Demon is Diary
Chapter 288
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 288

“Have you ever thought about what kind of person Yuan Mo was? Since he had made such a suggestion, how could he not be prepared? He only said a part of the proposal. There should be some things that haven’t been made public." Martial Uncle Yan said with a smile.

“Martial Uncle means that Yuan Mo might have a blood contract or something similar in his hand that can dispel the concerns of our sects?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader asked in a puzzled tone.

"Hehe, he must have some important chips in his hand. Otherwise, if he was rejected by the sects, wouldn’t that be a great disgrace? I believe everything will be clear at the next conference. " Martial Uncle Yan said confidently.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader nodded.

After Liu Ming walked out of the stone hall, he hesitated a little and did not directly return to his house. Instead, he flew into the air toward another building.

After a short moment, he landed in front of a stone house with its doors tightly shut. With a shake of his sleeve, he flicked a finger at the space above the door, letting out an extremely clear knocking sound.

“Liu Ming, it is great that you can return safely. However, I don’t want to see anyone in the next two days. You can go back and have a good rest first.”

After a long silence, Martial Aunt Zhong’s extremely calm voice came from behind the door.

“Yes, Teacher…I am very sorry about Martial Uncle Zhu!”

Liu Ming only said a few words in a low voice. However, there were no other sounds coming from the stone house.

Then he left quietly.

A short while later, Liu Ming appeared in his stone house.

He let out a long sigh as he sat down cross-legged on a cushion. After thinking about all the things for a while, his eyes flashed.

He couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Although he understood the truth of the law of the jungle, he was still moved by the feeling of powerless to deal with the Crystal Level Cultivator. The experience of almost dying in the hands of the golden-armored man had made him crave for power even more.

Liu Ming sat silently in the stone room for more than an hour before he took out a jade box from his sleeve and suddenly flipped the lid open with one hand.

It was a yellow talisman that looked somewhat damaged.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and with a flick of his finger, he took the talisman out of the box and started examining it carefully.

When he was in the mountain range, he had examined this talisman once, but he was in a hurry, he may had missed some details…

There were many faint golden Spirit Marks on the surface of the talisman. And there was a little golden person wearing a leather skirt in the center.

It looked very similar to the giant simulacrum that appeared behind the golden-armored man.

After Liu Ming infused his Fa Li into it, the surface of the talisman immediately flashed with a golden light. An ancient and savage aura was emitted, giving Liu Ming an extremely dangerous feeling.

He hastily retracted his Fa Li and the talisman once again returned to its usual calmness.

Liu Ming stared at it for quite a while before seeing that it truly did not have any follow-up actions. Then he infused his Fa Li into it bit by bit.

This time, the talisman glowed with a golden light and emitted an aura of savagery.

At the same time, the golden figure on the surface gradually became thinner.

When Liu Ming saw this, his expression slightly changed and he was about to increase his Fa Li.

He suddenly felt something and abruptly looked to the side.

A few feet away, a figure in golden-armor appeared, , causing him to jump in fright.

Liu Ming thought that the golden-armored man had appeared and he almost took the short sword out of his sleeve. However, he instantly noticed the difference between the golden figure and the golden-armored man.

The golden-armored man’s entire body was as solid as an ordinary person’s, and his facial features were similar to the Sea Race expert, Li Kun.

But this figure was extremely blurry. It was only a faint shadow, and his face was vaguely similar to his own.

At this time, Liu Ming knew that the golden figure was from the talisman. He suppressed the surprise in his heart as he continued to pour the Fa Li in his body into the talisman.

The originally blurry golden figure slowly became clear. With a “Pu” sound, the talisman in his hand suddenly transformed into specks of golden light that disappeared into thin air.

At the same time, the golden figure was completely no different from an ordinary person. Not only was the armor on his body shining with a golden light, his facial features were the same as Liu Ming’s.

The muscles on Liu Ming’s face twitched for a moment before he slowly stood up. After walking around the golden-armored man twice, he muttered with flickering eyes: “I heard a long time ago that a true fighter could draw talismans and make them come true. I never thought it was true. This should be the legendary Talisman Soldier. However, I had never heard of a Talisman Soldier being able to possess its own intelligence.”

