Emperor of Solo Play
Chapter 170 – King’s Tomb (3)
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Emperor of Solo Play
Author :D-Dart
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Chapter 170 – King’s Tomb (3)

Chapter 170 – King’s Tomb (3)


[Ancient King’s Artifact]

– Quest Rank : Epic

– Quest Level Range : 230

– Quest Content : Go to the Blacksmith Olf. Please ask him about the Ancient King’s Artifact.

– Quest Reward : Conch made out of a Dragon’s Horn.

[Ancient King’s Test]

– Quest Level Range : Unique

– Quest Level Range : 220

– Quest Content : You’ve entered the King’s Tomb. The King will test if you are worthy. If you pass the test, the king will overlook your transgression. If not, you will receive an appropriate punishment.

– Quest Reward : King’s Treasure.

Hyrkan’s expression wasn’t great as he looked over the two new Quests.

‘An Ancient King’s Test…’

This was the Ancient King’s Test.

They dressed it up with pretty words like transgression and punishment, but the main point of these Quests were simple.

We prepared a really hard monster to kill, so we want you suffer more!

‘Of course.’

At that moment, Hyrkan realized he would be meeting the proctor of the King’s test soon, and he could guess at the identity of this being.

As expected, he saw the reality of his situation as he walked through the dark tunnel to reach the light.

In front of the King’s Tomb, there were two large statues on the either side of the entrance. The statues were knights. They were stone knights equipped with stone swords and stone armor!

‘Yes, it is as I thought.’

They were placed at the entrance to the King’s Tomb. These statues were guarding the entrance, and they would awaken to test the intruders within the King’s Tomb.

[The Guardian Knights of the King’s Tomb is glaring down at you.]

The examiners of the test located the intruder.

Koo koo koo!

The two statues let out a heavy sound as they lowered their heads. They stared at Hyrkan, who stood behind the threshold of the entrance.

Their faces were carved from stone, so they didn’t have functioning eyes. They couldn’t make expressions, yet Hyrkan felt the glare coming from the statues. It was as if they wanted squash him like a bug.

However, they didn’t immediately attack Hyrkan. They just looked at Hyrkan.

Hyrkan was still within the King’s Tomb.

They couldn’t point or swing their swords towards the King’s Tomb.

Hyrkan had already realized this fact, so he let out a bitter laugh.

Maybe, this was a mercy. Currently, the Guardian Knights were showing their own form of mercy towards Hyrkan.

Hyrkan didn’t feel good about receiving such leniency from them. Monsters were looking down on him, so there was no reason why he would feel good about it.

‘All right.’

At that moment, Hyrkan came to a decision.

‘Let’s try this.’

He’ll kill them.

He’ll willingly pass the test.

No, he’ll punish those, who look down on him.

‘I’ll make you pay for allowing me to make preparations.’

He started his summons.

The Guardian Knight wouldn’t attack Hyrkan until he exited the the King’s Tomb. Basically, Hyrkan had the luxury to summon all the underlings he wanted.

Hyrkan planted a sword in the ground. It immediately gushed out black steel liquid.

While the black steel liquid was rushing outwards, Hyrkan took out two gems, and he gripped them in each hand.

Ddook dook!

The gem in his right hand became liquefied, and it fell to the floor.


The gem in his left hand was clenched as fire poured out from his fist.

[Iron Golem was summoned.]

A black Iron Golem had appeared.

[You’ve summoned a Golem.]

The gem allowed him to form an Earth Golem in the shape of an Ogre.

[The Fire Golem was summoned.]

When he unclenched his fists, a griffin appeared from the surging flames. The Fire Golem had made its appearance.

The three Golems took form, yet the Guardian Knights refused to move. They continued to stare down at Hyrkan.

Hyrkan mocked the statues as he took out a thumb sized blue gem from the pouch on his waist. He held the gem inside his mouth using his teeth.

He was just biting on the gem, yet his magical energy was quickly being replenished.

While it replenished, Hyrkan unfastened his wristwatch. When he grasped his unbound wristwatch, the empty air started to split open. From the rip in space, the undying Knight slowly appeared from within this crack.

[The Death Knight was summoned.]

The Death Knight riding its Skeleton Steed, and it looked imposing.


At that moment, he crushed the blue gem being held in place by his teeth.

When he crushed the gem, a strong taste of mint filled the inside of Hyrkan’s mouth. The mint taste was so strong that it was spicy. Hyrkan endured the minty taste.

Patience was bitter, but the result was sweet.

The Death Knight’s summoning had bottomed out his magical energy, yet it was quickly filling up now. The speed couldn’t be compared to before.

“Open the Power of Frost.”

