into five or six unique shadowy figures. With a flash, the figures hurled themselves at Queen Dong.

While Queen Dong was puzzled by Liu Ming's strength, seeing what was happening she let out a cold snort and swiped the trident through the air in front of her. With a whistle, the seawater below her rose, forming a gigantic wave which rolled forward.

There was a “pu” sound.

The gigantic wave passed ferociously, taking out most of the shadowy figures in one go. One of the figures, hazy, was able to withstand the wave, and with one motion of its light green light sword, a Sword Qi of several meters long emerged.

Queen Dong raised the tips of her brows, and without a moment’s delay waved the trident in front of her, violently attacking the Sword Qi.

With a boom, the giant Sword Qi was dispersed.

At this moment, Liu Ming contorted his body and, as if weightless, appeared not more than a few meters from Queen Dong. He raised a hand and three knives of wind shot through the air with a "chi chi" sound. With his other hand, he waved a dagger, and two Sword Qis fired off one after the other, each producing a "shua" sound as it launched.

At the same time, the area below the Sea Jia became dark and the White Bone Scorpion flew up from the ground. The two enormous pincers shot for the Sea Jia’s legs and with a flick of its tails turned into ten-odd black beams followed closely behind.

Liu Ming and the White Bone Scorpion could not have been more perfectly matched. In a match among Spirit Apostles, this attack was inevitable!

Facing an attack of this intensity, Queen Dong nonetheless remained calm and collected. After she let out a clear yell, the trident in her hand suddenly became hazy and transformed into black flag four meters tall. Moreover, imprinted on the flag were countless blurred silver glyphs.

Queen Dong gave the flag just one violent wave and round ripples undulated out from its center.

What happened next was inconceivable.

Everything the black ripple passed over, no matter if it was seawater or the wind knives, swords of spiritual energy, or any of the other attacking objects, splintered apart.

The White Bone Scorpion let out a screech of pain as the black ripple pushed it back.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was shocked. With a shake, he charged forward at an astonishing speed.

But Queen Dong, with a yell, placed the black flag in front of her body and shot backwards through the air towards Liu Ming.

The next thing he knew, Liu Ming felt a tension in the air around him, an invisible power ensnaring him and he fled away.

With a harsh expression on her face, Queen Dong grabbed at the air before her. The seawater below her rolled forward, turning into a huge blue hand several meters tall which grabbed violently at Liu Ming’s body.

Liu Ming’s expression changed. There was a flash of blue light in his sleeve, and the Essence Water Flag shot out and entered his body, disappearing without a trace.

There was a thunderous boom!

The big blue hand grabbed Liu Ming and squeezed him with full force, trying to crush him to pieces.

But Liu Ming’s body turned hazy and transformed into a half-translucent liquid form. With a twist, it slid out of the big hand’s grasp, seemingly effortlessly.

With a few flashes, he reappeared ten-odd meters away. He opened his mouth and spit forth the small blue flag, and his body returned to its original form in the next moment.

“Essence Water Flag! Was it you who killed Wei Yu?” Seeing what had unfolded, Queen Dong let out a yell before speaking in a tone half surprised and half delighted.

Liu Ming, seeing what had happened, was at first terrified, but then his face darkened and he suddenly threw the light green dagger in his hand through the air. With one hand he made signs with lightning speed, tapping his fingers in the air in the direction of the dagger; at the same time, he slowly raised the other hand, causing blue sparks to appear as he recited the spell. A faint blue icicle several feet long formed as he did so.

Seeing this, Queen Dong felt a pang of fear, immediately waved the flag she was holding, tapping it towards Liu Ming in the distance.

However, after she did so, Liu Ming, like a ghost, reappeared in a different location with a shake of his body.

After tapping the flag several times to no avail, Queen Dong’s face turned ugly. With a low growl, she sent the churning seawater towards Liu Ming.

At this moment, however, the area below once again darkened and the White Bone Scorpion coiled upwards in a dark purple haze before launching at Queen Dong again.

“Be gone!”

Queen Dong was furious. She brandished the black flag in her hand and a black cloud billowed forth.

