Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 108 : Catacombs (3)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 108 : Catacombs (3)

Chapter 108 – Catacombs (3)

When he was filming the Waltz video, a thought had gone through Hyrkan’s mind.

‘This won’t make any money…….’

However, his prediction had been very off, and he had been very happy at being proven wrong. The Waltz video allowed Hyrkan to make a leap into becoming a star.

With this as context, today’s footage might be a big failure.

‘This will make me some money.’

At that moment, Hyrkan felt something entirely different from when he had filmed the Waltz video. His hunch, intuition and instinct was the polar opposite of what he had felt that time.

‘I really feel like this will be a jackpot.’

Hyrkan had finally exited the tortuous maze, and he had arrived at a new entrance.

It was the entrance to an Instant Dungeon, where he wouldn’t be able to come out once he entered. It was clearly evident that this place was where the Catacomb’s Stage Boss was located at.

Hyrkan didn’t show any hesitation as he jumped into the stage. He didn’t have any worries. He had plenty of consumable Items. Moreover, his body was itching at the thought of getting out of this boring Catacombs.

In the end, he reached a massive graveyard. The graveyard was large enough to be reminiscent of a small domed stadium. It was a cemetery filled with skeletons of Chimeras. It was also filled with the ownerless armors and weapons.

It was a Dungeon befitting the name of Catacombs. It was mass graveyard for the Chimeras.

[Who dares to wake me from my rest!]

There was an ogre here.

No, it wasn’t an ordinary ogre. It was a skeleton made out of ogre bones, and it had a clear and distinct emblem… It was the trigon emblem. The ogre had a big emblem belonging to Prince Dean engraved on the chest armor it was wearing.

[What are the Guards doing?]

Its voice was very menacing, and it let out a roar. The ogre skeleton’s right hand held a fearsome and large iron mace. Its left held a weird looking lantern. It was a gem hanging on a chain, and it was giving out a purple light.

Even at this point, Hyrkan’s intuition still hadn’t thought this would be a jackpot. Hyrkan was trying hard to come up with a method that’ll allow him to dispose the Catacomb’s Boss Monster and the Guards.

It happened at that moment.

[You disgraceful bastards! Get up! Get up and get rid of this being, who interferes with my rest!]

The Gem Lantern held by the Catacomb Guardian let out a powerful purple light. Something akin to ghosts started to exit out of the purple light, and it was being absorbed into skeletons scattered in the surrounding.

At that moment, Hyrkan had a hunch.


This Boss Monster’s special ability was quite clear.

It was a type that can summon Skeleton underlings. Basically, this type of monsters were labeled Lich style monster. They were pretty rare to come across, but they weren’t an anomaly. They weren’t that special.

This would be true if the opponent hadn’t been Hyrkan.

‘Finally, I’ve finally achieved a great Matchup.’

He was Warlord’s best Necromancer, and he was a new breed of Necromancer…. He was the Hahoe Mask Hyrkan, who had founded the Hahoe Mask style.

‘This is a really big Match up.’

If these confluence of factors weren’t present, this battle wouldn’t have been given any special meaning by Hyrkan.

‘I can get 10 million at the very least.’

Since he was the Hahoe Mask, this Boss Raid was special. It’ll be memorable one.

It was a battle between the Lich Style Boss Monster and the Hahoe Mask Necromancer. If one was fan of the Hahoe Mask and a fan who enjoyed watching Warlord, this was a matchup impossible to ignore.

[You bastard. You will pay the price of waking me from my rest!]

Hyrkan let out a roar, then he let shouted towards the Catacomb Guardian.

“You’ll make me pay the price? How dare you! I am the Hahoe Mask, yet you want to make me pay?”

Hyrkan spoke his line as he acted out the scene.

This battle would be worth a lot. This was why he had to act cool and act the part!

Of course, he regretted saying it the moment the words left his mouth.

‘Those lines didn’t sound too great. It’s embarrassing.’

Of course, an NG was always possible in acting. With the Catacomb Guardian letting out its angry words in front of him, Hyrkan earnestly thought about his new lines.

‘Yes. This is it.’

He finally came up with a new line. Hyrkan made a pose, and he once again yelled out his words.

“A price…… You will feel it in your bones as to who I am.”

