Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Chapter 98 - Life Severing Saber
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament
Author :Guan Qi
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Chapter 98 - Life Severing Saber

Chapter 98 - Life Severing Saber

Onboard the flying ship, Li Haoran, after firing an arrow, stopping all the chaos, and forcing all the cultivators to halt in their footsteps, had a satisfied look in his eyes.

Li Haoran enjoyed this feeling of stopping the whole world with an arrow very much. Li Haoran’s lips rose into a light smile.

"Everyone, from this moment, this place is taken over by my Divine Battalion! Everyone, please retreat a hundred li from here!" a loud shout suddenly came down from the flying ship.

This proclamation immediately sent a chill into the hearts of countless cultivators.

Just a moment ago, that was but the East Sea Thief King, Luo Tiange!

And at the same time, the other two Nascent Soul Stage experts, the Golden and Silver Horns, had already died. Nonetheless, they wouldn’t have been an opponent for Li Haoran's arrow!

Gazing at the long golden arrow embedded in the rock, everyone's hearts skipped a beat.

Another thunderous roar reverberated across the Golden Tong. Apparently, the huge dragon tail's figure was still struggling. Be that as it may, everyone's desires had been completely obliterated by that arrow as they headed far away at breakneck speed.

At this moment, the roar of the approaching Bixi from the back deafened everyone's ears. More importantly, the Bixi had increased its speed!

While the Bixi made a mad dash towards the dragon vein, Li Haoran's flying ship had arrived in the wink of an eye.

The passengers of the flying ship lowered their heads to look, only to see the lava splashing about in all directions. The thousand-zhang long dragon tail was just a phantom, nothing more, nothing less. The true dragon tail was under the lava, and laying upon this dragon tail was a turtle shell.

"A turtle shell seal? So the Bixi wasn't sensing the dragon vein, but this!?" stated one of the Divine Battalion disciples, astounded.

Li Haoran, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes, "It's just the dragon tail, not the dragon head, aye?"

"Sir, it's not the dragon head, we are unable to receive it! Moreover, this dragon tail is about to get rid of the turtle shell seal!" a subordinate spoke up, worried.

"This turtle shell has been refined, it's an extraordinary magical tool for sure!"

"Sir, the Bixi is rushing over!" another subordinate reported, anxious.

As Li Haoran turned his head to look at the Bixi, a cold gleam flashed past his eyes. "Whether it is the dragon tail or this turtle shell, it's all mine! Come on, you filthy swine, meet your maker!"

While speaking, Li Haoran, once again raised the bow, the faraway Bixi its target.

The Bixi's eyes widened as it howled at Li Haoran, a savage look on its face.


On the western part of the Nine-Five Island, amid all the earthquakes...

The Ninth Young Master, along with his group of subordinates, halted at the summit of a mountain, gazing coldly at the core of the faraway battle.

Li Haoran was fighting the Bixi. The battle between the two was incomparably terrifying. In the aftermath of their battle, a vast amount of debris was being thrown into the air, blotting the entire sky. He was unable to clearly see how the battle between the two was proceeding. The only thing that was discernible were the battle cries of Li Haoran and the Bixi.

"Ninth Young Master, it's Li Haoran! That shot sure was terrifying!" a subordinate observed with a frown.

Hearing this, the Ninth Young Master's lips rose into a sneer. "Believing oneself to be always right may not always be good!"

"Ninth Young Master, what if we...!"

"No need! As long as they came for the dragon vein, they are sure to join in! Li Haoran is sure to join the game left by the Grandmaster in the past! Even if he has thousands of means, he can forget escaping! Let's go!" the Ninth Young Master said as a cold smile crept up on his lips.

"Yes, Your Grace!"


In a mountain forest...

Meng Tai, with a awaken Feng Ling enclasped in his arm, was gazing at the ever-rumbling battlefield.

"Divine Battalion's Li Haoran, you still are as overbearing as you were twenty years ago!" Meng Tai's eyes flickered with a cold gleam of light.

"Gu Hai, hmph, you sure are terrific. You can actually manage to play the 29x29 weiqi game left by Elder Guanqi, and even capture a piece at that! What terrifying weiqi skills, and pretty good luck as well! If you keep on going like this, you are going to end up dead! Hmph, you escaped this time, but how many times can you escape?" A savage look showed up on Meng Tai's face.

