Demon is Diary
Chapter 538: Six Elixir Patterns
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 538: Six Elixir Patterns

Then, he put away all the green condensing fruit on the table, got up to say goodbye to the young woman in black shirt and Bat Clan shopkeeper, and then left.

When the Bat Clan shopkeeper in black sent Liu Ming away and returned to the secret room upstairs, he immediately greeted the young woman with joy. He cupped his fist and said,

“Congratulations, madam, with these elixirs, there is great hope for the young master to break through the Crystallization Period in the near future.”

The young woman in black also nodded with joy when she heard the words. At this moment, another person walked in silently outside the rice field. It was the middle-aged man who had been sorting out the medicinal materials behind the counter downstairs.

“Your pupils art can really observe whether this person has used the disguise technique.” The young woman in black shirt asked with a deep voice and her eyes flashing.

“Reporting to the madam, under the observation of my blood pupils mystic art, this person should have used some kind of mystic arts to change his bones. I think this face is definitely not his original face. In addition, this person’s age is really young, and his cultivation base is really at the Condensation Period later stage.” The middle-aged man bowed and replied respectfully.
“Why? Does madam think that there is something wrong with this person?” The shopkeeper in black clothes leaned over and asked.

“I do have some doubts. If this person is really a subordinate or a disciple of the alchemist, he would not bring so many earth grade elixir with him. Besides, he can decide to exchange the elixirs so easily, which seemed suspicious. But his age is so young. Forget it, whether he is the alchemist himself or not, the alchemist master who can refine earth grade condensation Period mostly does not want to be constrained by the big forces. Otherwise, he won’t be so cautious. Even when the big forces in the market just paid a little attention to him, he immediately stopped selling elixir.” After thinking it over, she said so.

“Madam is right. But if this person is really a casual cultivator, it is a good thing for us Bat Clan. Our clan is good at growing spiritual medicine like the green condensing fruit, but we don’t have much high rank alchemists. For the cold condensing pill that enhances spiritual power, we will always need it.” The middle-aged man said.

“If this is the case, we must get him to our side; we can give him some benefits in ordinary transactions. If this person can be used by us, there will be no need to worry about elixir in the future. If he still has the earth grade elixir in his hands, maybe there will be more Crystallization Period cultivators in our younger generation.” The young woman in black nodded when she heard the words, then turned to the shopkeeper in black clothes and said.
“I understand. Please rest assured, Madam.” The man in black clothes hurriedly replied respectfully.

On a street in the southwest corner of the market, Liu Ming, the muscular man with a black face, seemed to be walking aimlessly in the crowd.

In this exchange, he had gained a lot. In addition to the five thousand-year-old green condensing fruits, the one million spirit stone had also solved his urgent need to participate in the auction.
After he returned to the Bai Lian Pavilion, he immediately ordered Shopkeeper Ye to take care of the shop because he needed to cultivate behind closed doors for half a month. If there was anything urgent, he could tell him through the disk array.

After that, he entered the secret room on the third floor and sat down cross-legged…

Ten days later, in the secret room.

Liu Ming looked at a gleaming green condensing fruit in his hand. It was the one that was one thousand and three hundred years old.

In the jade box beside him, twelve pellet grade cold condensing pills and eight earth grade cold condensing pills were placed in it. Seven of them had four spirit patterns, and the other one, that was slightly entangled with cold air, was an earth grade elixir with five spirit patterns.
A few days ago, he had finished refining the remaining four thousand-year-old green condensing fruits, and he vaguely felt that his alchemy mastery seemed to be a bit more advanced than before.

“These thousand-year-old green condensing fruits are all refined into flawless grade elixir. I don’t know whether this one thousand and three hundred years old green condensing fruit can get a higher grade.” A fiery expression flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes; he couldn’t help muttering to himself.

He then waved his sleeve without hesitation, launching a series of symbols. A rumbling sound could be heard; the silver cauldron in front trembled slightly, and the cauldron lid slowly opened.

He gently threw the gleaming green condensing fruit into the cauldron.

Then he patted the ground with one hand. A breeze rose on the ground, and several other auxiliary materials went into the cauldron one after another.

With another wave of his sleeve, the cauldron cover slowly closed.

Then his gesture changed continuously, and he chanted at the same time. The silver runes on the cauldron shone slightly. Suddenly, a group of red flames rushed from under the cauldron.

Three days later, the silver cauldron was floating in mid-air, and its lower part was wrapped by a crimson flame.

Liu Ming walked around it regularly, and he launched symbols from time to time to maintain the temperature of the crimson flame; he looked thoughtful when doing this.

