Demon is Diary
Chapter 343: Meeting Jia Lan again
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 343: Meeting Jia Lan again

The blue halo that originally enveloped a body of Sea Creature Clan people also vanished due to the strong impact between the confrontational of the Crystallization Period powerhouses.

However, when this airwave hit the stone platform where Yan Jue was, it was blocked by a layer of black light curtain that appeared out of thin air.
Then the big blue hand faded slowly, and it finally turned into countless waves of blue air and vanished in the air.

Seeing this, Yan Jue couldn’t help but look a little ugly.

Liu Ming took this opportunity to look at the Sea Creature Clan.

At first glance, he saw the Sea Creature Clan elder, Li Kun who had hunted him thousands of miles away and almost killed him.

Although this Crystallization Period Strong of Silver Scale Clan looked a little older than before, his breath was still the same as his previous terrifying strength.
After Liu Ming was shocked in his mind, it took a lot of effort for him to barely not reveal any oddness, and he slowly moved his gazes to those nearby.

As a result, when he saw a slender young woman, his heart suddenly skipped.

It was a stunning young girl about 20 years old. She had a black pigmented brow and a long nose; her skin was soft; her black hair was spread on her shoulders. Her every moves had a stunning charm. One of her hand was holding a strangely thin blue veil.

Obviously, the fight just now not only shattered the blue halo that hid the identity of a Sea Creature Clan, but it also accidentally removed the veil on the girl’s face.
Liu Ming looked at this amazing face that seemed familiar. His pupils shrank,

The stunning Sea Creature Clan girl was naturally Jia Lan.

However, at this time, the girl, in addition to her clear and calm eyes, revealed her astonishing real face that was covered by her succubus body. There were faint silver scales in the middle of her eyebrows which added a bit of charm.

I didn’t expect this woman to have come to the Bieyuan Island with Li Kun. This is really an unexpected event. Liu Ming thought secretly. He slowly took back his gaze, and he forcibly suppressed the shock in his heart.
Over there, seeing that Li Kun was unharmed by that hit, Qing Qin was even more furious. He made a gesture, wanting to make another move. However, two of the three smiling masks man who had been standing behind Yan Jue appeared like ghosts between Qing Qin and Li Kun in an instant while the person who was still sitting behind Yan Jue said faintly, “The rules of the auction in Ironfire City states that no one is allowed to fight during the auction, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

When this person spoke, the terrifying vibe of the Crystallization period powerhouse emanated from the three men. The moment they connected their vibe, Qing Qin’s and Li Kun’s face both changed slightly.

“Please don’t misunderstand me. I couldn’t hold myself because of the reputable name of the Sea Region Royal Family. I want to try the powerful might of this friend. I also hope that you won’t be offended. After witnessing the strength of the three Crystallization Period powerhouses, Qing Qin’s face muscle twitched slightly before he said slowly.

When Li Kun heard the words, he just stood with his hands crossing at his back; he was sneering without speaking.

Although he was not from the tribe directly under the Sea Region Royal Family, he naturally couldn’t explain anything at this time.
Afterward, the three Black Flame Valley’s Crystallization Period powerhouses calmed down the venue, then they sat back to the black wooden chairs behind the stone platform.

“Well, since this Tidal Shield already has a master, I will not stay here anymore. Farewell.” The macho man in blue robe didn’t speak any more nonsense after that. He swung his sleeve and walked away without turning back.

Subsequently, the three men in yellow cloak also sneered softly. Not long after the Qingpao macho man left, they also walked out of the cave.

At this time, Yan Jue hurriedly announced that the Tidal Shield was naturally auctioned by Li Kun for 2.5 million spirit stones.

“Well, this auction is over. The participants who auctioned your spiritual weapon please come to the corresponding place to pay the spiritual stones for the spiritual weapon. I still have other matter, so I will not stay. Everyone at the venue please leave as you wish.” At this time, Yan Jue glanced over at the crowd, then he smiled as he left the cave through the side door.

After Yan Jue left, the three Black Flame Palace’s Crystallization Period powerhouses on the black wooden chairs behind the stone platform also looked at each other and stood up quite tacitly, following Yan Jue through the side door.

Liu Ming was naturally taken out by the relevant person in the auction hall through the other side door and into a secret room. When Liu Ming planned to use resources to compensate for the spirit stones, the person stated that the resources must be determined by Yan Jue himself to complete the compensation.
After waiting for a while in the back room, Liu Ming was taken to Yan Jue’s room.

“I heard that you intend to use resources to compensate for Soul Lock’s spirit stone. May I know what kind of resources you have?” When Liu Ming entered the room, Yan Jue in a red robe turned and narrowed his eyes to Liu Ming as he asked.

