Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 67 : Skill ‘Armament’ (3)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 67 : Skill ‘Armament’ (3)

Chapter 67 : Skill ‘Armament’ (3)

– Skill Level : Rank F

– Skill Instruction : You can give an item in your possession to the Skeleton Magician as well as the Skeleton Warrior. As proficiency increases, an increased variety of items could be given to the mage under the Skeleton Warrior.

-Other : The weapon given to the mage as well as the Skeleton Warrior will become one with the weapon. The mage as well as the Skeleton Warrior has to be summoned to withdraw the weapon’s right.

The hologram window displayed the Armament Skill’s description, and Hyrkan removed his Hahoe mask. Then he carefully looked over the description of the skill, and he watched the video regarding the use of the skill.

Afterwards, Hyrkan swallowed his exclamation.

‘An incredible one showed up.’

Armament Skill.

It’ll allowed the Skeleton Mage as well as the Skeleton Warrior to become incredibly strong. In one fell swoop, the skill would make the Mage into a powerful being.

‘It really is an incredible one…….’

At the same time, it was a skill that required a steep price.

‘A skill that’ll put an incredible dent into my account books has showed up.’

At that moment, Hyrkan wasn’t filled purely of happiness. He started earnestly calculating the figures.

‘So how much do I have to spend?’

Currently, level 70 Rare rank weapons with decent options were traded between the price of 500 to 1000 gold. Of course, Rare rank items like the Orc Hero’s Sword, which was closer to the Unique rank, was traded at a much more expensive price.

‘First, the number of Skeletons I could summon…….’

This was Hyrkan’s current Rank of skills related to Skeleton Summoning.

[Skeleton Fragment Rank B], [Skeleton Study Rank D], [Skeleton Magician Rank D].
There were 5 Skeleton Warriors able to be summoned through the Skeleton Fragment Rank B. Skeleton Study Rank D’s effect allowed him to summon an additional 3 Skeletons. The effect of Skeleton Magician Rank D allowed him to summon two more. The Corrupt Pursuer’s Necklace allowed for an additional summon with its effect. If he only summoned the Skeleton Warriors, he could summon 11 of them at most.

What if he added these two factors?


Hyrkan’s mouth let out a sigh as his complicated emotions were mixed in with it.

This skill wouldn’t arm the entire body yet. It’ll just allow it to take up a decent weapon. Hyrkan needed much more money than the security deposit for his one room. Moreover, as the Armament Skill proficiency increases, he would need more money. When he thought about the breastplate, greave, shoulder, boots, and shield….

Of course, it was possible to resell the weapons he purchased later on. However, he wouldn’t be able to get the full price for what he paid for. It would impact on how much profit he would bring in. However, it wouldn’t affect Hyrkan’s way of life too much.

The important thing was deciding whether he wanted to spend a lot of time selling and purchasing items. If not, he had to secure enough funds where he’ll be able to purchase the items in bulk.

Hyrkan stopped thinking at this point. If he thought any more, it felt as if a hole would form in his stomach.

‘……for the foreseeable future, it’ll be protein powders, cheap coffees, and grape-flavored candies.’

Hyrkan let out a bitter laugh.

‘I can understand how a head of the household feels when he has to save money to be able to support his children and wife.’

In the entirety of his life, he had never married anyone. Moreover, he hadn’t dated either. He already felt as if he had not one, but several children now. His situation was funny.

‘I don’t have time for this.’

His mirth didn’t last long.

First, Hyrkan had to acquire the Skill. He once again raised his hand onto the Skill Book. It requested whether he would like to acquire the Skill. He chose to accept.

[You’ve acquired the Armament Skill.]
After he finished learning the skill, Hyrkan put the thoughts about the Armament Skill to the back of his head. He once again started to carefully search his surrounding.

‘Let’s clear the Dungeon first.’

The message indicating the Dungeon Clear hadn’t popped up. He hadn’t received the Bonus EXP that followed a Dungeon Clear. This meant he hadn’t found the element that was required for a Dungeon Clear. Hyrkan had to work on this problem instead of thinking about the Armament Skill.

‘There should be something here. There should be something that’ll inform me about the identity of this Dungeon…’

Hyrkan busily searched through the book cases. Afterwards, he started searching the desk drawers, when it happened.

Dul-kung dulkung!

One desk drawer wouldn’t open. There weren’t any noticeable change to Hyrkan’s expression as he kicked the desk’s drawer with his foot.


Accompanying a rough sound, the desk drawer was demolished. When he looked inside the destroyed drawer, he found a bundle of documents being stored there. The owner of this Dungeon used Salamanders as ingredients. He wrote down the results of his research in making the Elemental Knights.

