Demon is Diary
Chapter 245 - Advancing to Spirit Master
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 245 - Advancing to Spirit Master

Chapter 245 - Advancing to Spirit Master

At the entrance of the hall, there was the man with the surname of Tong sitting on the chair. He stared at the wall opposite to him that had a large bronze mirror.

This mirror was of a square shape and its edges were all covered by a purple bronze. It showed a picture full of white mist.

It was a picture of outside the stone house Liu Ming was currently at.

“To actually make such a big scene, looks like Junior Liu will really be planning to condense his aura into Symbol Qi here. I wonder what kind of Pure Aura he is using as well as how sure he is.” The white robed man saw the image in the mirror and muttered, quite interested.

In the remaining time, the cloud of mist enlarged piece by piece.

There was a pavilion at the entrance of the canyon. At the top of the pavilion, the Tong man sat on a chair as the stared at a huge mirror on the other side of the wall.

This bronze mirror was quite square and was wrapped around the edges in purple bronze. The face of it showed a clear image of white fog.

In the remaining time, the sea of mist slowly expanded. Half a month later, the sea of mist above the stone house was actually a couple of acres large and covered nearly half of the Spirit Pool’s sky.

In this morning, the white mist suddenly started to tumble and shrink towards the stone house at its middle.

At noon, a funnel like white fog appeared above the stone house and under its crazy turnings, the fog poured into the house.

The white robed man who was watching this scene through the bronze mirror in the hall. His expression was extremely serious and stared at the mirror without blinking.

When two-thirds of the thick white fog was poured into the stone house, suddenly a sky shattering sound rang out.

The entire stone house trembled and the rest of the white fog dispersed. At the same time, white lines shot out from the house and spread into the surrounding region. Then, they exploded and became back into the white fog.

“As expected, failure. He hasn’t been able to make his Fa Li into a liquid state. The act of Condensing the Aura into Cultivation Qi is not so easily done. Even with my talent, it took me two times before I barely succeeded.” The white robed man saw this and muttered to himself. His face didn’t have too much surprise on it.

With the number of Barbarian Ghost disciples, there were definitely many that were able to cultivate to the level of perfection of Spirit Apostles. However, those that could advance to Spirit Masters were quite rare. Thus, he wasn’t surprised when he saw that Liu Ming had failed.

When the white robed man started to ponder if Liu Ming would leave the Stone house early, a surprising scene appeared in the bronze mirror.

He saw that the white fog that had spat out of the stone room had suddenly turned and floated back towards the stone house again.

In an instant, a hazy fog sea once again condensed together and start spinning again.

“Second condensing aura, no wonder that Martial Nephew Liu was so confident in opening the Spirit Pool. He actually prepared two portions of the same type of Pure Aura Qi. It’s likely that he spent quite a bit of Spirit Stones.”

Seeing this, the white robed man was quite surprised.

To prepare two portions of the same Pure Aura Qi in order to increase the success rate was a common method that many used. However, most people lacked the means to do so.

This made the “Martial Uncle Tong” have a sense of anticipation for Liu Ming.

Thus, the scene from the morning once again started. However, this time, the sea of fog was larger than before.

After a couple hours passed, the remaining sea of fog exploded and countless white lines shot from the stone house. Seeing this, the white robed man gave a sign and showed expressions of pity.

This time, almost the entire sea of fog entered the sea of fog and only around ten percent remained.

With this, in the eyes of the white robed man, his Martial Nephew Liu was only one step away from condensing his Aura Qi. That was quite the shame.

However, in the next moment, a buzz sounded from within the house and the white fog once again gathered. The white robed man was quite surprised.

“The third condensing aura! Impossible, he actually has three different portions of the same type of Pure Aura Qi. At the same time, his body strength and mental strength is able to withstand this.” When Martial Uncle Tong recovered his bearings, his expression became quite interesting.

However, in the next few hours, when the sea of fog that was larger than the ones before, completely went into the stone house. Not a single strand remained outside. Then, Liu Ming within the stone house gave a loud roar that shot into the skies. Even the restrictions could not contain this roar.

At the same time, most of the Barbarian Ghost disciples that were doing various things all heard Liu Ming’s long roar. With shock, the looked towards where the roar came from.

In the next moment, a huge light pillar between two mountains shot up. It was three to four thousand meters tall and its surface was quite blue. Within, dots of extra bright light shined making the pillar look full of stars.

“Outpouring of Symbol Qi!”

“Condensing Aura Qi!”

“Someone advanced to the Spirit Master!”

Quite a few Barbarian Ghost disciples were surprised at this scene.

For some of the upper echelon of the Barbarian Ghost sect, they were shocked after seeing this scenery and left their dwellings to head straight for the Spirit Pool.