Upon hearing that, Liu Ming smiled slightly, then he naturally opened the jade box containing two troll bristles slowly in front of Yan Jue.

As a result, when Yan Jue saw the slightly creeping troll bristles, he was taken aback suddenly. His face changed imperceptibly.

“Master, I don’t know if this thing can compensate for Soul Lock’s six hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones?” Liu Ming saw the changes in Yan Jue’s expression, then he asked calmly.

“Can you let me check the thing first, then we can discuss later.” Yan Jue stared at the bristles in the jade box as he said slowly.
Liu Ming naturally agreed to it and handed the jade box to Yan Jue.

Yan Jue was really good at maintaining his composure. He took over the jade box calmly, then he used his two fingers to pick up the twisting black bristle like living thing from the jade box. The black bristle seemed to be more vigorous after being picked up as if it was trying to escape.

Yan Jue was slightly astounded for a moment. A hint of joy flashed appeared on his face momentarily, then he even looked carefully.

A few moments later, when Yan Jue flipped with one hand, a slightly transparent white jade appeared in his palm.

He put the black bristle on this jade ruyi lightly while making another gesture with another hand.
But when he saw the jade ruyi shone in white light, emanating waves of white halo. The halos turned into waves of slender light arcs and wrapped the black bristle. The black bristle was quickly twisting suddenly as if it felt something, but it couldn’t escape from the jade ruyi.

As that circle of halo turned into light arcs and merged into this black bristle, the original transparent white jade ruyi began to gradually turn red from inside to outside.

Then it turned orange, yellow…

As the color continued to change, Yan Jue’s eyes were gradually blazing.

“Although I don’t know the specific origin of this thing, according to my appraisal spiritual tool, Rainbow Jade Ruyi’s reaction and my years of experience in forging, this item is a spiritual material. It is a great material for forging spiritual weapon. I can take these two bristles as a compensation for six hundred and fifty thousand spirit stones.”

“That’s good.” After hearing the words, Liu Ming was a little happy, but he passed the box to Yan Jue calmly.

To him, although this troll bristles might be some extremely rare forging material of a higher rank, it was still worth exchanging for this Soul Lock which could protect him from soul stealing.

At the same time, after seeing Yan Jue concealing his face expression, he also made a new judgment on the value of the troll bristles.
“I still have two superb spiritual weapons in my hands recently. I wonder if you are interested to take a look?” After carefully keeping the box handed to him by Liu Ming, Yan Jue suddenly spoke to Liu Ming.

“Super spiritual weapon?” After hearing this, Liu Ming’s heart moved a little. A hint of hesitation flashed through his eyes, but he smiled bitterly and said, “Master, to tell you the truth, I have limited spirit stones; I can no longer buy another superb quality spiritual weapon. ”

“It doesn’t matter. The matter about spirit stone can still be discussed. You can still exchange the materials you have.” Yan Jue said without hesitation.

Liu Ming’s heart moved slightly as the top grade spiritual weapon was really tempting to him.

Of course, he knew better that this forge master’s statement was mostly probing whether he had another troll bristle with him.

In this way, Liu Ming just shook his head with a bitter smile after he just noticed his intention, saying, “Master, I only have so much resources with me. It seems that I don’t have the fate with master’s superb spiritual weapon.”
“Ai, it’s a pity. To be honest, although this spiritual weapon that I told you is only at the upper grade rank, some of its power is comparable to the general superb spiritual weapon. This is also the reason why I didn’t auction these items. I talk to you about this only because I think this spiritual weapon is destined for you.” Yan Jue sighed slightly.

Hearing that, Liu Ming raised a brow lightly. It seems that Yan Jue is very interested in the troll bristles I have today. It seems that I can’t get away easily.

But he immediately had a flash of inspiration in his head, he thought of a way to deal with it, and immediately said with a smile, “Since the master said so, the spiritual weapon must be very uncommon. Alright, I can put an order on this spiritual weapon first. Master please don’t sell it to another person. As for the bristle, I can travel further outside the sea to see if I’m lucky enough to find some. If I find it, I will immediately come to exchange master’s upper grade spiritual weapon.”

As Yan Jue heard it, his eyes suddenly flashed. He twisted his beard and said, “Great! I will keep this spiritual weapon for you then. If you find similar material, you can exchange with me in this Ironfire Valley. I am always welcome for your arrival.”

Liu Ming nodded naturally, showing a look of expectation for future exchanges. Yan Jue really couldn’t see through any other intentions of his.

Later, Liu Ming chatted with Yan Jue again before he bade farewell. Finally, he got out of this underground cave.


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