The title on the cover was quite grandiose and weighty.

[Research Log about the Ancient Power]
It looked like a very important title. However, when Hyrkan caught sight of the title, he let out a single snort. The word ‘Ancient Power’ was something that was very familiar to him. It was like the name of the neighbor’s dog. It was so familiar that he was almost sick and tired of it.

‘It’s the Ruined Kingdom’s bait.’

Ancient Power.

This was a topic one comes across the main storyline of the Warlord. It wasn’t anything complicated. It was a trope commonly used in most fantasy novels. Some ancient kingdom possessed a special power. They used the power in a wrong way, and it destroyed the brilliant and civilized kingdom.

After a long time passes, the power reappears once again in the world, and it drives the world into chaos! That was the basic story line.

Additionally, the power used by the current corrupt count, and Baeduk’s prince was also of the Ancient Power. The Warlord users were given frequent clues, so one could piece together this story. This was why these elements of the story was hidden in places like the Dungeons as bait.

‘When I heard the story for the first time, I was like wow, wow! I was like that.’

Unexpectedly, this subject was a bit of a money maker. The Top 30 guilds were interested in this main scenario quest, which was viewed through the outlook of a Warlord. There were at least one program that dealt with main quests like this. Since he found it here, it probably held a similar story! The fan of this piece would gather, and a minor program would have various conversation about the view of the world inside this work. Moreover, these types of shows were unexpectedly popular. Hundred thousand to millions of viewers enjoyed watching even this minor view of the world.

This manuscript wouldn’t bring in an enormous sum of money, but it would bring in enough. In the case of the Top 30 Guilds, they frequently purchased and collected such manuscripts.

Hyrkan put away the manuscript. He had planned on taking it any ways, but this manuscript felt much more precious now since he had to worry about the Armament Skill.

‘I need to earn every penny.’

At the same time, he started berating himself for hunting in luxury up until now .

‘Shit. Why did I do that?’

It happened at that moment.

[You’ve reached the Dungeon’s Secret.] [You’ve cleared the Dungeon. You’ll be given a reward.] [You have leveled up.]
With the notice, the not too short Dungeon Exploration came to an end for Hyrkan.

Plop plop.

Ahn-jaehyun dropped grape-flavored candies into hi cheap coffee. Then he busily worked his hand over the Tablet PC. He was calculating figures using a Calculator App.

‘At the very least, he would have to give level 60 and up rare weapons to the 11 Skeletons. He could purchase those items using his excess funds of 20 thousand gold. Since he had the level 70 Set Items of Shadow Hunting Dog Set and the White Mamba’s Tooth Sword, he wouldn’t have to invest any more for his own equipment.

If he sold the Skull Snake Set and the items he earned from this Dungeon Exploration, he’ll be able to obtain 20 thousand gold. However, he would need around that much spare funds for his future hunting. Then there was the Orc Hero’s Sword… He would feel the absence if he sold it. It would better to give it to a Skeleton.’

His calculation didn’t end there. His calculation continued as he crossed from the game into reality.

‘I’ll have to purchase a higher model V Gear. There was a limit when one used the Level 1. It would be hard to immediately get the level 6, but he should at least purchase a level 3 or level 4. If he switched to a higher model while still paying his old installment, his monthly installment would be…’

Ahn-jaehyun’s forehead was stacked with wrinkles as he continually calculated everything. When he finished his calculation, Ahn-jaehyun’s expression became rigid with his foreheads still furrowed.


Ahn-jaehyun, who had enough money to live in luxury, suddenly found himself in rags now.

‘Suddenly, I’m short on money. Fuck.’

He swallowed his sigh. He withdrew his hand from the Tablet PC, and Ahn-jaehyun looked at his one room as he sipped his coffee. The inside of his house was so poor that the large monitor and V Gear felt out of place. The corner of Ahn-jaehyun’s mouth hung downwards.

‘I thought I was trending up towards the right direction…’

He had thought about moving to a new place when he had some money to spare. However, he would have to push that dream further down the line. As if his coffee was bitter, Ahn-jaehyun let out a bitter laugh.

‘My intent was to play the game to make a living. Currently, I’m putting my living expenses into the game.’

Truthfully, Ahn-jaehyun could make an agreement at any time. The moment he made an agreement he would be able to live a decent life. He just had to pick up one enthusiastic love call sent by the Top 30 Guilds. After 3 years, he would have a decent apartment, and a nice automobile. He would also have a pretty expensive watch on his wrist. He would go to meetings, and he will be able to introduce his job as a Warlord Gamer with pride.

He just had to come to an agreement. Then he wouldn’t have to be hungry like right now, and he wouldn’t have to take on any risk.

