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Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
Author :Einlion
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1685 Matrimony

With the day of his wedding arriving in the blink of an eye, Vahn had a massive smile on his face as he stood at the end of a long aisle. He was actually feeling a little giddy, and, though he usually had excellent control over his body, he couldn't help but jitter slightly in anticipation.

Though it was originally intended to be a small affair, news of the coming weddings had leaked to the population of the Little Garden. As a result, there were thousands of Elves and Elemental Spirits in attendance. Vahn even got Yggdrillia to conduct the ceremony, her smile nearly rivaling his own as she stood on the opposite side of a wooden altar in ceremonial robes. This was the first time she was actually performing the duties of a Dragon Priestess, so, even if it part of her wished she was on the other side of the altar, Yggdrillia was still extremely excited...

Had it been a normal event, Vahn would have made some small talk to try and calm his nerves, but, with the hour drawing to a close, he was too excited for such distractions. By the time music began to play, he felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest as he quickly shooed away a few of the more curious Elementals who had wandered near. This left only him and Fenrir standing across from Yggdrillia, the former serving as both his ringbearer and his attendant for the purposes of the ceremony.

With the sounds of nature blending together to create a beautiful harmony with each other, Vahn's smile somehow managed to become even more prominent, his chest swelling with pride as he saw an indescribably beautiful woman appear beneath the first of many arches. This was obviously Eva, but, as it was his first time seeing her wearing the pactio raiment, her beauty overwhelmed him like a tsunami slamming into a seawall. All thoughts were erased from his mind, and, though he wanted to say something, the most he managed to do was stare slack-jawed as she began her march down the aisle, Jinbei and Karin serving as her escorts.

Though he would have liked to craft her a wedding dress by hand, even Vahn wasn't sure he would have been able to produce a more suitable gown than the one provided by Eva's Pactio. It perfectly hugged her body in all the right places, and, though it was likely an effect of the raiment itself, both her presence and overall beauty seemed to be multiplied. Even the large crowd of Elves and Spirits were completely awed by her presence, their heads moving like swivels as they stared wide-eyed at the veiled woman walking down the aisle with a bouquet of crystalline flowers...

Noticing Vahn's expression and the way he was looking at her, Eva could scarcely move forward without the help of Jinbei and Karin. Fortunately, while the latter seemed to be acting as more of an anchor than anything else, Jinbei dutifully led her down the aisle with his usual lazy smile. The only real difference between his current appearance and his usual self was that he had actually dressed up for the occasion by donning a white tuxedo. As for Karin, she was wearing a pale-pink gown that was heavily adorned with flowers, clothes that didn't particularly match her disposition, but, due to her beauty, suited her well.

Eva found it was easier to move forward if she focused on other things, but, in the span of what felt like both an eternity and a single breath, Jinbei was already helping her ascend the small step at the end of the aisle. Shortly thereafter, she became intimately familiar with the kind of shoes that Vahn was wearing, as, for several seconds, Eva simply couldn't summon the courage to look up at him. It wasn't until Vahn had gingerly lifted her chin that their gazes met once again, tears already welling in Eva's eyes as a brilliant shade of crimson dyed her face...

Seeing his bride-to-be up close, Vahn felt like his breath was forcibly drawn from his lungs with a magical spell. He had no words or thoughts to describe what he was currently feeling, and, if not for the music suddenly coming to a halt, he had the distinct impression he might have been trapped in that singular moment for all eternity. Eva was simply that captivating to him, and, if not for the large audience, he wouldn't have been able to resist kissing her before the ceremony's completion.

Fortunately, as there were no formal proceedings for how a wedding 'needed' be conducted within the Empire, the ceremony itself merely involved Yggdrillia formally introducing the bride and groom before issuing a simple blessing and allowing Vahn and Eva to make their own statements. This was something Vahn had prepared extensively for, but, due to the fact Eva had been fighting back tears since the start of the ceremony, his 'speech' ultimately amounted to tenderly wiping away the tears from her face as he struggled to put his feelings into words. When it came time for her own speech, Eva just buried her face into his chest, crying for several minutes as she thanked him over and over...

Despite how 'disastrous' things seemed to be going, none of the audience seemed to think that way. In fact, due to how sensitive they were to emotions, many of the Elves in attendance followed suit, tears streaming down their faces as they embraced their close friends and kin. It was quite the sight to behold, and, though it made the wedding almost feel like a mourning party, it was bound to become one of the most tender memories in the minds of everyone in attendance...

When everything was said and done, the ceremony was brought to an end in much the same way as most weddings. Vahn returned Eva's ring to her, and, after a very long and passionate kiss, they simply held each other closely for the better part of twenty minutes. It was only after Jinbei asked, "So, when are we going to eat?" that the spell freezing the moment in time seemed to be broken...


As Eva wasn't in the mood to attend the party, Vahn ended up carrying her all the way to the fiftieth ring, a place where time flowed at a rate of 500:1. This would give them about fifty days to spend in each others' company before the next wedding was scheduled to begin, more than enough time to consummate their wedding and adapt to their lifestyle as newlyweds.

After landing soundlessly near the front door of a somewhat lavish mansion, Vahn willed it to open using his telepathy before carrying Eva across the threshold. He had been flying with Eva in a bridal carry, and, though it wasn't exactly a tradition of the Empire, he had performed a similar action with most of his brides in the past...

Feeling the change in temperature, Eva slowly opened her swollen eyes to observe the interior of the mansion. This was her first time inside, and, though she didn't feel even remotely alone, her first impression was that the house was very 'empty'. The only people within tens of kilometers was her and Vahn, something she had been both looking forward to and fearing quite a bit...