The line he gave was still very corny.

However, there was a smile on Hyrkan’s lips as if he liked the line he gave.

‘Feel it in your bones! That’ll be a famous line.’

If a screenwriter could look into Hyrkan’s heart, he would have a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Hyrkan was oblivious to this fact. He was drunk on his own words. Of course, he did what he had to do even if we was drunk.

[Kill the one, who interferes with my rest!]

It had already prepared itself for battle. Ten Chimera Skeleton was staring at him. In a flash, Hyrkan held a gem in his hand. He closed his fist as if he was trying to squeeze the gem.

Drip drip!

Bright light came out of the gem as it dripped to the floor.

Koo koo koo!

The gem was absorbed into the floor, and the ground started to shake. Dirt shot up, and a golem that was as big as the Catacomb Guardian appeared.

The Golem looked like an ogre. On top of that fact, the ogre possessed two heads.

It was the Twin Head Ogre.

It was a level 110 Boss Monster, and amongst the Users, it was known to be the most difficult Ogre to deal with. It was considered to be one of the strongest Ogres in this this game.

This was obvious, but the ingredient gem of this monster was incredibly expensive. The price of a gem differed by 500 gold depending on its scarcity.

‘My one month food money was blown in one shot.’

Hyrkan had saved this one for emergency. He really didn’t want to use this one. He prayed that he’ll never encounter a situation where he would have to use it. He kept it close to his bosom as if it was a golden ingot.

‘All right. Let’s just do this.’

However, at that moment, Hyrkan erased all thoughts about money from his mind.

He painted a picture in his mind.

After he summoned the Twin Head Ogre, he immediately scattered 10 Skeleton Fragments on the floor. He summoned 10 Skeleton with a picture in mind.

The Catacomb Guardian had also summoned 10 Chimera Skeletons.

With each ogre as the commanders, the Undead units faced each other.

This was like the scene where actors were getting ready for a full scale battle.

Then Hyrkan flicked his finger twice to give the cue.

This was the sequel hit after the Waltz video. It was the start of the ‘Battle of the Bones.’

The first clash was a landslide victory for Hyrkan. The Skeleton Warriors received the Skeleton Knight’s buff and the Skeleton Science’s effect. Moreover, the Skeleton Warriors were fully equipped, so they were like nightmares for the Chimera Skeletons.

Moreover, the Catacomb Guardian merely stood in the back as it directed the battle. On the other hand, the Twin Head Ogre golem used both of its hands to swing its enormous club. It ruthlessly pummeled the Chimera Skeletons. The Chimera Skeleton’s heads flew into the distance like a baseball.

[How laughable!]

When the first charge ended, the Catacomb Guardian swung his Gem Lantern once again. Another twenty Chimera Skeletons appeared.

Hyrkan once again matched their numbers. He summoned additional Skeleton underlings. There were three Skeleton Magicians mixed in with the group.

They wore luxurious robes, which was embroidered with numerous symbols. They held an expensive staff with a gem embedded on the top. The addition of the Skeleton Magicians allowed Hyrkan to win in a bigger landslide.

Three Skeleton Magician threw massive fireballs, and it ruthlessly crushed the Chimera Skeletons, who were lined up for battle. Their battle line was broken, and the Skeleton Warriors waded in as they went berserk. If this game was an AOS game instead of a RPG, a firework would have exploded atop the Skeleton Knight with the word pentakill.

[Stupid bastards!]

The Catacomb Guardian swung its Gem Lantern once again. Its third unit was summoned. It summoned 30 Chimera Skeletons this time.

Now the Catacomb Guardian held the numerical advantage.

[I’ll do this myself!]

The Catacomb Guardian had been hanging back until now, but the Catacomb Guardian moved forward as it easily shook its enormous mace.

When he saw this, Hyrkan raised the Ivan’s Sword.

The third clash would be different from the other two. It was the beginning where the ogres would clash.

The Catacomb Guardian and the Ogre Golem unhesitatingly swung their fearsome weapons at each other.


The mace swung by the Catacomb Guardian crushed a head of the Ogre Golem with a single swing.


The weapon swung by the Ogre Golem impacted on the side of the Catacomb Guardian’s armor. It made an ugly dent.

