102 Chapter 101: Memories pt 1
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Author :Daoist_Xuyi
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102 Chapter 101: Memories pt 1

Torug's POV,

"Was I hallucinating?"I couldn't help but wonder, the massive eye disappeared as quickly as it came.

Warily, I approached the entrance...'there was no signs of that in the Novel, is it because I came earlier?'.

I pushed my hand into the entrance and it passed through without any problems, I looked at my hand and then looked at the entrance before decisively walking through it.

"Strange..." I muttered while looking at the entrance again, Alpha tried to approach but couldn't pass through, in the end he began to throw a tantrum as he paced in front of the entrance.

"Hey... Alpha, just wait for me ok? don't let anyone in" I could only say this but it calmed him down, he looked around cautiously before nodding repeatedly and lying at the side of the entrance...who knows what it was thinking.

Once he was settled, I looked inside the cave warily but found nothing but a small blue pool. That was all I needed for a smile to spread on my face. This was the entrance, although it looked like a pool, it was actually a portal to the 'crypt'.

The person that found it in the Novel, was actually planning to take a bath but that didn't go as planned, as he was taken there.

Quickly, I took off my fur cloak and tried stepping out of the cave but found out that I couldn't. I found this suspicious but tried tossing the cloak towards Alpha, it passed through unimpeded and landed on the wolf.

For some reason Alpha snorted and looked the other way.

Looks like something wants me here... and although I have been trying to ignore the feeling, I found that the cave have me a familiar feeling.

Without any further thoughts, I dived into the pool. I was very sure I was swimming downwards but I found myself swimming out of another crystals blue pool.

It's just that, this time, the location I had appeared was very strange. there were lush green grasses and weeds all over the place, Transparent looking trees with pale blue leaves, a blue light seemed to bounce around within the trees. But even stranger was the strong sense of familiarity.

I solemnly stepped out of the pool and found that, this place must have been a battle ground. Skeletons everywhere, Orcs, humans, some looked like Goblins but Orcs made up the most corpses.

Most of the surrounding were just as the author explained, starting from the trees and plants but they was no mention of it being a battle ground.

Without much of a choice, I moved towards what looked like a ruined village up ahead. a calm breeze caressed my torso and my steps were the loudest sound in here.

When I arrived at the village entrance, an Orc skeleton was hanged up the wall with a battle axe, as it's bony hands looked like he was struggling to pull it out...A strange feeling began to swell within me and I recognized it well, it was rage!.

As soon as I began to wonder why I was feeling this way, an scene flashed across my mind and it wasn't mine...no to be precise, it was this body's memory.

I was soon standing next to a village gate, talking to an adult Orc with a bald head and braided beards, tied to the end of the braid was an animal fang. but what caught my attention was that, my perspective was from a height that was much closer to the ground, like that of a child.

'yup, Same green skin'

The Orc with braided beards said something to me with a grin before heading outside, from the look of things, I was excited by the things he said but that didn't last long. The moment the orc stepped outside the gates, he was speaking to the guard who seemed respectful.

A second later, he looked shocked and quickly pushed the guard away, only to be sent flying by a powerful force. the little me, turned to look but found that the orc from earlier was nailed to the village wall by a battle axe.

He struggled aimlessly to pull out the Axe but was soon shot in the head with an arrow, From a distance, a huge number of orcs and goblins, along with some human slaves were charging towards the village.

Before I could make heads or tails of what was happening, I was looking at the Orc skeleton on the wall with an arrow in it's skull.

'could this be where, my body and Urim came from?' I quietly tried to calm down the rising rage and continued walking into the village.

The gates had long fallen, so I had an easy time getting in.

inside the village had a lot of old burnt houses and corpses everywhere, the place I was looking for or should I say, the main 'crypt' lay beneath an Altar. To what God exactly?, it was never mentioned.

I began searching for the altar while exploring the village, the setting of this place was quite modernized compared to other orc settlements I've seen...it could almost rival Blackmoon Town in a way.

Stone buildings that had been smoothened, seemed to signify status and the other buildings were made of wood...well, that must have been how it looked before but now all that remains was...

"..." At this moment, I was staring at a corpse that looked awfully familiar and yet so foreign, no to be more precise, it was the bone necklace around it's neck.

Immediately, the rage came back even stronger, that I had to let out a loud roar...it felt like my heart broken to pieces and stepped on. I found myself beating my chest with a fist while kneeling before this Orc bones, a torrent of inexplicable emotions surged through my body and was released as a single word.


Rage was everywhere with no where to release and images began to flash through my mind, A female Orc warrior with thick black dreads adorned with tiny bones at it's tips, She wore a black leather armor that covered her upper torso and a grey furred battle skirt, this very bone necklace was the same one she had on. Right now she was returning with a group of Orc warriors, who seemed to be dragging a behemoth. She alone pulled a creature that looked like the child of this creature, a grin etched on her face as soon as she spotted my small frame in the distance.

A few smaller Orc ran from behind to look at this creatures...one of them looked very much like Urim. The female Orc warrior laughed at something that was said, then she looked in my direction and urged me to come.

The scene change again and we were by a river, she tossed a spear at me with a taunting grin as she pointed at some fishes only for me to jump into the river recklessly before she was talking, without hesitation, she jumped after me.

Once again, the scene change again to what looked like a battle that seemed to be happening the same day as what I had seen at the very beginning. it looked like I was hiding as I watched as She slayed several Orc warriors on the enemy side before a buff male orc appeared, he looked like the present Urim without the messy hair.

He urged her to take some warriors and leave while pointing in my direction, she looked hesitant to leave him behind. He held her by the neck before having their foreheads meet, he did not speak but she nodded before heading towards me.

"Vargan, Ugarth...get your brother and come" She suddenly said while moving in another direction.

Then I was looking at the skeleton once again.

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