As the maturity of the green condensing fruit increased, the time needed to refine was increased as well.

Using green condensing fruit with less than two hundred years of maturity, with Liu Ming’s current skill, he could refine the elixir in half a day; five hundred years old would take one day; a thousand years would take about two days.

Now, he had been refining this one thousand and three hundred years old green condensing fruit for nearly three days, but the elixir wasn’t done yet. This made Liu Ming feel a little bit worried, but he also had a faint expectation.
Suddenly, there was an icy chill in the secret room. A gust of cold air gathered from the cracks in the secret room, and it turned into patches of gray-white clouds that floated over the silver cauldron.

The silver cauldron also began to emit a low soft chime.

Liu Ming only felt a cold chill penetrate into his body, He instantly channeled the spiritual power in his body to dispel the chill.

In the next moment, the gray-white clouds suddenly rolled violently, and they went into the cauldron one after another. At the same time, the crimson flame below also disappeared instantly.

A loud noise!
The cauldron seemed to explode; a burst of icy air instantly surged around.

Such a strange scene made Liu Ming shocked. He anxiously looked into the cauldron.

After about a few minutes, the cold air gradually dissipated, and everything in the secret room had returned to normal.

Liu Ming frowned and waved his sleeve to open the cauldron cover.

A green light soared to the sky, revealing five cold condensing pills in the furnace.

Upon closer inspection, one of them had only three spirit patterns and was of pellet grade; the other two had four clear spirit patterns; one was entangled by strands of cold air, and five faint spirit patterns could be seen vaguely; one in the corner was wrapped in a thick and dense white mist. The spirit patterns on it couldn’t be seen clearly.

He immediately waved on hand, and the five elixirs flew out from the cauldron and fell into his hand. After putting each of the four elixirs into a jade box, he carefully checked the last cold condensing pill.

Under Liu Ming’s thoughts, a black gas emerged from his fingertips, carefully dispelling the white mist on the surface of the elixir. He squinted and looked at it.
In the next moment, the expression on his face gradually changed from a look of expectation to a hint of joy, and he burst into laughter finally.

“Six spirit patterns; it actually has six spirit patterns. This is already close to the sky grade!”

He held up the earth grade elixir with six spirit patterns that he refined for the first time with one hand, and he was extremely excited. He seemed to understand the strange scene just now; it must be caused by this elixir.

He put the elixir alone in a cold gray jade box, and he carefully put it in the Sumeru Snail around his waist. He then sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to rest.

In an inn near the Bai Lian Pavilion, a twenty years old young man in green robe with a wicked face was hugging two beautiful women on both his sides.
After Fang Yi sensed a slight fluctuation and a faint chill, the man in the green robe changed his face slightly and glanced faintly in the direction of the forging shop outside the window.

“Mister, did something happen?” One of the girls with a graceful figure and a golden hairpin put one hand on the young man’s chest and asked softly.

“Nothing, it is just a green peacock flying by the sky.” The young man in green robe closed his eyes and grinned.

“Mister, where is the peacock, why didn’t I see it?” Another girl with a hot body and revealing dress leaned into the young man’s arms and asked softly.

“Here!” The young man in green robe made a gesture, and a green mist surged out. It instantly condensed into a green peacock.

Then, there was a burst of laughter in the private room.

Outside the door, a big muscular man more than ten feet high stood motionlessly like a tower with his arms folded, completely ignoring the laughter from time to time in the private room.

In the secret room of Haoran Medicine Shop.

The room was filled with a cloud of white smoke, and a cold air was coming out from the center intermittently.

“Whose spirit fluctuation is it? It almost interfered with my cultivation.”

The white smoke rolled for a moment, and it gathered in the middle, revealing the figure of a man.

It was the middle-aged scholar from Haoran Academy that Liu Ming met in the spirit beast shop last time.

The middle-aged scholar immediately walked out of the secret room and looked in the direction of the Taiqing Sect’s forging shop, showing a trace of doubt, but in the end, he shook his head and returned to the secret room. He continued to concentrate on cultivating with his eyes closed.

At the same time, in a side hall of the Haoran Medicine Shop.

The young scholar was sitting on the wooden chair beside the coffee table, looking gloomily at a thin man who was only at the Spirit Apostle Stage.

“I ask you to investigate for so long, you don’t even have the slightest clue about the man in black face; you are really useless!” The young scholar reprimanded coldly.

“Please forgive me, mister! However, the person you mentioned may have left Changyang Market.” The thin man dared not look up. He replied in a low voice.


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