Demon is Diary
Chapter 344: Severed Head
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 344: Severed Head

Since Liu Ming left Valley South Town, Valley South Town had been extremely peaceful. Although some people who caused troubles were still thrown into the Spiritual Dungeon by the city guards, no cultivator disappeared without reason.

Half a month had passed.
During Liu Ming’s participation in the Ironfire Valley auction, he was in a mountain range dozens of miles away from Valley South Town.

Under a white giant peak that could reach the clouds, in a hidden cave house that was completely constructed of crystal clear boulders. Countless luminous stones were embedded in the walls of the cave house, illuminating everything in it like daylight.

However, at this moment, in such a magnificently built cave house, there were constant terrifying and painful scream.

A woman in white holding a silver long sword, walking slowly in the cave. A few silver sword arcs were shooting at some of the foreign race servants who fled in panic, starting a bloody massacre.

The woman’s skin was white and radiant. Her face was beautiful and dazzling, but her eyes were sparkling. At this moment, there was only a strong sense of killing intention. Each time she made a gesture, a gorgeous blood flower would definitely bloom under the silver sword.
Under the contrast of the luminous stone, the cave wall reflected the red color of the cave house ground that was in a bloodbath.

“Please be mercy, Fairy. May I know how we offend Fairy? Please forgive me, Fairy.” Three Sea Creature Clan women who dressed as slaves saw that there was no way out, they suddenly kneeled down and repeatedly begged Ye Tianmei.

Ye Tianmei only walked in the cave house for just a brief moment, but the foreign race slaves who died under the silver sword arcs were more than 20.

Facing the begging of the three Spiritual Disciple Sea Creature Clan people, Ye Tianmei’s intention in killing didn’t diminish at all. She only swept her hand with an expressionless face.

A chilling silver sword arc flew out, and it almost flashed past the three in an instant.

Following the blood spurting voice, the three bodies were stirred into a mist of blood under the cold light. They were actually killed by Ye Tianmei relentlessly without letting them a chance to scream!

In the end, Ye Tianmei’s eyes slowly moved to the depths of the cave house. She made a hand gesture and the long sword turned into a silver arc again, shooting at the other foreign servants who were motionless or huddled together and shivered in the corner due to fear.

In a moment, several silver lights flashing across the sky, drawing five lines of blood arrows.
In a series of blood spurting sounds, five foreign servants instantly had a fist-sized blood hole in their chests.

After that, Ye Tianmei made another gesture and the sword sliced horizontally again. Under the dazzling silver light, another four heads suddenly dropped to the ground. They kept spinning on the ground, and their faces still maintained an extremely terrified and distorted expression.

As such, Ye Tianmei’s gestures were constantly changing. The long sword turned into silver light and kept flying through the cave. With a thunderous momentum, a massacre happened to remaining foreign slaves in the cave house.

With just a while, Ye Tianmei had already killed inside the cave house. At this moment, she saw a giant stone gate about two feet tall.

There was a white light swirling down from the stone gate. Circles of brown halo slowly shone from above. This halo seemed to be just a thin layer, but the energy fluctuations transmitted from it give people an indestructible and abnormally heavy feeling. This was obviously an enchantment light curtain with extremely amazing defense power!
Ye Tianmei’s glittering eyes only glanced at the huge gate, and the sword in her hand flew up. At the same time, the gesture in her hand changed rapidly.

Suddenly, the silver light continued to wrap her body. After these silver lights danced wildly, Ye Tianmei’s slim figure suddenly blurred. Then, she disappeared. In an instant, only the silver long sword in the air remained shaking.

This was Ye Tianmei’s body and sword combination technique as a Crystallization Period Sword Cultivator!


At this time, the long sword suddenly stopped shaking and flew toward the huge stone gate. A silver light struck down at the gate. Then, she went into the huge and solid stone gate.

At the same time, dense cracks appeared on the huge stone gate. After that, a loud noise sounded. The huge stone gate blessed with amazing defense enchantment was easily broken by Ye Tianmei!

After breaking through the stone gate, Ye Tianmei figure appeared again in a blur. She glanced slowly across the secret room. Soon, she looked directly on a bed in the secret room.

On the white bed was a soft and comfortable fox fur blanket, but a woman was lying on the side.
Her waist and limbs were slender and soft; her skin was smooth and tender; her abdomen was flat without any trace of fat; there was no trace of wrinkles on her face.

