Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 130 – On the Eve (1)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 130 – On the Eve (1)

Chapter 130 – On the Eve (1)


This happened sometimes.

One saw something amazing, and one wanted to say something about this amazing sight. However, one couldn’t come up with the words on the spot.

This was how several thousand watching the Havanz castle… No, millions of people were faced with such a situation. They couldn’t immediately express the feeling they felt as they watched the sight in front of them. They could only let out a simple exclamation of admiration and acclamation.

Hyrkan was also part of this group.

‘Uh. I caught it?’

He had been prepared for death. No, in truth, he had thought he was cooked. He had thought he was a loser that hadn’t been able to last until the Black Sap’s effect had entirely ate away at Argardo’s HP. He had thought his death was well-deserved.

He even felt regret. Maybe he should have just shut both his eyes, and asked for Red Bulls’ help. Who was going to look after his watch? Maybe, the Red Bulls guild would quickly eat it, then deny taking it? What will he do for the next 48 hours? Maybe he should play game X…

Regrets would have started to fill his head.

If Hyrkan was someone that couldn’t differentiate between game and reality, he would have probably kept thinking about it.

Currently, Argardo was dead, but it hadn’t fallen. He had heard the Announcement in his ears. It was sufficient proof that the battle had ended. However, Argardo was standing straight as it pointed its sword at Hyrkan. It made Hyrkan wonder if he had misheard the announcement.

He didn’t know why, but it felt as if he was going to cut down by Argardo’s sword if he moved. The suspense didn’t even allow Hyrkan to swallow his spit.

The one who should be celebrating the most in this victory was immersed in this suspense. Even the spectators watching this scene couldn’t help it. The suspense created a sense of desolation, and they were having a hard time shaking off this feeling. The sense of desolation was like a fog that had descended in the morning.

The very first one to shake off this sense of desolation was Chev.

‘He really did it.’

Chev was filled with complicated thoughts.

It had been clear that Hyrkan was inferior to Argardo. On the other hand, the thought of facing Argardo’s attack made one’s body shudder. It was frightening.

From afar, it seemed Argardo was still standing there looking unharmed.

However, he was sure this was over. The only thing left was the curtain call.

‘The Hahoe Mask defeated the White-eyed knight by himself.’

In other words, someone else had to give the curtain call. Chev used the Voice Talk to talk to the producer directing the live broadcast.

“Mic mode.”

– What? Ah, yes!

It seemed the producer had been in a daze too. However, he quickly came to his senses. This was still a live broadcast. If a PD lost control over his thoughts during a live broadcast, the consequences wouldn’t end after sending in a report.

– Mic mode, 3, 2, 1. Start!

The producer immediately sent a signal to the sound team. The sound team made adjustments to the system so that Chev’s words would immediately be heard through the broadcast.

When the countdown ended, Chev opened his mouth.

“The Argardo hunt was a success. This was a production made possible by the Red Bulls. The Red Bulls guild and the Hahoe Mask was the participants. Thank you for watching our broadcast. We’ll see you soon through the credit cookie.”

The curtain descended on the stage.

Now the viewers wouldn’t be able to see the story that was about to occur on the other side of the curtain.


Hyrkan accepted Argardo’s death when he received the Titles. He immediately check on the Titles after he acquired it.

[Hero of the Great Battle]

– Title Effect : All Stats increase by 5%.

[Defeater of Argardo]

– Title Effect : All Stats increase by 5%.

These two Titles were an explicit proof.

‘I really caught it.’

Hyrkan had caught Argardo. The Titles were a clear proof.

The death of Argardo put a period on the great battle.

Hyrkan was finally able to wipe the dazed look off of his face.

Hyrkan started to walk. Hyrkan lost his balance for a brief moment. He forgot he had temporarily lost the weight of an arm.

Hyrkan took a peek at his left arm. No, it was impossible to see his left arm. His left arm was missing. It had probably rolled away nearby, or maybe it had been crushed.

Of course, he didn’t need to worry about it. He just had to receive a regeneration magic from a priest nearby. It would grow back in 3 minutes.

‘Ah. Life Vessel.’

At that moment, Hyrkan realized he couldn’t receive the Regeneration magic. Once he activated the Life Vessel, a priest couldn’t use any recovery type magic on him. It was a form of penalty. The Regeneration was a recovery type magic.

