Dragon Prince Yuan
Chapter 665 Punishmen
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Dragon Prince Yuan
Author :Yellowlaw
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Chapter 665 Punishmen

As the experience in the Mythic Utopia came to an end, news of the final result had also spread throughout almost all of the Shengzhou Continent in just a few days of time. After all, the participants included almost all the outstanding talents of the younger generation of Cangxuan Heaven.

Being able to stand out in a competition of this level was enough to illustrate one’s talent. In time, people who stood out might become one of the renowned top experts of Cangxuan Heaven.

It was just that the results surprised everybody.

After all, the Sacred Palace was at the peak of its power, and all these years, they had always been called the leader of the numerous sects of Cangxuan Heaven, whether it was based on the sect’s strength or the talent of their younger generation.

In the past, it was the Sacred Palace that had repeatedly taken the top spot and had the most dazzling performance in the Mythic Utopia.

But this time, the result was different. The Cangxuan Sect, which the Sacred Palace had always suppressed, had turned the tides, defeated the Sacred Palace, and won the greatest opportunity in the Mythic Utopia.

This result, no doubt, drew countless exclamations.

And the details about what happened in the Mythic Utopia also gradually spread out.

Thus, many forces learnt that the decisive factor in the Cangxuan Sect’s comeback was not a Chosen but a chief disciple called Zhou Yuan!

And the three Chosen of the Sacred Palace who lost their lives, including Jin Chanzi, were killed by this chief disciple.

Such an accomplishment was so dazzling that it made countless people flabbergasted.

Evidently, no one thought the person who would stand out from the Mythic Utopia would be neither Jiang Taishen, who was ranked first on the Chosen List, nor Chu Qing, who was ranked second on the list, but an unknown little chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect.

However, everyone also knew that after such a performance, Zhou Yuan would no longer be a chief disciple after he returned to the Cangxuan Sect.

The Cangxuan Sect was indeed worthy of being called Cangxuan Heaven’s first sect. Although it had deteriorated, its foundation still mustn’t be underestimated.

At the Sacred Palace.

Inside the hall, the atmosphere was cold and depressing.

Clad in a white robe, palace master Sheng Yuan sat at the top. His silver eyes, without the slightest rippling of emotion, peered down at the many Sacred Palace disciples kneeling in silence.

In front of these disciples were Jiang Taishen and Zhan Taiqing.

All of them were disciples who had participated in the Mythic Utopia.

“You all have let me down,” palace master Sheng Yuan said after a long period of silence.

Many disciples were quivering, and Jiang Taishen and Zhan Taiqing also hung their heads low.

“My Sacred Palace had started small and had eventually managed to kick the Cangxuan Sect off the first position of the Cangxuan Heaven and replaced them. Even old ancestor Cangxuan, a top expert of the world, had died in the hands of my Sacred Palace,” palace master Sheng Yuan’s indifferent voice reverberated throughout the spacious and grand hall.

“My Sacred Palace didn’t lose to the Cangxuan Sect back then, and we had suppressed the Cangxuan Sect for many years, but you lost to them in the Mythic Utopia!” Palace master Sheng Yuan continued, “Is it because the Sacred Palace allowed you to live too comfortably?”

No one dared to answer.

Palace master Sheng Yuan waved his hand. “All the disciples who participated in the Mythic Utopia will receive the punishment of one hundred sacred whips.”

The Sacred Palace disciples inside the hall instantly turned deathly pale. The so-called sacred whip was one of the Sacred Palace’s punishments, which lashed the spirit. Every strike of the whip was extremely painful.

If lashed a hundred times, anybody with a slightly weaker spirit would most likely have their spirit destroyed. The punishment was very harsh.

“Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing, as the leader of the disciples you should be held responsible. Both of you will receive five hundred lashes,” palace master Sheng Yuan said indifferently, his silver eyes peering down at the two figures in the front. “Do you have any objections?”

