Demon is Diary
Chapter 375: An Ultimate Blow
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 375: An Ultimate Blow

Seeing Ye Tianmei’s such a powerful blow, Liu Ming couldn’t help but excrete a lot of cold sweat.

Young man in white robe looked at the approaching sword light, and his eyes flashed. He really stood there without moving. Only his white robe was fluttering in the air.

With a soft whisper, the silver flying rainbow transformed by Ye Tianmei reached the young man in white robe like an unstoppable force. A huge sword shadow was vaguely visible in it. She slashed right away without giving Siren King much time.

Before the sword really struck, a sharp chillness came first. The young man in white robe’s body surface only flashed a layer of blue light, and the chillness was easily dispelled.

At the same time, he also raised his arms and opened his palm. Circles of pale blue halo rippled from it.

He really wanted to take the blow with his bare hand!
A muffled sound of “poo“, as the giant sword struck fiercely, there was a burst of glaring light from the blade. But after it blurred blur at the next moment, it had hit the palm of the young man somehow. It was like hitting on a swamp as the sword could no longer slash deeper.

After a clear voice, a silver rainbow suddenly rolled back.

Silver light flashed, a stunning woman in a white palace costume, appeared in front of everyone with a sword in one hand. She looked coldly at the young man in white robe.

The young man in white robe then withdrew his arm, revealing an ambiguous look. He asked, “How? I’m still quite confident with my face. Can you agree to be my companion now?”
Ye Tianmei did not answer him immediately. After a moment of silence, her jade finger suddenly pointed at Liu Ming. Her voice was as cold as the stream under the ice. She said coldly,

“I can promise you, but you have to let him go first.”

But the voice has not fallen yet, a smile that just appeared on the face of the young man in white robe disappeared without a trace. His face looked gloomy to the extreme. After looking at Liu Ming, he said coldly, “What qualifications do you have to discuss the conditions me at the current situation? As for your nephew disciple, he also has to take my one strike. Only then he can live!”

“In this case, then don’t even think about what dual cultivation companion! Just do it!” Ye Tianmei silenced for a moment without any expression. After the silver sword in her hand shoke, she said so faintly.
As soon as she said that, everyone present was surprised.

Many people’s eyes looked at Liu Ming.

By this time, anyone could see the extraordinary relationship between this wman and Liu Ming.

Among them, Jia Lan even widened her eyes. Her face was full of strange expressions.

At this time. Liu Ming on the side, although he still looked calm as usual, his mind was rolling like a storm. His chest was filled with an unknown emotion. As he was hot-headed, his figure suddenly flickered, then he appeared next to Ye Tianmei after a series of afterimages.

Ye Tianmei was shocked. As she wanted to say something to him, Liu Ming waved at her with a smile. Then, he turned to look at Siren King and said calmly,

“I’m not a capable cultivator, but Siren King please give me a blow!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s face had a lot of different expressions. Some were surprised, some were disdainful, and more of them felt incredible.

Even a Crystallisation Period cultivator couldn’t endure the Real Pellet State powerhouse’s one blow. Although it was only 10% power, it was definitely not a Condensation Period cultivator could endure.

The young man in white robe saw Liu Ming took the initiative to step forward and ask for his one blow. He didn’t speak immediately. His eyes narrowed as he assessed the Condensation Period middle stage young man, then he looked at Ye Tianmei again. He realized that although she looked calm, her gaze toward Liu Ming had a trace of agitation. He immediately understood a little in his mind. His face became even gloomier. After he snorted coldly, he said, “Since you take the initiative to ask for it, I will fulfill your wish!”

Then he lifted his right arm and waved his sleeve. His body suddenly burst out a powerful breath. It brought up a gust of wind, spreading from the body to the surroundings. The white robe on his body was rumbling in the wind, and the surrounding temperature was suddenly dropping fast. It almost condensed into frost.

Liu Ming felt the breath from Siren King’s body, and there was a feeling of suffocation in his chest. Especially the killing intention in Siren King’s eyes, it was like a sharp sword piercing his eye ruthlessly. Even though he had powerful mental power, he couldn’t help but feel cold as if he was being prey by his natural enemy.
Liu Ming’s pupils shrank slightly. He immediately took a long breath, then he made a gesture with one hand. His spiritual power in the meridians were channeling crazily, it surged into the Tai Gang Sword Embryo in his mind like a great river.

With the influx of spiritual power, the small sword phantasm that originally exuded a faint golden light, immediately solidified a little. It shone as bright as the moon and stars.

The young man in white robe looked at Liu Ming’s dignified expression, and he sneered in his heart. He launched a palm abruptly. The spirit in the air rumbled all of sudden, then a giant blue palm instantly appeared above Liu Ming’s head. There was an ear-piercing sound from the sky.

