Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 138 – If You Set It on Fire, Blessings Will Come Your Way (2)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 138 – If You Set It on Fire, Blessings Will Come Your Way (2)

Chapter 138 – If You Set It on Fire, Blessings Will Come Your Way (2)


[Great Battle Hero’s Sword]

*Main Properties

– Unique-rank Item

– All Stats increased proportionally to level

– All Stats +155

– Required Level : level 180


– When equipped, 20% increase in damage afflicted to the monsters

– When equipped, beneficial Skills will last 30% longer

– When equipped, 10% increase in the effect of the beneficial Skills

– This item reverts to its owner.


– It is a weapon given to heroes, who distinguished themselves in the Great Battle. It contains the prayers for your active role in the battle against.

[Arbiter of Corruption Ring]

*Main Properties

– Epic-rank Item

– All Stats increased proportionally to level

– All Stats +100

– All stats +33

– Required Level : 200

– Required Condition: Title ‘Arbiter of Corruption’


– When equipped, damage received is decreased by 10%.

– When equipped, all damage given is increased by 10%.

– This item reverts to its owner.


– You fought against the Power of Corruption. This is a ring made for the one that judged the Power of Corruption.

[Deposed Prince’s Sword]

*Main Properties

– Epic-rank Item

– All Stats +300

– Class related Stats +300

– Required Level : level 200


– When equipped, 25% of opponent’s defense will be ignored

– When equipped, all damage will increase by 25%

– When equipped, damage received is decreased by 25%

– When equipped, all Skill cool time is decreased by 25%

– When Skill is used, the consumption of Magical Power will decrease by 25%

– This Item cannot be destroyed.

– This item reverts to its owner.


– Bayan Dean Un Northland’s Item was melted by Blacksmith Olf, and he made this new weapon. The mysterious power possessed by the relic of ancient times was imbued within it.

After Hyrkan finished the Immoral Prince Raid, he received the three Items in succession.

Then the Item Options of the Items he had received was immediately revealed online.

– Hul.

– Huhk.

– Fuck.

The reaction regarding the three Items were honest. The reactions seemed a bit bland. However, everyone were too surprised at that moment. The Item Options were beyond what they could have imagined. It was incredible. It made one think the Option was copied from a different game. This was the reason behind their reaction.

This was especially true for the ‘Deposed Prince’s Sword’. The response was very hot, since there were only 10 of them in existence.

– Isn’t the Options on the Deposed Prince’s Sword a cheat?

– This isn’t some additional Stat Options. They slapped all the Percentage Options on it.

– Fortunately, these Items can’t be traded. If it could be traded, I would have died from an ulcer in my stomach.

– ㄴ Even if it was possible to trade it, I wouldn’t have even been able to buy it even if I sold my house.

– ㄴ I think one needs to sell a building instead of a house if one wants to buy it.

– What level Boss Monster would one have to catch to create a Unique Item with comparable Options?

– ㄴ I think it would have to be at least level 250.

There were only 10 of these Items in existence. People were also having a hard time accepting this fact.

Hyrkan was the main beneficiary of receiving these incredible Items, so it was nearly impossible for him to Spec Up through purchasing Items now.

This was also true in regards to his Skeleton underlings’ equipments. He had already put on the best possible Items for his Skeleton underlings before he had faced the Immoral Prince. All their weapons were Unique Rank Items. On top of it all, the Skeleton Knight was equipped with the ‘Black Cobalt King’s Sword’. It was an expensive Item that even wealthy Users balked at the price.

This was why there was only one avenue he could pursue to Spec Up using his money.

‘The level 150 Curse Skill [Curse Infection] is worth 20 thousand gold. The market price for the Skill Book [Malignancy Curse]…. It is worth 50 thousand gold?’

He was at the Item Depository. It was the location where one could receive one’s purchased Skill from the auction in real time. This was why this location was filled with Users.

