Demon is Diary
Chapter 580: Major Competition of the 8 Courtyards 3
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Demon is Diary
Author :Wang Yu
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Chapter 580: Major Competition of the 8 Courtyards 3

Half an hour later, in the 9th group arena, Liu Ming was fighting with a young man in blue robe.

As the deputy disciple announced the start of the battle, the young man in blue robe slapped his waist immediately to release 3 white smokes. After condensing, they transformed into three bone demons. Each of them was 10 meters tall, and they were at the intermediate stage of the Condensation Period.
As the young man in blue robe groaned, the 3 bone demons suddenly spewed white smoke from their mouths and rushed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming made a gesture, and rolling black mist came out from his body. Amidst the dragon roars, two black mist condensed into two dragons, flying straight at the 2 bone demons.

As soon as the 4 were in contact, the 2 black mist dragons split apart the white silk easily, then they entangled tightly on the bone demons..

The 2 bone demons couldn’t move in the black gas.

Although the man in blue robe kept changing gestures again and again, 2 bone demons couldn’t get out from the entanglement no matter how they struggled.
The man in blue robe’s face changed slightly, but at this time, the remaining bone demon had come close to Liu Ming after flickering a few times. Amidst strange laughter, it spurted out a few green bone needles.

Liu Ming seemed to be ready for it. He snorted and launched a heavy punch, parrying the bone needles and attacking the bone demon without stopping.

The young man in blue robe obviously didn’t expect Liu Ming to attack from the front without evading. In a hurry, he quickly tried to control the bone demon to avoid, but it was too late.

A deafening tiger roar sounded!
Along with a huge black wave soaring into the sky, a giant black tiger passed through the bone demon’s body. After a slight pause in the void, it revealed its pair of sharp front paws and pounced forward.

When the man in blue robe saw this, his face turned gloomy. With a flick of his sleeves, 2 bone forks were held in his hands. As he waved one hand, a crimson flame spear was condensed, and it was launched at the giant black tiger.

After the flames in the sky burst, the giant black tiger dissipated into a few wisps of smoke.

Liu Ming was slightly startled. He squinted and assessed the 2 bone forks in the opponent’s hand.
One was flickering with red spiritual patterns. It was wrapped in flames. The other had blue spiritual patterns, and it was exuding strands of white gas.

This pair of bone forks was a pair of rare water and fire attributes spiritual weapon!

As Liu Ming’s expression moved, he tapped in the air.

The two mist dragons suddenly strangled the 2 trapped bone demons and burst them apart. The headless corpses fell to the ground instantly.

Seeing this, the man in blue robe was furious.
Although these 3 bone demons could still recover with a little sacrificial refine after the battle, the cost was naturally not cheap.

But before the man in blue robe took any action, Liu Ming had already made a move first.

He shook his arms and pushed forward. The two black mist dragons swirled in the air before charging at the young man in blue robe.

Seeing this, the young man in blue robe began to mutter. The 2 bone forks in his hand suddenly flashed violently. They crossed and launched one blue water pillar and one crimson flame at the same time.

The flames circled the water pillar instantly, turning into a red-blue pillar.

Liu Ming rubbed his hands together, and the 2 black mist dragons merged into 1 in the air, turning into a giant black dragon of 100 meters long. The giant black dragon clashed with the red-blue fire and water pillar.

A loud noise!
The red flames and blue water waves rolled out wildly, and they collided with the black mist dragon continuously in the air. They were in a stalemate for a while.

The space of more than 100 meters in the center of the arena was suddenly filled with blue, red and black energy, and the blasting sound was endless.

Such a big movement caused some Real Pellet State powerhouses on the high platform to look over.

At this moment. Liu Ming flicked his sleeve.

Golden light spots appeared around the man in blue robe abruptly. A golden sand curtain flashed out and wrapped him inside..

As Liu Ming changed gestures, the Golden Fallen Sand spun up quickly. In the sand curtain, golden sand needles pierced toward the young man in blue robe.
The man in blue robe couldn’t defend in time, so he could only desperately channel the 2 bone forks in his hand to cast a flame wall and water wall to resist it.

However, although this pair of water and fire bone forks were surprisingly powerful, they were obviously not good at close combat. In the face of tough golden sand needles, this kind of defense consumed a lot of spiritual power. He couldn’t hold for long.

The man in blue robe suddenly groaned, and he crossed the 2 bone forks in his hand. A red and blue light flower bloomed in the center.

The golden sand curtain, that was originally turning crazily around it, was slowly pushed open by the red and blue light flower.

