Demon is Diary
Chapter 543: Spirit Turtle’s Blood Essence
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 543: Spirit Turtle’s Blood Essence

Liu Ming glanced at this person and knew that this person had no hope at all. This auction had just begun. Without extremely strong financial resources, it was impossible to get it successfully.

He himself had a calm expression. With his more than one million spirit stones, he couldn’t even buy a corner of this blade. He was just here to watch the show.
“4.6 million!” After such a bid was called from the box on the east side, the casual cultivator fell into the seat like a deflated ball. Apparently, 4.5 million was already his limit.

“4.8 million!” Another person in the box directly added two hundred thousand.

“5 million!”

“5.2 million!”

It didn’t take long for the bidders on the first floor to be silent, and now the bidders were all from the VIP box on the second floor.
“5.3 million!” This time the voice of the young man in green robe came out.

“5.5 million!” A low voice sounded from a box on the west side.

The young man in green robe’s face changed. He remembered this voice. It was the previous Real Pellet State master who spent 2 million spirit stones to buy the Qing Yuan Sword Record.

Those powerhouses finally started to bid.
The young man in green robe sneered. In terms of strength, he was not much worse than those powerhouses, but in terms of financial resources, he might not necessarily lose to them.

“5.7 million!” The young man in green robe showed no signs of weakness.

“6 million!” The deep voice seemed a little impatient, and the price broke the six million mark.

The young man in green robe’s face was dumbfounded. The spirit stones he initially had were enough to compete with these Real Pellet State masters, but he had spent a lot of spirit stones when bidding the puppet warrior. He was now short of spirit stones.
“Haha, Mr. Qing is also fancy of this magic weapon prototype? Unfortunately, I’m also interested in it, 6.3 million!” An illusory voice of an old man echoed in the venue. No one could tell who was the one speaking.

This atmosphere was obviously also a Real Pellet State powerhouse.

“Yan Laomo, you are here too? But since this blade is to my liking, I must get this, 6.5 million spirit stones!” Mr. Qing’s voice came out slowly.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming was shocked in his mind. There were two Real Pellet State powerhouses participating in this auction.

“6.8 million!” Before Yan Laomo bid, the voice of the woman in purple clothes with the surname Ouyang in the west box immediately sounded. She really dared to compete with the Real Pellet State powerhouses, and she looked unscrupulous.
“Seven million!” After Mr. Qing was silent for a while, a low voice came out again.

In the box, the woman in purple clothes showed a difficult look on her face. This Luo Yu Blade attributes exactly matched her, so she must have it.

She had missed the good things in the auction many times before, just for the final bid, but now it seemed that she still didn’t have enough spirit stones.

Soon, she had made a decision.

After a while, an old man in green robe actually walked out of the box slowly and flew to the side of the platform. He bowed his hand to the host and said slowly,

“The spirit stone on our Miss is insufficient. According to your auction rules, we can exchange spiritual items for spirit stones right?”

“It turns out to be Master Qiao Ziyi. That’s right, of course it’s okay. May I know what master is going to exchange for spirit stone?” The middle-aged man with fair skin immediately replied with a salute after seeing the person clearly.
The old man in green robe nodded slightly, then he flipped his hand and took out an inch size translucent gourd-shaped container. The gourd was engraved with a purple weird rune mark. There was a less than half gourd of golden liquid inside.

Liu Ming in the audience glanced at the golden liquid in the gourd container from a distance, showing a hint of doubt.

The middle-aged man with fair skin took the gourd with doubts. He opened the cap to see what was inside, and his face flashed a hint of surprise.

He then threw the container at the middle-aged man with black skin behind.

After taking a look, the person nodded slightly, and then he passed it to the old man with white eyebrows. Finally, the gourd was returned to the middle-aged man with fair skin.

After the trio communicated for a while, the middle-aged man with fair skin announced,
“This thing is the extremely rare thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence. There are ten drops in this gourd. The vitality is extremely strong. Whether it is used to refine elixir or consumed directly, it has a great effect of increasing spiritual power and nurturing essence.”

Liu Ming in the audience was startled when he heard thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence, and he became ecstatic again.

Even though his temperament had always been calm, he never expected that he would easily encounter something he was looking for here.

However, Liu Ming did not have many spirit stones on him. He only had one million more left. Obviously, he couldn’t directly bid for this item. It seemed that he had to exchange the elixirs in his hand to exchange for spirit stones.

“Everyone here can bid for it. The base reserve price is 2 million spirit stones.” The old man in green robe waited for the middle-aged man with fair skin beside him to finish speaking, then he said.
There was a lot of discussion in the venue. Facing the thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence that appeared out of nowhere, many people were eager to bid it.

Liu Ming frowned when he saw it.