Kahng, kahng!

The Skeletons started to fight when the clash between the ogres started. Their weapons were impacting on each other’s armors, so the surrounding was filled with the sound of steel impacting on steel. The sound itself increased the confusion one felt.

However, Hyrkan was moving covertly and swiftly through this racket. He approached the rear of the Catacomb Guardian. Within the melee, Hyrkan accurately found the right path. He moved through the melee almost like he was threading a needle. He was able to reach the rear of the Catacomb Guardian too easily.


[How laughable!]

The Ogre Golem was exchanging blows with the Catacomb Guardian, and neither combatants were retreating. However, the Catacomb Guardian must have felt Hyrkan’s approach, and its voice stabbed into Hyrkan’s ears like a knife.

[The Catacomb Gem Lantern is letting out a bleak Energy.]

[The Catacomb Gem Lantern’s curse has seized you.]

The Announcement was heard immediately.

It was an automatic curse that activated based on proximity of the User. Moreover, it wasn’t a curse targeted at a specific user. The Catacomb Guardian activated its special ability, which was an AOE.

‘How laughable.’

However, Hyrkan wasn’t surprised or taken aback. Instead, he put on a bloody smile.

As he put on the bloody smile, he chewed on one of the three candies in his mouth.

[‘White Imoogi’s Eye Candy’ has blocked the curses effect.]

He had put a consumable Item in his mouth, and it would help him block any debuff skills like the curse. This was the most basic strategy used by a Striker.

Of course, Hyrkan knew about the basics. The Catacomb Guardian’s curse didn’t take hold on Hyrkan. Hyrkan used his quick movements to attach himself on the back of the Catacomb Guardian.

Thanks to Twin Head Ogre Golem’s strike denting the armor, Hyrkan was able to climb it easily. As the unofficial V Gear climbing world record holder, this was like traveling in a subway. There were numerous places to grip.

After grabbing a hand hold, Hyrkan immediately stabbed the Ivan’s Sword into one of the dents.


The armor was unexpectedly sturdy. He needed to break through this armor for his Curses to take hold. It was an annoying development.

However, Hyrkan immediately stabbed the Ivan’s Sword to the same location he had stabbed before.


No, he didn’t stab it. He had scratched out an X on the surface of the Catacomb Guardian’s armor.

[Catacomb Guardian was afflicted with the Demon Curse.]

[Catacomb Guardian was afflicted with Slow Curse.]

[Catacomb Guardian was afflicted with Corrosive Ghost.]

[Catacomb Guardian was afflicted with Darkness.]

[Catacomb Guardian was afflicted with Lethargy.]

The Curses swirled around the Catacomb Guardian’s entire body.

‘Voodoo Pictograph is great. It’s a great skill.’

He didn’t have to wound his opponent’s body. He just had to draw a predetermined shape, and it would grant Curses to the opponent. It was thanks to the effect of a Skill called ‘Voodoo Pictograph’.

It was a Skill he earned as a Quest Reward, and it was a Rare Rank Skill.

[I don’t believe it!]

After being Cursed, the Catacomb Guardian’s body rapidly weakened. Its decline was inevitable.

Hyrkan’s Demon Curse and Slow Curse was Rank A. The Corrosive Ghost was Rank B, and Lethargy was Rank C.

Moreover, his Curse Science skill had reached Rank C, so the effect and duration of the Curses increased by 12 percent.

Lastly, Hyrkan held the Ivan’s Sword, which ignored the opponent’s defense by 15%.


The third strike finally opened a hole on the Catacomb Guardian’s armor.

[How dare you!]

The Catacomb Guardian raged. It roughly shook its body as it tried to dislodge Hyrkan.

However, Hyrkan wasn’t some trash, who would be thrown off with such a weak shake. Moreover, its opponent wasn’t Hyrkan. It was the Twin Head Ogre Golem. One of the golem’s head had been crushed, but it still had one head left. The loss of one head had revealed the Twin Head Ogre’s increasingly tyrannical nature. It pushed hard against the Catacomb Guardian.

Kah-ahng, kah-ahng!

It swung the club with both hands. It pounded away at the Catacomb Guardian’s body like a drum. This actually caused more turbulence for Hyrkan.