Liu Ming muttered to himself and used his spirit power to scan through the interior of the golden armored soldier. Only the Spirit Apostle’s aura remained. His eyes were dull and his face was expressionless. He was not even comparable to the earlier golden-armored man

“Could it be that the method to activate this talisman is wrong?”

Liu Ming could only think like this.

He naturally did not know that the thing in front of him was not an ordinary Talisman Soldier, but a Golden-armored Talisman Soldier that were rare in this world.

The two looked very similar on the surface, but they were vastly different!

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and suddenly reached out his hand to touch the armor on the soldier. A warm feeling was transmitted to his hand and it was clearly different from the usual cold feeling on the armor.

In the following time, he tested the soldier in front of him with various methods. He was finally certain that the Golden-armored Talisman Soldier in front of him truly did not have any intelligence; it was just an empty shell.

However, the Golden-armored Talisman Soldier’s body was like a bottomless pit. It could withstand the infusion of Fa Li for a long period of time without any overflowing. Moreover, with the infusion of a large amount of Fa Li, its cultivation also gradually increased from the early Spirit Apostle stage to the middle stage.

Liu Ming had already poured a quarter of his Fa Li into the Golden-armored Talisman Soldier.

If he were to pour all of the Fa Li in his body into him, he should be able to raise him to the Late Spirit Apostle stage without any problems. If he was able to burn his Fa Li, it would be possible for him to temporarily launch one or two early Middle Liquid Level attacks.

All of this was roughly the same as the golden-armored man who had nearly killed him in the mountain range.

Liu Ming hesitated for a moment before immediately taking two steps back. He formed a sign with one hand and immediately released a wisp of his spirit imprint from his Sea of Consciousness. He then carefully poured it into the soldier’s head.


After the golden-armored soldier ferociously struck the ground with a fist, a golden light immediately flashed and a foot-deep hole appeared. However, when the shockwave that came out of the hole came into contact with the walls of the stone room, the restriction light trembled slightly and no longer made any sound.

"Using puppet techniques can also control this soldier. But there should be other special control techniques. Otherwise, a Talisman Soldier would not have such a reputation. When I get back, I’ll have to check the information and see if there are any relevant instructions.”

He muttered to himself thoughtfully.


He moved his arm and placed a palm on the shoulder of the soldier. A faint black gas appeared on his palm and sucked back the pure Fa Li in the soldier’s body.

After a golden talisman appeared on the surface of the soldier, it instantly exploded into a ball of golden light.

When all the light vanished, the worn out yellow talisman appeared once again.

Liu Ming placed a few more restriction talismans on it before carefully placing it inside his sleeve.

After seeing how powerful the golden-armored man was, Liu Ming naturally didn’t dare to underestimate this object.

After finishing all of this, Liu Ming once again sat cross-legged on the praying mat and began to carefully examine his hands.

A chink of light flashed and a red scale that was the size of a grain of rice appeared in his palm. It quickly grew and became two inches large in the blink of an eye.

He looked at the scarlet scale with an abnormally gloomy expression.

He had been wearing the crude Dragon Scale Armor for such a long time, so he naturally recognized the scale. It was on that armor.

When Liu Ming woke up in the mountain range and examined the items in the Sumeru Conch, he discovered that aside from the Golden Essence Dirt and the Glazed Fire Gold being used up, the Scarlet Dragon shell had also disappeared.

Compared to the previous two items, the value of the Scarlet Dragon shell was much higher.

However, he could not find any trace of the Dragon Scales. When he felt that his physical body had grown stronger, he could not help but associate this matter with the missing scales.

On the way back in the flying boat, when he inadvertently activated the technique to stimulate the skin on his palm, a Dragon Scale suddenly appeared out of thin air.

When he had examined his body earlier, he hadn’t found any trace of it.

Fortunately, without the stimulation of Fa Li, this scale would quickly disappear into the skin.

In this way, although Liu Ming was greatly shocked, he was in a hurry to get back to the city. Thus, he had to put it behind him first.

Now, he could finally try different methods to stimulate his skin.

He kept one hand in front of his face while the other hand formed signs with his five fingers. Immediately, the black gas rolled out and began to revolve around his body.


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