Then he sacrificed his full magical energy to activate the Ancient Power of Frost.

Finally, Hyrkan stepped out out of the King’s Tomb.

[The Guardian Knights will test you!]

The test began.


The earth Golem borrowed the form of an Ogre using the Clay Play Skill, and it was almost 8 meters tall. This was why the Ogre Golem was able to look eye to eye with the Guardian Knights, and it would be able to fight the statues for supremacy.

On the other hand, the small size of the Griffin Fire Golem was a moot point. It had wings, and it had the ability to fly. The Griffin Fire Golem was already flapping its wings, and the Guardian Knights was beneath its flying form.

The only one to appear in its original form was the Iron Golem, and it was quite lacking compared to the other two Golems. It was stocky, yet it was only 4 meters tall. It looked small in a battlefield where the giants fought. While its body was small, it was made out of steel. It had a dignified air to it.

In this battle of the giants, the last to join was the Death Knight. It appeared riding the Skeleton Steed, and it also looked very small amongst these giants. However, the Death Knight didn’t back away. Instead, it sat on the Skeleton Steed as it refused to pull out its sword. It was as if the Death Knight was allowing the Guardian Knights to make the first move. The Death Knight was looking down on the Guardian Knights, and its manner was dignified and imposing.

These six being closed the distance. None were in a hurry. It would be enough to act with urgency after the battle had started.

Then the battle started.


The first move was taken by the Guardian Knights. One took a swing at the Iron Golem, and the other swung its sword at the Ogre Golem.

The Guardian Knights held swords carved out of stone. Basically, it was a chunk of rock. It was fascinating to see such a heavy weapon part the winds. Moreover, it wasn’t simply parting the air. It was swiftly cutting through the air.

It was terrifying.

Instead of dodging the terrifying sword strike of the Guardian Knight, the Ogre Golem swung the stone axe in its hand.

It blocked an attack with its own attack!

It was a very ogre-like act.


A thunderous sounded exploded forth as two pieces of rock clashed against each other. Accompanying the thunderous sound, the head of the Ogre Golem’s stone axe was chipped. On the other hand, a crack appeared on the Guardian Knight’s sword, and a golden light was emitted by the sword. The true weapon was hidden underneath a layer of rock. The sword showed its true self. If the Ogre Golem was able to speak, it would have called the Guardian Knight a cheater.


As if to avenge the Ogre Golem, the Griffin Fire Golem let out a stream of fire towards the head of the Guardian Knight.

At the same time, there was another fierce battle occurring nearby. This battle also started with the Guardian Knight swinging its sword. While one Guardian Knight swung its sword towards the Ogre Golem, the other Guardian Knight swung its sword toward the Iron Golem.


As expected, it was a terrifying attack. However, the Iron Golem couldn’t dodge the attack, and it had no plans to do so. It decided to take on the Guardian Knight’s sword with its head and body.


A loud sound exploded forth once again. It wasn’t simply a loud noise. It was a thunderous roar that could be heard nowhere else. Moreover, the result of this sound was horrifying. There was a big divot in the head of the Iron Golem’s hard head. If it was a living creature, it would have died instantly.

Moreover, when the Guardian Knight’s sword impacted on the Iron Golem, it also revealed a gold light.


The one to avenge the Iron Golem was the Death Knight. The Skeleton Steed leapt into the air. Thanks to the Skeleton Steed’s leap, the Death Knight was able to take a swing at the Guardian Knight’s neck.


The Death Knight’s sword cut at the left side of the Guardian Knight’s neck. A deep cut appeared on the Guardian Knight’s armor, which was made from stone.

This was how the battle between two Guardian Knights, three Golems and a Death Knight started.

This terrifying battle was filled with fearsome sounds.


It was the sound of the Guardian Knights swinging its heavy sword.


There was the Ogre Golem’s stone axe hitting the body of the Guardian Knights.


This was the sound of the Iron Golem resisting the fearsome attack of the Guardian Knight.


Then there was the sound of an enormous flame emanating from the Griffin Fire Golem.

Shweek! Shweek!

On top of it all, the sharp sounds of the sword being swung by the Death Knight was heard.

Various sounds filled the battlefield, and small sounds were drowned out.

In truth, the Skeleton Warriors and the Skeleton Knight summoned with the Death Knight wasn’t able to do much. They were like dogs at the feet of fighting elephants. They could struggle to not be stomped on by the elephant’s feet, but that was all they could do.

Hyrkan threw his body in the battlefield.

Hyrkan was the smallest combatant, and he looked like a shrimp entering into a fight between whales.

Of course, there was no hesitation to Hyrkan’s movements.

Koong koong!

