Demon is Diary
Chapter 237 - Sword Spirit Embryo
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 237 - Sword Spirit Embryo

Chapter 237 - Sword Spirit Embryo

Upon this, Liu Ming gestured with one hand, lighting up the formation on the ground beneath him immediately. One by one, silver inscriptions started appearing before him.

At the same time, the blood fog that had revolved around the golden pearl was sucked within the pearl.

While a faint golden light was shining, over ten new blood stains started showing up on the pearl. Together with the older blood stains, it formed a complex formation all over the pearl.

When the blood formation finished, the golden pearl let out a bright ray of light and gave a buzzing sound as it circled around Liu Ming.

What looked like a lifeless pearl before, looked as though it had reawakened.

“It’s done”

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s spirits were raised.

The next moment, without Liu Ming casting any spells, the pearl whizzed towards Liu Ming, hitting his body.


The moment the pearl came into contact with Liu Ming’s body, it turned into a liquid form and with a roll, it became a somewhat hideous looking golden armor clothing on him.

As thin as it was, it managed to wrap a little less than half of his body.

Looking at the golden clothing, Liu Ming moved his arms and legs about, with his eyebrows furrowed.

All of a sudden, he tapped his body with one arm and once again, the golden clothing turned into a liquid form. Immediately, it into two and flowed to both of his hands.

Following a radiant light, two golden fists emerged.

Clenching his fists, Liu Ming felt an instant inexplicable energy that wrapped each of his fingers, giving them a warm sensation.

He took a deep breath and with a jerk of his arms, a golden fist pounded the ground in a blur.

“Boom!” it sounded loudly.

The entire room shook, sending a wave of golden air in all directions. A hole that was half a foot deep in the ground appeared.

Liu Ming then pulled back his arm to look at the golden fist and then again at the hole in the ground. He couldn’t help but give a surprised look.

Because of the First Yuan Heavy Water that he took out earlier, he had already reinforced the room.

To be able to bring out such an appalling and destructive energy in this situation, it would mean that his power had increased much more than what he had before.

With such a layer of Glazed Magma Metal on his fists, the strength increased by impressive amounts.

Still unable to fully believe the power of this force, Liu Ming breathed in heavily and the other golden fist pounded the ground in a flash.

A loud bang sounded once again and another hole that was as deep as the other appeared before him.

This time, Liu Ming was overjoyed.

However, he thought about it for a little while and gave a little twitch to one of his fists and the golden color followed his wrist and flowed in an upwards motion along his arms.

In a blink of an eye, his entire arm was wrapped in a thin layer of gold.

With a green flash from his other arm, he drew the Cyan Moon Sword out from his sleeves.

The sword swept across from his arm in a flash of coldness.

After what sounded like a metal friction, his gold arm was unscathed.

Upon seeing this, his eyebrows furrowed and with a jerk of his arms once again, the Cyan Moon Sword headed towards his arms.


As the intertwining of green on golden light flashed, his sword bounced off and left a faint mark of the sword on his arm.

This time around, all Liu Ming did was to give a nod.

He had only used half of his strength for that and did not use his Fa Li.

It can be seen that after the Glazed Magma Metal was thinned out, its defense against swords and blades wasn’t the greatest

However, when he shot a ball of fire and a blue icicle at his arm, his face became filled with excitement again.

The Glazed Magma Metal performed well on defending again both fire and ice.

The golden arm didn’t feel any cold or warm feelings from the fireball and icicle from before

However, it was not an end for Liu Ming’s test. As he took out the short green sword before him, a layer of golden liquid swept towards the sword and wrapped it in an instant.

The cyan sword was now golden in color.

Jerking his wrist, the sword came down cutting on his golden arm again and a mark that was slightly deeper than the previous one appeared.

“Only one tenth more powerful than before. It is no wonder the ancient record stated that the Glazed Magma Metal would have a larger amplification effect for Body Cultivators compared to blades or swords.” Seeing this, Liu Ming muttered and his face did not show much surprise.

With a flick of his sword once again, the golden liquid flowed straight back to his hands.

This time, Liu Ming kept his sword and closed his eyes while the golden liquid slid down his arms. Clinging on his skin, it then spread towards his entire body.

After a while, when Liu Ming opened his eyes again, starting from his neck all the way to his thighs were a shiny gold color.

After Liu Ming lowered his head and saw his appearance, he couldn’t help but give a bitter smile.

