Dragon Prince Yuan
Chapter 669 Change in the First Position
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Dragon Prince Yuan
Author :Yellowlaw
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Chapter 669 Change in the First Position

The heated discussion brought by the Mythic Utopia gradually and eventually calmed in the Shengzhou Continent. After all, the Shengzhou Continent was the focus point of the entire Cangxuan Heaven, which was where countless wonderful things were happening everyday. Therefore discussions about battles such as those in the Mythic Utopia wouldn’t be continued for too long.

However, just as the heated debate about the Mythic Utopia had only just died down, another news came out and set off a huge wave in the Shengzhou Continent.

Jiang Taishen, who was ranked first on the Chosen List, had lost to Sacred Palace disciple Wu Huang and was replaced!

The moment the news came out, it sent the entire Shengzhou Continent shaking and attracted the attention of all forces.

Jiang Taisheng was incredibly powerful, and many geniuses of the Cangxuan Heaven were fearful of him and saw him as a strong enemy.

However, all these years, only Chu Qing posed a threat to him. The rest of the Chosen were still quite a distance away from him.

And although the Sacred Palace lost in the recent Mythic Utopia, Jiang Taishen’s strength was still obvious. If Chu Qing hadn’t obstructed him, it wouldn’t have been so easy for the Cangxuan Sect to dominate the Mythic Utopia.

Therefore, even if the Sacred Palace had lost to the Cangxuan Sect, Jiang Taishen’s position as the first Chosen of the Chosen List was still as stable as Mount Tai.

But suddenly there was news that Jiang Taishen was defeated?

Who was Wu Huang? How could he be so strong? To think he could defeat Jiang Taishen!

Numerous questions arose in the minds of countless people, but soon the Sacred Palace voluntarily gave an explanation.

Wu Huang, a disciple personally accepted by the Sacred Palace’s palace master, came from the Cangmang Continent and had been training in the Sacred Palace for many years. He was at the peak of the ninth layer of the Alpha-Origin stage.

The Sacred Palace had even reflected the battle between Wu Huang and Jiang Taishen onto memory rocks to let it spread out, showing that the battle was fair and square.

It was then that everybody’s doubts were dispelled.

“The Sacred Palace is indeed worthy of being called the strongest sect in the Cangxuan Heaven. It is difficult to touch their foundation.”

“Jiang Taishen has been sitting on the first position of the Chosen List for many years, and many geniuses of various sects were unable to shake him. Nobody thought that someone in the Sacred Palace could defeat him.”

“Jiang Taishen is already very strong, which means the person called Wu Huang who had defeated him must be more powerful?”

“It seems that the Sacred Palace had still held back their strength in the Mythic Utopia. If Wu Huang had participated in the Mythic Utopia, then would the Cangxuan Sect have achieved the top spot?”

“Sigh, the Sacred Palace is so strong that it is difficult for the Cangxuan Sect to catch up.”


Many voices rang from various sects and factions within the Shengzhou Continent. In the face of Wu Huang of the Sacred Palace, many geniuses lost their luster and did not even have the courage to covet the first position on the Chosen List.

The tyrannical behavior of the Sacred Palace was undoubtedly a great demonstration of its strength and status.


The news of the replacement of the first Chosen spread to the Cangxuan Sect right away, and many disciples fell silent upon hearing the news.

Jiang Taishen was a tremendous mountain pressing on the heads of all Cangxuan Sect disciples. But the person the Cangxuan Sect disciples most wanted to surpass wasn’t defeated in the hands of the Cangxuan Sect, but lost to a disciple of the Sacred Palace...

They couldn’t even beat Jiang Taishen, and now there was a stronger person than Jiang Taishen? Could they really catch up to him?

The disciples of the Cangxuan Sect all fell silent. They felt extremely unwilling, which eventually turned to disappointment. The disciples of the Sacred Palace really were too strong.

If Wu Huang had also participated in the Mythic Utopia, then could the Cangxuan Sect still have achieved victory?

At this moment, the confidence the many disciples had gained from the Mythic Utopia was shaken.

