Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 79 : Golem Upgrade (3)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 79 : Golem Upgrade (3)

Chapter 79 – Golem Upgrade (3)



The firmly shut castle gate let out a bizarre sound and started to lower slowly. These users had waited outside the castle walls. When the castle gate was lowered, the waiting users all frowned.


There was no shout of joy. A bitter sound came out of all the user’s’ mouth.

“This Battlefield run was completely ruined.”

“Still, aren’t we fortunate? We survived. The number of dead users are quite numerous…”

“Like hell it is. We pointlessly messed with the Hahoe Mask…… If we acted normally, we would have gotten a good amount of EXP and Items even if we couldn’t take down the Event Monster. Why did we do what we did!?”

“Hey! Why are you getting mad at me? You said it was a good idea. Didn’t you agree to it?”

“Yeah. However, weren’t you the one who talked to that bastard, Cho-oohroong?”

This was a stage where the reward was larger than ever. This was why everyone had high expectations on this event. It wasn’t an over exaggeration to say they had ambition in their heart.

However, they didn’t receive any reward. Instead, they were forced to eat a big pile of shit. They were a mess as they waited for the castle gate to be lowered. They weren’t even able to hunt monsters. In the end, they had wasted a massive amount of time. If someone felt good about this situation, the person needed to get their head checked.


While the users were blaming each other, the massive gates reverberated as if someone was knocking on the floor.

Chuh-buhk chuh-buhk!

As if they had been waiting for this, the NPCs were on standby beyond the castle gate. They started to cross over using the castle gate as a bridge.

They were knights.

Every one of them had shining armor on. At a glance, one could tell the armor was expensive, and it had a lot of options. The knights also had a sense of dignity that went well with the armors. There were 13 knights. All the knights wore helms, so it was impossible to find out their identity.

There were exactly 11 users.

Amongst the 13 knights, there was one that was noticeably smaller than the others. It was easy to discern his identity.

‘It’s Bagel.’

‘There’s Bagel.’

As the users guessed, the short knight was the castle’s owner and its manager. It was Bagel.

As if he was answering the user’s’ expectation, he revealed his identity through his voice.

“From now on!”

When Bagel shouted out those words, the 12 knights moved quickly. After they moved outside of the castle gate, they formed a semi-circular formation. They took off the shields equipped on their backs and placed it in front of them. The semi-circular line was like a castle wall when the knights placed their large shields in front of them.

After the formation was solidified, Bagel finished his speech.

“I’ll give you 1 hour!”

After the speech ended, the users enter the castle gate one or two at a time. Each user’s shoulders were slumped.


There wasn’t any other word that could describe what they were. They had wasted their time. The 144 hours wasn’t a short amount of time. All they could do was reflect on their actions.

From behind them, they heard a voice that gave off a different feeling from their own.

“You guys were all here?”

The owner of the excited voice was none other than Hyrkan.

“Did you guys all do well in your hunt? Did you have fun? I had a really good hunt. Do you see this? I had so much Ingredient Coins that it was a chore to pick out the best ones! Ooh-haha!”

Hyrkan stabbed a dagger into the heart of the stragglers who had barely survived.

This was Hyrkan’s last revenge.



Hyrkan had entered Bagel’s office, and Hyrkan was sitting face to face with him. Bagel’s expression was honest as he complimented Hyrkan. Hyrkan slightly lowered his head as he received the compliment.

“No. I only carried out the mission you gave me.”

“You carried out the mission. You carried out the mission…….”

It seemed Bagel really liked what Hyrkan had said. He even recited Hyrkan’s words a second time to mull over it.

“I like that expression. You carried out the mission.”

While he was watching this, Hyrkan was glum inside.

‘I don’t give a shit if it is a good expression. Just hurry up and give me the reward.’

He had no more business with the Battlefield. Each minute and every second was precious to Hyrkan. He wanted to just received the reward then leave. However, Bagel had no idea what was in Hyrkan’s mind, so Bagel spoke for almost 10 minutes.

It wasn’t as if he was talking about some meaningless story.

“Recently, the number of monsters have significantly increased. Amongst them, there are some bizarre ones that we have never seen before.”

“These monsters have blue skin, and they let out a frigid energy…… They do not belong in the forest located across the castle wall, and they are growing in number.”

“In my opinion, if one travels past the forest on the other side of the castle wall, one would come across another forest. I think these bastards are coming from an unknown place beyond that forest.”

“If you have a chance in the future, I would like you to break the frontier of the land beyond the forest. I want you to find out what’s on the other side of the forest. We are at a time where we will have to attack first to survive.”

He was giving out information.

There was a new stage beyond the Battlefield. Bagle was giving him hints about the Frozen Kingdom.

‘I’ll take off the Ice Queen’s head for you later. Just stop talking and give me the Skill Book.’

It was a precious clue but from Hyrkan’s perspective, he already knew all of this. Basically, this was useless chatter.

Hyrkan endured through the 10 minutes, which felt more like 10 hours. Then Bagel finally gave Hyrkan the book.


At a glance, the cover of this book was different from a normal book. The cover was bound with black leather, giving off a very luxurious feeling. There was a handprint on the leather cover, but it looked more like a unique design. It looked as if a master artisan had put his heart and soul into making it.


