Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 153 – Death Knight (3)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 153 – Death Knight (3)

Chapter 153 – Death Knight (3)


When facing the Skull Collector, the Users focused on its Special Skill.

In truth, that wasn’t a bad thing to do. Still, if one is too focused on one thing, one’s overall concentration regarding other factors would decrease. It was a matter of course.

This was why the Users that entered to face the Skull Collector in the Instance Dungeon rarely focused on the fact that the Skull Collector was holding its sword with its left hand.

For the Users that used a weapon, they mostly fought right-handed monsters. In the world of Warlord, the fight with a left-handed monsters wasn’t too different from fighting a right-handed monsters, but there were some inevitable differences.

Queeng had revealed an opening as she couldn’t adjust to the difference, and the Skull Collector took advantage of it. It wasn’t just bad luck that had sent Queeng flying by the Skull Collector’s sword. It was the result of her deficiency.

On the other hand, this realization made Hyrkan move.

‘I guess these guys aren’t trying to fuck me over.’

Hyrkan didn’t see the Skull Collector as the enemy. In the end, he planned on killing it by himself. Even if the 6 party members were wiped out, it wouldn’t trouble Hyrkan at all. The act of taking down this monster wouldn’t be too much of a work. The important part for Hyrkan was how he took down the monster. It had to look domineering and flashy!

That was more important to him.

This was why he had been worried that these 6 members would get in his way with impure intentions. However, any impure intentions can only be carried out if they were skilled.

From that point of view, Queeng’s current status made Hyrkan relax.

‘Thanks to them I’ll be able to paint a prettier picture.’

When his worries disappeared, Hyrkan became satisfied with the situation.

Every audience loved a hero that saved others in dire straits with overwhelming power.

From that point of view, the 6 party members would become good actors for this scenario.

‘Let’s do this!’

After finishing his preparations, Hyrkan took off his glove. Then he held his breath as he started manipulating his watch. It was as if he was open the dial of a safe. He manipulated the dial of the watch.


Surprisingly, the watch came off.

[Item Slot Change Mode has been deactivated.]

The System Announcement immediately tickled his ears, and he grasped his wristwatch with his right hand.

The hand and arm holding the wristwatch was shaking. Hyrkan grasped the wristwatch as if he was about to crush it, and a black smoke started emanating from between his hand holding the wristwatch.

From the top to the bottom, the smoke started to elongate, and the black smoke became a thin line. Then the line started expanding as a space appeared in between the smoke. There was a dark world beyond the smoke, and a being was starting to reveal itself.

In the end, a Knight wearing an armor that was made from bones of an unknown giant appeared from between this crack. Then a sturdy Skeleton Steed made out of thick bones started to appear slowly.

The Death Knight had appeared.


The Skeleton Steed was enormous, and the Death Knight was riding atop it. The Death Knight’s overpowering nature was ratched up from a 1 to a 10, and every factor that made up the Death Knight was overwhelming.

The first factor was its height! One would have to look up to be able to see eye to eye with the Death Knight. It was about 4 meters tall, and it had a massive build.

Moreover, the Skeleton Armor worn by it was splendid and imposing. It’s appearance was so imposing that one had to question if the armor had any practical value. Then there was the black smoke continuously coming out from between the armor. It created a pool of smoke around the Death Knight, and it made any layman become wary. It created an overpowering and ominous atmosphere.

The imposing Knight was on top of the Skeleton Steed, and it was as imposing as its master. It was made entirely out of bone, yet black smoke came out of its snout. It refused to hide its enraged spirit against the Skull Collector.

The Skeleton Steed was made out of bones, but the bones were so thick that it didn’t look skinny. Moreover, the thick bones made it look as if the Steed’s body was filled in. This was the impression it gave off.

The Death Knight tapped against the Skeleton Horse’s side to calm down the beast.

Of course, the Death Knight wasn’t planning on becoming a gentleman here.

After calming down the Skeleton Steed, the Death Knight unsheathed the sword hanging on its left hip, and it raised the shield that had been hanging on its back. When the shield was removed, a red cape founds its freedom, and it billowed out behind it.

The Death Knight pointed its sword towards the battlefield.

[The Special Skill ‘Leader’ has been activated.]

When it pointed its sword, Skeletons started exiting out of the pool of black smoke around the Death Knight.

The Skeleton Knight showed itself first. Afterwards, 9 Skeleton Warriors and two Skeleton Magician charged out of the black pool.

This was the effect of the Special Skill called Leader.

When the Death Knight was summoned, it could automatically summon Skeletons including a knights, and it didn’t consume any additional magical energy. At the same time, the Death Knight’s Stats increased as the number of Skeleton Knight and Skeleton Warriors was summoned.

The biggest advantage was the fact that the Skeletons summoned by the Death Knight didn’t count against how many the Necromancer could summon. In a flash, he would be able to summon 12 additional Skeletons. Of course, a single Special Skill wasn’t the end of of splendor displayed by the Death Knight.

[The Special Skill ‘Undying’ has been activated.]