While the disciples were all silent, sect master Qing Yang summoned numerous peak masters and the Chosen of the various peaks, except for Zhou Yuan who was still in secluded cultivation.

“The reason the Sacred Palace picked this time to let Wu Huang defeat Jiang Taishen seems to be to eliminate the negative impact brought about by their defeat in the Mythic Utopia,” sect master Qing Yang said indifferently in the meeting hall.

“This matter would no doubt affect the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.” The peak master of the Sword Cometh Peak frowned.

“The Sacred Palace really is hateful!” Peak master Lianyi’s beautiful brows were also scrunched together. “The battle happened in their sect, who knows whether anybody interfered?”

“I have seen the memory rock. Wu Huang is indeed extraordinary and should be stronger than Jiang Taishen,” peak master Lei Jun of the Heavenly Lightning Peak said aloud.

Below, Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, Li Qingchan and the other Chosen all wore solemn expressions. They were all well aware of Jiang Taishen’s strength, thus were shocked to hear that he was defeated in the hands of Wu Huang. If even Jiang Taishen was defeated, then just how strong was Wu Huang?

“Where is Wu Huang from? I’ve never heard of him before,” Li Qingchan asked with a frown.

Sect master Qing Yang answered, “He is also from the Cangmang Continent and should be acquainted with Zhou Yuan.”

“Also from the Cangmang Continent?”

Li Qingchan and the others exchanged glances with one another.

In the past two years, why have there been so many powerful people from a little continent?

But they were even more surprised that Wu Huang was acquainted with Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang had fought a battle of life and death in the Cangmang Continent’s Saint Remains Domain. In the end Zhou Yuan destroyed Wu Huang’s physical body, and his spirit was taken away by the Sacred Palace. From the looks of it, the Sacred Palace’s palace master must have reconstructed his physical body,” sect master Qing Yang explained.

A look of surprise crossed the faces of Li Qingchan and the others. They evidently didn’t expect there to be such a story between Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang.

It wasn’t easy to reconstruct Wu Huang’s physical body, so why would the palace master of the Sacred Palace help Wu Huang? Could it have really been because he could see Wu Huang’s talent and potential?

Sect master Qing Yang shook his head. For people of his level, they had all seen and experienced too much. The so-called genius would only be successful for a period of time. Nobody knew just what step they would reach.

Through some kind of intuitive power, sect master Qing Yang felt that the Sacred Palace’s palace master was scheming something.

Sect master Qing Yang temporarily stopped his speculation, knowing that it was useless. Moreover, in addition to the news of the first person on the Chosen List being changed, he also had another piece of news.

The Great Wu Empire of the Cangmang Continent was intending to go to war with the Great Zhou Empire.

Given his status, he didn’t care about the conflict between two little empires on the Cangmang Continent. But the situation was slightly different this time since the present first Chosen on the Chosen List, Wu Huang, was from the Great Wu Empire.

And Zhou Yuan was from the Great Zhou Empire.

Wu Huang had won the first place on the Chosen list the moment he became known to the world, and this was followed by the Great Wu declaring war on the Great Zhou. It seemed that there was perhaps the shadow of the Sacred Palace’s palace master in this act.

He wanted to retaliate for losing face in the Mythic Utopia?

Sect master Qing Yang’s eyes flashed. “Send a message to Zhou Yuan, tell him to stop training for now and that there is something to discuss.”

A disciple took the order and hurried away.

But immediately, sect master Qing Yang gave a wave of his hand and blocked his path. Looking in the direction of the distant Saint Genesis Peak, his face lit up with surprise and a wide smile.

“It looks like there’s no longer such a need.”


As his voice faded, Li Qingchan and the others in the hall also suddenly sensed violent and powerful Genesis Qi breaking out from the distant Saint Genesis Peak with a loud rumble.

The bright pillar of Genesis Qi pierced straight through the clouds, boundless and majestic.

And in the pillar of Genesis Qi, there was a slender young figure rushing skywards, his roar reverberating across the universe like thunder.

Li Qingchan and the others were immediately moved upon seeing the scene.

It was Zhou Yuan.

He had made a breakthrough once again!
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