Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 92 : Elf’s Keepsake (2)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 92 : Elf’s Keepsake (2)

Chapter 92 – Elf’s Keepsake (2)


He was a magician that represented the Stormhunter guild. At that moment, Hatch was feeling regret.


Hatch’s gaze headed towards his leader, Storm Queen Shir. The always beautiful woman seemed to be in a foul mood. In truth, she was a woman, who usually didn’t have a bright expression on her face. Currently, she had on such a ferocious expression that no one dared to crack a joke.

‘Why did I have to bring that up?’

Hatch had carelessly let slip some words.

Of course, Hatch didn’t think he said anything that would offend Shir… He hadn’t called her a spinster, who never had a boyfriend before! He hadn’t said something inflammatory like that.

He really said something innocuous.

‘Why do I have to suffer like this because of the Hahoe Mask?’

Hahoe Mask.

Most Warlord users knew of his name by now. When Hatch saw a uploaded vid with him in it, he unconsciously spoke about it.

‘Hey, the Hahoe Mask’s hunting video is up.’

That was all Hatch had said.

The problem was Shir had immediately reacted to those words. After checking the footage, her expression changed. She gave off a murderous intent as she spat out her words.

“Why is he ignoring the love calls we sent? Why is he hunting with a minor user from the Golden Brothers? Why is the Hahoe Mask keep turning down our requests?”

At that moment, the members of Stormhunter’s Raid team were gathered around Shir, and they kept their mouths shut. They would experience a huge calamity if they agitated Shir when she was in a foul mood.

However, Shir’s mood didn’t show any signs of improving. After some time passed, the other members glared at Hatch with resentment.

‘Why did you have to open your big mouth? Why did you have to create such an atmosphere?’

From Hatch’s perspective, he really felt regret over his action.

However, he couldn’t take out his anger on anyone. There was only one thing he could do in his current situation.

‘Hahoe Mask. If you join our guild, you are dead.’

He enthusiastically cussed out the Hahoe Mask.


Hyrkan had been running diligently when he stopped for a moment.

‘Is someone calling me?’

Hyrkan turned to look, and his vision didn’t pick up anyone. He thought someone had called out his name, but of course, he didn’t hear any voices.

Hyrkan shook his head from side to side.

‘Some bastard must be talking smack about me.’

Accompanying that brief thought, Hyrkan’s gaze headed towards a peak of a particular mountain. The peak of the mountain was shaped oddly. The peak looked like a bird’s head. It was very similar in appearance to an eagle’s head.

‘I’m almost there.’

Eagle Mountain.

This was a location where monsters between level 80 and 90 appeared. Amongst the users, this location had long been a popular hunting ground.

Of course, this wasn’t Hyrkan’s destination.

‘I have to head northeast from the Eagle Mountain.’

Hyrkan took out a note from his pocket. There were words on the bottom of the page that hadn’t been there originally.

‘I saved a lot of time when all of this was resolved by the Maeung.’

The owner of the handwriting was Bulkas Ranger’s Captain, Maeung.

The first person Hyrkan had visited with the Elf’s Keepsake was the Maeung. He planned on visiting the Maeung, Drah and Ahimbree in that order. If he was unlucky, he wouldn’t get any answer from all three of them. Fortunately, he got an immediate answer from his first visit. Maeung spoke about the map and the note.

“If the Corrupted Elf, who betrayed the Baheim tribe, gave this to you with his dying breath, then the location listed here must be related to those bastards. The probability is high.”

“Can you decipher this map and note?”

“I don’t know about the map, but I can immediately translate the content of the note.”

Maeung immediately translated the content of the note.

“The place where the eagle watches. The place is surrounded by blue mists, and there is a secret village between them.”


When he heard those words, he immediately knew where the village was located at.

“I don’t know where this place is located at. The clues are too vague.”

This was why Hyrkan spoke with confidence.

“I’ll go find and visit this place.”

“You will?”

“Aren’t I the only one available right now to do this job? Of course, I believe this is a job I should do.”

Maeung was deeply moved by his words. He patted Hyrkan’s shoulder.

“Thank you.”

[Quest ‘Elf’s Keepsake’ has started.]

It had been two days since he received the Quest from Maeung.

Hyrkan looked at the Eagle Mountain. He followed the direction where the Eagle’s head was looking towards to. It was looking towards the northeast.

‘I’m sure that’s the Blue Mist Forest.’

The Eagle was looking towards a location where blue mists obscured the surrounding.

Those were words that described the Blue Mist Forest. He had never visited the location, but Hyrkan remembered the place.

