Entertainment Queen System
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Entertainment Queen System
Author :TenShi27
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@@Hello everyone! I am so sorry that I haven't updated for a long loooong time. I will be honest and say this, I was suffering under writer's block for the past chapters and upon reaching chapter 48, I can no longer write no matter how much I tried. It didn't help that by that time, I was already stressed and busy with school work since I am in my graduating year for Senior High School.

Then, when I finally have free time, I read all the written chapters (to get into the mood and remember all the things I've written already and the story's development) and it came to mind that I am very dissatisfied with how things developed. So, I decided to rewrite everything (this isn't a whim, I've put a lot of thought about this)! I will be changing some things (but rest assured that the core of this story wouldn't change! Like the Wu family and characters- but I will be try to put more depth on them though.)

I am so sorry for this, but I just can't continue and have the motivation to write with how the story is developing.

I will come back with a brand new plot- a more thought out and carefully planned story line than this train wreck where things are just starting but new quests and stuff are already being added.

I just hope everyone will be patient and understanding!

Thank you so much.

P.S. Please stay safe and healthy everyone!

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    《Entertainment Queen System》