The Hahoe Mask he normally wore was off. Hyrkan was in disguise as he came here with his original appearance. Hyrkan had a big frown on his face. It had been caused by the market price of the Necromancer-related Skills that were put up on auction.

‘The market price for the Curse Monk Skill is insane. They want 50,000 gold for a skill book. Crazy Bastards.’

Currently, the only way to visibly Spec Up through money was to purchase more Skills. Hyrkan was well aware of this fact.

However, when he was faced with the prospect of purchasing these Skill Books at market price, he suddenly became parched.

He had made the resolve to improve, but these Skills were too expensive.


‘At least, there are high level Curse Skills available for purchase. The other Skill Trees….’

The Curse Skill Books were expensive, but at least, the were on sale. There were no Skill Books up for purchase for the Summon Skill Tree and the Body Reinforcement Skill Tree.

‘Do I have a choice, but to buy the No Name Skill Books?’

In the end, he was left with one solution. He’ll purchase the No Name Skill Books, and he’ll activate them!

‘The market price for a level 150 Skill Book is around 5,000 gold. The level 160 No Name Skill Books are worth 10,000. The level 170 No Name Skill Books…. There are none.’

This was the method that had been used by Rich Lich. At the time, Rich Lich was the pioneer for the Necromancer Class, and he bought up all the No Name Skill Books until the market dried up. This was how Rich Lich gained his skills. Of course, he wasn’t able to gain all the Skill he wanted.

The No Name Skill Books were a lottery ticket.

When the Skill Book is activated, one had no idea which Skill would pop up. If one was lucky, one could get a Rare or Unique Rank Skill. However, it mostly gave normal Rank Skills.

Of course, it was more expensive than a normal Skill book. The ones above level 170 couldn’t even be purchased, since there was no supply.

‘Well, this is normal.’

This wasn’t anything out of ordinary. The No Name Skill books usually appeared as a Dungeon Reward. Currently, the Dungeon hunts were enjoyed by Users under level 170.

On the other hand, the Users over level 200 only participated in hunts that were conducive to efficiency. They refrained from Dungeon hunts. If one was already over level 200, it meant your growth speed was abnormal. This basically meant one’s process in leveling up so fast was also abnormal. The Users over level 200 right now didn’t enjoy the process of playing this game.

They were just going through the motion to reach the result they desired.

‘I’m the crazy one for expecting to find a Skill Book over level 180.’

The pinnacle of this abnormal process was represented by the First One Sulwoo and the Hahoe Mask Hyrkan. At the very least, Hyrkan didn’t have the right to complain about the current situation.


After he calmed his breathing, Hyrkan discreetly clicked on the No Name Skill book.

Hyrkan’s hand hesitated when a new window saying, ‘Will you purchase this?’, popped up.

‘This is driving me nut.’

He knew the price of Skill Books were expensive, and he also understood the reason behind the high price.

However, he didn’t jump the gun on his decision. A Skill Book purchase was different from purchasing Items. One couldn’t resell it. When the Skill was gained, it was instantly consumed.

It was already overpriced in the first place, and there was a chance one would be pouring money down the drain. If a person had a good head above their shoulders, one wouldn’t participate in this waste.

Of course, Hyrkan would hesitate. It meant he was of sound mind.

On the other hand, those who operated at the highest stage of Warlord almost never paid the fair price as they proceeded to conduct wasteful purchases.

Hyrkan was struggling with his decision. In the end, it meant he had reached a stage where he wouldn’t be able to survive if he didn’t spend recklessly.

‘Bring it on.’

At that moment, Hyrkan touched the Hologram Window.


Level 150 No Name Skill Book x 10.

Level 160 No Name Skill Book x 5.

He spent a total of 100,000 gold. He would have never fathomed in the past of using such an enormous amount of gold. Hyrkan lined up the purchased Skill Books at the corner of his Item Storage, and he activated the Skill Books one by one.

[The Skill Book’s identity is revealed.]

