Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 81 - The Clean-Up Troops
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 81 - The Clean-Up Troops

Chapter 81 - The Clean-Up Troops

"The criminals want to revolt!? Lightning, they want to use the lightning to break the seal!?" "If it goes wrong, all the criminals would escape at once...!" "Senior Brother, what should we do?" "Let's go in quickly and kill them, let's kill them, quickly!"...

In all this chaos, two guards promptly drew their swords and charged into the valley.

"Senior Brother, who should we kill?"

"Kill the ones who are getting up!"

With a slash of their swords, two enormous blades of sword qi cut straight towards two men who were getting up. It seemed that the heads of two criminals were about to roll.

The two criminals immediately moved in response and stretched their hands out, grabbing on to the sword edge fiercely.

Ci Ci Ci! Instantly, multiple electric arcs gushed out from the duo, traveling down the sword edge, shocking the two guards.


"Their cultivation is restored?"

The two guards' face distorted at once. In contrast, the two criminals slowly turned their heads and pursed their lips, revealing dreadful smiles.

"What do you want to do?

In the blink of an eye, the two men rushed to the guards and grabbed them, before tearing into them fiercely.

The two guards were torn apart alive instantly, spraying their blood across the ground.

"Ah~!" the guards outside the valley cried out in shock.

"What should we do? What are we going to do?" "It's alright, they still have their masks on, they can't come out. They can't come out, the valley is surrounded by the blue screen! If they try to, they will trigger the mask mechanism!"

"Quickly inform the Boss!"...

The group of guards kept on consoling themselves that the situation wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Suddenly, Scar rushed towards the closest side of the valley, slamming into it with a loud crash. With the vast strength of a Golden Core Stage cultivator, huge pieces of rocks flew out all around, even the ground was quaking.

As for the other criminals who had also gotten up, after picking up those blasted rocks one after another, they infused their True Qi into them before hurling them directly into the mountainside.


In a flash, the rocks that were infused with True Qi, like pieces of divine weapons, blasted a tunnel through the hill in little to no time.

Had it been just a few minutes ago, when they were no different than a mortal, it was simply unimaginable for them to break the cliff. However, now that each and every one of them had regained their strength, the destruction they carried out was like venting off all their grievances over the years.

At the sight of this, the guards outside stood still, stupefied.

"They don't need to go through the main entrance when they can chisel out an escape route themselves!?" "Finished, they have regained their cultivation, they want to escape!?" "What should we do?" "Run, quickly run!"...

The congregation of guards immediately scurried towards the core section, helter-skelter.

However, with their escape tunnel blasted out, the criminals were like tigers that had escaped from their cages, and immediately pounced on their captors together.

In the blink of an eye, they caught up with the guards after a few jumps.

"Ah~, don't kill me, don't kill me! "My leg, ah~, my leg!"...

Following a series of booms, almost all the guards were slaughtered. Just one guard remained, and he was on his last breath. Surprisingly, the criminals had forcefully broken through the blue screen outside the Valley of Crooks.

Inside the mountain valley, the criminals picked themselves up one after another, all of them laughing like crazy.

"Hahahaha!" "Hahahaha!" "Hei hei hei hei!"...

Their laughter was desolate and tragic to the core.

Free, they were finally free! Some criminals even broke down in tears. They had been living in fear for so long. Criminals came and went by, batch after batch. In the end, they didn't even bother to count the days they had been here.

In a flash, the criminals erupted in a pandemonium. They started shouting, cursing, and laughing to no end.

Gu Hai stood on a huge rock, gazing down on the crowd of criminals that was overwhelmed and giddy with excitement.

He watched with a cold gaze, not saying a word. He was waiting for all the men to calm down.

After a good long while, some finally calmed down.

Chen Tianshan, Gao Xianzhi, Scar, Shangguan Hen, gradually came over and stood next to Gu Hai. They were extremely respectful.

The other criminals, on the other hand, had a variety of expression on their faces.

"Heaven Company Captain, Gao Xianzhi greets my Lord!" Gao Xianzhi was the first to greet him respectfully.

"Earth Company Captain, Chen Tianshan greets my Lord!"

"Void Company Captain, Scar greets my Lord!"

"Death Company Captain, Shangguan Hen greets my Lord!"

After the greetings of the four company captains, everyone calmed down quickly.

Gu Hai had appointed Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, and Scar as company captains, all for this very moment. After their cultivations had recovered, everyone's mentality was bound to change. But with the trio setting an example, others were bound to pledge their loyalty thereafter.

As for Shangguan Heng, Gu Hai still had his guard up. But Shangguan Hen greeting him without hesitation was totally outside his expectations. Because of this, a satisfied look flashed past Gu Hai's eyes.

"Greetings my Lord!" "Greetings my Lord!" "Greetings my Lord!"...

In a flash, the criminals paid obeisance to Gu Hai in succession.

A majority of the criminals followed the agreement with Gu Hai and pledged their loyalty. Evil as the criminals were, they knew who had bestowed them this freedom, and they were extremely grateful to Gu Hai.

Some of the people saluted Gu Hai, but at the same time, there were some who did not.

This group of criminals had a complex look in their eyes when looking at Gu Hai.