It was a hunting ground for level 100 to level 130. The difficulty level of this hunting ground was much higher compared to the hunting grounds of similar level.

The reason why the Blue Mist Forest was difficult was the existence of humanoid monsters called the Smogrians. Its body was mainly made out of blue fog. It didn’t have strong offense or defense, but they were similar to the Undead type monsters. They had a powerful regeneration ability. Moreover, it was very difficult to sense their presence within the Blue Mist Forest.

In fact, it was hard for users in the same party to keep track of each other within the Blue Mist Forest. It was inevitable for this place to be difficult.

This was why no one went there.

Most users avoided going to this hunting ground, and in the past, Hyrkan had no reason to visit this location.

However, it was different for him right now. There were multiple reasons why Hyrkan had to visit the Blue Mist Forest.

‘I have to hurry up and get there.’

Quest? Of course, it was one of the reasons why he wanted to get there. However, he had an additional reason.

‘I have to get there before some other bastard eats my Title!’

The Blue Mist Forest region had been inaccessible, because of the Block Field. This was the reason why the Eagle Mountain was a popular hunting ground for users. The Block Field basically prevented any higher level monsters from entering the field.

When Hyrkan received the quest to go to this location, the Block Field had been cancelled.

If he was the first one to reach the location, he would be able to earn the Titles.


Hyrkan let out his breathe, and he started to run again.


[You’ve earned the Title ‘Visitor of the Blue Mist Forest’.]

[You’ve earned the Title ‘Discoverer of the Blue Mist Forest’.]

The moment he heard the Title Announcement Hyrkan put on a big smile.

Hyrkan immediately check the Title Option.

[Visitor of the Blue Mist Forest]

Title Effect : Stamina +3, Magic Power +3

[Discoverer of the Blue Mist Forest]

Title Effect : Strength +10, Intelligence +10

The Titles had better Options than he thought it would have.

‘This is why users put their lives on the line for the Titles. This is the taste.’

If he looked at it from a strictly numerical perspective, he had just earned Stats equivalent to gaining 5 levels in one sitting. Currently, it took Hyrkan 3 days to level up once. So this was quite the boon for him.

However, his happiness ended there.

‘So what do I have to do here?’

It was hard to even think of this place as a forest. The blue fog was everywhere, and it tamped down the happiness he had felt when earning the Blue Mist Forest Titles.

‘I’m pretty sure this place was never mentioned before.’

The Main Scenario Quest route within Hyrkan’s head didn’t have the Blue Mist Forest as a destination.

Of course, the Main Scenario had several routes. Hyrkan couldn’t remember every one of those routes. If he had such good memory, he would have studied hard during his school days. He would have entered a good college, and he would be living a completely different life.

Still, he remembered most of the important parts.

However, the word, Blue Mist Forest, didn’t ring a bell within his memory.

‘Is this perhaps an Event Quest?’

There was a possibility this was an Event Quest. This would be an Event Quest specifically made for those progressing through the Main Scenario Quest. The expensive items related to the Main Scenario Quest…. It was the Chronicle Rare. The Rewards that might be given may be Chronicle Ranked items.

He would avoid a loss if one came out. It would be a jackpot.

On the other hand, if a Quest route that he was unfamiliar with shows up, it would cause considerable amount of trouble for him.

Of course, the fact that he had to finish this particular Quest didn’t change.

Hyrkan once again checked the content of the Quest.

[Elf’s Keepsake]

– Quest Rank : Unique

– Quest Level Range : Over level 100

– Quest Content : Find the location being pointed by the Corrupted Elf’s Keepsake. Find out Anuah’s secret.

– Quest Reward : Someone’s Keepsake.

The pressure within Hyrkan’s chest increased by a lot.

‘This is really endless.’

He had to find the place indicated by the Keepsake, and he had to find the secret! It was a really open ended instruction.

Moreover, the reward was ‘Someone’s Keepsake.’

This matter wasn’t funny at all.

‘Well, Warlord is always like this.’

However, Hyrkan had only one choice when standing in front of a Quest.

Complete the Quest!

If he didn’t complete this quest, it would be impossible for him to progress any further.

Hyrkan organized his situation.

Hyrkan had to battle in this place using every method available to him.

Moreover, Hyrkan had never faced the monsters that appear within the Blue Mist Forest.

Since it said to find a secret, he had to brace himself for the eventuality of combing through the Blue Mist Forest.

If he combined all these facts, it became apparent what Hyrkan had to do.

Hyrkan threw 3 Skeleton Fragments.

‘Shall I get acclimated to this place first?’


That is what Hyrkan had to do now.


