Emperor is Domination
Chapter 2610: Who Are Ants?
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Emperor is Domination
Author :Yan Bi Xiao Sheng
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Chapter 2610: Who Are Ants?

“You!” Green-robed Heavenly Merchant’s expression became ugly. After all, no one could handle such disrespect in public, certainly not an alliance as prestigious as theirs.

“Being friends with us will yield many advantages while the opposite is nothing but disastrous. It’s not worth it doing this over some ants.” The merchant put on an aggressive face since he was no coward.

They have never been afraid of anyone outside of the three behemoths and would kill those who dare to antagonize them. Thus, the merchant no longer put on a courteous act.

“Your bunch are ants in my eyes.” Li Qiye chuckled and raised his hand to touch the air.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” The disciples from the federation instantly turned into bloody mists without the chance to resist or scream.

“You!” The merchant became aghast.

Li Qiye suddenly disappeared to the merchant’s dismay. He instinctively raised his hands to summon a great shield pulsing with divinity. It was an artifact of the Eternal level and possessed amazing defensive capabilities.

Li Qiye responded with a knee strike.

“Boom!” The shield instantly crumbled and the merchant was blown flying while vomiting blood. He slammed into the city wall and left a big hole behind.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye so people only saw the merchant being buried by debris. Everyone seemed to be struck by lightning.

This wasn’t the first time they saw Li Qiye in action but they were still shaken all the same. They didn’t know how to describe Li Qiye for he was too domineering and direct.

Li Qiye didn’t need profound techniques and invincible merit laws. His movements were as simple as can be - just violent punches and kicks that could be used by a three-year-old.

However, these moves still defeated Eternals all the same, rendering them helpless in a shocking manner.

As quiet as a virgin yet as swift as a rabbit with sheer destruction in each move - people thought back and forth and this was the only right way to describe Li Qiye. [1]

“Bam!” The merchant got out of the pile of rocks and looked quite tattered.

That strike earlier from Li Qiye almost ended his life. Blood was everywhere while his expression paled.

“See, you are no different from them under my foot, just another ant.” Li Qiye posed coolly while speaking.

Wu Youzheng and Lin Yixue took advantage of this rare opportunity and jumped on stage to save the captives.

“You!” The merchant’s face was as green as his robe right now. The words were humiliating and hard to hear but he couldn’t muster up a strong response.

The strike shattered his confidence in a brutal manner, just like Li Qiye’s words.

He was furious but the cruel reality of powerlessness made him calm down. He was imperious in the past and although his generation has passed, everyone in Imperial still treated him with respect.

Alas, Li Qiye could actually crush him like an ant. This wasn’t a good feeling. The more frustrating thing was that he actually started to think of himself as an ant inside right now, a stark contrast to his prior confidence and arrogance.

He wasn’t the only one feeling sad here. A few experts also felt a deep humiliation, lowering their self-esteem.

They viewed regular people as ants before, but Li Qiye said that there was no difference between them and the natives in his eyes.

Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do before Li Qiye’s absolute power.

“All of you are ants too.” Li Qiye confirmed their thinking as he shifted his gaze towards the crowd.

“Thinking that you’re nobler than regular people and treating them in this manner.” Li Qiye continued: “I just need to stomp my foot down and all of you will be dead, there isn’t one damn thing you can do to stop me!”

Some spectators angrily glared at him with indignation. They stared at the helpless captives on the platform who had no control over their own fate. No one would care about their wellbeing. They were the same as these weaklings?

“I see, I see, such a grand declaration!” The merchant laughed from being too angry. This was actually going the way he wanted because Li Qiye had offended the crowd.

“Ignorant junior, you dare to look down on the world? Do you think you can take on everyone? You overestimate yourself!” He sneered.

Li Qiye chuckled in response while maintaining his stance: “You think I give a damn about the rest of the world? In your eyes, one hundred and one million mortals are the same. That’s the same way for me, all of you and the rest of the world are still only ants. I can render everything to ashes with a single whim.”

This domineering statement suffocated the angry crowd. A few wise masters actually thought that Li Qiye was telling the truth.

One ancestor took a deep breath and said while shuddering: “Maybe he’s the real terror here. For example, Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor are powerful, but people still have a good gauge of their depths and strength. But this Fiercest, no one can speculate his height, perhaps it is far above us all.”

1. An adage describing an army - as still, calm, and silent as a virgin but once they take action, they move with swiftness


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