[Will you learn the Bone Spear Skill?]

Hyrkan unconsciously let out an exclamation when he saw the first result.


Everyone’s gazes headed towards Hyrkan, who had let out an exclamation. However, their gazes didn’t stay long on him. Hyrkan wasn’t wearing his Hahoe Mask. If he had let out an exclamation with his Hahoe Mask on, the atmosphere of this place would have become markedly different. Some would approach Hyrkan to find out what had happened, and they would have been surprised when they saw what Hyrkan had gained.

It was that good.

‘Bone Spear. Isn’t this a very good skill?’

It was a level 150 Summon Skill named Bone Spear.

It was the upgraded version of the Bone Explosives. It was similar to the Bone Explosives in the fact that bones were consumed as ingredients whe making it. The bones could be made into spears, and these spears could be thrown. It wasn’t an AOE attack. It was a targeted attack. In terms of pure attack power, it was much higher compared to the Bone Explosives.

Moreover, it was possible for the Skeleton Warriors to throw the Bone Spears. If several dozen Skeleton Warriors could throw the Bone Spears like javelins at the same time….

‘This is my day!’

The thought of it gave him goosebumps.

Of course, on the other hand, he would be expending much more money every time he used the Bone Spears compared to the Bone Explosives.

However, Hyrkan didn’t worry about that part right now.

He had gained a hard to acquire Skill on the first try!

Hyrkan’s expression had changed for the better.

‘I have a good feeling about this. I’ll just activate it all right now.’

The price he had paid in purchasing the Skill Books were no longer inside Hyrkan’s head. Hyrkan immediately activated the second Skill Book.

[Will you learn the Curse Resin Skill?]

Hyrkan’s bright expression dimmed a little bit.

‘……I should have expected a dud. It could have been worse.’

Hyrkan wasn’t flustered. He calmly activated the third Skill Book.

[Will you learn the Curse Resin Skill?]


A curse word came out of Hyrkan’s mouth. Everyone’s gaze turned towards Hyrkan again. However, their gazes didn’t last long. Instead, there were a little bit more sneers directed at Hyrkan. Games were all like this. Many people felt joy from other’s misfortune.

‘Why the hell is the Curse Resin coming out twice!’

Curse Resin.

It was a level 150 Normal Rank Curse Skill. It’s effect was simple. It creates a Resin that’ll apply a Curse if touched.

In a vacuum, the combat effectivity wasn’t too bad. Usually, Curse skills had a condition on had to fulfill to get it to work. Basically, one had to pierce through the other’s defensive gear. The wounding of the flesh would have to occur if the Curse was to work. In the case of Voodoo Pictograph, he had to stick to the enemy, and he had to draw out a character. With this in mind, it was more easier to splash liquid onto one’s enemy to activate the Curse.

However, none of the Curse Monks used the Curse Resin Skill. They didn’t use it even if they had learned the Skill. When the Skill Proficiency was at Rank F, the Curse effect was decreased by 40%. It basically meant the Skill shouldn’t be used until the Skill Proficiency was increased. However, one couldn’t raise the Skill Proficiency if one didn’t use it.

Moreover, there was a Skill that was better version of this one. There was a level 160 Rare Skill where a Cursed Puppet was summoned. This Cursed Puppet automatically sticks to it target, and it places a Curse on the target.

This was why the current market price of the Curse Resin was only 500 gold!

Hyrkan got fucked over two times in a row to the tune of 4,500 gold.

‘It can’t happen a third time. Can it?’

Hyrkan activated his 4th Skill Book.

[Will you learn the Curse Resin Skill?]

Hyrkan got fucked over three times in a row to the tune of 4,500 gold.


‘I bought 170 thousand gold, and now I have about 30 thousand gold left….’

He kept the Skills he needed, then he put the other Skill Books on auction. Hyrkan’s expression wasn’t that great.