The nearby Feng Ling gently helped Meng Tai wipe his face. Seeing the savage look on his face, complex emotions flowed in her eyes.


In another forest...

Wei Yang landed with the vegetative Li Wei, focusing on listening to the dragon roars and the rumbles from the battlefield far away.

"So, it has begun, huh? My Golden Tong's mission is over now... Grandmaster, we have been abiding by your promise for many generations. Now that the dragon vein seal is removed, there is nothing constraining us, right!? So, does that mean that I too have the qualifications to vie for it? I know that this is a trap, but I am willing to become Grandmaster's piece!" Wei Yang heaved a slight sigh.

Cocking his head, he lightly caressed Li Wei's head, especially the tattooed part.

"My dear apprentice, I will wake you up. You have to wake up quickly, your master needs you!" Wei Yang mumbled.


Elsewhere, Gu Hai, had led his three thousand men away and left a long time ago.

Regardless of the constant roars and rumbles coming from the back, Gu Hai didn't pay any attention to them.

"My Lord, that's a dragon vein...!" Shangguan Hen said in a low voice.

"Dragon vein, so what? We still don't have the ability to poke our nose in it! Let's leave first!" stated Gu Hai in a deep voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" Shangguan Hen nodded his resignation.

"My Lord, you said Wei Yang can constrain Meng Tai, right? Then, why didn't my lord...?" Chen Tianshan asked, worried.

"Both master and apprentice are deep schemers, it's not best for us to stay close to them. You should not underestimate Wei Yang. As someone who can foster Meng Tai, he certainly is not an ordinary character, okay? In the letter he left for Li Wei, he said that Feng Ling is the key. It may not be possible for the others to read it, but I think with Meng Tai's intellect, if he wanted to read it, he would have had all kinds of means, so it was read long ago by Meng Tai. However, Wei Yang seemed to have already predicted it; the letter was very roundabout. Meng Tai has been fooled nonetheless!" explained Gu Hai, his voice getting solemn.

"Oh?" Chen Tianshang was still confused.

"Feng Ling is the key, but so is Li Wei, I think! There are two keys, Meng Tai still doesn't know everything!" Gu Hai stated in a heavy voice.

"Li Wei is also a key?"

"Do you remember that tattoo?"

An apprehensive look showed up Chen Tianshan's face. Obviously, he had been shocked by the unfathomable schemes of Wei Yang and Meng Tai, that master and apprentice pair.

The three thousand men left quickly. Along the way in the forest, there were countless poisonous insects. However, as everyone could protect their bodies with True Qi, the poisonous insects were completely unable to harm anyone.


After ten days, at a seashore...

The three thousand ex-convicts were stationed temporarily, strict disciplining of the group was carried out by Gao Xianzhi.

Gu Hai, on the other hand, quietly dove into the sea and caught a shark.

Pressing the shark with his left hand, Gu Hai pulled out the black rib, the bone saber, with his right hand.

A dark malicious aura immediately pervaded the waters as the bone saber emerged. Even if the shark was suppressed under Gu Hai's foot, it struggled in fear nonetheless.

"Bone saber? I can feel your hunger, let's see what you can do..." Gu Hai's eyes flickered with anticipation.

Slowly, the bone saber was inserted into the shark's body, cutting into it bit by bit.

The shark struggled and writhed even more desperately in pain.

Suddenly, billowing black qi emerged from the bone saber, promptly drilling into the shark's body. Meanwhile, the same black qi suddenly transformed into soybean sized small skulls, forming one after another. These dense little skulls, numbering thousands upon thousands, made their way into the shark's body along with the bone saber.

In the blink of an eye, the shark's flesh and blood were eaten away by these little skulls, leaving just a skeleton behind.

Having finished their meal, the countless soybean-sized skulls transformed back to the black qi and returned to the bone saber, vanishing completely as if they were never there.

The bone saber seemed to have taken some nourishment. And one-thousandth of this nourishment was slowly fed to Gu Hai's fleshly body.

A wave of comfort immediately coursed through Gu Hai's body as his eyelids twitched like crazy.

This bone saber can devour flesh and blood!? Devouring the energy of others energy to repair its own body! And because I have refined this bone saber, a fraction of the energy it has devoured is fed to my body! More importantly, this power seems to have been purified by the bone saber already. It's exactly what I need!

"What a terrifying bone saber!" Gu Hai praised, taken aback.