"Thank you very much, everyone, for honoring your promise!" Gu Hai spoke out, thanking everyone.

Spontaneously, the criminals slowly divided into two groups. However, most of them stood by Gu Hai's side. There was only a small group of people who slowly moved to the other side.

"My Lord, thank you very much for helping us regain our freedom, but this lowly one has too many things to finish. I want to go back!" "My Lord, thank you very much for today's graciousness, I will definitely repay you in the future!" "My Lord, take care of yourself!"...

That group of people bowed slightly towards Gu Hai, many among them even smiled coldly. Obviously, this group of people wanted to leave.

"Gentlemen, are you not going to honor your agreement of twenty years?" asked Gu Hai in a surprisingly calm manner.

"Sorry, nobody can make me submit to him for twenty years!"

"Hahaha, I admit, your body is strong, but with our cultivation restored, you can't block us!"

"Kid, your beating that day was really painful, but since you helped us escape, I will let you go!"

"Hahahaha, kid, if we meet again, I will hit you back!"...

These people wanted to flee into the distance.

Suddenly, Gu Hai's gaze turned colder as he shouted, "Heaven Company, Earth Company, Void Company, Death Company!"

"Here!" the group of criminals who had pledged their loyalty to Gu Hai replied immediately.

"Kill the ones who betrayed their oaths!" Gu Hai ordered in a cold voice.

"Don't you dare!" "Kid, what did you say?" "Bastard!"...

The group of people of who wanted to escape immediately shouted, they eyes going wide in surprise.

"Yes, sir!" the criminals who had pledged their loyalty replied instantly.

Without any hesitation, a large number of criminals charged straight into the crowd of men who wanted to escape in the blink of an eye.

"What the hell are you doing? What in the fucking hell are you doing? We shared adversity together!" "Don't you come, damn, are you fucking crazy? Why the hell are you listening to him?" "Run, quickly run!"...

A bloody fight started. In a flash, the entire Valley of Crooks was filled with loud rumbles and flying dust and stones.

Each and everyone had crawled their way through piles of dead bodies. All of them were incomparably aggressive.

There were about five hundred or so criminals who wanted to escape. As for those who had pledged their loyalty, they numbered over three thousand. It was nearly six men to one. A scene of massacre was viciously painted inside the valley.

Kill, kill, kill!

At Gu Hai's order, the criminals started a bloody slaughter.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, watched the proceedings with a chilling calm. Gu Hai could not be blamed for being merciless. If he let these group of people taunt him and leave, his prestige would surely take a dive instantly. The remaining three thousand-some criminals who had pledged their loyalty would be affected by this for sure. A similar incident was then bound to occur again, sooner or later.

He could only execute some to warn the others! Kill the chicken to warn the monkey, or so the saying goes...

Gu Hai would use any means necessary to kill this group of people who had contradicted him, so that he could receive the hearts of the group of people who had pledged allegiance as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Gu Hai didn't want these kinds of vile people who would renege on their promises. It was better for them to die right now. This would help prevent his troops from ever revolting.

After a quick series of fights, the five hundred or so criminals who wanted to escape had completely fallen under the hands of the other criminals.

With all those defectors dead, everyone had a more respectful look in their eyes when they looked at Gu Hai.

"My Lord, all the deserters have been killed!" Gao Xianzhi reported.

Gu Hai nodded in acknowledgment, and then took a deep breath before speaking, looking at the remaining three thousand criminals, "Gentlemen, I have had enough with the Colosseum, now it's time for us to take revenge. Follow me to charge into the Golden Tong, let's find the method to remove the masks!"

"Yes, my Lord!" the congregation of criminals obliged immediately.

Jumping down from the rock, Gu Hai slowly made his way towards the depths of the Golden Tong.


In this heavy downpour, a large number of Golden Tong disciples had converged at the Colosseum, but in the end, they hadn’t gone in. Many Golden Tong disciples rushed over in that direction upon hearing the loud rumbles coming from the Valley of Crooks.

"Ah, ah, ah, the criminals have...!" a Golden Tong disciple cried out in panic.


Even before he could finish his sentence, that Golden Tong disciple was sent flying by a masked man. He spewed out a mouthful of blood as he crashed into a huge piece of rock.

That criminals quickly stepped forward, stripped off the disciple's clothes, and put those clothes on before picking up his weapon.

"Ah, criminals..." BANG!

Many Golden Tong disciples didn't even have the time to shout before they had been rendered immobile by a group of exceptionally alert criminals, who then stripped them down and donned their clothes.

The three thousand criminals, with their cultivation restored and a monstrous hatred in their hearts, rushed to take action. Their means were extremely ruthless!

"Move quietly and quickly!" Gu Hai said calmly.

"Yes, my Lord!" the group of criminals obliged immediately.

"My Lord, where are we going?" Shangguan Hen asked promptly.

"If a worker wants to do something well, he must sharpen his weapon first! Therefore, we are going to arm ourselves first. Head to the Golden Tong's armory!" Gu Hai ordered calmly.

"Yes, my Lord!" the criminals answered right away.

In a flash, three thousand criminals rushed straight to the inner section of the Golden Tong. Wherever they went, the ground was littered with blood and corpses! The bloody revenge of the masked men of the Colosseum had begun!


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