The Unique Skill Book had finally appeared. Hyrkan rejoiced.

However, Bagel didn’t give the book to Hyrkan immediately. Bagel continued to speak after he took out the book.

“This is a present I am only giving to you. I will never give this out to anyone again. It is only for you.”

Hyrkan laughed inside.

‘It said the reward belonged only to the user who acquired it. Still, was it necessary for him to say all that? Couldn’t he have just given it to me?’

“Yes. I will receive it with thanks.”

He had no thoughts of giving it away to someone else. Hyrkan was afraid Bagel was going talk more, so he immediately put his hand over the cover with the hand print.

[The identity of the Skill Book is revealed.]

The no name Skill Book was unsealed.

‘It would be a jackpot if something like Vodoo Skeleton came out. Please let it be Voodoo Skeleton. Voodoo Skeleton! Come out Voodoo Skeleton!’

Hyrkan’s heart was racing when a new announcement popped up.

[Would you like to learn the Clay Play Skill?]


This was the first time he had seen this skill.

‘Clay Play?’

It was a skill he had never seen before, and it was a name he couldn’t come up with even if he tried. A question mark formed on top of Hyrkan’s head.

However, there was only one choice for Hyrkan at this moment.

[You have learned the Clay Play Skill.]

He had no choice, but to learn it.

‘What is it?’

Hyrkan had a confused expression on his face, when Bagel tried to speak to Hyrkan once again.

“I hope this will make you stronger, and I hope you will show me more brilliant exploits in the future.”


“Across that forest…….”

It seemed Bagel wasn’t going to let go of Hyrkan any time soon.


[Clay Play]

– Proficiency : Rank F

– Skill Use : A monster’s gem is used as sacrifice. The Golem can transform into the sacrificed monster. The gem is consumed when used.

– Miscellaneous : The Golem will take on the outward appearance of the monster. As the Skill Proficiency increases, the Golem will get closer to the original monster’s capabilities.

There is an exception. It won’t be able to use the monster’s skills classified as Special Ability. The monster cannot be bigger than summoned Golem. Moreover, the Defense and Stamina won’t change.

Clay Play Skill.

‘So if I sacrifice the gem dropped by a monster, it can take on the same appearance as that monster?’

Basically, the very lackluster appearance of the Golem could be changed into a monster’s shape with this skill. Of course, only the appearance changed. As the Skill Use explained, its Defense and Stamina wouldn’t change. However, if the sacrificed monster gem was of high level, the Golem could almost reach the offensive capability of the monster once the Skill Proficiency was raised. Basically, the outer appearance and the Attack Stat was being copied.

The downside was quite obvious.

‘It’s a skill that requires money once again.’

Every time he used this skill it would consume a gem. If it was a Boss Monster gem, a single use of this skill would consume at least couple hundred gold. On the high side, he might have to use a gem worth couple thousand to hundred thousand gold.

This was on a different level than the Armament Skill. If he armed the Skeletons with weapons, he could take it back and resell the weapons on a later date. This skill used up the gem. It was like the Bone Explosives.

Moreover, the characteristics of the golem made it hard to travel with it. In Hyrkan’s case, he sometimes had to run away or hide during battle. In a day, there were times when he had to re-summon the golem several times a day.

He had a lot of places where he had to spend his money on. He even had to cut back on his food money, and living costs. This skill could be a critical blow for Hyrkan. He had been eating only ramen and kimchi these days. This skill was the critical blow that could eliminate kimchi from his daily diet.

‘If the Golem could copy the monster’s battle AI then this is a jackpot.’

However, Hyrkan wasn’t disappointed by this turn of events.

It was the opposite. This was an incredible deal if the Golem could copy the battle AI alongside the appearance. It couldn’t copy the special ability or skill possessed by the monster, but the monsters were designed to face numerous users. This meant their battle AI was outstanding. Moreover, it was normally almost impossible to train the Golem’s battle AI like the Skeleton Warriors.

Also, there were skills that could reinforce the Golem’s lack of Defense and Stamina. It was possible to cover up the deficiency. He would even be able to change its attribute. There were the Fire, Ice, and Iron Golem Skills. This Skill had the chance to be as powerful as the Armament Skill.

‘Wait a moment. Will I be able to make those monsters? Can I make a Wyvern or a Griffin?’

It might be possible for him to ride it.

In fact, the Golem had Travel mode, except the Golem was too slow. The ride quality was the worst, so no one used it. However, if he used the Clay Play Skill to change the Golem into a flying monster, Hyrkan would be able to earn a frightening amount of mobility.

Great mobility was valued much more than Unique Items in Warlord.

‘I never expected such a Skill to be in existence.’

It was a surprising Skill. Moreover, he had never seen this Skill before, so the surprise Hyrkan felt was that much bigger. Hyrkan had never seen it. It was a skill that had never come out on Rich Lich’s Solo Raid vids. Basically, it was a skill that even Rich Lich didn’t have. Rich Lich was someone, who had so much money, that it was rotting away. Yet Hyrkan was able to get his hand on a Skill that Rich Lich didn’t have.

