Demon is Diary
Chapter 366: Pursui
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 366: Pursui

“Where are the people? Did you let them get away?”

Qing Qin’s eyes looked ferocious, looking at the beautiful woman in the red dress in front of her, then he looked gloomy. He must have guessed something. His words were full of anger.
“Hmph, Hong San does not hesitate to greatly spend his spiritual power to release this mighty venom. I think you also have a taste of that venom. Let’s not talk much, I’ll protect you until you heal yourself. When you are recovered, we will discuss our next move again.” The woman in red snorted coldly. After she said a few simple sentences, she turned into a shadow and disappeared.”

Qing Qin’s complexion looked bad for a while, only then he closed his eyes again and started to heal himself.


In the sky hundreds of miles away from the Ironfire Valley, a bronze flying car flew out of an inconspicuous white cloud far away along with a whistle.

In the car, a green eyebrows old man was dashing forward in a long green light.
More than a hundred miles in front of him, Liu Ming’s hands continued to form gestures. He desperately tried to let the flying boat dash forward. There was a white round disc that kept changing its size hovered in front of him. The silver light spots on the surface were quickly disappearing one by one.

These silver light spots were some of the detection talismans he dropped along the way. Now that they were being triggered one by one, stating that someone was chasing him with great speed.

Liu Ming’s face gradually sank. After a simple calculation, he found out that he would be caught up after a while. By then, if the other party was really a powerhouse in the intermediate stage of Crystallization State, he was by no means an opponent.

He sensed the faint fluctuations on the disk. Suddenly, his heart moved, and his right hand opened slightly. A talisman appeared in his hand, then he injected his spiritual power into it. The talisman shone, and the light covered him and Ye Tianmei.
When all the golden light disappeared, two figures appeared.

However, this time there were two Liu Ming and two Ye Tianmei in the same place, their breath remained unchanged, and their appearance was exactly the same. Even the shape of the flying boat under their feet was exactly the same.

Afterward, the two Liu Ming each took Ye Tianmei and turned into two afterimages, fleeing in different directions.

After an hour, the figure of the green brows old man standing above the bronze flying car appeared in the air. He frowned as his eyes showed hesitation.

“How come there are two breaths in different directions …”

The old man with green eyebrows looked at the mirror in his hand as he muttered. He didn’t know which direction he should go for a while.

After a while, the old man’s eyes flickered. He made a gesture and confirmed which direction to go. The bronze flying car immediately turned into a green rainbow, chasing over.

At this time, Liu Ming in the other direction was continuing dashing in the air with the unconscious Ye Tianmei.
Above the flying boat, Liu Ming’s eyes flickered a few times. He looked at the fluctuations in the disk array in his hand. After confirming that the other party was really far away, he was slightly relaxed.

It seemed that the other party must have followed the phantasms.

Then, it would take at least a few hours until the other party returns again.


“Good boy, he actually can come up with this method to deceive me.”

The old man with green eyebrows smashed the phantasms of Liu Ming and Ye Tianmei on the green flying boat. The hatred from his eyes was endless. He cast a prismatic thorn again, freezing the green flying boat, then he burned it with a blue flame.

“This talisman is strange. It can cheat my secret tracking art. But such rare things, I think he only has a few of it. Otherwise, there won’t be only two phantasms. Now that I want to see what trick you can pull out!”
The old man with green eyebrows talked to himself as he controlled the bronze flying car under his feet to turn around and flew away in the other direction he sensed.


At the same time, Liu Ming glanced at Ye Tianmei who was lying in the light shiled. He couldn’t help but frown.

The woman’s breath seemed vague. It seems that she will not be able to wake up in a short time.

But even so, the seemingly unconscious Ye Tianmei still exuded a dangerous breath, so he didn’t dare to simply approach.

Liu Ming’s eyes moved, then he looked at the red patch on the girl’s shoulder and the few drops of blood on the deck.

Ye Tianmei only used talisman and pills to control her injury, and just now she burst her inner potential to ride the sword, so it made her wound open up even more again.
However, after all, she was still a powerhouse of Crystallization Period. With her powerful physical strength, her injury was healed when Liu Ming was controlling the flying boat.

But looking at the blood stains, Liu Ming thought of a way to delay time again.

He took the risk to land the flying boat. He took out a stack of blue flags from the storage bag, then he made a gesture to condense a talisman. It turned into a golden light and merged into these flags.


