Demon is Diary
Chapter 315: Black Liquid and White Flame
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 315: Black Liquid and White Flame

Translator: Sissy That Walk

It was seen that the black giant Python halted abruptly twenty feet away from the Magic Matrix, sticking out a purple-red tongue inconstantly from its mouth. The tongue looked undamaged, as if it had never been cut off at all.

Besides, a touch of ridicule flashed across the giant Python’s bloody-red eyes, and then spurted out an ink-color liquid from its mouth in a blink of an eye.

Liu Ming was shocked, jumped out of the liquid without any hesitation, and retreated to the other side of the Magic Matrix instantly.

It was as loud as pouring rain hitting the bamboo fence.

The seemingly empty space sensed something, and then a large Magic Matrix hidden underneath emerged with flickering rays of light. A layer of red rays of light appeared, fending against the falling black liquid.

After the layer of red rays of light met the black liquid, dissolved with flesh and blood, then after a "bang" sound, a big hole was made by the perforation.

The black liquid couldn’t be stopped, then it poured into the layer of red rays of light. After a loud “bang” burst, it slammed down immediately like heavy raindrops.

The twinkling scarlet red Spirit Inscription was instantly pierced by these liquids, and the whole Magic Matrix was seriously damaged with hundreds of holes. It was destroyed in such a horrible way.

Even though Liu Ming believed in himself for he had plenty of consummate means to deal with the difficulties encountered, however, his facial expression changed when he saw the black liquid was so overbearing. At the same time, he couldn’t help blaming the master of Yuan Mo Sect in his mind.

This was the Magic Matrix that the master said to be able to overpower the Fiendish Python!

Judging from the current situation, even if he could lure the giant Python into the Magic Matrix, he may couldn’t withstand the Python’s black liquid.

However, until now, Han Li had never showed himself up, and nobody knew what kind of concealment method he used. And even for Liu Ming, who had such a powerful spiritual Strength, he could only indistinctly feel the youth’s breath was somewhere not far away, while he couldn't really tell the exact location.

Though had formidable strength, the black giant Python right in Matrix only had an ordinary Spiritual Strength, what it could do was just staring at Han Li. Obviously, it neglected its another enemy hidden nearby.

Under such circumstance, as long as Han Li seized the opportunity, it wasn’t impossible to attack the Fiendish Python. But before that, he had to resist the attack of the demonic beast first, and tried his best to create opportunities for the young man to launch an attack.

But in this case, he must first resist the attack of the Fiendish Python in Matrix of him alone, which made him a genuine bait.

"Well! It is unlikely to retreat now. Just estimate the strength of this Fiendish Python first! That’s more than enough to protect myself with the scales of Serpent Dragon in crystal period now that the Python is still in Liquid Level". Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and thought for a while, and then his golden sword trembled in his hand at the same time.

There was a loud crash!

The dense shadow of the golden sword overlapped and bolted out in Matrix of him, turned into a sword light for seven or eight feet instantly, and went straight to the giant Python.

The black giant Python stood still, opened its mouth, then another gale of black liquid spouted, just happened to crash into the rolling sword light.


The golden sword light collapsed and disappeared, just at the time the black liquid turned into black gas and gone.

The two were perished together!

Liu Ming was wholly surprised as he saw this.

After all, although he employed the simplest means of a swordsman, the weapon in his hand was of the top quality, of which the power was almost several times that of the Cyan Moon sword. Powerful as it was, it still extinguished by this black liquid.

This Fiendish Python in Liquid Advanced Stage was powerful to such an extent.

Just when Liu Ming hesitated about whether to attack again with an unpracticed Sword technique, his facial expression changed suddenly, and he swung his arm abruptly, then a golden sword light lashed out towards the sky.


A light shadow of the black giant Python’s head presented suddenly and silently above Liu Ming, then it bit down towards him in lightning speed.

Consequently, a golden sword light flashed, split the shadow of the black giant Python from the middle into halves.

The next moment, however, something emerged from the void of Liu Ming’s side, with that appeared a light shadow of the other black giant Python’s head, which bit towards him viciously as the earlier one did.

"Let me exterminate you beast!"

Liu Ming was supposed to employ the Golden Moon sword in his hand, but the opportunity escaped now he could only let out a loud cry. Then his other one free hand suddenly clenched into fist, and hit towards the light shadow of the other black giant Python.

With a “bang”, the shadow of the black fist broke through towards the Python.

The Python’s head trembled, then broke to pieces by the tremendous force that rushed out of the shadow of the fist.

At this point, Liu Ming did not mean to loosen himself up. Instead, he hurriedly stomped on the ground with one of his feet, swayed his whole body, and shot forward to one side as fast as the arrow flied off the string.


The third black giant Python emerged from the yellow sand right beneath the ground he stood, with its big mouth bit nothing but the air.

In the next moment, Liu Ming stayed in the same place for a while, then kept moving his whole body in the yellow sand so fast with his shadows left all over the place. He wielded the golden sword in his hand incessantly, while the black Python chased after him with its dreadful opening mouth.

But for Liu Ming was physically strong and as light as a swallow for he had taken the Aerial grass, he would have already been struck down under such a quirky attack.

Fortunately, the main body of the black Fiendish Python was still in the same place, motionless, while it stared at Liu Ming with its cold eyes. It seemed that there were black Spirit Inscription flashed on its thick black scales.

It was obvious that the Python’s main body cannot move easily as it was launching attack in this manner.


A sudden cold wind swelled in the empty space near the giant Python, then the dense aura emerged on its body out of nowhere, and instantly coagulated and became thick ice rings.

At the same time, the air above fluctuated and Han Li showed up, with a quaint lamp suspended in Matrix of him.

After took a deep breath, he suddenly blew a few bursts of milky white vital essence to this quaint lamp.

In an instant, the blossoming white flames emerged from the quaint lamp one after another, and fluttered downward.

As the few groups of vital essence were blew, the young man’s breath of life was greatly diminished, and he staggered, which almost made him fell down from the void.

Upon the ice rings contacted the giant Python’s body, the Python growled with its head twisted abruptly. As several ice rings cracked and broken at its neck, the Python raised its head all of a sudden and ejected some black liquid, heading to sweep away all these white flames.

Something unexpected happened!

As soon as the black liquid got to the seven light flames, it turned into a large brisk white flame with a sound “boom”.

Waved his sleeves in the air, Han Li showed and wielded the white short dagger he had already prepared and rushed to downward.

In an instant, a cold wind burst in the upper air!

The white flame fanned by the wind and rolled down, drowning the black Fiendish Python at one blow.

The screaming sound of the black giant Python immediately came out from the white flame. Obviously, this white flame hurt him much.

Han Li saw this in mid-air, he pleased for a second, which can be seen from his face, and then he opened his mouth and spurted an essence and blood to the quaint lamp.

Immediately, a bloody red flame emerged above the quaint lamp out of thin air.

When the young lad was about to spur the flame, the air around his ears fluctuated, and then he heard Liu Ming’s urgent warning:


"What?" Though Han Li had remarkable ability, he lacked practical combat experience, and that was why he froze when he heard the word and stopped moving.


In the white flame underneath, a slightly burnt gigantic Python’s head suddenly rushed out against expectation. After exhaling some foul smell, its big mouth full of fangs appeared under the young man.

Han Li was greatly frightened and then he tried to shun it. However, his whole body seemed to be tied up by an invisible force that he could not move a bit. He was about to be swallowed up by the giant Python below him.

Just then, a "jingle" sound rung from his waist. Then he saw a silver chain flashed out like a lightening with no sign and pulled back all of a sudden, pulling the young man out a dozen feet away...

The big mouth bit nothing but the air.

It was Liu Ming who had shook off the chasing Python. It was seen that he shook his sleeves suddenly, then released the Suppressing Demon chain, and saved Han Li from the Python’s mouth in the nick of time.

Just then, this Demonic beast roared, swept down with its tail furiously, furled a wild dark wind, and then the white flame below was completely put out. At the same time, its giant body jumped and slammed to Han Li not far away.

The young man was frightened.

At this moment, he just extricated himself from the constraint of the previous great force. He was so weak that he couldn’t take any defensive measures within such a short time. He could only struggle on and charged toward the quaint lamp to have a blow.


The scarlet red flame blurred and it turned into a crimson red bird that rushed out from the lamp and flied straight towards the giant Python.

The black giant Python turned up its nose at the little bird, spurted out a black gas, which rolled out the bloody red bird a few feet away, and then all these burst in a flash.

Everything within one feet was enveloped in a bloody red flame.

After wiping out all the obstruction, the giant Pythons took a fierce bite at Han Li.

It was the moment that a black light flashed, and then a black bead appeared above the Python’s head, which slammed down to the target.


The bead was just smashed on the top of the Python’s head, therewith appeared a light shadow like a hill.

The giant Python growled in a low voice, with its giant house-sized head collapsed and fell heavily to the ground, making the nearby ground tremble.

After two rounds of rituals, the weight of the bead had been tens of thousands of pounds. Powerful as Liu Ming was, he could do nothing but barely use it.

Even though this Fiendish Python had a mighty strength, how could it resist the directly enhanced slamming blow of the bead.

Immediately, this Demonic beast got so dizzy that couldn’t lift its head up.

But at this moment, Liu Ming did not hesitate to throw the golden short sword into the air, and formed a sword sign with his two hands quickly.

The golden sword blurred, then turned into a shocking rainbow, and it flashed through the central part of the Python’s head.

Black blood burst out immediately from the Python’s head as the giant head was cut into halves.


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