Hyrkan took a peek at his HP status. Then he wordlessly put a Recovery Candy in his mouth. Once his Live Vessel skill was deactivated, he’ll be at the brink of death. He might lose the life he had barely hung on to. That was how bad of a state he was in.

‘I almost died for real.’

Hyrkan rolled the candy around in his mouth, and a sweet smell emanated from his smile. He approached Argardo. Argardo was still standing still in the same location.

Hyrkan felt several types of emotions mingle inside his head and heart as he looked at Argardo.

First, he wanted to smack the back of Argardo’s head with his hand. Of course, he wouldn’t feel favorable towards someone that had tried to kill him. Above all else, he hadn’t been able to land a single satisfying blow against Argardo. He had gained victory using the Black Sap. There wasn’t much gratification from winning this way.

On one hand, he was proud of his victory against Argardo. On the other hand, he felt as if he should show his respect to the powerful knight he had fought.

Of course, it was merely an NPC within the game. Moreover, this NPC had not been kind to him. It was actually an NPC that had committed horrifying misdeeds in its past. It would be absurd to pay respects to it.

On top of it all, Hyrkan was very unlike the Users that insisted on romanticizing the game.

‘I wonder what Coyote or Whistling would have done if they were in my place.’

This was why Hyrkan did nothing. He just looked at Argardo with complicated emotions inside his heart.

However, the dead Argardo couldn’t feel his gaze.

Choo-roong, choo-roong!

It was as if Argardo’s sword had felt his gaze instead. It started letting out a cry towards Hyrkan. His shoulders had unconsciously given a big flinch when the sword let out a cry.

‘That gave me a fright.’

At the same time, Argardo’s body flinched. As the sword let out its cry, it started shaking the stiff body of Argardo. The vibration was small, but it started to spread like a ripple. In the end, it toppled over Argardo’s body.


Argardo finally got on his knee, then he fell forward.

Hyrkan watched this sight. The fallen Argardo had let go of his of his prized sword.

Hyrkan used his remaining arm to pick up Argardo’s prized possession. He picked up the Crying Sword.

[You cannot use this sword yet.]

The Announcement tickled his ears. It informed him he couldn’t use it yet.

Hyrkan ignored the Announcement.

“Item Option Check.”

He did something only he could do with this Item.

A hologram window immediately appeared in front of Hyrkan’s eyes.

[Crying Sword]

*Main Properties

– Epic Rank Item

– All Stats +222

– Required Level : 180


– The weapons and armors that receives an attack from the sword will rapidly lose its durability. The loss will be increased dramatically.

– When equipped, it will ignore 20% defense of all monsters

– When equipped, it will allow one to ignore 20% damage received

– When equipped, all damage is increased by 20%

– This Item is bound to the one that acquired it.


– Blacksmith Olf had reconstructed an ancient sword to make this sword. It will let out a cry if a hostile enemy is near the master. It protects the master of the sword.

It was more than a smile. The Option made him shudder from the thrill. This was better than the last weapon he used before he came to the past. In some ways, it was proof that he had already exceeded his past self.

Of course, Hyrkan didn’t pay attention to those thought. The important part was the spoils of war.

The privilege of enjoying the spoils of war was only given to the winners.

At last, the vague word within his head was able to be crystallized in a recognizable word.

‘I’ll use this Item well.’

The word was victory.


An explosion sometimes meant a release of pent up emotions.

The viewers hadn’t been able to say anything after the Hahoe Mask and Argardo finished their battle. In the process, their emotions had been building and coalescing. Now it started to explode.

– The Hahoe Mask really won? How?

– When will the Red Bulls release their strategy? What the hell did they do? Wasn’t the only direct damages done by the Bone Explosives?

– Black Sap. I guess it does DoT damage.

– ㄴ The Black Sap does DoT Damage? It feel like I’ve seen that somewhere before.

– ㄴ Isn’t it from the Black Tree?

– ㄴ Black Tree? What is that?

– ㄴ It is Hahoe Mask debut pay-per-view video. It is really fun.

– Hahoe Mask is the best. Sulwoo may be the First One in the Rankings, but the Hahoe Mask is the First One in terms of fighting ability.

They weren’t the only ones reacting in an intense manner.