The Special Skill, Undying, was the pool of black smoke that formed when the Death Knight was summoned. The Skeletons within this pool wasn’t able to die. It could receive critical damage, yet it will recover. Moreover, it didn’t consume any magical energy to repair the Skeletons.

However, the Undying skill did consume the magical energy of the summoner to maintain itself.

[The Special Skill ‘Fear’ has been activated.]

The last Special Skill was Fear, and it was the Fear attack that was commonly used by Undead types or Spirit type monsters. It couldn’t affect monsters that didn’t feel fear, but all other monsters were struck with fear of death. It was a debuff skill that decreased the enemy’s mobility speed by 20%..

Hyrkan had various Curse skills that stacked, and it could be used against Boss Monsters

[The Special Skill ‘Chivalry’ has been activated.]

[The Special Skill ‘Commander’ has been activated.]

Of course, the appearance of the Skeleton Knight activated its two Special Skills.

The result was overpowering in many aspects!


Hyrkan once again put on his watch after seeing the result.

‘Everything is great, but there’s a problem.’

In truth, this was the biggest problem concerning the summon of a Death Knight. Unlike the other summons, the summon of a Death Knight took several steps that consumed time. In a dire situation, he wouldn’t be able to summon it.

Still, Hyrkan didn’t hurry his actions. He slowly put on his wristwatch, and glove.

He looked full of bravado from afar, but Hyrkan’s action looked dignified to those watching up close.

As in evidence, Queeng’s party members gulped when they saw his actions.

Hyrkan looked elegant. It was if he was in a play as he put on his watch in a relaxed manner.

While he was putting his watch back on, the had already started.

The Death Knight pointed its sword towards the battlefield, and it kicked the Skeleton Steed hard on its belly. As if it had been waiting for it, the Skeleton Steed charged towards the battlefield.

Pah-baht, pah-baht!

It was running like the wind. The Skeleton Knight and Skeleton Warriors charged behind it.

The summoned familiars of the Skull Collector gathered as if they were trying to create a wall to intercept the enemies.

During that time, Hyrkan had thrown his Skeleton Fragment as if he was throwing chips at a casino. He lightly threw it in front of him.


The Skeleton Fragment was spread in a fan shape, and they started to take shape.

He had scattered 8 Skeleton Fragments, and all 8 of them weren’t holding sword. The Skeleton was wearing robes, and they were holding staffs. They were all Skeleton Magicians.

After they formed, the Skeleton Magicians looked at the battlefield. They were waiting for an order, and Hyrkan gave that order.

Ddahk ddahk!

Hyrkan started the battle accompanying the short command.


When the Death Knight appeared, the Skull Collector had thrown the 4th skull around its neck to the floor.


While the skull rolled across the floor, the Death Knight swung its sword towards the second familiar summoned by the Skull Collector. It swung its sword towards the Lizard Warrior, which was made out of dirt.

The Skull Collector’s familiars were able to receive three powerful blows from magicians that had finished their 2nd Advancement. It wouldn’t be easy to cut through a familiar with a single sword strike.


However, the Death Knight’s single sword strike easily cut through the arm of the familiar.


When the familiar’s severed arm fell to the floor, the Skeleton Steed trampled it. It was as if it was high stepping as the Skeleton Steed changed direction. It moved on its own as it was mindful of its owner’s next strike. The Skeleton Steed repositioned itself, so the Death Knight could unleash its next blow.


As if to answer the Skeleton Steed’s consideration, the Death Knight stabbed deep into the armless familiar of the Skull Collector.

Of course, everyone that was watching was taken aback.

‘How high is its attack?’

‘How is such a thing possible?’

Of course, everyone was shocked at the Death Knight’s fearsome attack capabilities.

Of course, it wasn’t as if all Death Knights could show such overwhelming firepower.

‘It better earn its keep. I could buy an apartment with the amount of money I spent on its setting.’

The Death Knight was holding the Deposed Prince’s Sword.

One of the strongest sword in existence in Warlord was being used by a Death Knight. Moreover, it was summoned by the strongest Necromancer Hyrkan. This was the result of these two factors meshing together.

Of course, it wasn’t effective to cut the body parts of an Undead type monsters. It didn’t cause much drop in its HP. The Undead monsters recovered pretty quickly from those wounds.

This was why one needed magic to do sure damage!

Magical spells were flying towards the battlefield.

It was 10 spells instead of one!

It was the result of Hyrkan summoning 8 Skeleton Magicians, and the Death Knight summoned 2 Skeleton Magicians.


The ten fireballs sizzled as it flew in an arc, and it didn’t bother with differentiating between allies and enemies. The Skeleton Warriors lead by the Death Knight, and the Skull Collector’s summoned familiars were swept up in the conflagration.

Kwahng, kwahng, puh-uhng, puh-uhng!

It was the sound created by the detonation of 10 magical spells. The accumulation of such sounds was very loud to the Users watching this sight. It made them furrow their eyebrows.


After the large explosion, the surrounding was roiling with flame. The group of Skeletons and the group controlled by the Skull Collector were all in a sorry state.