However, the man in blue robe had blue veins bursting out on his forehead, and he was sweating profusely, this technique was obviously his killing move.
At this time, Liu Ming grabbed in the air with both hands, and there were 2 more beads in his palm. They were rubbed together into one before being throwing up into the air.


A yellow hill phantasm of 80 meters tall appeared in the air above the man in blue robe and pressed down.

The huge light flower was already very holding the golden sand curtain with difficulty. Now it was pressed by the hill phantasm, it suddenly burst open.
After a muffled sound, red and blue waves rolled in all directions…

After Liu Ming scanned with his Divine Thought, he stopped his gestures. The Golden Fallen Sand in the distance turned in the air before flying back into his sleeve in golden light.

The yellow hill phantasm also returned into a black bead, blasting back at Liu Ming.

When Liu Ming took back both spiritual weapons, all the fluctuations faded. The man in blue robe finally appeared in the distance.

At this time, his black robe was already in tatters. There were scars of different depths everywhere on his body, and the 2 bone forks in his hands were also dim. He was in a bad state.
“I… admit defeat.” The young man in blue robe glanced at Liu Ming who was unscathed on the other side, and he could only say unwillingly.

“Thank you for letting me win.” Liu Ming faintly cupped his fist, then he flashed out of the arena.

Liu Ming defeated the opponent who got top 10 in the previous major competition, this naturally caused a commotion among the disciples.

The other disciples who didn’t have an opponent of course didn’t dare to challenge him seeing this situation. They could only choose the other participants for their last battle.

Liu Ming was at ease. He looked for an open space and quietly waited for the end of the preliminary round.

But after he watched for a while, his eyes looked back at the 9th arena again.
At this time, it was the purple-eyed young man Zang Xuan who was fighting in the arena. He finally encountered a strong enemy when he was about to advance to the top 100.

His opponent was a chubby young man. This person’s spiritual weapon was a dark big seal spiritual weapon. It could change its size at will, and it emitted a low buzzing sound.

Liu Ming’s heart was moved. He had some impressions of this person. At the beginning of the preliminary round, this person was eating a piece of pie arrogantly, causing many people to cast strange gazes at him.

At this moment, Zang Xuan was channeling a yellow long sword with a solemn face. With one slash, a dense yellow sword qi shot out, making a loud whistling sound. The momentum was astonishing.

This young man with purple eyes also became a lot more stronger after advancing to the Condensation Period later stage.

However, in the face of the sword qi that surged like a tide, the fat man launched waves of symbols with a calm expression, channeling a black light curtain that was launched by the big black seal.

The dense yellow sword qi made a burst of raining sound after hitting the light curtain, then the black light curtain easily bounced the sword qi away.
“Brother Wu, you only defend against me. Are you looking down on me?” Zang Xuan asked with a solemn face seeing this situation.

The fat young man smiled slightly when he heard the words, but he did not answer.

A hint of anger appeared on Zang Xuan’s face. He made a gesture, and the yellow long sword shone bright. As he pointed with the sword, a broad yellow sword qi of 10 meters long was launched. Immediately afterward, six purple light flashed out, following the sword qi closely.

Liu Ming’s expression moved. He recognized that this was the set of purple flying blades that was damaged when fighting the fire spirit king in the Small Flame World. Now it seemed that Zang Xuan had managed to repair them.

The next moment, the yellow rainbow came to the front of the fat young man. It slashed open a crack on the black light curtain, and the six purple lights flashed into the shield and blasted at the fat young man.


Seeing this situation, the fat young man’s expression looked solemn a little as he groaned. He made gestures with both hands. The big black seal above disappeared, and it appeared in front of the young man the next moment. The black light curtain became bright and reflected the six purple lights back toward Zang Xuan.

Zang Xuan’s face darkened. He formed gestures continuously. With a flash of his purple eyes, the six purple lights returned into six purple flying blades and flew back into his mouth.

The big black seal in front of the fat young man suddenly increased several times, becoming the size of a house and pressing it toward Zang Xuan like a huge wall. Zang Xuan had no room to dodge at all.

Zang Xuan was shocked. He launched the yellow long sword from his hand, turning into a huge yellow sword and slashing on the big black seal.

The black light flashed, and the huge yellow sword was bounced away. As the big black seal flashed brilliantly, it approached Zang Xuan with a heavy pressure.

Zang Xuan’s face paled for a while. His hands kept forming gestures, and his purple eyes shone. A faint purple light wall appeared in an instant.


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