Ggah-ahng, ggah-ahng!

In the midst of the turbulence, Hyrkan enlarged the hole. His vision was shaking so much that it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if Hyrkan fell sick from the motion sickness. However, Hyrkan was like a master craftsman. His hand movements were precise.

He finally made a hole of his liking. It was big enough to put in as many Bone Explosives as Hyrkan wanted.

‘This is a battle tactic I saved for a day like this.’

Hyrkan put the Bone Explosives into the hole.

– Kwah-ahng!

The Tablet PC was connected to bluetooth speakers, and the sound rang out in all direction. At the center of the sound of the explosion, Che-sulyun was watching raptly. She had a strange expression on her face as if she was a action movie fan watching Die Hard’s explosion scene.

‘The Bone Explosives can be used that way?’

It was a scene where the Hahoe Mask had put a hole in the Catacomb Guardian’s armor. The hole was filled with Bone Explosives, and they were detonated.

In all of Warlord, the Hahoe Mask was the only one capable of showing this scene. Che-sulyun couldn’t pull her eyes away from the scene.

Of course, a single blow couldn’t kill the Catacomb Guardian. Its armor was ruined from the Bone Explosives, but the Catacomb Guardian continued to hang on to its life.

When its HP was suddenly reduced, the Catacomb Guardian went into its next phase.

– I will not let you leave alive! Wake up! Everyone get up!

When the Catacomb Guardian went into the new Phase, it summoned 50 Chimera Skeletons. Moreover, it started letting out a purple energy, which shaved away HP went it touched the enemy.

“You are watching that scene again, master?”

“This is the best part.”

“I know it’s a great scene, but how many times do you have to watch it??”

“It is called a great scene, because it stays cool even after you watch it again and again. Moreover, the real stuff starts after the explosion.”

Matador Chev.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the battle footage between the Hahoe Mask and the Catacomb Guardian. He was one of countless people, who couldn’t tear their eyes away from the footage.

‘If we immediately sell Raid Live tickets with the Hahoe Mask as the main draw, we could probably sell million tickets depending on the match up. In a year, it wouldn’t be farfetched for the Hahoe Mask will allow us to sell 10 million tickets.’

At that moment, someone who considered himself to be the cream of the crop was also watching the same vid.

“What are you looking at, Mr. Sinclair?”

“It’s nothing”


Currently, he had on a V&V emblem on his chest. When the V&V guild officer asked him a question, he gave a vague answer. The V&V guild officer didn’t want to get on Sinclair’s nerves, so he didn’t repeat his question. He carefully passed on the information.

“We’ll start the raid in 30 minutes. We look forward to working with you again.”

“Yes, understood. Also, you don’t have to come look for me every time. You can just send me a message. Currently, I’m a normal member of the V&V guild.”

“Ha ha. I’m just treating you like a future guild officer.”

“Thank you.”

After exchanging a slight nod with the him, the V&V guild officer left. When he saw the back of the V&V guild officer, Sinclair turned his head to focus on the footage once again.

While he watched the footage, he admitted something.

‘That damn Hahoe Mask. I’ll admit it. He is a remarkable bastard.’

He admitted the Hahoe Mask wasn’t a normal guy. Furthermore, he admitted the Hahoe Mask wasn’t a normal User.

‘He has the ability to command others. Now he has that special quality that makes people pay attention to him.’

He accepted it, but he also became worried and guarded.

‘Maybe this guy might be a bigger threat than the 30 great guilds. If it is as expected, he possesses a massive amount of funds. The only thing he is lacking is level. If he reaches the level of the Rankers, less than 10 people in the entire Warlord could face him 1on1.’

At that moment, there was a fourth person watching the video.

“Ooh-ha-ha! It’s a jackpot! Jackpot! I knew my intuition wasn’t dead yet. Look at the view counts rise! Kyahh! I need to treat myself to some luxury on a day like this. I’ll eat until my stomach bursts!”

He put canned tuna and tofu into the Kimchi Jjigae. He brought out the tender white rice, and toasted seaweed that was glistening with oil. He sat in front of a 50 inch monitor, which didn’t suit the one room. As he enjoyed the feast, he watched a video. The main character of the footage was Ahn-jaehyun.
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