Liu Ming shouted as his gestures changed. The flags in his hand emitted a soft light. It spread to the surrounding and formed a mysterious array on the ground.

As Liu Ming spoke again, the array on the ground was instantly hidden, leaving no trace.

Seeing that the array was completed, Liu Ming waved his right hand. A ball of clear water appeared on the airship deck out of thin air. It collected the blood that coagulated on the deck. It turned into a red water ball and dived into the array.

He looked at the place where the blood disappeared, then his eyes flashed coldly. He threw out several talismans newly purchased in the Ironfire Valley, then he completely dispelled the traces of the array before he flew up again.

After half an hour, a green rainbow flashed over. A bronze flying car was floating above the place.

The person in the car was Elder Liu in a gray robe, but Liu Ming was no longer there at the moment.


Elder Liu floated quietly in the air, and cold light flashed in his eyes. He kept assessing everything around him, but he couldn’t find anything.
“How can it be? I clearly feel that the woman’s breath is here …”

Elder Liu frowned, murmured in his mouth, and looked at a disk array in his hand.

Just when he wanted to turn around and leave, his face suddenly changed greatly. His breath suddenly burst out. A prismatic thorn turned into a faint ray that circulated around his body.

At the next moment, the array set by Liu Ming was activated. Black mist instantly surrounded him, and it was exuding a shocking amazing spiritual aura.

“Damn! He actually arranged such a hidden array here! When I catch him, I will crush his bones into ashes to vent my hatred!”

In an instant, Elder Liu’s eyes flashed with anger, and he began to control the prismatic thorn in his hand to deal with the array in front of him.
As soon as the other contacted, they immediately understood that the formation was a purely trapped method, without any attack power. But the more so, it takes some means to get out of trouble!

But after all, he was a powerhouse of the Crystallization Period. As he lifted his hand, he released Cold Ice Real Flame into the prismatic thorn which turned into a sea of fire, scorching his surroundings.

After 15 minutes, the black mist had become thin under the surge of the Cold Ice Real Flame. The materials that were set started to disintegrate.

The figure of Elder Liu also flashed out of the array. He glanced sinisterly at the disk in his hand. He took out the bronze flying car immediately and turned into a green rainbow blasting in the air.


Liu Ming, who was adjusting his breath, suddenly felt a fluctuation on the disk. He suddenly panicked as he looked at it.

When I previously set the array, I also continued to set some hidden detection talismans at the route of the flying boat, and these talismans are detonating at a faster speed than before, making the disk fluctuate for a time.

It seems that the old man with green eyebrows is quickly chasing in my direction.

It seems that the other party is worthy of being a powerhouse of the intermediate stage of Crystallization Period. He can actually notice my phantasms, break my binding array, and chase me up in such a short time.

The look on Liu Ming’s face was uncertain for a while. He finally gritted his teeth and took out a talisman from his storage talisman.
There was a faint light on the talisman. The arrangement of spirit patterns was very regular. It didn’t look like a normal grade talisman at a glance.

The unwillingness flashed in Liu Ming’s. His gaze fixed as he bit his tongue and spew a blood essence on the talisman, then he clutched it in his hand. A few hurricanes surged out immediately. The flying boat was slightly trembling, and its speed was increased by numerous times

Liu Ming let out a slight sigh of relief, only then he felt a slight dizziness now. He couldn’t help laughing. After all, he lost a bit of his blood essence, and he also cast an array just now.

But before he even sat down to adjust his breath to restore the spiritual power he had just consumed, he once again felt the indomitable Crystallization Period cultivator’s breath behind him. It was just outside the space of seven to eight miles from him.

This discovery immediately alerted him. He made a gesture again as he tried to speed up the flying boat.

But what made Liu Ming puzzled at this moment was that although this breath still made him feel pressured, it seemed to be a little softer than before.

Before he had figured out the intentions of Elder Liu, Elder Liu took the initiative to pass through his voice, “Friend, why should we chase and run like this? I see that you are so young, and your cultivation is so extraordinary, it seems that you are a genius. I’m really impressed. Why don’t we stop and talk about it?”

At the moment when he heard these words, he felt a pressure in his mind; he felt that the way the man spoke was kind and amiable, making Liu Ming slowly believe in his words.

“Not good, this old man is actually proficient in mystic arts. I almost got baited.” But the next moment, Liu Ming relied on his powerful mental power to wake himself. He couldn’t help but look terrified.


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