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Desire x Pleasure x System
Author :MeianAneko
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19 Arrived

We reach Ostrana Empire region in 3 weeks. I don't expect this travel take our time so much. I recall there a vehicle exist in this world in the future from memory inherited from Great Sage. The design is little bit different from my previous world but the source of this come from otherworldly people who had been come here. Using magic and science together they succeed build one. Car, aeroplane and others. I guess our group need one of this to reduce our time travel. To reduce our food and money consumption. Luckily we encounter few monster such as wolves, boar, goblin ( typical isekai, I don't expect to meet them so earlier ) and others. Goblin meat cannot be eat because of their taste is really bad. It like you eat rotten food even already cooked them.

However there were a method to erase this bad taste. By using Goblin grass. It just a weed full of mana but useless to alchemy and others. But this weed can erase the bad taste of goblin meat. Thanks to that old man knowledge I got, I knew this method. People at that time desperate so they just take a weed and goblin meat to eat. They discovered the meat taste is different so they make experiment by marinate for a day with weed after that the goblin meat can cook like other meat. From there the weed name change to Goblin grass. The girls feel disgusted and scare to try. After I try to cook with spice and herb the smell so good. They try it and our new recipe had been added.

We just eat the meat we got from kill monster and search a wild vegetables or herb during our journey. To reduce our food consumption in our storage. This as a training for us to survive if our supply got cut off. We also can eat without spending on the main supply if we knew how to prepare and cook the food we found. Well, for now we will not doing this unless we travel too far. When next travel we will bring enough food supply. Sometime I like do hunting and eat our game. We just use herb and spice to make it more delicious. Oh my, talking about food making me hungry. This world food is good for me but I want to eat my previous world recipe. Maybe I will do that later.

Back to topic, I look on the map the town we go is Town Galonde. About 20 minutes we will arrive at the gate. Daphia also told me when near to our destination, I need to call her. The reason she said to me is quite logic and hurt me too. She said " Aosar still kid right? That based on your outside by looking at your body. Also I want you to lay low for now. If anything happened we will try solve it. If not you can going in to solve it out." Yeah it true I may or needed to lay low for a while but please don't said I'm a kid. It hurt because my inner side have teen and old man experience so my mental not like a kid. However people cannot see inside of people easily so they look at outside of it.

" Daphia, we about to reach out destination! " ( Aosar )

" Okay, I'm coming! " ( Daphia )

She open the door and sit beside me. Thanks to the door at the front we can change without stopping the carrier. I pass the rein and just lean my back on the couch. There a risk we will get attention from other people because of our design and carrier looks like. I try my best to make it almost same for other carrier that exist in the world. The most stand up I think the wheel. Well, I'll let Daphia handle it.

20 minutes later, luckily we arrived and we the last carrier line up to the left for who wanted to right. It take about 10 minutes to wait until our turn to check up. The guard use some scan magic device to check if there illegal item or any suspicious material or other came inside of the town. The middle age geezer ask a few quick questions to Daphia while she also took a role as mother explain to her son. That me, she told me how the guard doing their job and others and the funny thing is the guard is proud with it. I can guess they proud of their job or because of beauty of Daphia or both of it. He also quite curious about our carrier but Daphia just told him someone gift it to her family.

There were a toll we need to paid. 3 silver for the kid and 5 silver coin for adult except for baby. Total for us is 21 silver coins. This is for who not citizen of the town. We can register at town hall ot become a member of guild. That our plan anyway. We do not forget to ask where Merchant Guild and In location. After he give the map and recommend the In for us. Daphia move carrier to the inside of the town.

This Galonde town is bustling with people. I saw many race mix in this place. There adventure and merchant walk here and there. The girls excited and open the windows to see this scene too. You can said this is our first time travel here. Like Doland said this town...no this empire had a mix race population inside of it. Though there some discrimination I saw but they cannot show it too much. Except something is happen if there extremist who think their race is supremacy one. Daphia look at the map which make our carrier speed decrease.

" Give me the map, I will show it where we need to go. " ( Aosar )

" Hehehe, thanks. " ( Daphia )

I just look at the map paper on my hand. But what showing in front of my eye is Map skill. Cheat skill and no need the map. I show the direction where the Merchant Guild located. It in the middle of town which take a few minutes to move by carrier. There an Adventure Guild there too. Our first objective is to register Daphia as merchant. Without the Merchant Guild we cannot set up the shop or I can said our plan will not move at all or the progress will be slow without guild. Arriving at the guild we park our carrier to the place had been prepared for the carrier. For me I should said a parking for vehicle. I forgot how to call this....whatever, I don't want to indulge in this thing.

