Emperor is Domination
Chapter 2613: Carrot And Stick
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Emperor is Domination
Author :Yan Bi Xiao Sheng
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Chapter 2613: Carrot And Stick

“Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regrets. There is only one ending today - all of you will die.” Li Qiye didn’t accept.

The crowd clamored after hearing this while the five merchants became alarmed.

Everyone thought Fiercest would let this go instead of killing them. Who would have thought that he would give up on a free debt and chose to do it the extreme way?

“That’s domineering.” One expert gave Li Qiye a thumbs-up. Justice-seekers rarely went so far so many issues were usually smoothed out.

“He’s too unreasonable. Why go so far instead of leaving some room for the future?” A few disagreed.

They felt that the merchants have given up and this should be the end of it. It’s not like Fiercest was losing anything by letting them go.

The five merchants were having a terrible time. Accepting defeat was already humiliating enough, but now, Fiercest still wasn’t letting this go. This was a ruthless slap to their face when they were already bowing their head.

“Junior, you are pushing us too far!” Golden-horn Heavenly Merchant couldn’t help but shout.

They knew they couldn’t beat him but this bullying act was intolerable.

Li Qiyechuckled in response: “Did you think you were going too far when performing the blood sacrifices?”

The five merchants had no response, only able to cast a glance at each other.

“Sir, please don’t be angry.” Whitebeard Heavenly Merchant cupped his fist: “Our federation has no existing feud with you. Drop the issue today and we’ll be more than happy to have a friend like you and will assist you in the future. No need to escalate the issue over some ants. We’ll pay for any damage and more.”

This proposal was more than enough for the crowd. The merchants were agreeing to pay Li Qiye on top of surrendering.

Remember, they were the strongest alliance right now in Imperial. Only the three behemoths could top them.

Whitebeard Heavenly Merchant has made a public statement about helping Li Qiye in the future, so he must do so later on.

Numerous people wanted this promise from them since they were strong backers. One could even get virtually unlimited resources. This condition was similar to a free pie falling from the sky.

No one could say no to this favorable condition.

“He’ll say yes, only a fool would refuse such benefits over some ants.” One spectator said.

This was indeed the truth. How many people would refuse over some weak strangers? Only a fool.

Wu Youzheng and Lin Yixue became nervous, aware of how tempting this offer was.

Youzheng had lived long enough to know that even lifelong enemies could make up when there was ample benefit. He wouldn’t blame Li Qiye for accepting this truce either. Plus, he had already saved the natives.

Li Qiye had no mission to avenge the fallen natives so why should he escalate the issue with the Trade Federation? He himself would pick this offer.

Li Qiye said: “Ants? As I have said before, you all are no different than them in my eyes, I’m not killing you for vengeance, only because you’re an eyesore.”

The crowd became stunned while exchanging glances.

“Is he mad or foolish? Why would he do this?” Someone said. Even a fool would know to accept the favorable offer when presented in this manner.

“That’s why he’s Fiercest.” An ancestor sentimentally said.

“It’s insane, no one else can match him in this.” Another sighed in response. Refusing this offer from the merchant required great power and resolution.

Yixue started crying after hearing Li Qiye’s response. She suddenly thought that he was the most incredible man she has ever seen!

The five merchants didn’t know what to do. Green-robed Heavenly Merchant’s surrender was quite good already, but Whitebeard Heavenly Merchant’s offer was even better. They were confident that no one could refuse their offer. Was the guy foolish or insane?

“Sir, what do you want then? As long as you are willing to drop this, just tell us what you want and we will do our best.” Whitebeard Heavenly Merchant spoke with a serious tone.

All they wanted to do was leave this place alive right now. Thus, they needed to satisfy him since escaping was impossible.

“I just want your heads and I’ll drop the matter with your Trade Federation, not destroying it.” Li Qiye said in a casual manner to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Do you think our federation can’t stop you?!” Golden-horn Heavenly Merchant shouted once more.

“Alright, no more wasting breath. Go together, this is your last chance. If you can survive, then you get to stay alive. If not, then blame yourselves for being weak.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

The crowd smiled wryly. This might be the most insane person they have ever met - wanting to kill the five merchants over what amounts to basically nothing.

The five merchants were furious but it was hard to show this anger when they were clearly weaker. They knew that a combination strike at full force still wasn’t enough to kill Li Qiye.

But now, fleeing meant a quicker death. At their level, losing their battle intent would make them even more susceptible to someone stronger.

“Fine, let’s do it the hard way then. We’ll go down together!” Green-robed Heavenly Merchant no longer gave a damn.

“I’ll be perfectly fine, don’t think so highly of yourself.” Li Qiye chuckled at the comment.

The five merchants seethed with rage. It seemed that this man would always hold them in contempt.


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