After taking a careful observation of the shark's skeleton, Gu Hai discovered that not just the flesh and blood had been devoured, but even the bone marrow had been sucked clean, leaving behind only a pile of bones.

Gu Hai took a deep breath as he swam swiftly through the sea. Suddenly, he noticed a school of twenty-some sharks in the distance.

Gu Hai swiftly swam his way towards them.

The bone saber cut through the sharks one after another, leaving all kinds of wounds over each and every shark. More importantly, the wounds also had quite a bit of black qi attached to them. The black qi transformed into dense little skulls in no time, quickly devouring the flesh and blood, and even the bone marrow of the sharks. After devouring everything, the little skulls reverted back to black qi before returning to the bone saber.

The seabed suddenly had two dozen extra sets of shark skeletons.

The black qi had returned back to the bone saber completely. The jet-black bone saber looked exceptionally diabolical, even though there were many cracks all over the blade.

The energy of two dozen sharks sure was quite substantial, but the same could not be said for the one-thousandth part of it. Gu Hai could only feel it subtly, it didn't bring too many changes to him.

"This bone saber sure is devilish. Wherever it goes, all that remains is nothing but skeletons! Leave no life, feed on death, huh!? Let's call you 'Life Severing Saber' from now on!" Gu Hai said in a deep voice as he looked at the bone saber.

The jet-black bone saber quivered as if it was pleased by its own name.

Inserting Life Severing Blade back into his chest once more, the Life Severing Blade slowly pierced its way into Gu Hai's chest, transforming back into an extra rib before disappearing.

Had it been not for the existence of the piles of skeletons on the seabed, it looked like Gu Hai had never pulled out Life Severing Blade.

"From now on, the saber is going to be my weapon!" Gu Hai slowly swam back towards the sea surface.

Very soon, Gu Hai broke through the surface, and swam back towards the shore.


On the shore, Gao Xianzhi was drilling the men.

"My Lord, welcome back!" Scar and the others greeted Gu Hai as a towel was handed to Gu Hai.

"Mhmm!" Taking the towel, Gu Hai quickly wiped off his body.

"My Lord, from the inquiries your subordinate had made, the Golden Tong has changed dramatically. The great battle has come to an end!" Chen Tianshan stepped forward.

"Oh?" Gu Hai turned his head towards Chen Tianshan, silently bidding him continue.

"Once the dragon vein came into existence, Li Haoran and the Bixi started fighting for the dragon vein. However, the dragon ultimately broke free from the turtle shell seal and drilled deep into the ground. Neither Li Haoran or Bixi obtained the dragon vein. As for that turtle shell seal, it was swallowed by the Bixi!" reported Chen Tianshan.

"The turtle shell seal has been swallowed by the Bixi?" Gu Hai asked in disbelief.

"Yes, my Lord! Realizing that it could not get the dragon vein, the Bixi struggled to get that turtle shell, and swallowed it down! As the turtle shell had originally fallen off another Bixi, it was greatly beneficial to the creature. After swallowing the shell, the Bixi's shell suddenly started emitting a golden radiance. Meanwhile, Li Haoran, after realizing that he had lost the dragon vein, was completely annoyed. He wanted to kill the Bixi!"


"When all is said and done, the Bixi wasn't a match for Li Haoran outside the sea. The three thousand sea beasts it brought along with it have completely fallen under the arrows of the Divine Battalion. With Li Haoran wanting to hunt it down, the Bixi was in a jam, and it fled helter-skelter. Li Haoran hunted it down all the way to the seashore. Only when the Bixi was in a position to use the strength of the sea was it finally able to block Li Haoran!"

"On the land, the Bixi wasn't an opponent of Li Haoran, and at sea, Li Haoran couldn't do anything to the Bixi?" Gu Hai clarified in a resonant voice.

"Yes, my Lord! They fought for two days and two nights straight, only then did Li Haoran stop and return!" Chen Tianshan explained, taking a deep breath. "My Lord, when are we leaving?" he asked.

"How long will it take for us to return to the Gu Mansion?" Gu Hai gazed at Chen Tianshan.

"With our current speed, it would take at most half a month, give or take!" stated Chen Tianshan.

"Notify everyone to have their meals and rest for two hours. After two hours we will continue our journey!" Gu Hai ordered in a deep voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" everyone answered respectfully.


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