Her bright red dress covered most of the white bed directly.

At this time, when she heard the loud noise of the stone door breaking, she immediately raised her head, revealing an unparalleled charming face.

At first glance, this woman was a young enchanting woman who could bring a disaster to the country and the people!

“I am afraid that it is a bit rude to break into my cave house like this.” When the enchanting young woman saw the arrival of an unfamiliar woman in white with a silver sword, she was suddenly astonished. She was already making a move as she spoke.

The moment her gesture was formed, her breath was revealed without hiding. She was actually a Condensation State later stage cultivator. However, the breath on her body was chaotic and impure. Her real strength seemed very weak. With a glance of Ye Tianmei’s Crystallization Period mental power, she could see that she used crooked means to forcibly advance to such stage.
Ye Tianmei sneered. She lightly flicked her white finger at the enchanting young woman. The enchanting young woman’s body was suddenly covered in silver light.

In a moment, the woman became enfeeble; she couldn’t move at once as if her body falling into the swamp mud.

“Please be mercy. I’m the deputy valley master of the Crystal Valley, Ma Shu. Fairy, please spare my life. I will be very grateful.” After witnessing her strength, the enchanting young woman was suddenly frightened and trembled, exclaiming at Ye Tianmei without any intention to fight.

When Ye Tianmei heard the words “Ma Shu”, her gaze suddenly became bone chilling. The killing intention on her body seemed to be more intense. She didn’t bother about the plead of this enchanting woman at all. She made a gesture, then the silver lights suddenly formed a big hand around the enchanting young woman’s body. She captured the woman, turned into a silver light arc, and shot out. With just a few flickers, they appeared outside of the cave house; they were soaring in the sky to a very far place.

“Who? Who the hell is it? They actually dared to do such things in my cave house while I was out!” When Ye Tianmei captured the enchanting young woman for almost half a day, a cry full of anger suddenly resounded in the grand cave house.

An old man with a beak nose and slanted eye were looking at the mess and corpses in the cave house.

This person was Ma Shu.

“How dare! Not only they killed my servants, but they also took away my partner. No matter who you are, if I catch you, I will tear you into pieces to vent my hatred!” When Ma Shu stepped into the secret room where the enchanting young woman lived, he immediately roared after seeing the broken stones on the ground and the enchanting young woman was missing.
Then, he patted his waist with his right hand, a golden palm-sized disc appeared in his hand. With a gesture, a spiritual power bounced from his fingertips into the golden disc.

Under the whirling sound, the disc surged against the wind. It instantly changed from a palm size to the size of a water tank. At the same time, golden runes appeared on the surface.

After a while, when the runes on the disc disappeared, a clear and odd image appeared.

A woman in white shirt was wrapped up in the silver light, carrying the enchanting young woman and flying away.

But the next moment, the woman in white seemed to realize something. Her face looked grim as her hand slapped at the young woman.

The golden light on the disc vanished, and all images disappeared.

“Bitch, I must tear you alive!” Seeing this scene on the disc, Ma Shu growled and changed his gesture again. After that, the golden light was dancing wildly on the disc. Finally, a golden silk thread was formed, pointing to the west.

Ma Shu didn’t stop for a moment after seeing this. After the golden halo on his body lit up, his body gradually blurred. After a long whistling sound, he turned into a ball of golden light and rushed out of the cave house.

At the same time, Ma Shu who was in the golden light was still writing some words. He was actually sending someone a message.

After three days.

A hill thousands of miles away from Valley South Town. Old and strong pines scattered around the hill. Below the old pines, weeds at waist length swayed in the breeze.
The first impression that this place gave was desolate.

But in this desolation, there was another bloody smell in the air. A drop of red blood was continuously dripping down from an old pine, making the ground appear crimson. Looking up at the old pine, the head of an astonishing beautiful lady was hanging on the branch alone.

The wounds on the skull and neck were smooth as if it was cut down by extremely sharp blades. The muscles on the face were completely twisted and stiff. Her eyes were staring out as if she was unwilling to die. Apparently, she suffered a great shock before dying.

Another gust of wind blew. This gust of wind opened several pine branches above the old pine. One could see that someone carved a few words with a sharp tool on the trunk of the old pine.

“Pay your life for murdering; pay money for owing debts!”

And, there was a small character “Ye” under these big words!


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