Demon is Diary
Chapter 399: Yan Luo
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 399: Yan Luo

Even people with such strength as the Condensation Period later stage like Xin Yuan were injured by the sneak attack of this giant wolf evil beast. Liu Ming naturally dared not to underestimate this evil beast. Moreover, there were some wolf evil beasts that had slightly bigger size. It seemed that they weren’t common evil beasts as well. They probably couldn’t be defeated easily.

Just when Liu Ming was shocked in his heart, he suddenly heard a long dragon roar from somewhere, and it resounded in the cave all of sudden.

Liu Ming’s face changed after hearing it.

After the giant evil beast that was rushing toward the cave heard it, it suddenly stopped on the spot. Then, it looked up and made a clear howl. It then turned around and sprinted into a tunnel.

The many evil beasts that were besieging the stone cave actually stopped their offensives. They retreated like a tide into a tunnel in the rumble.

The momentum was extremely huge!

The evil beasts, which were originally densely packed in the cave, went away in an instant.
Seeing this situation, Liu Ming’s face was full of surprises after he kept the iron rod away.

The other burly man suddenly laughed in the sky after being stunned for a moment. He hurriedly helped Zheng Yong leaning against the wall, then he quickly sprinted into the stone cave to report the good news.

Zheng Yong also couldn’t restrain the happiness on his face. While leaning against the stone wall, he laughed and coughed constantly due to the internal injuries.

A moment later, the cheers of other people also came from the cave.

For them, the sudden retreat of the horde naturally allowed them to escape from death.

But after 15 minutes, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan did not dare to stay any longer and left the cave immediately. After recognizing the direction, they quickly retreated in the direction of the exchange area’s tunnel.

None of them could guarantee whether these evil beasts really retreated or they just retreated temporarily, so they still had to rush to the mine entrance as quickly as possible.

When the Evil Disaster comes back, they could guarantee to stay alive.

Along the way, Liu Ming and others really did not encounter a single evil beast again. As if the Evil Disaster really disappeared after such a short period of time.

While everyone was delighted, they couldn’t help but speed up their steps. Among them, the two who were seriously injured were carried directly by their companions, so they did not delay their journey.

On the way. They also met several other slave miners who had the same idea. Most of them looked exhausted. They formed a team and walked together.

Among them, Liu Ming even discovered a familiar figure, it was the woman named Qing Qi who had escaped earlier than him at the crossroads.

She seemed to be alone. She used some kind of mystic art to stay alive under the pursuit of the giant bear evil beast.

The woman also naturally found Liu Ming. After forcing a smile, she continued to follow the crowd to the tunnel ahead.

Half a day later.

When Liu Ming and others finally returned to the huge cave where the exchange area was located. The situation in front of them surprised them.

The exchange area was disordered at this moment!

A cave that was originally three thousand meters wide only had less than half of the space left at this moment, and the other half of the cave had collapsed. The ground was also full of potholes, and one of the corners was filled with many incomplete corpses of slave miners of all races. There were more corpses of the evil beast. There were a few slave miners cleaning all the other places now.

Obviously, there was a fierce battle far beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

In the remaining space of the cave, a part of the slave miners was gathering there. They were whispering in different looks. There were about one to two hundred people.

After Liu Ming and others learned the news, they found out that it was not long ago that a Crystallization Period early stage evil beast suddenly appeared with a large group of evil beasts near the exchange area, and they immediately launched an ambush and slaughter to the people in the cave.

There were already some miners staying in the exchange area as there were the miners who were stationed there for a long time and the miners that escaped back. There were also the people of the two major forces. After they found out the current situation, they immediately gave up on previous grudges and formed a temporary offensive and defensive alliance. Under the commands of a few Condensation Period later stage slave miners, they started to use the narrow tunnel to defend in turns.

The other evil beasts were still easy to deal with, but the leader of the evil beast in the Crystallization Period was really difficult to resist.

The most tragic defense was also the battle against this evil beast.

According to a slave miner, this beast was an ape-like evil beast with a double-horned head. It was five or six times taller than an ordinary evil beast. It had a dark brown body, and it had a mighty strength. Every of its moves had a great momentum. It made the cave keep shaking until the stone pillars collapsed one after another.

Under its rampage, almost no one could stop it. In less than a moment, many slave miners were torn apart and died.

If it were not for several Condensation Period later stage slave miners joining forces to fight desperately with it, the exchange area would be breached by the evil beast long ago.

But at this moment, the only Crystallization Period powerhouse in the entire underground mine, Lan Xi, the half Beastkin and half Sea Creature leader suddenly came out from a tunnel at lightning speed, and he directly confronted this giant ape-like evil beast.