Hyrkan deftly avoided the footsteps of the Golems and the Guardian Knights. Each of their steps were filled with enormous power, and their footsteps shook the ground.

In a flash, Hyrkan stuck to the leg of a Guardian Knight.


Hyrkan took in short breaths as he climbed up the leg of the Guardian Knight as if it was a cliff.

Koo-oohng, koo-oohng!

He continuously climbed this shaking cliff. It was impossible to do such a feat with just pure strength.

However, this task was easy for Hyrkan. He had learned climbing in the virtual space, and it was something he was better than anyone in the world.

It really was as if Hyrkan was walking across a flat ground. He quickly went up the leg of the Guardian Knight.


As he climbed, he stuck a Skeleton Fragment in any cracks he came across. Hyrkan continued to climb up after placing these Skeleton Fragments, and they took shape as Skeleton Warriors. They looked like ticks that lived parasitically on one’s skin. Moreover, these Skeleton Warriors were letting out white breath from their mouth.

The Skeleton Warriors showed the path Hyrkan had taken. Hyrkan climbed atop the Guardian Knight’s back, and he moved towards the right shoulder. Seven Skeleton Warriors had taken form behind him, and they attempted to injure the body of the Guardian Knight.

However, from the perspective of the Guardian Knight, it was as if it was being attacked by mosquitoes. Still, this was also the reason why it couldn’t leave them alone. They were poking at its body, so how could it leave them be?

The Guardian Knight tried to dislodge the Frost Skeleton Warriors when it had the luxury to do so.

When it did, the Ogre Golem and the Griffin Fire Golem used this opportunity to attack the Guardian Knight.

In such a situation, the Guardian Knight didn’t have the luxury to pay attention to Hyrkan, who had climbed up to its right shoulder.

‘I’ll start with the shoulder.’

Hyrkan planted his sword in the Guardian Knight’s right shoulder.


His sword was able to pierce 10 centimeters. However, his sword was having a hard time penetrating deeper.


Instead, he felt an increased resistance.

‘There is something underneath it.’

At that moment, the Guardian Knight’s left hand came flying in toward Hyrkan, who was on its shoulder.


Hyrkan dodged the hand, and he moved to the nape of the Guardian Knight’s neck. Then he immediately climbed down towards its back. Of course, the Guardian Knight’s hand couldn’t easily reach that spot.


While the Guardian Knight was distracted, the Ogre Golem’s stone axe impacted on the Guardian Knight’s body.

As usual, a large boom rang out, and the Guardian Knight’s body was rocked. The Guardian Knight ignored Hyrkan again, and it looked at the Ogre Golem. It swung its sword towards the Ogre Golem.

Hyrkan quickly climbed to the shoulder region again.

‘If I can’t stab it…’

He planted a Bone Explosive within the wound he created.

‘I’ll just blow it up.’


The Bone Explosive exploded immediately.

However, he wasn’t satisfied with just detonating the Bone Explosives. The region affected by the explosion became frozen. At that moment, the Guardian Knight tried to move its left arm.

Zzuh-juhk, zzuh-juhk!

The ice stuck to the right shoulder couldn’t take the rough movements of the Guardian Knight. It started to crack.

Of course, the ice also made the Guardian Knight move slower.

This wasn’t the end of the attack.

The Skeleton Knights stuck to the body of the Guardian Knight, and their added power of Frost was slowly making the Guardian Knight heavier and unresponsive.

When he saw this, Hyrkan took out a new Bone Explosive.



When the Guardian Knight took a knee, the ground shook.

The kneeling Guardian Knight was full of wounds. The indomitable body was damaged to a point where one couldn’t tell what it looked like originally. The stone surrounding its body were mostly broken away, and the Guardian Knight revealed the golden layer beneath. The exposed golden layer was also in rough shape.

However, the most damning part was the fact that it was on its knee. When a knight was on its knee, it was a declaration of defeat. In a knight’s battle, defeat meant death.

The Guardian Knight no longer got up. It didn’t move an inch. It had lost, and subsequently, it accepted its death.

[The Fire Golem Skill Rank has increased to Rank B.]

[The Iron Golem Skill Rank has increased to Rank D.]

[Death Knight Skill Rank has increased to Rank C.]

[You’ve earned the title ‘Being who took down the Guardian Knights’.]

[You’ve earned the title ‘Being who Passed the King’s Test’]

[You’ve completed the Quest ‘Ancient King’s Test’. Please find the King’s Treasure within the body of the Guardian Knight.]

There was nothing that assured the defeat of the Guardian Knights more than the consecutive System Announcement heard in Hyrkan’s ears.

Instead of a cheer of happiness, Hyrkan let out a deep sigh.

