Emperor is Domination
Chapter 2611: One Slap
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Emperor is Domination
Author :Yan Bi Xiao Sheng
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Chapter 2611: One Slap

“Such ridiculousness!” The merchant kept on laughing since he didn’t know how to react.

Though he was willing to see Li Qiye antagonize the entire world, he still didn’t like the current humiliating treatment so he shouted: “Our Trade Federation swears to not exist together with you, we will destroy you for Imperial’s sake, so that it can enjoy a clear sky…”

A few experts here almost burst out in laughter but managed to stop themselves.

Just a few moments ago, he was blood sacrificing mortals. Though he wasn’t a devil, he was just as cruel as one.

But now, he shifted to the side of justice? Acting as the defender of Imperial?

Such hilarious irony, almost like a butcher suddenly becoming a vegetarian.

“I’m about to puke. Shut your mouth now, don’t spew that nauseating crap here.” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted the merchant.

Some of the crowd gave the merchant the side-eye. Though they were still annoyed at Li Qiye, the merchant’s comment just now wasn’t pleasant at all.

If he considered himself to be a hero, then everyone else was practically saints.

The merchant quivered with anger. If it was anyone else, he would have already slapped the guy’s face off then crush him to death. Unfortunately, Li Qiye was far superior to him.

“Very well, I shall destroy your trash federation now.” Li Qiye casually said as if he could destroy the famous alliance with a hand wave.

“Such shameless boasting. No one in the present day dares to make this claim.” A roar came about since Green-robed Heavenly Merchant was too angry to respond.

“Boom!” Four beams of aura shot out of Mingluo. Four old men leaped into the sky and came to the scene.

It was as if four primal beasts were awakening. They instantly suppressed the area. Each step of theirs stomped on the heart.

“Boom!” People found it hard to breathe in their presence.

They carried an oceanic momentum and looked quite unbeatable. One was gray all over; another had a golden horn…

“Whitebeard Heavenly Merchant, Golden-horn Heavenly Merchant….” Someone shouted after seeing them.

All five heavenly merchants were present - quite a rare and magnificent scene.

After all, they came from different systems and usually presided over their own areas. They rarely gathered in the same place. This was enough to represent the Trade Federation’s stance on this matter.

This was the federation’s strongest Eternals outside of Venerable Deer Merchant. One would need to think twice before fighting them.

One person quietly said: “No one can take the five of them on with the exception of Lucidity King, Gu Yifei, and maybe Venerable Deer Merchant himself.”

These were the toughest Eternals during their respective days. Though they weren’t born in the same generation, their power was quite similar.

“Yes, I heard they have fought against Venerable Deer Merchant before. Though no one knew the outcome of the fight, people believe that only those like Lucidity King and the merchant can take them down. That’s another reason why the five merchants are so loyal towards Venerable Deer Merchant.” One ancestor said.

“The deer merchant is special indeed. Aged and weakened yet he’s still at the top of Imperial.” People felt respectful towards him.

Rumor has it that he was the oldest Eternal in Imperial. One rumor stated that during his prime, Lucidity King lost to him by a single move.

Later on, his vitality withered but he could still take on Lucidity King.

In the present, most believed that these two were on the same level but during their prime, the merchant was most likely stronger.

Of course, one needed to bring Gu Yifei in as well. This person might be the strongest in Imperial, even above the other two.

“I wonder if Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor can handle these five.” Another added.

“Jade-break True Emperor can for sure, but I don’t know about Puresword True Emperor.” Her supporters were present in the crowd.

“Utter rubbish!” Fans of Puresword True Emperor immediately disagreed. The two sides started going at it.

“Hmph!” The four merchants released their auras straight at Li Qiye, wanting to take him down. Their scowl in union erupted thunderously.

“What an arrogant junior, daring to look down on the alliance on top of opposing the entire world.” An old man with a golden horn said.

“Perfect, all of you are here now.” Li Qiye said: “This will save me some time from looking for you one at a time.”

The four merchants’ expression became ugly.

“We’ll cut you to pieces today.” The gray-haired man furiously declared.

Li Qiye’s body suddenly flashed. In the blink of an eye, there were four, no, five of him in the sky.

Four of them stood in front of the four merchants while the last one remained in the same spot. This last one might be Li Qiye’s true body.

“Watch it!” Green-robed Heavenly Merchant warned his friends right away. He had experienced Li Qiye’s power already so prudence was the right choice.

In fact, his friends felt the same way and instantly seized the initiative.

“Break!” They had an unspoken understanding and combined their powers, resulting in a divine seal crashing down towards Li Qiye.

“Boom!” The world quaked before their might. Everyone felt as if the ground was sinking. Numerous cracks appeared all over the city.

The spectators shuddered at this impressive first move. It looked like this wasn’t their first time working together. They had methods for taking down someone individually stronger than them.

Completely useless. This divine seal shattered from a single slap.

Everyone saw the four being swatted away while vomiting blood. Next, they loudly slammed into the ground and created four huge pits with cracks emanating from them.

Li Qiye seemed able to deal with any technique. Even the four merchants lost to a single slap.

Only one Li Qiye was standing in the sky, as relaxed and leisure as always.

In fact, there weren’t five Li Qiye earlier. His speed was unbelievably fast so his remnant images remained in the air and confused the crowd.

The crowd gazed at the four pits and became empty-headed.

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