Of course, it couldn’t be great. He had invested over 100 thousand gold into purchasing 15 Skill Books, and there were merely 2 Skill that was useful to him. In the end, he had to use 70 thousand gold to purchase the [Curse Infection] and the [Malignancy Curse] Skills. This basically was a concession that meant he wasn’t confident that he’ll be able get those Skills through the No Name Skill Books.

Fortunately, he was able to gain two Skills named [Bone Spear] and [Black Heart]. In the case of [Black Heart], it was a Skill that Hyrkan really needed. However, it would be difficult to use it in battle immediately. The efficacy of the Skills weren’t that great compared to the Magic that was consumed. It would be something he could use in a pinch, but it wouldn’t be used as one of his main Skills.

‘A good first draw always leads to a worse draw…….’

Hyrkan became silent for a brief moment.

It was true that he had succeeded is his Spec Up. However, it didn’t feel great. He felt crappier than the time he bought the Life Vessel skill for 100 thousand gold.

This was to be expected. Even if a person was very wealthy, it didn’t feel great to lose money at a casino.

When a person is confronted with this situation, the person had two choices.

He could frown then he could just chalk this up as a shitty day.


‘The gold I currently have… I have around 15 thousand gold.’

Since he already started this, he should see it to the end.

At that moment, Hyrkan didn’t show an inkling of hesitation. He was like a trained assistant that quickly bought Items from auction. He purchased the level 160 No Name Skill Book for the price of 12 thousand gold. Since Hyrkan had already purchased all the No Name Skill Books worth 10 thousand gold, the only Skill Books left were the overpriced ones.

However, Hyrkan didn’t see 2 thousand gold as money anymore. He had already spent close to 200 thousand gold right now, and the two thousand gold wasn’t enough to break his streak of purchases he made in spite.

Hyrkan immediately purchased the Skill Book from the Auction House. Hyrkan received the sent Item through the NPC at the Item Depository. He placed his palm on top of the Skill Book.

Several Users had been watching Hyrkan activate his Skill Books. They snickered as they saw a process that had been dubbed the Skill Gamble.

‘That User’s eyes are about to flip backwards.’

‘It seems another User will give up on this game.’

‘If you gamble in this game, you’ll bring ruin to yourself.’

The Users started to feel joy from Hyrkan’s misfortunes. However, their expression changed when they saw the expression on Hyrkan’s face.


‘What the hell?’

Hyrkan’s surprised expression started infecting the faces of the surrounding Users.

At that moment, Hyrkan couldn’t help, but yell out.

“The [Chivalry] appeared!”


– Clover team will move aside and the Spade team will move in.

– They are fast.

– Yes. If we maintain this speed, we’ll finish the raid with 6 minutes…. Ah! When I started to speak, player Hoka rushed in!

– He is going for the winning move. It seems he will attach himself to the Blood Ogre’s body to cause direct damage. It seems he wants to decrease the completion time.

– Isn’t that dangerous? Isn’t it safer to do Damage Dealing with magic?

– He is trying to decrease the time.

– What? Even if we keep the same pace, wouldn’t we be able to achieve the new record?

– From my perspective, he isn’t just aiming for a new record. He wants to achieve a new record time that no one dares to challenge again. He wants to show the pride of the newly formed Poker Team of the V&V guild. I think this is the meaning behind his actions.

Blood Ogre.

It was a level 190 Boss Monster. When its blood colored hide was drenched with the blood of a User, its ability increased. Currently, it was one of the top ten most difficult Boss Monsters to appear in Warlords. It was a monster amongst monsters.

– Ah! The Blood Ogre just fell! The Raid is over!

– It is a new record of 39 minutes and 44 seconds.

– The V&V guild’s Poker Team shaved off almost 10 minutes from the record of 48 minutes and 21 seconds set by the Stormhunters.

– This proves it. The V&V guild’s Poker team won’t get pushed around by the Big 3’s primary Raid teams.

The monster kneeled in front of the newly arrived monster.
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