In a box on the second floor, a middle-aged man dressed as a taoist frowned slightly, seemingly dissatisfied that the auction was interrupted.

In the other VIP box, one of the old man in black clothes sneered and closed his eyes to rest.
“According to the owner’s request, ten drops of the blood essence of the thousands years old spirit turtle will be auctioned now. The base price is 2 million spirit stones. Each bid is at least fifty thousand.” The middle-aged man with fair skin put the gourd container on the stage, then he announced with a smile.

For this kind of temporarily added item, the chamber of commerce could get a certain share.

“2 million spirit stones!” Someone immediately called out the price.

“2.1 million!”

“2.25 million!”
Although the spirit turtle’s blood essence was obviously well-known, it was rarely sold. There were many people who wanted to get it. Before Liu Ming bade, many people had already bidden for it.

Before long, the price was increased by hundreds of thousands of spirit stones.

However, Liu Ming just watched it calmly. Since he was bound to get this item, he simply waited until the price was high before joining the competition.

“2.6 million!” When an unknown cultivator suddenly called out a high price, the others who were still bidding suddenly quieted down.

Although the thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence was precious, there were only ten drops. The price was already very high.

“2.7 million spirit stones!” Liu Ming raised his hand and raised the bid.
“2.8 million!” The man’s expression changed when he heard the bid, but he still raised the bid after a slight hesitation.

“3 million!” Liu Ming’s voice had no emotion, showing his determination to win the bid.

The cultivator suddenly became silent. At this price, if he continued to bid, it was far beyond his budget. After a gloomy look, he decided to give up.

In the box, the woman in purple clothes glanced at Liu Ming with interest, showing a smile on her face.

She was very satisfied that ten drops of thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence could sell for this price. In this case, she would have enough spirit stones to bid for that Luo Yu Blade.

Soon, the middle-aged man with fair skin announced the auction result.

There was noise all around.
In the previous conference, Liu Ming had already bidden two items, both of which were of great value. Many people at the venue had noticed him.

Now that he succeeded in the third bidding, many people suddenly cast a glance and whispered.

“I remember he was the one who bade the storage ring right.”

“This person is really rich. He has already spent 4 million spirit stones before, and he still has enough wealth to bid for this thousands years spirit turtle’s blood essence.”

“He is probably sent by a big force, but why didn’t he go to the box on the second floor?”

Regarding the surrounding discussions, Liu Ming seemed unheard of.

Not long after, a servant walked over and led Liu Ming to the side hall to complete the transaction.

Since the auction of the thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence had ended, the auction for Luo Yu Blade was going to start again. A black light flashed, and the tall and muscular man appeared again. He handed out one item and said,

“My young master’s spirit stone is also somewhat insufficient, and he plans to auction this item.” The middle-aged man with fair skin was startled.

As Liu Ming was about to walk out of the hall, he heard the movement on the platform and turned back to look. The servant leading in from noticed his change, and he said smartly,

“Does senior want to join the next auction? If that’s the case, you can pay the spirit stones later.”

“No need, let’s go.” Liu Ming quickly retracted his gaze. The tall and muscular man faintly took out a evil spiritual weapon, so he naturally didn’t have much interest in it.

In a small room in the side hall, a young woman in red clothes of the Condensation Period was sitting in it. On the table beside was the gourd container which contained the less than half gourd of golden liquid.

Liu Ming strode in. After looking at the young woman, his eyes were looking at the gourd container.

“Miss, can you let me take a look at the thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence?” He spoke straightforwardly.

“Since mister bid this item, you can naturally check it.” The young woman in red was taken aback for a moment, but he immediately said with a smile.

Liu Ming nodded. He sat down on the chair next to the young woman, carefully picked up the gourd container, opened the cap, and sniffed it carefully. A rich sweet smell came to his nose. Only then he nodded with satisfaction.

“Indeed, this is the thousands years old spirit turtle’s blood essence.” After closing the cap, Liu Ming put the gourd container back on the table.

“Our elders had personally checked it. Mister should have seen it with your eyes, you still don’t believe it?” The young woman in red clothes said with a frown.

“There is nothing wrong to be careful. Okay, since this is the thing, let’s start the transaction.” Liu Ming said with a slight smile.

As he said, he flipped his hands and took out a leather bag and a jade box, then he said,

“Here are one million spirit stones and some elixirs. I don’t have enough spirit stones, so I will use items of the same value to exchange it. There should be no problem right?”

“According to the rules of the auction, it is naturally possible. However, if mister is exchanging it with items, the price will be lower than the market price according to the rules.” The young woman in red snorted softly, talking to Liu Ming. With a dissatisfied attitude, he nodded coldly.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, and he did not say anything. He flicked his sleeve and threw the leather bag and jade box on the table, waiting for the other party to check it.


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