Demon is Diary
Chapter 523: Cangman Mountain
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 523: Cangman Mountain

“Fellow friend, may I ask if you still have this cold condensing pill in your hand. If you have it, it’s better to sell it to our shop. I believe no one in this market will pay a higher price than me.” The woman in red clothes looked at Liu Ming with fiery eyes as she said expectantly.

“You must be joking. I took a lot of effort to get these three cold condensing pills. If it weren’t because I’m in need of spirit stones, I won’t sell them no matter how.” Liu Ming’s muscles twitched to show a regretful expression.
“That’s why! Then I’m really expecting too much.” The woman in red clothes was slightly disappointed.

“My name is Yan Hong, but if you have any elixir to sell in the future, you can come to our shop. You won’t be disappointed.” The woman added after thinking about it.

Liu Ming nodded and did not say anything. He quickly left after that.

Not long after, his figure appeared in front of another shop.

Two hours later, there was no more elixir left on his body, but he got two hundred thousand spirit stones instead.
The popularity of cold condensing pill and golden yuan pill was far beyond his expectations.

Among them, the pellet grade elixir alone sold for an amazing price of fifty thousand spirit stones.

To avoid unnecessary trouble, he sold these elixirs in several shops in batches; selling three or four each time. It was to prevent drawing attention from people.

But even so, the actual situation was still somewhat against his will.
He couldn’t help feeling a little heavy as he thought of the overjoyed expression of the shop owner who bought the pellet grade elixir and his eager words that repeatedly asked which alchemy master refined this pill.

Since he intended to sell these two types of elixir in large quantities, judging from the situation today, it was no longer appropriate to sell directly in the Taiqing Sect’s market.

The only solution for the present was to choose another remote market outside the sect. Once it attracted the attention of others, the consequences could be serious.

After Liu Ming quietly changed his body shape and face, he used all the spirit stones in his hand to purchase the green condensing fruit and other auxiliary materials needed for refining the cold condensing pill. As for the main material of the golden yuan pill, the golden yuan beast essence core, he couldn’t get it for now, so he gave up temporarily.
After he finished all this, he bought a detailed map of the surrounding area of ​​Thousands Spirit Mountain and quickly returned to the cave house.

In the next ten days, he refined more than thirty cold condensing pills in one shot. He even got two pellet grade elixirs.

These elixirs looked very gratifying, but if he wanted to sell them, he still needed to plan.

Liu Ming immediately took out the map he bought from the market and studied it carefully.

In order to save time, he didn’t choose the market that was too far, but if it was too close, people might suspect it; this was quite contradictory.

After careful consideration, he came up with a way.

Half an hour later, a black cloud landed silently on the door of Xuan Hall. After a figure flashed, Liu Ming appeared outside the hall.

After stroking the cuff with one hand, he walked in calmly.

The outer hall of Xuan Hall was still crowded with people as always.

Liu Ming mingled among the disciples to search for missions on the xuan notice.

The missions of this outer notice were still some ordinary missions with spirit stone as a reward, which was naturally not important for him, but he did not come here for contribution points this time.

After ten minutes, his eyes lit up and he raised the token without hesitation. A white light flashed into the token.
This mission was to go to an affiliated family of the Taiqing Sect to help its people defeat the two powerful ghost creatures that suddenly appeared nearby. According to the evaluation of the mission, these two ghost creatures should have reached the Condensation Period intermediate stage.

Liu Ming glanced at the token in his hand. After inquiring a few words from a deputy on the side of the stone platform, he turned around and walked out of the hall calmly.

A sturdy young man nearby, who also wore an outer disciple costume, couldn’t help but glance at Liu Ming’s back with a little surprise.

The mission that Liu Ming had accepted was to defeat ghost creatures in the Cangman Mountain which was far away from the sect.

This mission had appeared on the xuan notice for a few days. Not only was it far away, but the reward was only a meager twenty thousand spirit stones, so no one bothered about it. It was unexpected that this fellow in the outer courtyard would take this mission.

After the young man shook his head, he quickly forgot about the matter. After turning his eyes, he put his mind on the xuan notice again.
A few days later, Liu Ming, dressed in a green robe, flew to the teleportation hall.

The main hall was built in the middle of a mountain and looked quite wide. It had the size of more than ten acres.

In the green hall, dozens of teleportation arrays were shining with various colors; there were big and small arrays. Each teleportation array had a nameplate written with the names of places around the Taiqing Sect.

A Taiqing Sect’s deputy disciple in blue and white clothing stood beside each teleportation array. From time to time, people came in and out of these teleportation arrays.

This caused constant buzzing and colorful light overflowing in the hall which looked quite spectacular.
This was the first time Liu Ming came here. Seeing such a scene, he couldn’t help feeling a bit conflicted.