‘It was harder than I thought.’

Hyrkan stood on top of the kneeling Guardian Knight’s shoulder, and he looked at his surrounding.

The first thing he saw was his Iron Golem. It was dented so much that it looked pitiful. It was miraculous that it was still moving.

Then there was the remains of the earth Golem. In the end, it couldn’t stand up against the repeated attacks from the Guardian Knight, so it had returned to being a pile of dirt.

The fire Golem was also in the same boat as the earth Golem. At a certain point, Hyrkan’s magic consumption outstripped the recovery speed. When Hyrkan’s magical energy became zero, the Fire Golem was snuffed out like a candle blown out by the wind.

The Death Knight and its Skeleton Steed still stood in an imposing manner, but its armor was full of wounds. The pristine appearance from when it was first summoned was no longer to be seen. It looked like a straggler.

Since it could no longer use its Undying skill, most of the summoned Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Knight didn’t regenerate. Only two Skeleton Warriors remained.

It had been an arduous victory.

Moreover, Hyrkan had used all of his consumable Items in this battle.

‘This fucking game.’

At that moment, he had a thought.

‘I worked like a dog. If the reward isn’t anything special… I would flip this game on its head.’

He had worked so hard, yet if his reward was subpar, he would never accept it!

Hyrkan made this resolution, and he turned the dial of his wristwatch. He switched his Item.

Choo-roong, choo-rong!

Hyrkan was holding the Crying Sword instead of the Deposed Prince’s sword. Hyrkan used the tip of the Crying Sword to destroy the Guardian Knight’s golden body, which had been beneath a layer of stone.

Choo-roong, choo-roong!

The Crying Sword let out a sorrowful cry as it was used like a pickaxe.

How long had he been working on this task?


He was able to split open the Guardian Knight’s golden body, and the King’s Treasure saw the light of day.

‘Black b······No, is it a red box?’

It was the King’s Treasure. It was a Legendary Rank Ancient power.


“In the end, we came back here again.”

Hatch swiveled his head as he spoke. He looked at the large ridge that blocked his line of sight. This large mountain range’s size was comparable to the Urugal mountain range. The ridge was covered with black trees. It was imposing, and it gave off an ominous feeling.

The name of the mountain was Black Comb.

It was a name meant to describe the dark peak of the mountain.

“It really is a Block Field.”

“I’m already well aware of that! You don’t have to tell me!”

Hahui shot her words toward Hatch. They had worked hard to find a path with no Block Field yet they had returned to the starting point. Hahui’s mood was already at its worst.

This was also true for Hatch.

“Yes, I see. You are so knowledgeable that you tried to hug a Werebear, because it was cute? Is that why you almost died?”

It seemed Hatch didn’t want to lose. He fought words with words.

“Hey! You want to die?”

Their war of words continued on. There was only one person, who could stop these two from fighting, and Shir wasn’t here right now. Since Shir wasn’t here, the guild members didn’t plan on stopping such an entertaining sight. They also didn’t have the energy to intervene.

Several guild members even started a betting pool as they watched Hatch and Hahui fight.

“This time I’ll bet 10 gold on Hatch.”

“I still think Hahui will win. I’ll put 10 gold on Hahui’s victory.”

The guild members started up a conversation with the fight as a background.

“The Barbarian King Quest is more complicated than expected. We haven’t been able to find any clues regarding the quest.”

“The Golden Conch wants us to go east, and it wants us to cross the mountain. However, the Block Field prevents us from crossing it, and we keep being sent back to the starting point….”

“This means the Block Field has to be dismissed before we can follow the direction of the Golden Conch. This Quest is troublesome.”

Hatch, who had been fighting Hahui with words, raised his hand towards her.

“How dare you!”

Hahui reacted negatively to the gesture.

“Yes, Queen.”

Hatch ignored Hahui’s words, and he answered the call.

Hahui immediately shut her mouth.

The power of Shir’s call didn’t ended there. When the call started, all the conversations in the surrounding stopped. They all tried to hear the conversation between Hatch and Shir.

“Yes. We weren’t able to cross the Black Comb again. The cause was the Block field, and we haven’t encountered any special Quest or Boss Monster. The only sure instruction we have is from the Golden Conch. It wants us to keep heading east, yet we can’t… It means there is another Quest that we’ll have to complete. This is separate from the Barbarian King Quest.”

As he was giving his report, a weird expression blossomed on his face.

Hatch quickly covered his mouth. He activated the Mute mode. It was a gesture that allowed a private conversation with the person on the other end of the Voice Talk.

“So you want me to talk to the First Head? Yes, I understand. If you want me to, I’ll do it. I’ll immediately go make preparations.”
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