‘At any rate, my pride is quite expensive.’

However, he couldn’t make that agreement. He knew the truth. Ahn-jaehyun drank the bitter coffee, and he let out a bitter laugh.

However, the numerous grape-flavored candies soon took the edge off the bitterness. The sweetness coated the inside of his mouth.

‘Still, this is a favorable development for me.’

The appearance of the Armament Skill would most definitely damage Ahn-jaehyun’s expense plan. On the other hand, the appearance of the Armament skill would significantly increase Ahn-jaehyun’s potential.

He would get stronger by using weapons. This was most definitely a great thing. However, the weapons in the game didn’t only serve to increase one’s attack. It was the same for the Warlord. Numerous types of weapons were used by the Warlord.

Especially when he reached the Unique Rank and the ruined Kingdom arc, weapons containing the Ancient Power would start to appear. The Aura from the weapon could decrease the stat of the targets. On the opposite spectrum, there were weapons that could increase the Stat of the nearby allies. There were even defensive gear that was touted to have an absolute defense.

They were really really expensive weapons. If Hyrkan used all the money he had gathered up until now, he wouldn’t be able to buy those weapons. What if he could equip his troops with those weapons? The Skeleton army commanded by Ahn-jaehyun would induce unimaginable fear.

Moreover, it wouldn’t end there.

‘At level 100, I’ll acquire the Skeleton Knights….’

The moment any class reached level 100, one would learn one’s main skills. It would dramatically strengthen his potential. Amongst his summoning skill, there was a skill called ‘Skeleton Knights’.The Skeleton Knights were twice as strong as the Skeleton Warriors, and their special ability increased the stat of the Skeleton Warriors.


‘If I also acquire the Death Knights, afterwards…….’

After the Skeleton Knights, the creme de la creme of the Necromancer was the Death Knights. A Death Knight was powerful enough of an existence that it didn’t need to be equipped. In the Rich Lich’s Solo Raid video, Death Knights displayed superior battle capability than a fairly skilled ranker.

Moreover, if he activated the Death Knight’s special ability called the Immortal Army, the Skeletons surrounding the Death Knight would receive an almost limitless life.


For a brief moment, Ahn-jaehyun’s body shook. Even in his own opinion, he would be able to possess a ridiculous amount of combat power.

If only he had money.

If he was overflowing with money, Ahn-jaehyun would truly become what he wanted to be. He’ll be able to become a Warlord.

‘Yes. I have to quickly make money, so I can give my Skeletons good weapons to carry around. It isn’t the time to be standing around like this.’

The thought forced Ahn-jaehyun into moving.

Ahn-jaehyun finished his coffee, then he put on his clothes. It was light clothes suited for the end of spring, when summer started to approach. His clothes showed off his skinny frame.

Ahn-jaehyun adjusted his glasses, then he stepped out of the house.

[Maung’s Request]
– Quest Rank : Rare

– Quest Requirement Level : None

– Quest Summary : Investigate the monsters inside the Pareung Forest.

– Quest Reward : Maung’s Trust

He manipulated the clock to confirm the content of the Quest. Then Hyrkan turned his head, and he stared at the mountain in front of him. Even viewing it from afar, the large forest gave off a sense of peril.

The full forest held a foreboding feeling.

Pareung Forest.

It was crawling with monsters over level 90. It was a region where a single village hadn’t formed even now. Decent regular users wouldn’t even dare to approach this region. The fairly high level users would come with a party formed by the guild. It was a place where they would be inserted for a full-scale fighting.

From the corner of the Pareung Forest, the sound of explosions rang out, and fire rose into the air. Sometimes he would hear a chilling and powerful cry of a monster.

Hyrkan, who was viewing this sight, quickly put on the Hahoe mask slung on the waist of his armor. His new armor gave off a sense of sleekness and sophistication. He also wore a hooded shirt inside his armor, and he put on the hood. When he put on his hood, darkness descended to cover Hyrkan’s face.

Then he was with the Darkness.

[Shadow Hunting Dog Set’s Special Option ‘Shadow Hunting Doge’ was activated.] [Shadow Hunting Doge Set’s Special Effect increased movement speed.] [Shadow Hunting Doge Set’s Special Effect dims the presence of the wearer.] [Shadow Hunting Doge Set’s Special Effect decreases defense by 20%.]
The new power wrapped itself around Hyrkan. As Hyrkan felt the power of his new Defensive Set surround him, he softly spat out his resolve.

“I’ll kill all the bastards, who will interfere with me making my money.”

His account held $232,120, It was a resolve made by someone who had to make a monthly payment of couple thousand a month for the V Gear.
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