Demon is Diary
Chapter 298
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 298

A few days later, beside the rolling river, the woman’s expression was stiff as she threw a letter into the surging river. At the same time, she muttered to herself: “What cultivator, what illusory world formed by a Gu worm! So, husband, you’ve already gone crazy many years ago. If that’s the case, Ling Er won’t blame you anymore. I’ll go down and accompany you right now.”


The woman jumped into the river.


In the following period of time, Liu Ming and Zhang Xiuniang went through several reincarnations in the illusionary world.

Xiu Niang had been reincarnated as a princess, a beggar, a prostitute, and other people of different identities.

Every time, Liu Ming just so happened to become a close person to this woman. He were her father, or brother, or husband. However, he would most likely awaken at the age of twenty and recall his true cultivation identity. In this way, he would naturally use all sorts of methods to stimulate Zhang Xiuniang, hoping to awaken her memories as a cultivator.

During this process, Liu Ming almost succeeded twice. Unfortunately, the image of the huge bug that also appeared twice out of thin air, used that strange, cold wind to blow away Liu Ming’s memories. In the end, he was defeated.

Even though Liu Ming was quite depressed, every time the bug appeared, it was more blurry than the last time. By the time it appeared for the third time, it was too blurry to see.


The seventh reincarnation.

A silver-armored female general and a black-armored young man stabbed a sword and a long blade into the other party’s vitals, hugged, and rolled down a cliff.

After a sharp pain, they landed on a thick pile of withered grass at the same time and let go of each other.

Although the man’s chest had been pierced through by the woman’s sword, he was still looking at the woman with a smile.

The woman was on the verge of death. However, just as her lips moved slightly and she wanted to say something, the sky suddenly darkened, and a strange and mournful cry came from outside the clouds

Following that, an endless blood rain scattered down from the sky, covering nearly every inch of the entire world. Anything that was hit by the blood rain, no matter what it was, melted.

Only the female general and the black-armored young man had a strange white light appear on their bodies. The blood rain fell from their bodies.

“Fellow Liu, it’s all thanks to you this time.” The silver-armored female general didn’t have any change in expression when faced with this kind of situation. Instead, she remained silent for a moment before speaking calmly.

“Congratulations to Fellow Zhang for finally awakening from this world. Now that the Gu worm has been defeated, we should be leaving soon.” Liu Ming replied with a light laugh.

“Mm. It’s also the day when it was destroyed.” The silver-armored woman spoke with flashing eyes.

The black-armored youth laughed heartily.

Their two bodies suddenly blurred and disappeared into white light.


Within the magical formation in the main hall, Zhang Xiuniang suddenly groaned. After moving her eyelids a few times, she slowly opened her eyes.

“That’s great! Zhang Xiuniang has woken up!”

Master Leng Yue and the others from the Heavenly Moon Sect were all extremely happy.

The purple-robed woman, who had been casting her spell, pursed her lips into a smile, withdrew her Fa Li, and stopped the Nine Revolving Samsara Plate that was still rotating above the formation.

Yuan Mo also formed a sign with one hand and pointed at the formation.

Immediately, the buzzing sound of the formation stopped and all the multicolored lights disappeared.

The illusory golden arched bridge that had been erected between the two jade platforms instantly began to shatter apart.

At this time, two female disciples of the Heavenly Moon Sect rushed into the formation. One of them took out a pill and fed it to Zhang Xiuniang. The other stuck seven or eight talismans onto her body.

Although Zhang Xiuniang had escaped from the illusory world formed by the Gu worm, after such a long time, her spirit was greatly weakened and she had lost a lot of Yuan Qi.

On the other side, Liu Ming also sat up slowly from the jade platform and took out a pill from his sleeve.

To the people outside, only half a day had passed, but he had already lived for hundreds of years. His gaze swept across everyone in the hall, feeling dazed.

“Great! Martial Nephew Liu, you have done the most to save her this time.” Ye Tianmei walked to Liu Ming’s side.

“I won’t go back on my word on what I promised you.”

“Thank you.” Liu Ming jumped off the jade bed, bowing as he replied.