We go inside the guild and saw and tidy, clean and beautiful in the hall. How can I said, as expected for merchant. They care the quality for customer coming inside their shop. This also including for the guild too. We just walk for few seconds but there sudden classic trouble for isekai type. This world cannot escape from it too.

" Oi, oi ! This is Merchant Guild. There no place for you and the kid to play here. What do think huh !? "

There you go. Classic sentence will be said for bad people. Daphia just smile to him. Meth and Ririel busy handling the baby. I relief the baby not cry if not we need to wait outside of the guild. I just look around and saw some people just smile, anticipate what next will be happen. The receptionist just shook their head. I can guess this damn guy always make a mess in here. There seem a rule here I can predict but I will know later on.

" Yes, I know this is Merchant Guild. If I'm not wrong this is place where you can become official merchant by register it here. My objective is no to play here. If I had assistant there will be me alone to come here. Unfortunately I cannot leave behind the children. Plus all of them behave and still not making problem. " ( Daphia )

" Ceh, newbie huh. I don't care your reason. Just make them get out of here now! "

Everyone here realise Daphia mood drop to below zero. We also feel the air or surrounding become cool except for this dense guy. There one of young woman receptionist come out and hurried to our place. She knew something bad will happen.

" Sir, I'm sorry for interrupting you. If this woman want to register here. Please make it more easier. As far as I can see, they still on range of our rule. Mother or not. Commoner or noble. We doesn't care as long as they follow the rules. I hope you not making this again because lately our registration keep decreasing because of you. I hope you don't make the higher up taking action towards you. " ( Young woman receptionist )

Whoa, she brave enough to admonished him. I like her. For her attitude only. The dense guys quite irritated.

" Shut up! I don't care about it at all. Seem you really stubborn not let them out. I will force them out with my own hand! "

The young woman face darkened when this guy take action. He try to grab Noar. The people around here just shook their head. Helpless with this guy attitude. I guess this man have a big background behind him if not he not act like this. His hand not reach to Noar. If you look closely there were ice around his hand.

" Gyaaaaaah! It's hurt ! So cold ! What happening !? " ( Dense man )

" I think there no anything wrong I did to you. Based on this young woman. She told there no problem with it. Why you need forcefully drag out my children. More importantly I wonder why your hand reach to my Noar. This is last warning. If you make me angry your hand cannot be safe like what i did earlier. I can destroy your whole arm. You can heal your hand because bI just freeze around your hand. Now, get out of my sight. " ( Daphia )

Our face is not changed at out but there a cold sweat on the back. Showing how scary Daphia can be. During our travel, we train magic to the next level. This is by cast magic with any shape and will depend on user. Like how Daphia did. If she will to freeze that man hand. It will freeze the hand. This can be achieved once you can do chantless cast magic. The young woman and all people inside of this guild shocked what happened here. There a few other receptionist come and heal the dense man hand and took away from us.

This situation cannot be avoided. Daphia told me there no one can do this. I need to check it out if t true or not. This skill for people on this era, only summoned people can do it. The young woman quickly snapped.

" Miss, I'm really sorry for what that man who did this to you. I hope you do not hold the grudge on him. " ( Young Woman )

" Oh my, don't worry about it. I just doing this as self defense. My children behave really well. Like I said, if there an assistant I will come here alone instead my children come with me. Plus it good to expose them earlier and share some of my knowledge to them. " ( Daphia )

" I see, thank you very much. " ( Young Woman )

One of the receptionist came and whisper to the young woman. Her face change little bit. We notice it but just ignore and wait.

" Miss, our Guild Master wanted to meet you. Your family can follow too. Please follow me. " ( Young Woman )

Daphia just nodded and follow that young woman. Some people still look on us. Daphia just look at me and move her move " I'm sorry " I just shook my head and smile to her. With this ability expose. There will many thing happened in the future. I wonder why the Guild Master call Daphia. Something or someone observe to us during previous event. I cannot predict what they need until I heard it out.
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    《Desire x Pleasure x System》