Demon is Diary
Chapter 431: Luo Hu
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 431: Luo Hu

The scene of his previous battle with Lan Xi and Siren King was still fresh in his memory, and it gave him a very strange feeling.

On the one hand, he was still immersed in the former pleasure of possessing incredible physical power; on the other hand, he began to feel deeply afraid of the fact that he could not control himself after being demonized.

When he finally pulled his thoughts back from the previous scenes, settled his mind, and turned around to think about something, his expression on his face froze.

He saw a young boy, who looked around fourteen years old, was looking at him with a blank face not far away.

The boy was dressed in green clothes, and his face was astonishingly the same as Liu Ming a few years ago, except that the pupils of his eyes flashed with gold and silver lights. This gave a coldness that warned the others from getting close.

What was even more shocking to Liu Ming was that when he used his Divine Thought to scan the young boy, he couldn’t find anything as if there wasn’t anybody there.

“May I ask Sir for your name? Why are you here?” Liu Ming wasnot an ordinary person after all. Although he was shocked in his heart, he finally recovered and asked while forcing a smile. At the same time, he stepped back silently.

“Who am I? I don’t know, but since the day I was born, I have witnessed this thing constantly changing its host. Among them are beastkins, human and ghost creatures. Among them the longest could persist for thousands of years; the shortest one had their spiritual power and blood essence being drained completely the moment they were possessed. However, including you, there are only around eight people among the hosts who can see me after being accepted by this thing. You can call me ‘Luo Hu’. The young man’s eyes were glittering gold and silver lights as he looked at Liu Ming. He said slowly. His words had a strange feeling of emptiness as if the person was near yet far away.

“It turns out to be Senior Luo Hu. However, it should be senior who reminded junior right? If senior didn’t help me, junior would most likely be killed by the troll.” Liu Ming looked understood as he heard the young man, and he replied respectfully.

“Hehe, I didn’t help you at all. I just aroused the true demonic power hidden in your body. But the consequences of doing so also speed up the process of your demonization. Before that, if you let your body demonize by itself, it will take five or six years. In addition, if you cannot suppress the backlash of the power of the true demonic power one day and truly become a mindless demonic creature, I will seal your soul in this thing and find the next host.” Luo Hui grinned suddenly after hearing Liu Ming’s words, showing his white teeth.

“True demonic power! Host! Demonic creature!” Even though Liu Ming was well-informed, he couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded when he heard this series of amazing words.

“Don’t worry! Since I’m willing to show up in front of you, I will naturally answer some of your questions. So, as the price for you to find so many true demonic energy this time, I can answer your three questions and give one good thing for you! Hehe, the last time I talked with a host who could communicate, was thousands of years ago.” The young man said lightly.

“Since senior said so, junior will not be polite. Junior want to know what the existence of this thing is, and what is its origin?” Liu Ming was surprised after listening to the boy’s words, but his face looked uncertain before asking.

“You’re so smart. You actually asked these questions directly. Unfortunately, I don’t know the origin of this thing either. You can only speculate yourself. It is probably some kind of treasure that was forged by a powerful individual.” Luo Hui first complimented him, but then he gave the answer that made Liu Ming dumbfounded.

“Isn’t senior’s answer too casual?.” Liu Ming said with a wry smile.

“Hmph, how is it casual? I answered what you asked, but if I don’t know about it, it’s useless even if you ask. Alright, you can ask the second question..” The young man snorted coldly and replied with a stern face.

“In this case, junior want to know what is the specific effect of this thing?” Liu Ming was silent for a while before gently stepping lightly on the ground with one foot and asking.


Luo Hu just uttered two words for this question.

This made Liu Ming completely speechless. When he wanted to ask carefully, he saw the young man looking up at the sky. He was obviously reluctant to answer related questions.

As for the previous two questions, one was almost unanswered and the other was almost equal to no question even though it was answered. Liu Ming still understood nothing in the end.

As a result, Liu Ming naturally had to be more cautious about the third question.

After repeated consideration, he spoke very solemnly.

“Junior wants to know what the demonization that senior said earlier is all about? In addition, when does the so-called true demonic power exist in junior?”

“I wonder if you still remember the experience of being soul stealing?” This time, the green clothes young man stared at Liu Ming’s face and asked slowly.