At the moment when this palm appeared, everyone’s pupils shrank. Especially when they felt the breath from it, their faces changed slightly.

The breath of this blue giant palm was more powerful than any of the previous one!

Even many people with strong mental power had seen that although Siren King’s palm looked exactly the same as before, it contained twice as much power.
Looking at the young man in white robe’s normal face, he had had already decided to kill Liu Ming.

Everyone on the scene was the Crystallization Period powerhouse, they could cultivate to this level, except that they had the strength, their minds were naturally savvy. Even though they found out the strangeness, they of course didn’t dare to have the slightest objection due to the fear of Siren King.

Jia Lan, among the crowd, looked at Liu Ming. There were unnoticeable worries flashed in her eyes, but in this situation, she could not say anything.

Seeing this situation, Ye Tianmei, who was originally cold-faced, suddenly changed her face. Her breath suddenly rose, and the spiritual power in the meridians channeled crazily.

But just as she was preparing to make a move, there was a sense of pain in her dantian. The spiritual power condensed in the meridians suddenly broke apart, and she could no longer move.
It turned out that she had been seriously injured several times before, and her spiritual power had not been fully restored. Previously, she also brought Liu Ming when using her flying sword technique for a long time. Her previous injury was worsened when she fought Siren King with all her power. It was just she had been enduring it silently, so the others couldn’t see it.

At this moment, Ye Tianmei saw that Liu Ming was in danger. As she wanted to channel her spiritual power to help him block it, both old and new injuries finally triggered all together, making it impossible for her to channel any spiritual power for a time. There were some worries in her beautiful eyes.

Although she deliberately stabilized her mind and did not show any strange expressions on her face, she couldn’t hide from Siren King’s powerful Divine Thought. When he looked at Liu Ming, the killing intention was even heavier.

Liu Ming looked at the blue giant palm in the sky getting closer and closer to him. With his powerful spiritual power, he naturally could see that the palm in front of him was completely different from the previous palm received by others. A madness suddenly rushed out his mind. He suddenly said as he clenched his teeth, “Good!”
This sound was like thunder blasting in the air!

Liu Ming originally wanted to keep his ​​Tai Gang Sword Embryo, but there was no such thought at the moment. With his Divine Thought, the black air rolled out of his body. After condensing on the top of his head, it suddenly turned into a tiger and a dragon, two ferocious phantasms, swirling nonstop in the air. His gesture also changed. He immediately formed waves of mysterious gestures. Golden runes were condensed in front of him like it was abnormally solid like real gold.

The gesture he used now was the unique sword mystic art that recorded in the Tai Gang Sword Tactics. It could burst out the energy in Tai Gang Sword Embryo in an instant, maximizing its power.

However, if this mystery is cast, the price is the complete disintegration of the sword embryo spirit, and it could also backfire to the person who cast it, making him seriously injured.

The spirit of Liu Ming’s sword embryo absorbed all the energy in another sword embryo that Grandmaster Liuyin cultivated until the end of his life. The power in it contained unfathomable power. If he could maximize the explosion to the extreme, then it should have no problem to endure this palm. He could even have the chance to seriously injure the opponent which would give him and Ye Tianmei a chance to escape.
Otherwise, if he couldn’t take Siren King’s palm, he would even lose his life. So, what was the point of keeping this sword embryo spirit?

In this irreversible situation, Liu Ming instantly analyzed the stakes after a few thoughts. At the same time, the desperate instincts when he encountered an unbeatable enemy on the Deadly Island, finally burst out.

When he condensed the golden runes, he spurted out a golden light that contained a little golden sword phantasm with the size of a few inches.

It was the Tai Gang Sword Embryo!

The sword embryo spirit turned into a rainbow and rose into the sky, and the golden runes that were floating in the air merged into it.

The small sword phantasm grew into a thousand meters size in an instant. It was a giant golden sword that emitted a dazzling golden light. The runes on the surface were flickering. The twisting mystic patterns on the sword could be seen from the top to the bottom of the sword.
The sword embryo spirit looked no different from a real giant sword if looking from a distance!?

‘Not enough……”

Liu Ming looked at the giant sword in the sky. His eyes flashed with ruthlessness, then he suddenly patted at his chest.

“Puff puff puff”

In an instant, three mouthfuls of essence blood spurted out like a fountain and turned into blood mist. The blood mist was exuding an astounding spiritual wave. It surged to the giant sword and merged with it.

On the surface of the thousand meters giant sword body, the original golden light first radiated a faint red light, then it transfigured into a blood red flame. It was bright like a blazing sun, dazzling everyone’s eyes.


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