Noticing the not-so-subtle tensing of his wife's body, Vahn just held her a little closer to him as he said, "You know I would never do anything to intentionally harm you. It's perfectly normal to feel a little anxious and afraid...just remember that you are in control. I won't force you to do anything you aren't comfortable with, and, if there is ever anything troubling you, I will always be here to listen..."

Though she felt greatly relieved by the heartfelt words, Eva still rolled her eyes slightly with a small smile visible on her face. Then, after mustering up as much courage as she could gather, she turned her eyes up at him and said, "Carry me to the bedroom...I still need to show you the other features of this dress..."

Feeling his heart beating madly in his chest, Vahn barely resisted the urge to simply teleport to the bedroom with Eva in his arms. He had been looking forward to this moment for quite a while, and, though he had a considerable amount of experience under his belt, he was even giddier now than his first time with Ais and Tiona. Eva was like a Goddess within his heart, so, despite having quite a number of actual Goddesses in his harem, Vahn couldn't help but feel excitement bubbling within him like a pot of water that had been left unattended atop a stove.

Resisting the urge to kick the door of the bedroom open, Vahn manipulated the handle with his telepathy before protecting Eva's head as he maneuvered her over the threshold. Then, almost as if they had trespassed into another world, the atmosphere became increasingly tense and fluttery the closer Vahn carried Eva to the bed. He could feel her heart beating faster a scared rabbit, but, unlike the past, Eva made absolutely no attempts to stop him as laid her down on the bed and stood over her with what could only be described as a hungry expression on his face...

Despite her chest heaving and her mind buzzing from excessive oxygen intake, Eva still felt short of breath as she stared up into Vahn's face. It took most of her willpower just to avoid rolling bashfully to the side, burying her face into her hands and tucking up her legs up into a fetal position. She felt that all of her preparations had been for naught, but, rather than shying away, Eva forced herself to meet Vahn's gaze as her left hand moved to the tiny cross resting above her breasts...

Vahn had a lot of expectations about the features Eva alluded to previously, but, even though he had seen something similar in the past, nothing could have prepared him for the moment when the fabric covering her chest dissolved away. At the same time, her gown seemed to melt into the white sheet, magical light enveloping it before ultimately vanishing moments later. In its stead, Eva's pure white stockings, panties, and garter belt came into view, each perfectly adhered to her fair skin...

Realizing Eva's intentions, Vahn's smile became even wider as a cool feeling swept across his mind, forcing him to remain calm. Before he could manage this, however, Eva extended her arms towards him, her face the reddest he had ever seen it as she seductive 'whimpered', "What are you waiting for...? Hold me, you dummy..."

Though he managed to hold onto his sensibilities, Vahn discarded his hesitation the moment he heard Eva's words. Then, as she bit onto the back of her finger hard enough to draw blood, he pried apart her legs, quickly discarding the side-tie lace panties in order to prepare her body for what was to come. Fortunately, she was already 'excessively' wet, so, rather than loosen her up, Vahn focused his mind on increasing her sensitivity and suffusing her body with source energy. At the same time, he extended his tongue deep enough to poke her cervix, wiggling it about like a living creature as his saliva took on the properties of a mild aphrodisiac and a numbing agent.

Vahn was determined to make Eva's first time as pleasant as possible, so, even if she became a little 'weird' after the fact, they had nearly two months to work things through. This was mainly an effort to remove her inhibitions, as, despite appearing very demure and weak to being 'attacked', Eva was actually the proactive type that liked to push others. Losing her virginity was equivalent to opening up Pandora's Box, and, though he was confident she wouldn't go overboard, Vahn knew Eva was a ticking time bomb when it came to perverse intrigue...

Despite knowing he was about to unleash a monster, Vahn slowly and methodically worked Eva's inside with his tongue until she was literally pulling his hair in an attempt to get him to stop. She had already climaxed more than a dozen times, but, rather than afford her a moment to rest, Vahn created extremely tiny and soft hooks on his tongue, much like a cat. That caused Eva to practically convulse, but, despite her protests, Vahn was keenly aware of the fact that she made no attempt to even try and escape.

After escaping the lock Eva had on his head, Vahn laid her to rest on the bed, allowing her to take a few deep breaths as her body continued to twitch and convulse, legs spread wide. It was one of the most tantalizing sights Vahn had ever witnessed, and, though he regularly felt this way when he was about to make love to a woman, the image of Eva sprawled out in a lewd wedding dress had firmly cemented itself within Vahn's most cherished memories...

Though he could have admired the sight until the end of time, Vahn eventually snapped out of his stupor, his expression becoming tender when he saw the desire visible in Eva's hazy blue eyes. She also noticed his gaze, so, the moment their eyes met, Eva continued gasping for air as she opened her legs a little wider. Then, with a tone that left no room for argument, she languidly extended her hands toward him and said, "Kiss me..." before adding, "I'm ready..."

Understanding what she was asking of him, Vahn quickly adjusted his own position, resisting the urge to sink his fingers into Eva's soft thighs and plump butt. Then, after grabbing both her hands, he leaned over her body, raising her butt slightly with his knees, his member sinking deep into her fleshy cavern as their lips overlapped. She released a distressed squeal in response to this sudden intrusion, but, rather than pain, it was more like a high-pitched whine suffused with pleasure. This surprised Eva quite a bit, but, with a long tongue skillfully intertwining with her own, she found it hard to focus on anything until Vahn began a slow, steady, and maddening piston...

(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'Vahn is like a puppy that just heard its owner pull in the driveway...','Tears speak louder than words','(OwO)...')

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    《Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos》