Dragon Prince Yuan
Chapter 668 The Great Zhou
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Dragon Prince Yuan
Author :Yellowlaw
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Chapter 668 The Great Zhou

The Great Zhou Empire, the great hall of the palace.

In the great hall, Zhou Qing sat on the throne. Numerous strategic experts and powerful generals were below. At this moment, a tense atmosphere filled the entire hall.

The source of tension was due to a previous urgent report. According to the report of scouts, there had been great movements within the Great Wu Empire, and many troops from various regions had gathered around the Great Zhou’s border.

The army was exuding battle intent.

In these two years, the Great Wu Empire had abandoned its previous expansion in other areas and were instead focusing on the Great Zhou’s border, creating constant conflicts.

This made everyone aware that the Great Wu Empire intended to attack the Great Zhou Empire.

And after two years of preparation, it seemed the Great Wu Empire was about to take action.

Inside the great hall, everybody, including Zhou Qing, wore solemn expressions on their faces. Although the Great Zhou’s strength had improved in recent years, compared to the Great Wu Empire, they were undoubtedly still at a disadvantage.

And most importantly, King Wu was an expert of the Divine Dwelling stage.

On the battlefield, the effect that an expert of the Divine Dwelling stage could achieve was undoubtedly decisive.

Zhou Qing’s strength had been restored, but he was still only at the eighth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage. Thus there was still a huge gap between him and King Wu.

Zhou Qing’s heart was heavy, but he did not show it in the slightest. He peered down at the high-ranking military officers. Standing in front was Wei Canglan, whose strength had also risen to the seventh layer of the Alpha-Origin stage over the past two years.

“General, since the Great Wu intends to invade, our Great Zhou must defend,” Zhou Qing said in a low voice.

Wei Canglan gave a cupped fist salute. There was a solemn expression on his face. “This subordinate will immediately rush to the border and is ready to fight at any time.”

It was just that his eyes were flickering with worry. After all, the Great Wu was too strong. Even if the Great Zhou’s strength had increased dramatically over these years, they still might not be able to defeat them.

He turned around and exchanged a glance with the slender and tall girl behind him. She was Wei Qingqing.

She was also aware of the trace of worry in Wei Canglan’s eyes, but she could only sigh gently.

“Your Majesty, the Great Wu is too powerful, we won’t have any advantage if we fight them head on,” a voice suddenly sounded. Wei Canglan turned around. The speaker was a black-robed man, the Black Venom King.

The Black Venom King was also a little bitter. Zhou Yuan had captured him back then and had set him under his control with a spirit agreement. But in the past two years, the Black Venom King had been living comfortably in the Great Zhou. If the Great Wu intended to invade the Great Zhou, his enjoyable days could come to an end if a war were to break out.

After all, the Black Venom King was also very clear about the power of the Great Wu. Just King Wu alone, an expert of the Divine Dwelling stage, was difficult to defeat and could easily influence the war situation.

Zhou Qing indifferently darted a glance at him, saying, “Then, you mean you want my Great Zhou to surrender?”

The Black Venom King gave an embarrassed smile. How would he not know about the hatred between Zhou Qing and King Wu? He knew it was impossible for them to compromise, so he could only sigh bitterly.

Although the Black Venom King did not utter a word again, his unconfident performance also affected many people, causing the great hall to become more depressed.

Zhou Qing felt a sense of powerlessness rising in his heart when he saw this scene. He had tried to increase the strength of the Great Zhou as much as possible over the past years. Some puppets dug out from the Black Abyss had also become trump cards for the Great Zhou to fight against the Great Wu. But could these stop King Wu, who was at the Divine Dwelling stage?


In this depressing atmosphere, another urgent report came.

A soldier quickly darted into the great hall, knelt on one knee and reported, “Your Majesty, the Eagle pavilion received intelligence from the Shengzhou Continent.”

“The Shengzhou Continent?” Zhou Qing was taken aback. He naturally knew about the Shengzhou Continent, which was entirely different from a remote place like the Cangmang Continent. It was also at the center of the Cangxuan Heaven.

However, the Shengzhou Continent and the Cangmang Continent were extremely far from each other. Zhou Qing did not pay attention to the happenings in the Shengzhou Continent until Zhou Yuan left the Great Zhou and joined the Cangxuan Sect. After that, he had spent considerable money on the intelligent department to collect information about the Shengzhou Continent.

Thinking of this, Zhou Qing’s heart suddenly beat faster. “Is there news about Yuan’er?”

