Demon is Diary
Chapter 342: Conflic
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 342: Conflic

“This shield is made by the savage beastkin, thousands year turtle’s shell and a piece of tidal dense gold which was obtained by chance when a senior in my race visited the forbidden sea. It took eighty one days to forge this shield using true spirit fire. Its 31 enchantments are extraordinary. After it has gone through sacrificial refining, and when it is activated, not only it can release a water curtain to shield oneself, it can also enhance the water attribute techniques’ power!”

Yan Jue took out the little golden shield from the box, and slowly described the shield. His tone expressed his pride.
Hearing that Yan Jue said that this Tidal Shield was a superb spiritual weapon containing 31 enchantments. Not only was there a commotion in the cave, Liu Ming, who had been watching indifferently, also felt shocked.

The spiritual weapon that contained more than 28 enchantments was enough to call it as the best spiritual weapon. This spiritual weapon that contained 31 enchantments was already superb spiritual weapon of the middle rank.

Although the Golden Moon Sword in his hand was also the superb spiritual weapon, it only had 28 enchantments. Once the spiritual weapon contained more than 28 enchantments, each additional enchantment would enhance its power that was incomparable to the previous one.

Liu Ming really saw such spiritual weapons that contained so many layers of enchantment for the first time. He immediately looked without blinking at the small shield in the hands of the man on the stone platform, and many thoughts aroused in his mind.

People who were surprised like Liu Ming were naturally not a minority.
After all, before Yan Jue took out this shield, most of them thought that the so-called best spiritual weapon in this auction should be the kind of superb spiritual weapon that was just at the lower rank. It was just that the forging material was relatively rare and precious, so the power enhancement effect was relatively rare.

What was unexpected now was that this was an intermediate rank superb spiritual weapon. This was enough to make a commotion in the entire Bieyuan Island.

Even if one doesn’t cultivate in water attribute exercises, it was enough to greatly enhance one’s strength by having such a superb spiritual weapon of such rank.

Yan Jue seemed very satisfied with the shocked expression of everyone now, and after a pause, he continued to speak with a twist of his beard:
“Okay, the superb spiritual weapon, Tidal Shield. The starting price is one million spiritual stones, and each bid must be at least fifty thousand spirit stones. Let’s start.”

As soon as Yan Jue said this, there was a sound of breathing in the cave, and more people were not too surprised by the price.

Although there are few rare superb spiritual weapons in the world, most of them were in auctions, and the final auction price was more than one million spirit stones. This Tidal Shield was already an intermediate rank superb spiritual weapon, so one million spiritual stones as starting price wasn’t really high.

There was still silence in the underground cave.
As if everyone was waiting for others to speak first.

Yan Jue was not in a hurry when he saw this. He was just watching the audience quietly.

“One million spirit stones. Since all of you are so polite. Let’s get started first.” After a short while, a cold man’s voice came from a person in the corner of the cave covered in gray smoke.

“1.1 million spirit stones.” As soon as the former voice was spoken, someone was reluctant to back off.

“1.15 million.”
“1.2 million spirit stones.”

The price of Tidal Shield had increased by fifty thousand yuan since someone first spoke. A lot of people present were eager to try, but they had insufficient money. Their faces changed greatly, and the thought of competing disappeared in an instant.

Although Liu Ming sat with indifferent expression, he couldn’t help but be secretly surprised. He never expected that the battle for the value of the superb spiritual weapon could expose so many people with an astonishing family wealth.

They were most probably coming from some big families or forces.

What surprised him was that the Sea Creature Clan women and her party and the three men with yellow capes in far distance, who had previously competed with him for Soul Lock, kept silent instead.

When the bid price broke through the 1.5 million spirit stones, those people seemed unable to sit still. Moreover, those who had the strength to keep bidding were already very few.

“1.6 million spirit stones. I, surnamed Li, came to obtain this spiritual weapon on behalf of the Sea Region Royal Family. Everyone, please accommodate us on this.” A slightly old voice came from a skinny Sea Creature Clan cultivator who sat beside the Sea Creature Clan woman.
Suddenly, the unique coercion of the Crystallization Period cultivator immediately emitted from him. The cultivators who didn’t have high cultivation began to feel frightened.

When the words “Sea Region Royal Family” came out, and felt the vague mental coercion, the people who insisted on bidding didn’t dare to bid anymore.

“1.65 million. Hmph, I wonder who is the person? It turned out to be Li Kun of the Silver Scale Clan. What Sea Region Royal Family? Who dares to call himself a royal family in the sea before Siren King?” The voice of the first man bidding sounded again. There was a hint of mockery in the cold voice.

“Silver Scale Clan! Li Kun!”

Liu Ming was startled suddenly. The corners of his eyes twitched slightly. His face looked cloudy, but fortunately, he was covered by the dark gas, so he was not afraid of being noticed.

