Emperor is Domination
Chapter 2612: Fear
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Emperor is Domination
Author :Yan Bi Xiao Sheng
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Chapter 2612: Fear

People quivered and gasped for breath after seeing Li Qiye swatting away the four merchants.

They were stronger than the ten Vajras by quite a bit yet they still couldn’t stop one move from Li Qiye.

Green-robed Heavenly Merchant was stunned. Not being able to stop a single move from Li Qiye himself was already humiliating, but his group together couldn’t do so either. This result struck him to the core.

It was one thing for the ten Vajras to lose since they weren’t the strongest group in Imperial Lineage. But it was another issue for the five merchants to lose. One would be hard-pressed to find a stronger group compared to them.

“Simply unfathomable, there is no limit to his height.” An ancient ancestor murmured while becoming truly afraid, believing that no one else in Imperial could take Li Qiye.

“No different from ants…” The crowd was frozen. Some people started repeating this line.

Prior to this, the Trade Federation viewed the natives as ants and did whatever they wanted. In fact, many experts here shared the same thoughts. The lives of the natives weren’t worth a single coin in their mind.

Alas, they suddenly had the realization that they were no different from the natives in Li Qiye’s eyes. Just a wave from him could push them off the edge. This self-realization was frustrating and left them with a primal fear.

“Boom!” Debris went flying. The four merchants jumped out of the pits, looking just as battered as Green Heavenly Merchant earlier.

This was the most embarrassing moment in their lives since they were used to dominating in the past and earning the worship and reverence of others. Losing to one strike was unbearable right now.

“Not bad, still alive or people would become hopeless. Four powerful Eternals losing to a single strike? That’s absurd. No one else in the young generation will have any ambition afterward.” Many experts heaved a sigh of relief.

The four merchants were bloodied and tattered, but at the very least, they were still alive. People would drown in despair otherwise because no one else in Imperial could kill them with a single move.

A being capable of this would be truly unbeatable and could suppress all of Imperial Lineage. Others would never have the chance to shine at that point.

Despite surviving the strike, the four merchants were pale. They exchanged glances with fear within.

After all, they had a good idea of their own power. Though Green Heavenly Merchant didn’t join in, that combination earlier was plenty strong. Yet, they still lost. They couldn’t imagine anyone else in Imperial capable of defeating them in a single strike.

In a one on one contest, doing so wasn’t impossible, but not when the four of them were together.

All five took one step backward while thinking the same thing - run.

Venerable Deer Merchant wasn’t here and the five of them couldn’t take Li Qiye. Running was the wisest move.

They were experienced and have grown through conflicts and danger, no longer possessing youthful recklessness.

However, they were the strongest ancestors of their respective sect - representing its reputation. Thus, they couldn’t run or they would spend the rest of their lives being sneered at by others.

“Sir, we have a misunderstanding. It’s better to drop than make a feud. We weren’t considerate this time so we will obey you and leave Mingluo with haste.” Green-robed Heavenly Merchant said.

No one expected the five merchants to give up so easily. They were aggressive and imperious just a while ago but have now conceded in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea.

These five have never been afraid of people, especially after the federation establishment. This gave them quite a strong backing, allowing them to stand tall against the three behemoths. So now, his surrender came as a surprise.

“An old ginger is even hotter.” An expert admitted: “These five when to push and when to pull, such sly foxes, able to put their face aside. The ten Vajras were the opposite so look at them now, all dead.”

“It’s fine to give up anyway against such a powerful foe. What’s the point of fighting to the death? It’s not like there is an irreconcilable feud.” One ancestor quietly said.

Of course, this ancestor was also speaking on his own behalf. Since the five merchants have lost, it was understandable for them to be afraid of Fiercest as well.

“Isn’t it too late to think about giving up now?” Li Qiye said insipidly.

Green-robed Heavenly Merchant’s expression was quite awkward. A public surrender was humiliating enough but Li Qiye was pressing on too?

“Not too late.” He smiled wryly and put on a thick-skinned act: “We get to know each other by fighting. To be in the presence of a character like you is an honor, sir. Your actions are admirable and put us to shame. This world already belongs to the young generation…”

“Haha…” Some were caught off guard to see this ancestor flattering Li Qiye in this manner and began to laugh at his shamelessness.

Just a while ago, he was imperious and glorious, treating everyone else like dirt. Now, he had no choice but to become a sycophant.

All eyes were on Li Qiye now. In their opinion, he has achieved his goal - saving the natives on top of besting the five merchants. This earned him great fame.

Such achievements were unreachable for most masters. There was no need to push it any further, might as well just accept the sentiment


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