There was a sudden rush of excitement in his heart. It had been two years since Zhou Yuan had gone to the Cangxuan Sect, and during this period of time he hadn’t received any information about him.

I wonder how my child is?

It was said that the number of talents in the Cangxuan Sect was as many as the number of clouds. Is Yuan’er okay there?


“Your Majesty, we have just received a message about His Highness!” the soldier quickly reported.

All the people in the great hall were suddenly filled with surprise.

Wei Canglan and Wei Qingqing first looked at the soldier before exchanging a glance with each other. They both looked a little surprised.

They had heard that Zhou Yuan had gone to train in the Cangxuan Sect, but there had been little news about him in the past two years. They had not expected to finally hear back from him.

Wei Canglan thought, His Highness Zhou Yuan is a talent, but the Cangxuan Sect is a major sect where numerous geniuses of various continents gather. I wonder how His Highness is doing? Is he still as remarkable as he was back in the Cangmang Continent?

But immediately after, he slightly shook his head. The Cangmang Continent was too small. Even if Zhou Yuan could stand out there, it did not represent that he could remain as outstanding in a major sect such as the Cangxuan Sect.

The Black Venom King had a complicated look on his face when he heard the words ‘His Highness’. If it weren’t for Zhou Yuan, he most likely would still be living freely in the black abyss.

“There hasn’t been news about that guy for the last two years. He most likely can’t cope in the Cangxuan Sect, isn’t that right?” The Black Venom King still held a grudge against Zhou Yuan for controlling his spirit, but he rarely dared to show this to anyone.

The soldier spoke in a quick and excited voice, “Your Majesty, it is said there is a Mythic Utopia in the Shengzhou Continent, where numerous geniuses of the entire Cangmang Heaven, including the Cangxuan Sect, the Sacred Palace and the other major sects, would participate.

“At this Mythic Utopia, His Highness Zhou Yuan killed three Chosen of the Sacred Palace and shocked the entire Shengzhou Continent!

“After returning to the sect, His Highness was promoted and is now ranked second among the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect!”

The entire hall fell quiet as these words rang out in the hall.

Even Zhou Qing couldn’t remain calm, and his mouth gaped open. Although the Cangmang Continent was an extremely remote place, he also had heard that the most elite outstanding disciples in the powerful sects of the Shengzhou Continent were called Chosen.

The strength of each Chosen was at least the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage!

And the Genesis Qi foundation of Chosen wasn’t something that people of the Alpha-Origin stage like them could understand.

But it was reported that Zhou Yuan had killed three Chosen of the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin Stage and that he was ranked second among the Cangxuan Sect Chosen?!

With a look of astonishment, Wei Canglang looked at Wei Qingqing, whose beautiful eyes were wide with disbelief.

His Highness had become a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect? Does that mean his strength is now comparable to the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage?!

Wasn’t Zhou Yuan only at the Heaven Gate stage when he had left the Great Zhou Empire?

The Black Venom King was also struck dumb. It was a moment later before he couldn’t help swallowing mouthfuls of saliva.

Many courtiers inside the great hall were also dumbstruck for moments before they finally snapped out of the shock and came forward to offer their congratulations.

“Haha!” Zhou Qing sprang up, bursting into laughter. Moments ago, he was dispirited because of the Great Wu, but now his face had lit up with joy. He exclaimed, “The Sacred Dragon of my Zhou family indeed isn’t inferior to any genius!

“General, go carry out the order. Even if my Great Zhou risks everything, we will fight the Great Wu till the end!”

Wei Canglan gave another cupped fist salute before he left with Wei Qingqing. But their steps had become much more steady, and evidently the morale had been greatly boosted.

They all understood what Zhou Qing meant. They were to use the power of the Great Zhou to stall the Great Wu as long as possible.

Because Zhou Yuan still needed time.

Zhou Yuan should be very close to conquering the Divine Dwelling stage. As long as they could buy some time for him, it would still be possible that the Great Zhou could defeat the Great Wu!

Previously they couldn’t see the slightest hope, but the news of Zhou Yuan gave them a ray of light: they could defeat the Great Wu.

Looking at Wei Canglan’s departing figure, Zhou Qing breathed a long sigh and then gazed into the distance with his hands clenched.

Yuan’er, don’t worry, and continue to train at the Cangxuan Sect.

Father will do everything I can to buy you more time!

Father will be waiting for you, waiting for the day you make a breakthrough in your cultivation!

The entire Great Zhou is waiting for that day!
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