However, as time passed, the flame died down, and the Skeleton Warriors and Knight regained their dignified appearance. The summoned familiars of the Skull Collector were barely able to keep themselves together. They were still in their sorry state.


Unless the Death Knight was taken down, the Skill wouldn’t allow the Skeleton Warriors and Knight to be destroyed.

“My god.”

The Priest, who was Queeng’s peer, let out those words.

Of course, he wasn’t a real priest. In reality, he was a software programmer, and he was an atheist. Whenever he had to use a Priest’s Skill that had an incantation, he had to pray towards a deity. He always had an expression of repulsion every time he repeated the incantation.

However, at that moment, it was as if he had found a god inside the game. The sight in front of him looked like a completely different from the game he had been playing up until now.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one that was gloomy.

The three Magicians was watching from behind Hyrkan, and they were more depressed than surprised.

‘What kind of magical fire power…’

‘How much damage dealing can he do?’

The continuous barrage of powerful magic from the 10 Skeleton Magicians was the root of their depression.

Of course, it one went simply by power of one’s magic, the Skeleton Magicians couldn’t compare to a real Magician no matter how many there were. The three magicians gathered here could, at the very least, show twice the damage shown by the 10 Skeleton Magicians…. In reality, they could actually deal three times the damage.

However, that was the problem.

The fact that they could make a comparison was a problem.

The Skeleton Magicians were only a portion of Hyrkan’s power, yet they could be compared to a magician that had finished one’s 2nd Advancement. This hurt the pride of the magicians!

Moreover, this was something intentionally done by Hyrkan.

‘Don’t you dare attack me. I’ll humiliate anyone that does in my video.’

Hyrkan was using this battle as a warning to anyone that was planning on coming after him.


The Skeleton Collector’s summoned familiars hadn’t fared well against the continuous magic bombardment by the Skeleton Magicians. Naturally, the battle turned into a one on one battle between the Skull Collector and the Death Knight.

This battle was different from any battle shown by Hyrkan’s Skeleton up until now.

There was a horse involved.

Moreover, it wasn’t an ordinary horse. The Skeleton Steed used its incredible charging and leaping abilities to its advantage. It even showed off an incredible trick by jumping over the Skull Collector.

These tricks weren’t all for show.

When the Skeleton Steed jumped over it, the Skull Collector had no choice, but to turn its body.

Of course, the Death Knight used this to get through the Skull Collector’s defense.


When the Skull Collector turned its body, the Death Knight stabbed at its shoulder. The Skeleton Steed let out a black smoke from its snout as it immediately charged towards a wall.


The Skull Collector’s body hit the wall, and a large sound emanated from the blow. The Skull Collector was buried within the wall, and it was having a hard time moving.

Shweek, poo-oohk!

The Skull Collector tirelessly stabbed and slashed its sword towards the Death Knight.

It looked as if the Skull Collector had been driven into a corner.

Koohng! Koohng! Koohng!

While the Death Knight swung its sword, the Skeleton Steed unleashed a short, but powerful headbutts against the Skull Collector’s body.

‘It was as I saw in the Rich Lich videoes. The Death Knight’s AI capability is on a different level.’

Hyrkan knew better than anyone how scary a Death Knight was in battle.

Hyrkan was the beneficiary of the Death Knight’s battle capability, but it was powerful enough to give him goosebumps.

‘If I had to catch a monster of this caliber······.’

Of course, this wasn’t free by any means.

‘It is very gluttonous in its consumption of magic.’

Hyrkan bit down on the Magic Recovery Candy hidden inside his mouth, and he carefully swallowed it.

The flow of the battle was overwhelmingly in Hyrkan’s favor.

On the other hand, Hyrkan’s magical energy was being consumed as if there was no tomorrow.

The fact that he had summoned 10 Skeleton Magicians signaled he wasn’t planning on doing this battle through only his own magical energy.

The Skeletons recovered thanks to the Undying Skill of the Death Knight, and each recovery didn’t cost him any magical energy. On the other hand, the magical consumption for maintaining the Undying was high.

Currently, if he released the power of Frost, he wouldn’t be able to maintain his battle capability even if he used his recovery Items.

‘If I head across the Urugal mountain range….. I’ll have to find Inoogas.’

However, Hyrkan didn’t try to conserve his magical energy. Instead, he spread 10 more Skeleton Fragments on the floor.

After taking shape, the Skeleton Warriors were ready to charge into the battlefield. Queen and her party members were no longer surprised by this. They unconsciously let out a long sigh.

These were the expression Hyrkan wanted to evoke.

When the audiences saw his footage, their expressions would be identical to the ones on Queeng and her party.

This was why Hyrkan ate another Magic Recovery Candy hidden in his mouth. Even the 30 great guild Raid teams hesitated to use such expensive consumables, yet he had just eaten another one.

‘This really tastes nasty.’

For reference, the candy tasted like Chinese herbal medicine.

In many ways, this battle was bitter to his mouth.
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