Within moments, at the hall, a white cloud lowered and a pretty woman appeared before the front gates. She raised her head and looked at the blue light pillar above her and showed an expression of shock.

It was the Ghost Dance faction’s Lin Caiyu.

Before she walked towards the hall, an air piercing sound rang in the sky. Another two had flown near here and with a couple of flashes, they appeared next to the woman.

One was a middle aged Daoist and the other was a scholarly looking man. It was the Mysterious Glyphs Faction’s Daoist Zhang and Baleful Yin Faction’s Chu Qi.

The two looked at the light pillar and also looked quite shocked.

“Junior Lin, to be coming so quick, is the person who broke through someone from the Dancing Ghost Faction?” Chu Qi asked Lin Caiyu seriously.

“That’d be great if that was the case. I came here quickly because I was in the area attending to a matter and naturally was the first here. I have my suspicions that the disciple inside is of the Baleful Yin Faction.” Lin Caiyu gave a grunt.

“Our Baleful Yin only has a few disciples at the perfect Spirit Apostle level and over half of them have already tried to break through. The other two are still in their retreat and gathering strength. The person inside definitely isn’t of the Baleful Yin faction.” Chu Qi heard this and shook his head.

“If it isn’t disciples in your two factions, then it definitely isn’t a discipline in the Mysterious Glyphs. We don’t even have any Spirit Apostles near perfection.” Daoist Zhang gave a sigh and said.

Right when the three were looking at each other, a couple more Spirit Masters appeared from the sky. They were all confused at the situation within and didn’t know who had broken through to being a Spirit Master.

One of these people was Gui Ruquan.

However, this Nine Infant Faction leader was also confused.

He obviously knew that Liu Ming was in the Spirit Pool but he didn’t know if the person that broke through would be Liu Ming.

After all, in his mind, Liu Ming’s three Spiritual Pulses made his advancement possibility next to nothing.

Although Gui Ruquan was quiet, his strange expression was still caught by Chu Qi. Thinking of something, Chu Qi spoke up and directly asked:

“Senior Gu, I see that you haven’t spoken since the beginning. Do you know which disciple has broken through to the Spirit Master realm?”

“This…” Gui Ruquan furrowed his brows and didn’t know how to respond. An air-piercing sound rang in the sky and a linen clothed elder came flying down.

It was the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader.

With this, Chu Qi and Gui Ruquan didn’t have time to say anymore and all went up to py their respects.

“Haha, the gods are really favoring us Barbarian Ghost Sect. In just three years, we first had Gao Chong and Yang Qian who were able to successfully advance to the Spirit Master realm and now there’s another disciple. This is really quite a cherry matter. That’s right, do juniors know which disciple broke through this bottleneck.” After landing, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader was quite happy.

For him, in such a crucial moment against the Sea Race, even just one extra Spirit Master cultivator was enough to make a sizable difference.

“Senior Sect Leader, we also just got here and don’t know which faction this disciple is under.” Hearing this, Lin Caiyu gave a bitter smile.

“Since that’s the case, let’s enter and ask Junior Tong. He has the Sky Seeing Mirror and can see everything within the Spirit Pool.” Hearing this, the sect leader grimaced.

Gui Ruquan and the other Spirit Masters naturally nodded yes and quickly entered the hall.

“Welcome Sect Leader and seniors!” When the group of people walked in the hall, the white robed man smiled as he came down.

“Junior Tong, you can at just the right time. Do you know how it is that just condensed their Symbol Qi? Looking at the scene of the pillar, it shouldn’t be an ordinary disciple.” When the sect leader saw the white robed man, he immediately started asking questions.

“Looks like Sect Leader and there others are here to ask about that. It’s quite an easy answer. The disciple is under the Nine Infant Faction and is called Liu Ming.” The white robed man said without pausing.

“It really is Martial Nephew Liu.” Hearing this, Gui Ruquan was quite happy but a shred of disbelief still remained on his face.

“What? Senior Gui’s faction. This name of Liu Ming sounds quite familiar. Is this the disciple that Junior Zhong asked to restore his real name?” Chu Qi heard this and paused for a moment before coming to a realization. He showed a face of shock as he asked.

“Are you guys talking about the disciple that was called Bai Congtian?” The sect leader tugged on his beard as he was also shocked.

Because of Gao Chong, he had paid quite a bit of attention to Liu Ming’s matters.

The other Spirit Masters heard this and each had different expressions.

“Senior Sect Leader is right, it is indeed this Martial Nephew Liu. However, he has just broken through his bottleneck and will need at least half a year to stabilize his realm. According to our sect’s rules, anyone who breaks through to the Spirit Master realm has a year of free use for the Spirit Pool. He probably won’t come out anytime soon.” The white robed man blinked his eyes and said.


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