Jiang Taishen and Zhan Taiqing each drew a deep breath and nodded without arguing back. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to escape punishment after the defeat. Moreover, if they were to show the slightest resistance, there could be a more devastating punishment waiting for them.

Although palace master Sheng Yuan was seemingly calm, he presumably was furious inside.

Expressionless, palace master Sheng Yuan stared at them in silence for a moment, then he said, “Jiang Taishen, after the punishment, rest for a month. A month later, there will be someone to challenge you. If you lose, hand over the position of first Chosen.”

Jiang Taishen was taken aback for a moment. Among the disciples of the Sacred Palace, nobody could defeat him, not even Zhan Taiqing.

Could it be that palace master Sheng Yuan intended to make one of the elders or guardians challenge me? That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

While Jiang Taishen was filled with puzzlement, a figure suddenly entered the hall. The figure was tall and very slender. Clad in a black robe, there was bloody qi exuding from him as he strode over. And before he even got close, everybody could smell a sea of blood and a mountain of dead bodies, the smell being emitted from his body. Their hearts pounded with fear.

Jiang Taishen’s eyes slightly shrank when he saw the figure because he sensed a dangerous fluctuation of energy.

Many of the disciples of the Sacred Palace suspiciously studied the young man in the black robe. He felt incredibly strange to them.

“He is Wu Huang, a disciple whom I have accepted,” palace master Sheng Yuan stated indifferently when he noticed the bewilderment on their faces.

Many disciples felt their heart quiver when they heard this. He was a disciple personally accepted by their palace master. It had been many years since something like that has happened. Even Jiang Taishen didn’t have such an honour.

“Wu Huang pays respect to all senior brothers and sisters.” Under the numerous gazes, the young black-robed man bowed respectfully, appearing humble and polite.

Palace master Sheng Yuan looked at Jiang Taishen and asked, “One month later, Wu Huang will challenge you. Will you accept it?”

Jiang Taishen withdrew his gaze from Wu Huang’s body. “How can I disobey the palace master’s order. In one month, I will take Wu Huang’s challenge.”

As the first Chosen of the Shengzhou Continent, he was naturally prideful. Among the young generation of the Cangxuan Heaven, even Chu Qing was no match for him. How would he attach any importance to other people?

Not even to Zhou Yuan, who had made them lose badly.

If it was a single match, Jiang Taishen had the confidence to kill him.

Palace master Sheng Yuan nodded. “All retreat to collect your punishment.”

The many disciples retreated one after another, their faces deathly pale and their eyes flickering with fear.

The great hall emptied very quickly.

“Jiang Taishen’s defeat indicates that his strength is still lacking. If a stronger Sacred Palace disciple appears and defeats him, it would suppress the rumours in the outside world that the Cangxuan Sect has a vast foundation,” palace master Sheng Yuan explained indifferently.

Immediately, he looked at Wu Huang below and said, “In a month’s time, if you can defeat Jiang Taishen, then your Great Wu can attack the Zhou.”

Wu Huang’s eyes suddenly lit up. He drew a deep breath and said with a cupped fist salute, “Disciple understands!”

He had been waiting for this day for too long!

“Do your best. I hope you won’t let me down.” Palace master Sheng Yuan’s figure gradually faded and disappeared without a trace.

Wu Huang bowed respectfully in the direction palace master Sheng Yuan had disappeared, and then he gazed into the distance, contempt flashing across his eyes.

Zhou Yuan, do you think you’re very impressive after the Mythic Utopia?

That’s only because you just picked the weakest, Jin Chanzi.

If you had faced Jiang Taishen, you would most likely be dead.

I have been silent in the Sacred Palace for a long time, and now it is time to let the world know the name Wu Huang.

And from the strong enemies that you don’t dare to face, I will start with Jiang Taishen.

When you hear the news, perhaps the position of the first Chosen of the Shengzhou Continent will already belong to me, Wu Huang. At that time, how wonderful will your expression be?

I really, really, look forward to seeing it.
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