But the scorpion’s eyes flashed green; it suddenly opened its mouth and produced a purple flame.

There was a “pu” sound!

The purple flame caused the black cloud to ignite instantly upon contact.

With a shake of its body, the White Bone Scorpion passed through the purple flame and at the same time, the dark purple haze on its body billowed outward, violently smashing into the seawater in front of it.

What happened next was shocking.

As soon a small bit of the seawater came into contact with the dark purple fog, it instantly turned black as ink, simultaneously emitting a strong fishy odor before spreading out with astonishing speed.

Having hoped to have been able to drive the bone scorpion away with a casual wave of the black flag, Queen Dong was stunned at seeing what had unfolded, and without a moment’s delay sliced the flag towards the seawater below.

There was a bang.

A minor portion of the seawater broke off from the rest and dropped from the sky. However, the White Bone Scorpion launched itself at Queen Dong’s body once again, with a flick of its tail turning into ten-odd hazy black lines which broke through the seawater.

After recognizing the White Bone Scorpion’s poison, Queen Dong would not allow some of it to stick to even a small part of her body. She unfurled the black flag and held it before her, and countless silver glyphs gushed from its center. With a whirl, they formed a silver glyph shield.

The black tail hit the glyph shield, causing a thunderclap. Several enormous silver lightning arced out of the shield, in a flash, turning and attacking the White Bone Scorpion.

With a pitiful shake and a burnt odor, the monster fell from the sky.

With the temporary cover the scorpion had provided, Liu Ming had been able to complete his technique.

Eyes wide open, he let out a low yell and tapped a finger in the air. Upon his doing so, a light green full moon several meters in diameter rotated violently before becoming hazy and then disappearing.

With a movement of his other arm, the huge icicle several feet long which had formed fired off in a flash.

The next moment, there was a ripple above Queen Dong's head. The light green full moon appeared without a sound and began to fall.

At the same time, the blue icicle, creating bursts of remarkable cold along its path, appeared not more than a few meters from the Sea Jia.

Queen Dong’s heart pounded at seeing all of this. She violently flung the black flag high in the air and it turned into a cloud of black vapor which protected the top of her head. At the same time, there was a roar from within it, and countless silver bolts coiled their way out of it. With her other hand, Queen Dong grabbed at the air in front of her and the seawater near her soared upward, once again forming a gigantic blue hand which proceeded to grab at the icicle.

The sound of a crash rang out!

Upon falling into the middle of the black vapor and still spinning violently, the light green moon came into contact with the coiling web of the silver bolts. After a short time, it became hard to see what exactly was going on.

In the instant at which the enormous blue hand grabbed the icicle, Liu Ming’s gaze turned cold. He made signs with one of his hands and barked out “explode!”

After a muffled sound, the huge icicle exploded, releasing a wave of extreme freeze which immediately caused the seawater hand to turn to ice.

At this precise moment, a jade green streak shot out from the ice and fired towards the forehead of the sea monster into which Queen Dong had transformed.

Even though Queen Dong was of formidable strength, she had never imagined a scenario in which Liu Ming would be able to handle another totem when already using one. With no time to avoid what was coming, all she could do was to let out a violent yell and concentrate all of her Fa Li in her forehead. This caused a thick silver scale to appear on her face, and she shook her head as if her life depended on it.

There was a “pu” sound.

The streak hit Queen Dong’s forehead but was slowed by the firm silver scale. Though it was able to pierce through the scale, it only cut through a small bit of Queen Dong’s head before being blocked completely; it did not cut all the way through her head.

But one could imagine how painful it was!

Queen Dong let out a shriek of pain but then swiped violently at her head with one of her hands. With lightning speed, she struck the wound with the center of her palm, trapping the fine jade-green needle.

The needle rose and fell continuously in her hand but was shrouded in a blue hue which soon became impossible to get rid of.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face darkened slightly.

The tenacity of this enemy across from him had truly exceeded his expectations in certain respects, though he was doubtful that she would be able to withstand the green needle’s poison for long.

As this thought passed, he once again tapped in the air towards the light green full moon in the distance without hesitation.


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