After a tough fight, Lan Xi didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his one arm as a cost to cast a terrifying mystic art. It instantly severely injured the Crystallization Period giant ape-like evil beast, and blinded him.

The great ape-like evil beast immediately turned around and fled, and the other evil beasts also retreated.

Lan Xi, who paid such a big price, did not give other slave miners the opportunity to speak. He raised his hand to cast a blue demon wind and brought the Golden Scale Clan woman who was also trapped here, then he disappeared from the cave.

After listening to this narrative, Liu Ming and others couldn’t help looking at each other.

At this time.

In the tunnel, there was a sudden rush of footsteps.

Then, as soon as the figure shook, more than 20 people from the Iron Alliance with yellow eyes embroiders on their cuffs rushed out.

These people were dusty all over their bodies. Most of them were wounded. They obviously experienced a fierce battle too.

There was only one muscular man with medium build and bronze skin who seemed to have no injury on his body which immediately attracted Liu Ming’s attention.

“Is this the Iron Alliance leader?” Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and asked Xin Yuan next to him.

“Hehe, yes, this person is the leader of the Iron Alliance, Yan Luo. He and I also have some relationships.” Xin Yuan sneered as he lifted the iron rod onto his shoulder. Before he finished speaking, he seemed to trigger his internal injury, so he coughed a few times.

The coughing sound seemed to attract the attention of the muscular man named “Yan Luo”. As he glanced over, he immediately walked over with a look of shock.

“Xin Yuan, you kid will also be injured? Your injury seems to be quite serious too. Did you encounter some kind of Crystallization Period evil beast?” Yan Luo’s voice was loud as a big bell rang. His enquiry seemed to have the hint of ridicule, but a slight worry flashed across his eyes.

“Hehe, if I really encounter the Crystallization Period evil beast, how can I come back alive? By the way, Brother Yan, let me introduce you to this person. This is Liu Ming, don’t think that he is just at the Condensation Period intermediate stage, but his strength is very powerful. If it weren’t for his help, I might really be dead. ” Xin Yuan didn’t care about being mocked at all, instead he introduced Liu Ming to him with a smile.

“Oh, I have heard about the incident of Boss Sha being killed quite some time ago. He seemed to be killed by a newcomer named ‘Liu Ming’. Could that person be you?” That muscular man named “Yan Luo” touched his chin and said with a weird look after assessing Liu Ming for a few moments.

“It’s exactly me. I don’t know what your relationship is with this Boss Sha…” Liu Ming’s eyes flickered, and he said calmly.

“Relax, he doesn’t have a relationship with him, and he even had some conflicts with him. Brother Liu doesn’t have to be too cautious. Don’t see that Yan Luo looks scary, his temper is good actually.” Xin Yuan smiled and waved to Liu Ming.

“I did have some conflicts with Boss Sha previously, but because of some other things, it was inconvenient for me to fight with him. Now Liu Dao had dealt with him, it saved me a lot of trouble instead. I, Yan Luo, even have to thank you. “Yan Luo glared at the young man helplessly, then he calmed down and spoke to Liu Ming.

“Brother Yan made a heavy speech.” Liu Ming smiled back.

“Brother Xin saved my life before. Now that you saved him, you are also my friend. Brother Liu can call me Yan Luo in the future. You don’t have to be so polite to me..” Yan Luo nodded and said so again.

In the following conversation, Liu Ming only vaguely learned that Xin Yuan and Yan Luo both came from a place called Chuanwa Island in the sea region. They knew each other before they were captured as slave miners by Siren King , and this Xin Yuan also saved this Yan Luo once by chance. Therefore, after coming to this deep sea mineral vein, even though this Xin Yuan was unwilling to join the Iron Alliance, Yan Luo still took care of him often times.

“This Evil Disaster happened so suddenly, and it seemed like an organized raid on the exchange area that is so close to the exit. This has never happened in the past.” Xin Yuan sighed while looking at the ruins in front of him.

“This is indeed a bit strange. Logically, Evil Disaster should not really happen now.” Yan Luo also frowned.

“Brother Yan, we just learned that Lan Xi had appeared and sacrificed his one arm to repel the Crystallization Period evil beast when this place was besieged. This is not like his style. Is there a hidden story behind this? “Xin Yuan asked Yan Luo with a peculiar look after remaining silent for a while.

To say that this Crystallization Period powerhouse was there to save other slave miners in the exchange area, no one in this place would believe it. But to say that he sacrificed his one arm to save the Golden Scale clan woman, it still sounded like it was not possible.

After all, Lan Xi was not really a Sea Creature Clan elder. He was only a half blood Sea Creature Clan.


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