They were human shaped monsters made out of Blue Mist. A gold colored blade arced swiftly towards the monster’s head.


The sword obliterated the Smogrian’s head. If this was a person, it would have been a critical wound or a deathblow.

However, the Smogrian still moved well without its head. In fact, the neck with its head removed was bubbling. The bubbles formed, and it started to harden in due time. Its head was regrowing.

This was the time to ruthlessly attack the monster before its head could reform.

However, Hyrkan ignored the one without its head. He moved towards another monster.

He was well aware of the Smogrian’s regenerative ability.

Ddul-goo-ruhk, ddul-goo-ruhk!

However, Hyrkan had put his trust in his Skeleton Warriors. They would finish the monster.

It was as if they reacted to Hyrkan’s trust. Two Skeleton Warriors appeared from the fog, and they started stabbing the headless body of the Smogrian.

Kwahng, kwahng!

The sword swung by the Skeleton Warriors ruthlessly broke down the Smogrian’s body. The blows were that powerful.

During all of this, Hyrkan had demolished another head of a Smogrian, and he was moving on to the next target.


However, the thick fog prevented Hyrkan from moving farther away. The fog was so thick that he was barely able to see the burning eyes of the Skeleton Warriors. Of course, it was impossible to check how many Smogrians there were.

‘It feels like I’m surrounded, yet I don’t know how many there are….’


At that moment, an enormous club parted the air from behind Hyrkan, and an incredibly scary sound was heard.

Hyrkan dived to the side in fright.


A large club landed where Hyrkan had been standing.

The 7 meter tall Ogre Golem had swung its club. It was an attack aimed at the Smogrian in front of Hyrkan, but Hyrkan had been in the way.

Hyrkan yelled out as he was barely able to dodge it.

“You son of a bitch! You cost me a lot, yet you dare to attack me!”

Of course, the Golem couldn’t understand Hyrkan’s words. The Golem ignored Hyrkan’s words. It seemed it had adopted the AI of the barbaric ogre. The Golem attacked recklessly, and it indiscriminately swung its club towards the Smogrians.

Kwahng, kwahng!

The Ogre Golem was well worth the money. Every time the Ogre Golem swung its club it destroyed a Smogrian with a single strike. They weren’t just destroyed. They were blown to pieces.

The Ogre Golem probably caught more Smogrians than Hyrkan.

[Your level has increased.]

The Golem caused Hyrkan to level up, so he decided to look more kindly at the Ogre Golem’s mistake.

Hyrkan had recovered all his of his Magic Power and Stamina.

‘I’ll overlook this since I leveled up.’

Hyrkan immediately activated the Bone Armor Skill, and the Madness Helm. It felt as if the strengthened Skeleton Warriors didn’t want to lose to the Ogre Golem. The Skeleton Warriors once again attacked in a berserk state.

Hyrkan also readied himself to move.


However, Hyrkan’s eyes picked up Smogrians he hadn’t seen before. It meant the Smogrians had tightened the perimeter around Hyrkan and his minions. At a glance, he could see over twenty of them.

‘Huh huh.’

Hyrkan let out a false laugh when he saw their excessive number.

‘The Battlefield felt like childsplay compared to this.’

It had been 15 days since he had entered the Blue Mist Forest.

During that time, Hyrkan had raised 6 levels, and he had reached level 107. The level up pace was extremely fast, and it was thanks to the incredibly numerous population of Smogrians.

Truthfully, it was a blessing to be able to catch so many monsters. Currently, the Warlord was devoid of monsters to catch for the beginner users. It was so bad that users watched videos of other users hunting or they watched the televised shows to pass the time.

Still, even the great Hyrkan had to pull out from the battle at a certain point. If one thought about Hyrkan’s skill, this was inconceivable.

The thing that frustrated Hyrkan the most was the fact that he wasn’t able to search the forest the way he wanted. There were too many monsters to do that.

The thick blue fog made it impossible to see the terrain. Even if one wanted to follow the map, there were too many Smogrians swarming him. He couldn’t move to where he wanted. It was like navigating a maze with one’s eyes closed.

Of course, it wasn’t as if he was devoid of any option.

After re-gripping his sword, Hykran looked forward.

‘Shall I just blast through?’

He decided to charge without looking back!

If he didn’t worry about retreating, he could force his way through to a direction he wanted to travel.

Of course, his escape route would be cut off. If he was unlucky, it would be Game Over. He had kept this plan as a last resort.

However, he couldn’t hunt indefinitely here.

‘If an answer doesn’t come out before I reach level 110…….’

Hyrkan made a resolution.
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