It seems that the amount Glazed Magma Metal was now not enough for him.

Previously in the cave, the hidden corpse of the ghost could be wrapped in the Glazed Magma Metal due to the fact that he did not have flesh on his body but just his skeleton left.

Nonetheless, with this on hand, he would have an added defense. Perhaps it would be able to save his life at a critical time.

As Liu Ming thought along this line, he drove out any thought of pity he had and with a move, the golden light on his body flashed. The layer of gold then faded immediately, forming a golden ball that floated before him.

This time, he only thought for a little while before catching the ball and pressing on his wrist.

As the ball burst, it turned into a thick shiny golden bracelet. Whether it was the size or the look of it, it looked exactly alike to the Tiger’s Bite bracelet on his other arm.

Moving his wrist, Liu Ming felt the weight of the golden bracelet and when nothing else seemed to be amiss, he sat cross legged on the ground. After taking out a pill to consume, he then closed his eyes and calmed his mind.

Three days later, when Liu Ming had almost made up for the blood essence that he lost from sacrificing the Glazed Magma Metal, he finally began to start to take out gold essence in the Great Tungsten Steel ring and used it to refine his Sword Spirit Embryo.

At this time, he still sat in the room cross legged. However, in front of him, between his two fingers, was a black ring

As Liu Ming muttered incantations, black smoke surrounded him and what looked like over ten blurry tentacles danced around, vaguely casting several hand signs.

Every once in a while, a bit of crystal light flew out from the black ring amidst Liu Ming’s chanting. The light then floated towards Liu Ming’s body.

In Liu Ming’s Dantian, a white ball of light as big as an egg twirled. It seemed like faintly, there was a couple dozen of crystal lights that varied in the strength of their pulses.


Five days later, he had still retained his posture, mouthing incantations without stopping. However, the ring between his fingers had turned into a blackened gray color and crystal light would strenuously fly out from it every quarter of an hour.

The white ball of light in Liu MIng’s body was gone and it was then replaced by a faint and hazy shadow of an inch long of a white sword.

The crystal lights that flew out merged into the sword when upon entering the dantian.

Seven days later, the blackened gray ring had completely turned into a grayish white color. While the white sword from Liu Ming’s abdomen appeared clearer than before, it was still rather faint, as though it would scatter and disappear at any moment.

All of a sudden, a “peng” sound rang out!

The metal ring finally shattered, forming a pile of white fragments that flew in all directions.

At this point, Liu Ming stopped his incantation and hurriedly summoned his mental strength to check his body. After it swept across, he then wet his chapped lips as a smile lit up his face.

During the entire process of extracting the Great Tungsten Steel from the iron ring had to be at once and was unable to stop once started.

Fortunately, with his cultivation, he was able to get through without any consumption of food nor water. However, he was naturally inevitable to have a parched mouth and a dry tongue as well as feeling a little weak.

Fortunately, the Sword Spirit Embryo had already been established and all he needed to do was slowly cultivate it.

According to the Great Symbol Sword Technique, in a short period of time, this Sword Embryo would be unable to be released out and hurt the enemy. But it would still be a great advantage. For example, the Sword Spirit Embryo could help people find sword intent or strengthen sword qis.

Liu Ming was in good spirits and after eating a few Pills of Fastening and drinking some water, he went back to his room and fell asleep right away.

Although his mental strength was now no lesser than a Spirit Master, he had not had proper rest for a long time and unable to overcome the fatigue.

The following month, aside from practicing alchemy twice at Fan Bai Zi, Liu Ming’s other times were spent in his cave working hard on cultivating his Sword Spirit Embryo.

It had just formed in his body and was not stable, he had to hurry and get it solidified before being able to feel at ease.

Right at this moment, news about the Sea Race invading the mainland and their army occupying the neighboring countries had finally spread to Xuanjing.

Immediately, the entire Xuanjing was in an uproar.

Within a few days, the surviving loose practitioners had mostly left and only less than half remained. Many more of them were still trying to escape Xuanjing.

As for the underground markets in Xuanjing, be it pills, Glyphs, practitioner weapons or totems, the prices for them increased at an alarming rate. However, many loose practitioners were still snatching for them.

After a month, when Liu Ming appeared once again, there were very few underground markets that were still in business

However, Liu Ming didn't mind any of this.

He only spent his time investigating Xuanjing in secret and when he did not find any trace of the Sea Race, he headed back to the cave and cultivate.


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