“Junior naturally remembers. Is there any relationship between the soul stealing person and the true demonic power in junior?” Liu Ming was startled when he heard the words, then he thought of the disappearance of another ‘Liu Ming’ in the mysterious space. He still had a lingering fear in his heart. He nodded and answered.

“The creature that was trying to steal your soul was actually an alternate mind of a demonic soul that was sealed here. It’s just that it underestimated the might of this treasure. Its alternate mind could temporarily occupy your body, but it was still being sucked into this space and got killed on the spot. However, it was still unwilling, so when you entered this space, you saw the scene of the demonic soul trying to escape out of the seal. Although its alternate mind was crushed on the spot, there was still a remnant of demonic thought going into your Divine Thought and lurking in there. This demonic thought later went to your physical body by following the Divine Thought visualized by you. After it absorbed the aura of the outside world, it produced a pure true demonic power.” The young man in green clothes said slowly.
“It turns out to be the case! I was wondering why the thing that was trying to steal my soul disappeared all of sudden. Moreover, that day, there was indeed a black gas went into my body in this space!” Liu Ming’s face changed greatly.

“The pure essence of this demonic thought was completely destroyed by the seal power, and it no longer had a will of its own. It completely got rid of the control of the demonic soul. However, it will follow its instinct to keep producing true demonic power, and it slowly becomes stronger in your body. Of course, this process is initially very slow. Your first demonization would only happen a few years later. No, your situation is a little special. You will only be half-demonized which is different from the demonic slave (Lan Xi) that you killed. However, with the precedent of the first demonization, there will be a second time, third time… Every half-demonization, although it will make you extremely powerful, maximizing your strength, it will also let your temperament become bloodthirstiness. At the same time, it will be harder for you to return to being human. In the end, you will finally lose control of your own body! One day, if you can’t suppress the true demonic power from triggering, the demonic thought in your body will follow its instinct and directly devour your soul, becoming a true demonic creature!” Luo Hu said so with a blank face.

Liu Ming’s face had already turned blue when he heard this.

Although he had a bad hunch after hearing ‘demonic thought’, ‘demonic soul’, he never expected the real situation would be so bad!

But having said that, if Luo Hu didn’t trigger the true demonic power in his body, he would likely be the food of the giant troll head. How could he get to this place and know about these things.

After thinking about it this way, Liu Ming finally calmed down a bit, and immediately continued to ask without holding much hope,”Since senior knows the reason for junior’s demonization of the junior, do senior have any way to deal with it?”

Out of Liu Ming’s expectation, this young man named Luo Hu glanced at Liu Ming and replied, “There is no other way but to forcefully suppress it with spiritual power.”

“In this way, junior will increase my own cultivation to ensure it to be more powerful than the true demonic power produced by the demonic thought. Otherwise, it is not a suppression at all.” Liu Ming sighed and said with a wry smile.

This time he was demonized, and he was lucky enough to be able to restore his sanity, indicating that the power of this true demonic power was definitely not beyond the ability of his own cultivation.

After all, according to the young man, it would take several years for his half-demonization to be triggered.

But if he couldn’t improve his realm as soon as possible, how could he know whether he could return normal after the next demonization.

The young man in green clothes glanced coldly at Liu Ming, and he no longer answered anything.

“Does senior know if there is a way to extract this demonic thought??” Liu Ming thought in his mind quickly, then he asked after taking a deep breath.

Luo Hui was silent for a while, then said lightly, “The origin of the demonic soul that previously impacted the seal… is extraordinary, so even it is only a remnant of the demonic thought, it is very difficult to be dealt with. Generally speaking, there is no nothing you can do. However, if you one day can advance to the Mystic Comprehending State, maybe you will have a way to expel the demonic thought yourself.”

“Mystic Comprehending!” Liu Ming was startled again after hearing this.

“Oh, I forgot. Your current cultivation is too far away from this realm. Besides, this Sea Region should be a remote corner of Cultivation Realm. There are not many real sects at all. It is normal if you haven’t heard of it. The highest level you know must be the Real Pellet State right? In fact, above the Real Pellet State, there is also the Celestial State, and above the Celestial State is the Mystic Comprehending State.

If you can cultivate to this level, you should be able to get rid of this demonic thought. “Luo Hui replied.

“Celestial, Mystic Comprehending!” Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help muttering after listening.


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