“Request an interview from the Red Bulls! We have to get an interview before the others! Hurry! Get me that interview immediately!”

“If you are able to get an interview with the Hahoe Mask, you’ll get one month paid vacation. Get it at any cost! We can’t lose to the bastards from Fruit!”

The unexpected appearance of the Hahoe Mask allowed an unprecedented history to be written.

This wasn’t the only historical event that had happened that day.


– We sold 2,710,000 tickets.

“I’m pretty sure you got the number wrong. The number of ticket sold before the Raid started…”

– The number of tickets we sold increased precipitously when the Hahoe Mask joined the Argardo raid. We just got the official number. Truthfully, I’m also having a hard time believing it. Anyways, we achieved a new record. It is unfortunate that we weren’t able to reach the 3 million mark.

They had sold 2.71 million tickets.

They had broken the all-time record for the amount of live tickets sold in Warlord. Chev was the owner of the new record, and he let out a forced laugh.

‘There’s my jealousy towards the Hahoe Mask, and there are the several factors that make me regret my decision a little bit….’

He had been jealous of the Hahoe Mask in this battle, and he felt regret at losing out on the incredible rewards that would be given to the winner of the battle. Chev would be lying if he said these two emotions weren’t at the back of his mind.

However, at that moment, he forgot about the regret he had felt.

‘The sale of the paid videos will be quite significant.’

This wasn’t the end of it. The Hahoe Mask had given up the rights to his cut as part of the deal.


‘If we combine the live tickets that will be sold in the Immoral Prince Raid…….’

When he thought about the guaranteed profit in the future, Chev didn’t smile any more. Instead, he put on a serious expression as he thought about it.

‘As expected, I have to recruit the Hahoe Mask.’

At that moment, there was someone, who was having the same worry as Chev.

– Excuse me. What shall we do? Should we just pull back or should we send a message of congratulation to the Red Bulls? Ah. What about the Hahoe Mask….

Shir was thinking so hard that Hatch’s report wasn’t registering in her head.

‘In the end, he didn’t ask for help from the Red Bulls.’

Of course, the Hahoe Mask was the source of her troubled thoughts.

Her stomach had been beyond the point of aching when the Hahoe Mask worked with the Red Bulls. She wanted to destroy both of them as her insides churned.

However, in the end, the Hahoe Mask hadn’t received help from the Red Bulls even when he was in a desperate situation.

This was why Shir hadn’t exploded. This was why she was still deep within her thoughts.


At the very least, one thing was for sure now. It wasn’t as if the Red Bulls hadn’t wanted to help the Hahoe Mask. It didn’t matter if the Red Bulls guild would be giving out a favor or go under debt. There was no downside in helping out the Hahoe Mask.

However, in end, the Hahoe Mask wanted to fight by himself even in a desperate situation. The decision was of his own will. He did receive help from the Red Bulls, but his will was to fight Argardo by himself.

‘Why is he so insistent on soloing?’

She had a hard time understanding his will to solo. Normally, it was better to cooperate to get the sure result. This was the logical and common sense approach.

The Hahoe Mask was a very unique existence, but he wasn’t someone who was absurdly illogical and unreasonable.

The insistence on soloing everything was illogical and irrational.

Of course, there was a reason behind his actions. In other words, she had to find out and resolve this reason. It was the only way she’ll be able to possess the Hahoe Mask.

‘I’ll die before I let him be possessed by someone else.’

Shir kept brooding over her troubles.

– Excuse me, Queen? Are you listening to me, Queen?

Hatch once again tried to speak to Shir. Shir’s expression crumpled.

“You are being noisy.”

There was nothing more annoying than someone yapping through the Voice Talk, while she was thinking.

Moreover, disturbing Shir was a much scarier proposition than disturbing a lion.

– No, that’s not….

Of course, Hatch was aware of this fact. However, Hatch once again disturbed Shir. The expression on Shir’s face disappeared. She was expressionless. This was the expression she put on when her annoyance had reached its peak.

Of course, Hatch couldn’t see her expression, but he caught wind of it. He couldn’t even hear her breathe.

Even so, Hatch spoke to her again.

– Bracelet. Bracelet! Look at the Bracelet!

Shir looked at her own Bracelet instead of getting angry.
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