Silver Scale Clan only had a few Crystallization Period powerhouses. After Liu Ming was pursued in the Sea Creature Clan battle that day, he made a little inquiries afterward. Thus, he naturally knew Li Kun’s name.
He settled his mind and planned to wait and see what happened.

“Hmph, yes, it’s me. Since you are so interested, I will play with you till the end. 1.7 million.” The skinny Sea Creature Clan man replied with a cold hmph, his voice seemed a little angry.

He lifted his one hand, and the pale blue halo on his body broke apart, revealing a skinny old man inside.

It’s Li Kun!

“I’m a warrior under Siren King, Qing Qin (previously known as the green bird), Sir Siren King is going to get this superb spiritual weapon. 1.8 million spirit stones.”

A light gray smoke rolled down from the speaker at the corner, revealing a semi-bald blue robe macho man.
Seeing his eyes gleaming with silver light, an immense coercion emanating from the previous skinny old man which made people feel terrified.

He was also a Crystallization Period powerhouse!

“Isn’t he just a monster in the sea? How can he be so arrogant?” The Sea Creature Clan woman next to Li Kun said disdainfully.

The macho man in blue robe’s face turned gloomy, and he glanced at the woman without speaking.
“Two million spirit stones.”

Just as Qing Qin and Li Kun were busy confronting each other, one burly man among the three men with yellow cloaks who had never spoken bade a high price that was higher than Qing Qin’s price by two hundred thousnad spirit stones.

“Why the Sea Region Royal Family and Siren King send their men here? It will be a little tricky.”

On the right, a tall person transmitted voice message to the other two. As the message just finished, the person on the left immediately said, “Not only that, there are powerhouses in the Crystallization Period, then the matter that Lord Mountain delegate is…”

“It doesn’t matter. Although we are here sent here, we didn’t expect these two forces would involve in this. And looking at this situation, even if we bid it, they may not give up. With our cultivation, once we are out of the Ironfire Valley, we may not be able to retreat safely. Now we can only act according to the situation. We will still achieve our goal to just find out who gets the spiritual weapon in the end. We can let Lord Mountain to decide when we go back.” The middle man hesitated a moment later, then he transmitted a message to the two.
“2.05 million!” Li Kun said without hesitation.

“2.1 million!” The macho man in blue robe was not resigned.

After the high price of “2.2 million” was finally reported. The man in the middle among the yellow cape party began to close his eyes as if he would quit the bid when someone raised the price.

The macho man in blue robe frowned. He seemed to be thinking about something. Obviously, the price was already far beyond what he expected.

“2.3 million spirit stones.” Li Kun said calmly.

The macho man in blue robe snorted, and he immediately said, “2.4 million.”
After he bade, his gaze was staring at Li Kun like a knife, projecting a terrifying breath.

When Siren King advanced to the Real Pellet State, all his spiritual weapons were destroyed during the calamity. Now that he urgently needed a spiritual weapon in his hand, Qing Qin naturally had to bid this Tidal Shield at all costs. In other words, once the Sea Region Royal Family got this superb spiritual weapon that could increase water attribute techniques’ power, it would be a disadvantage for Siren King’s side.

“2.5 million.” Finally, Li Kun shouted the price.

As soon as this bid was made, the cave fell into silence again. The macho man in green robe paused. A hint of ruthlessness revealed from his eyes, but he didn’t speak at the end. It seemed that 2.5 million spirit stones were already above his limit.

When Liu Ming saw this scene, he naturally had a lot of fluctuations in his heart. The background of these big forces is really shocking. They can actually bid a spiritual weapon to the high price of 2.5 million spirit stones!

But he also enjoyed the fact that they were in a conflict, then they couldn’t bother about the Soul Lock that he bade.

Yan Jue looked at the three forces in the auction with a smile. The price of 2.5 million was a little beyond his expectation, but just when he wanted to announce the result,

The green robe macho man suddenly sneered. His body was still sitting in place, but he made one gesture in his sleeve with one hand. His arm became blur as it slapped at Li Kun and his party at lighting speed. At the same time, he said coldly, “It’s okay that if you want to take this Tidal Shield. Let me see if you really have such capability.”
As soon as he spoke, a violent shaking came suddenly from above the head of the Sea Creature Clan people. Then, a big blue hand emerged vaguely, and five fingers pressed downward.

The Sea Creature Clan people including Aunt Yu expected Qing Qin to make such a sudden move.

Even Li Kun, who was also a Crystallization Period, didn’t expect the other party to be so bold. He immediately roared as his sleeves fluttered into the air, then a silver cloud flew into the sky.


The big blue hand and silver cloud collided heavily. After the blue light and silver light intertwined and flickered, a wave of air rushed out immediately. Most of the people sitting in the cave were staggered. Even Liu Ming, who was in the Condensation Period intermediate stage, needed to make a gesture to barely hold his body.


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