‘I’ll have to test this Skill out first. I’ll have to make a proper evaluation.’


‘I’m finally level 90.’

He used his Tablet PC to check Hyrkan’s Stats, Item Setting, and Items in possession. Ahn-jaehyun put his empty hand into a bag of chips. The bag of chips was so large that it swallowed his arm up to the elbow.

However, Ahn-jaehyun’s hand came back out empty. Ahn-jaehyun’s gaze left the Tablet PC and headed towards the inside of the bag. There was only crumbs left. Ahn-jaehyun frowned when he saw this.

‘I didn’t eat a lot of it yet it’s already empty?’

He could eat as much caviar sushi inside the virtual reality, but Ahn-jaehyun was stuck with a bag of chips filled with nitrogen.


Ahn-jaehyun clicked his tongue.

‘The world is only filled with thieving bastards.’

He moved his gaze away from the empty bag of chips and checked the time.

‘It’s time to go to the dream land.’

It was time to sleep. He would sleep for 5 hours. After his physical body recovered, he would connect to Warlord like always.

Then he will go on a trip.

‘I’ll be finally going to the great Urugal mountain range.’

The great Urugal mountain range!

He hadn’t been able to attempt it since his level was lacking. Now he would have to depart towards this scary, and desolate land.

Hyrkan’s character was already on standby inside the Parung forest. He had already finished gathering the consumable Items. He also readied his confidence.

‘I haven’t advanced yet, but I should be able to reach the entrance of the Urugal mountain range without dying.’

Of course, if he moved after reaching level 100 and advancing in rank, he would be able to travel much more safely.

The problem was time as always!

Currently, the Stormhunter guild had caught up right behind Ahn-jaehyun. The Stormhunter guild had already took over the Parung Forest, and they were getting ready to take down the Helm Ogre.

Truthfully, the Stormhunters were ready to fight the Helm Ogre at a much earlier time. They had already sent out a notification into the surrounding. There was a reward for the user that could find and provide the location of the Helm Ogre. Moreover, those who helped the Stormhunters would be given ample compensation.

Of course, they didn’t say they didn’t have to say they would punish those, who catches the Helm Ogre, instead of them. However, most Warlord users inside the Parung Forest knew enough to stay out the Stormhunter’s business. Nothing good would come from interfering with them. When that information came out, it was fair to say the Helm Ogre was basically the property of the Stromhunters.

However, another group had caught the Helm Ogre before them.

When he thought about that incident, it made Ahn-jaehyun let out a hearty laugh.

‘I don’t know who those users are, but I’ll have to give them some medicine if I come across them in the future. Those lovely users did a very lovely act.’

It wasn’t known who had caught the Helm Ogre. However, if one looked at the surrounding circumstances, there was high possibility that one of the 30 great guilds secretly caught the Helm Ogre. It was probably done to cause a setback for the Stormhunters. No one in the 30 great guilds wanted the Stormhunters to leave them in the dust.

Ahn-jaehyun had gained some time, but he couldn’t delay any longer. He had a reason why he had to hurry.

‘I will never lose to the Stormhunters!’

For the last time, Ahn-jaehyun checked the youtube page views and the support payment. Then he immediately went into his sleeping place.

*snore, snore*

Soon, the snoring sound of sleeping Ahnjaehyun filled the small room.


The 5 man party was using the fallen tree as a bench.

It was a very strange mix of users. It was a 5 man party yet there were no Priests or Magicians in this group.

Each of the 5 users wore armor, and they all had at least one weapon. The Items equipped by them were quite diverse. There was no unifying look to their Items. The color and design of the items were all different.

However, they were all powerful Items.

The Items worn by these 5 people had the best options for the current standards of Warlord. These items boasted the highest level and price. It was akin to the best sports car of different models being gathered in one place.

“Should we go catch the Helm Ogre?”

“Don’t spout such nonsense. The best members of Stormhunters are dispatched to the Parung Forest right now. If the 5 of us go there, it would be tough even for us to survive. Truthfully, we were lucky that time.”

“Still, we should accept the risk to interfere with them. We’ll be able to give the Stormhunters a big setback in progressing their Main Scenario Quest. Moreover, they wouldn’t know we did it. I’m sure this will lead to a war.”

“Still, we should know our limit. Isn’t it more important for us to block the Hydra guild? I cannot find out any information about their Main Scenario Quest. I’m sure they are the furthest along amongst the 30 Great Guilds.”

“From what I heard, Red Bulls and the Sweeper guilds are unexpectedly fast in their progress.”

“Of course, everyone is fast. They are spending a lot of money on this game. It would be absurd if their progress was slow after spending that much.”




They all stopped their conversation and focused on their ear. The 5 of them stood up at the same time.

“I’m going north.”

“Let’s go together! Moreover, where will the rest of you guys be going?”

“North, South, or East. I’ll choose from those three. First, I have to meet up with the Triple Wing. I don’t know where I’ll go.”

“You are going to suffer some hardship this time.”

“Our actions won’t have meaning if we don’t suffer hardships.”

“I guess so.”

When the conversation ended, they didn’t even say farewell. They immediately dispersed.
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