Taiqing Sect was one of the four ancient sects of the human race. The large and complete facilities in the clan were far from comparable to the small clan of Savage Ghost Sect.

He strolled a little in the hall, and he soon found a small teleportation array.

“Senior fellow apprentice, do you want to use the teleportation array?” The deputy disciple next to the array saw Liu Ming’s outer disciple costume, and he smiled and asked.
Liu Ming nodded, took out his identity token and shook it slightly. A small white light showed the place where the mission was at.

The teleportation array here could be used by all the disciples of the Taiqing Sect as long as they spend a certain amount of contribution points, but if teleportation was required for a sect mission, it could be used for free.

After taking a glance at the task location marked on the token, the deputy disciple nodded, took out a jade tablet, and launched a white symbol at the array.

After Liu Ming strode into the array, the deputy disciple launched another symbol.

The teleportation array suddenly emitted a dazzling white light and made a low buzzing sound.
After shaking for a while, Liu Ming’s figure disappeared into the array.

The next moment, after the white light flashed, when Liu Ming could see clearly again, he was already in a gloomy hall.

Like the Taiqing Sect teleportation hall, this place was also built with green boulders, but the area was significantly smaller by a dozen times.

But even so, Liu Ming clearly felt the faint fluctuations of spiritual power in the spirit patterns on the walls of the main hall.

In the hall, a middle-aged man in Taiqing Sect costumes was sitting there; there was no one else other than him.

This middle-aged man also exuded the aura of the Condensation Period. He saw Liu Ming teleporting over, but he only nodded slightly. His expression was very cold.
“Senior fellow apprentice, I’m from the Piaohong Courtyard, may I ask how far it is from Cangman Mountain and how do I get there?” Liu Ming stepped off the teleportation array, cupped his fist to the middle-aged man and asked.

“To the west, thirty thousand miles away.”

The middle-aged man frowned slightly, showing a trace of impatience on his face, but he still replied coldly.

Liu Ming wasn’t bothered by it. He asked two more questions. After receiving the answer, he thanked the middle-aged man, turned around and walked out of the green stone hall.

As soon as he walked out of the hall, Liu Ming was slightly startled.

This green stone hall was actually built on the top of a lofty mountain that was surrounded by green mountains.

It could be said that the mountains were verdant and full of vitality. Of course, to put it another way, there was no one inhabited. There was only a wilderness here.
Staying in such a place for a long time, anyone would become extremely cold.

Liu Ming suddenly felt sympathy for the deputy disciple who was dispatched here.

After shaking his head, he estimated the direction and flew toward the west.

A few days later, Liu Ming finally came to a small continuous mountain range.

Before coming here, he habitually checked a lot of records about this place. Cangman Mountain’s name had a ‘man’ (which means savage in Chinese), which was worthy of the name.

In addition to the good scenery here, the sights could be described as a barren scene. Not only was the spirit very thin, but there were also no special mineral deposits and spiritual medicine.

As he traveled all the way here, he rarely saw any human city. It was extremely desolate.

Although Liu Ming was a little wondering why there were still families here, he still wanted to finish the mission first.

Not long after, he came to a high mountain peak.

Above the mountain peaks, there was a layer of misty yellow mist. It was obviously a large mountain protecting illusion array that covered the scenery behind.

But with Liu Ming’s eyesight, he could vaguely see the buildings’ shadow inside.

“It should be this place right?”

After Liu Ming murmured, he released a huge fireball into the sky, and it exploded in the air.

In less than a moment, a black spot flashed out of the mountain. It was a huge black eagle that flew out quickly.

On the eagle’s back, there were two young men in yellow clothes, both of whom had Spirit Apostle Stage.

When they saw Liu Ming, the two looked at each other. A look of caution flashed in their eyes. They cupped their fists and asked, “May I know who are you? Why are you coming to our Xu Family Fortress?”

“I’m Taiqing Sect’s disciple. I’m here because of the order of the sect.”

Liu Ming said lightly.

“Taiqing Sect? Senior, do you have the certificate of the Taiqing Sect’s disciple?” The two young men were taken aback when they heard this. The older young man quickly bowed and said respectfully.

After Liu Ming left the teleportation hall, in order to avoid trouble, he changed his Taiqing Sect’s clothes. At this moment, he only wore an ordinary green shirt, and his appearance was unremarkable. No wonder the two would be suspicious.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed when he heard the words, but there was a thunderous voice from the opposite mountain before he could say anything, “Presumptuous! In front of the Taiqing Sect’s disciple, don’t talk nonsense!”

As soon as the voice sounded, a yellow cloud appeared in the sky opposite, and a tall old man stood vaguely above it.


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