Ye Tianmei nodded her head and did not say anything more as she left.

Martial Uncle Yan walked over with a face full of smiles and gave Liu Ming a similarly large amount of praise.

He glanced at Zhang Xiuniang, and she was looking in his direction. When their gazes met, their hearts trembled and they subconsciously dodged.

Although everything that had happened in the illusory world was not true, the life they lived together in the seven reincarnations was still vivid in their eyes, as if it had happened yesterday.

This made the two of them feel a little strange.

“It seems that Martial Nephew has experienced a lot of things with Zhang in the illusory world?” Martial Uncle Yan asked with a faint smile.

“I was only doing my best to wake Senior Zhang up.” Liu Ming replied somewhat embarrassedly.

“I feel that Xiu Niang is a good match for you.” Martial Uncle Yan said while twirling his beard.

“Now that we’re facing a common enemy of the Sea Race, if the core disciples of the sects could get married, that would be a good thing for everyone.”

"You must be joking, Martial Uncle!” Hearing him say this, Liu Ming jumped in fright. He looked left and right, as if no one else had heard his words. Only then did he relax.

"Hehe, You probably don’t know yet. Putting aside the rewards they will give you, just the things you’ve experienced in the illusory world are already extremely beneficial to you!” Martial Uncle Yan suddenly revealed a mysterious expression as he said this.

“What do you mean?” Liu Ming was confused.

“Hmph, Do I need to be clearer? Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Do you notice any changes in your Mental Energy?” Martial Uncle Yan asked.

“Mental Energy?” Hearing this, Liu Ming was stunned. However, after a quick check, he was immediately pleasantly surprised.

”Hmm, it is actually a bit stronger than before.”

"Of course! The formation set up by Yuan Mo, the Dreaming Winding Gu, and the Nine Revolving Samsara Plate are all extremely rare treasures. It wasn’t strange that the combination of the three could bring benefits to a cultivator Otherwise, why would I let you participate when I knew there would be risks if I let you enter that illusory world? ".

Martial Uncle Yan replied without thinking.

“Thanks Martial Uncle for your help!”

Liu Ming immediately bowed to Martial Uncle Yan and sincerely thanked him.

“It’s nothing. I don’t have much time. In the future, the Barbarian Ghost Sectarian Ghost Sect will depend on your generation.” Martial Uncle Yan only patted Liu Ming’s shoulder before turning around and leaving.

“I don’t have much time…” Liu Ming couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart.

Since Zhang Xiuniang had already woken up, the Crystal Level experts from the other sects didn’t have any intention of staying here any longer. They all bid their farewells and left.

Liu Ming followed Martial Uncle Yan back to his house.

The first thing he did was fall asleep in bed. His experience in the illusory world had made him exhausted, and he desperately needed a proper rest. He slept for an entire day and night.

When he slowly woke up again, he immediately jumped off the bed and first used a water ball to wash his face. After he recovered his spirit, he sat cross-legged on a cushion in the room.

Liu Ming did not immediately refine his Spirit Weapons. Instead, he made hand signs with both hands and started to catch his breath quietly.

After experiencing several reincarnations in the illusory world, his Mental Energy had increased by a lot, but his state of mind showed some signs of instability. He needed to consolidate it.

Three days later, when Liu Ming opened his eyes, his pupils were clear.

Next, he started to refine the two spirit weapons, the Golden Moon Sword and the black round bead.

At the same time, the Crystal Level experts in the city were gathered to discuss some extremely important matters.

Half a month later, the great armies of the various sects, apart from the agreed disciples, finally began to return to their sects.

Liu Ming, Gao Chong, Qian Yang, and the others all returned.

After half a day, the flying boats rose up from the city and the members of the Barbarian Ghost Sectarian Ghost Sect immediately shot off into the distance.

Three months later, Liu Ming and the others finally returned to the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

The remaining disciples who had received the news immediately reopened the sealed entrance to welcome them.

The grand celebration lasted for many days. People indulged themselves in the grand ceremony, and it was only after ten days that the sect recovered its calm.


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